Matchbox Elite Rescue Glider

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  • Collect all the items in the Elite Rescue collection to build a team ready to take on any mega-disaster
  • Every vehicle has a hook so they can easily be transported by the Elite Rescue Strike Hawk vehicle (sold separately)
  • This assortment of vehicles has unique features that allow them to take on seemingly impossible rescue missions by land, sea or air
  • That's when Elite Rescue (E.R.) steps in to save the day
  • Each sold separately, subject to availability
  • Colors and decorations may vary
  • Whether it's a devastating earthquake, an impending asteroid, an uncontrollable wildfire or whenever ordinary rescue vehicles just won't cut it
  • Comes with 1 Matchbox vehicle so the action starts immediately
Makes Sounds Can Be Opened With Mini Figures Individually Packed Cars Working Metal Detector Dump Truck Sifter Scoop Dump Box Lights-Up Storage Case Plastic Material Steel Battery Operated

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