Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit, Girl

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  • The Baby Nursery Kit has an emergency information card for quick reference to doctor's number
  • Nasal aspirator relieves baby's nasal congestion
  • Durable storage case is included
  • Forehead thermometer and digital thermometer for an easy, accurate temperature reading
  • Teether, gum massager, and finger brush provide relief for teething baby
  • Nail clippers and emery boards (5), just the right size for tiny, newborn fingers
  • Comb and brush
  • Medicine syringe and pacifier medicine dispenser help parents measure and easily administer the proper dosage to baby
  • The Girl Baby Health Care Kit has 21 grooming and health care items
Infrared Technology Pre-Warmed Tip Easy To Read Display Lights-Up Beeps For All Skin Types 100% Natural Protects Skin Monitors Weight Monitors Height Hold And Zero Out Function Battery Operated
About Summer Infant

Images of the bright sun and babies are thought to bring happiness to most. These inspirations are part of why a baby company would call itself Summer Infant. Not does this company believe in happy thoughts but also quality products that are practical. We carry cribs and bassinettes that provide safety and comfort. Summer Infant also carries bedding and swaddling blankets that protect baby from suffocating during sleep time. We also ensure that our line of baby gear, which includes bouncers, car seats, playards, and swings are carefully constructed.

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