Wooden 50-Piece Train Set with Small Table Only At Walmart

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  • Toy train set with small table also comes with an excellent storage bin for easy clean up and storage
  • 50-piece kids train set comes with plenty of fun accessories
  • Ideal for playing with train sets, blocks or anything else kids love
  • Provides an easy surface that can be used for a wide variety of activities
  • Compatible with Thomas and Friends, Brio and other fine wooden train sets
Track Table Activity Table Lid Cover LEGO Foundation Board Bridges Customizable Tracks Spiral Track Deep Tray Storage Bin Includes Train Set Accessories Included Auto Reset Plastic Material Wooden Battery Operated
About Maxim

When it to classic wooden train sets, you should have Maxim toys. They have more than 40 years of experience in giving children the most exciting toys that are also safe and promotes imagination and creativity. Every product that they produce is placed through rigorous testing for maximum fun and safety. They take pride in manufacturing toys that help children develop creativity, coordination and even color recognition. Maxim’s famous wooden train sets are durable and tactile. In fact, you will find that their products fits perfectly on your kid’s hands. The brand is environmental conscious. They only harvest wood from reforested land approved by the government. For every tree that they cut, they will plant three more.

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