Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottle and Food Warmer

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Compatible for use with Tommee Tippee feeding bottles and most other baby bottle brands, the warmer heats quickly and evenly to preserve nutrients that are vital to your baby's healthy development. Just place the baby bottle or jar in the warmer, add water, and adjust the easy to use temperature dial and you’re ready in about 4 minutes. Tommee Tippee’s Electric Baby Bottle and Food Warmer heats feeding bottles and baby food jars quickly and safely. Helping you #ParentOn.

  • Electric Baby Bottle and Food Warmer heats quickly and evenly, to preserve nutrients that are vital to your baby's healthy development
  • Fits all Tommee Tippee baby bottles and most other brands of feeding bottles
  • Temperature control dial for desired food temperature
  • Warms bottles of breast milk or formula, and food jars in about 4 minutes
  • Easy to use, simply add water
  • UPC: 666519221468
  • Brand: Tommee Tippee
  • Color: White
  • Assembled Product Weight: 1.21 oz
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.00 x 8.25 x 1.00 Inches

Reviews (18)

  • Would not purchase again !
    1 stars

    4/21/2018 by Treasure

    I had bottle warmers with all three of my kids my last isn't even a day into 2 months and this one already gave out on us !

  • Slow to heat
    2 stars

    2/21/2018 by Dub

    Heats too slow

  • Works great!
    5 stars

    2/16/2018 by Amanda6854

    Bought this and have been using for a few weeks now and love how simple it is to use and how quickly it heats up the bottles. Great price!

  • Waste of money! Returned it.
    1 stars

    3/12/2017 by Joannechampion

    Just as easy to use hot water in a bowl to warm the bottle and cup with hot water is quicker and cheaper! Takes forever to warm the bottle up. Waste of money!

  • Awesome
    5 stars

    2/11/2017 by Jwheeler

    I love the bottle warmer! Didn't think this was something I needed but now don't think I could do without it...a must have especially if you are breastfeeding.

  • Warms up milk great!
    4 stars

    2/8/2017 by mrsmellonknee

    I received the Tommee Tippee product free for sampling purposes, but all opinions are my own. I already had a bottle warmer that I've used for both babies. I was a little confused at how to use this as there is some guess work involved in how long to warm it up and how much water to use but the directions explain it all. I use a timer on my phone for 5 minutes, a little longer than I'd want (atleast for baby to have to wait if she's hungry) but I am confident in knowing that all the nutrients in my breastmilk are not being burned away like other bottle warmers do. Think of this warmer as you using boiling water and putting the cold bottle in the water to warm it up. This is my new go to bottle warmer!

  • It was alright
    2 stars

    1/31/2017 by mamaof2boyss

    I recieved this from influenster for testing purposes, but review is 100 percent my own. I was really excited to try this product, but I was not impressed. My baby is exclusively breast feed so he's only had a bottle about 3 times. I went to use this, but it didn't heat up fast enough for me. So I ended up using the hot sink water. It's also super pricey.

  • Easy and Quick Heat Up!
    5 stars

    1/30/2017 by Hailey

    Easy to use and heats up the bottle quickly. It's nice because it is larger so it could potentially fit other bottles. But we do prefer tommee tippee bottles in general. I received the Tommee Tippee product free for sampling purposes, but all opinions are my own.

  • Simple to Use
    3 stars

    1/13/2017 by SEWmama

    I have never used a bottle warmer before, so this was much easier than having to heat up water to warm milk in. =) It has one dial and is very straightforward to use. On the other hand it would be nice not to have to fill it up with water each time I use it and a timer to remind you it is done would be nice or different time settings. As a busy mom of 3 soon to be 4 it is hard to keep track of how long it takes. I received this as a complimentary gift for sampling and review, but all opinion are my own and honest. =)

  • Love it!
    5 stars

    1/4/2017 by ohs100

    I just had my baby four months ago and this is an absolute lifesaver. I don't have to worry about any warm spots with the bottles being warmed up in the microwave and it quickly hates up just in time for my babies feeding I would definitely recommend this to any of my mommy friends.

  • I love this useful warmer!
    5 stars

    1/1/2017 by

    This warmer was a pleasant surprise from influencer. I was able to try it completely free from signing up with influencer. I never thought to buy a little and food warmer so i am very thankful it was sent to me! I feel this gadget has come in handy big time.

  • Nice Product! Quick and Easy!
    4 stars

    12/31/2016 by Brittany

    Nice product I have 3 kids and never had a bottle warmer until this one with our 3rd. it can be super useful and easy, but keep a close eye on it. The package says ready in 4 minutes, but obviously can be deceiving based on the amount of liquid is in the bottle. The first time I used it, I walked away to take care of something and it was as hot as a cup of coffee! This can be easily remedied by changing the settings, but when your 2 week old wants food, the quicker the heat up, the better. After the initial trial and error like this, it is easier to maintain and use. Overall I would say it is a great product to have and I'm sure will prove more useful with heating up food for our little one. * I received this Tommee Tippee product complimentary in exchange for a review *

  • Simple and compact!
    4 stars

    12/28/2016 by ShaunaQ

    The Tommee Tippee bottle and food warmer is great because it's quiet unlike the microwave or faucet, however takes longer so it's great for planned feedings such as with a babysitter or a baby on a schedule. Small and easy to travel with, which we do a lot of! The price point is a little high but not surprising in the baby market. Overall a good product. I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest review, the opinions shared are completely my own.

  • Handy purchase
    4 stars

    12/28/2016 by Toe3

    I would have loved this for my first born who was bottle fed. With my second I wasn't sure I would use it, as she is mostly breastfed. But it's extremely handy for defrosting frozen breastmilk. I received the warmer for compensation for my review. I'm excited to see how it does with warmer up food in a few months

  • Great bottle warmer
    5 stars

    12/27/2016 by Gaitan90

    I received this bottle warmer from influenster for testing and reviewing purposes. I absolutely love this bottle warmer. I was already using tommee tippee bottles when I received this product. It's so easy to use and very convient. I will definitely recommend this product to all my mommies to be!!

  • Great product
    5 stars

    12/26/2016 by Sheambaker

    I received this warmer complementary of influenster for testing purposes, all opinions are my own. This bottle warmer is very simple to use and works well! It works with bottles, milk storage bags, and food jars. It makes it simple to heat frozen or refrigerated breastmilk and it is very quick to desired temperature. It also is compact for easy storage and doesn't take up much counter space.

  • Good Backup
    3 stars

    12/26/2016 by justyou2015

    I received this product for free from influenster for a review. All opinions are my own! This product is made simply. I would use it as a good back up if my primary one broke. I breastfeed and it doesn't warm up the bottles fast enough from freezer or fridge temps. All in all its a good product for others just not my all time favorite.

  • Does the job
    4 stars

    12/24/2016 by Jennabee

    I received this as a free product from tommy tippe however all views are my own This warmer definitely does the job and quickly. I like the simplicity and the fact that it fit my Avent bottles. My biggest complaint is my previous one had a lifter which would definitely be a great addition. I found the temperature was really good and I like that it has the timer.

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