VTech VM312 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor with Automatic IR Night Vision

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Eight infrared LEDs automatically detect dim light, providing clear video even in dark rooms. Clip the parent unit to your belt and take advantage of the extended range and battery-powered operation.. Plus, the VTech Safe & Sound VM312 Full-Color Video and Audio Baby Monitor features a talk-back intercom and up to 1,000 feet of range, so you can soothe your child from anywhere in your home. With up to 22 frames per second, you can see your child's every move on clear, dynamic video. Stay connected to the most important rooms in your home with the house with the VTech Safe & Sound VM312 Full-Color Video and Audio Baby Monitor.

  • Rechargeable battery with low battery alert
  • Hi-res 2" color LCD
  • 1-year limited parts and labor warranty
  • Supports 2 camera/baby units (uses VM302 camera)
  • Adjustable camera lens
  • 5-level sound indicator
  • UPC: 735078032164
  • Features: Supports 2 camera/baby units
  • Brand: VTech
  • Type: Video, Audio
  • Model: VM312
  • Display Technology: Color

Reviews (18)

  • Worst monitor!
    1 stars

    3/3/2018 by Brittttt

    This monitor is literally garbage, I live in a small apartment and this monitor loses signal constantly even though I'm not far from the camera unit. The parent unit also doesn't keep a charge and dies very quickly. Picture quality is not the greatest too. Honestly so upset I bought this when I was pregnant and lost the receipt or I would've returned it by now. Wish it worked as well as it said on the box, do yourself a favor and spend the extra 60 bucks or so for a higher quality monitor.

  • Solid!
    4 stars

    2/11/2018 by hhhtttttccccc

    bought this and using it for two years now. battery depletes quickly now. fun fact: i put the parental unit in the washing machine for 30 minutes (not intended) and after removing the battery and dry it, only the mic wasnt working. i put it in rice fir a few hours and its now working as if nothing happened. Solid product

  • Baby monitor
    5 stars

    9/15/2017 by BigCat

    Works great. We used it for monitoring my mother's bedroom. She has dementia and it is a great way to keep check on her.

  • Garbage
    1 stars

    8/9/2017 by SmellyMelly

    The viewing angle of the display is abysmal. Stay away from this one.

  • Dont buy this Monitor
    1 stars

    4/5/2017 by Hilala

    Battery didn't work from day 1 Monitor volume is on all the time Very bad visual on the screen Do not recommend

  • Cannot be used overnight
    1 stars

    3/23/2017 by Amber

    Highly disappointed. I thought mine was malfunctioning because it would not stay charged overnight, so I emailed vtech and they informed me it was not made to havensure more than a 4-6 hour battery life. So it's not really helpful to monitor your baby all night. If you are just using it at nap time it is fine but it will die overnight defeating the purpose of using one at all

  • waste of money
    1 stars

    3/10/2017 by murray123

    I am one to not listen to reviews because i never have problems.. although, i should of with this one. i spent so much money when i could of got a better one. The cameras are terrible quality & the sound also cuts out for a long period of time. I sadly can't take it back due to no receipt & box it came in but i do not recommend this item.

  • Terrible!!!
    1 stars

    1/27/2017 by Alberta2017

    The picture quality is horrible and the sound is quite static. Don't waste your money!

  • When it works, it does what it's designed to do
    2 stars

    1/21/2017 by KNeu21

    For the price, it's okay. Which is how this thing earned the second star. First off, it's very awkward and hard to mount on the wall, and resting on the side of the crib, I'm lucky to see my son's leg with how close of a view it has. Second, it loses signal SO often, it's almost useless. Even with full bars of signal, it's constantly beeping at me, saying it's out of range (and there's no way to turn the beeping off), no matter where I put it. Literally every five seconds, it's beeping at me, and that's *IF* it finds signal again. It's unreliable, at best. The battery life is comical, lasting *maybe* two hours before I have to charge it. BUT.. When it works, it does what it's designed to do. It's just hard to tell when it'll work, and when it'll give me problems. As for my recommendation, I would pay a little more money to go with a different product. I'm very unhappy with it.

  • Not Great
    1 stars

    12/24/2016 by TwinDad

    This monitor works ok but there are several problems: - poor video quality in general, only good enough to roughly make out baby, worse in low light which switches to black and white (so we rarely see color because we mostly use if for when they are asleep) - often loses connection and makes annoying beep noise that can't even be muted - sound sensitivity for awake feature is overly sensitive (almost constantly going on if you have music in room which we use to drown out street noise for our babies) - no remote control of camera angles or internet/app access to camera output (not expected but many new products now have it) Recommendation: I would skip this and spend a little more to get something better that has better quality, remote control and app access.

  • Great Buy
    5 stars

    12/14/2016 by Alexandra

    I bought this over a month ago and I love it. My house has 3 floors with cathedral ceilings and it reaches everywhere perfectly. I definitely would recommend it. The night vision is really clear shockingly for the price.

  • Great price and works great
    5 stars

    12/9/2016 by KYOL

    One of the cheapest dual camera monitors out there, was skeptical, thought it might feel and sound cheap but I was surprised. It works great, cameras are fine, video is clear, good reception, no complaints

  • Works like a charm
    5 stars

    12/1/2016 by Leanne

    I am expecting my first grand baby! I bought this for my daughter's baby shower she loves it!

  • Poor picture quality
    1 stars

    11/30/2016 by MzPrieta

    I purchased this online for $67.99. The picture quality is terrible. It looks nothing close to what the example picture shows on here, it didn't have all the colors and what it did show was more like very faded colors. Like 50 shade of grey. Distance or battery use made no difference. It's as if thats the way it is. I know you get what you pay for however I was expecting "color". The size of the screen is very similar to a flip phone screen size. It did have talk to talk feature and it did work when placed on the other side of the house (ranch style). Needless to say I returned quickly and purchased the VTech Safe & Sound VM342 (very satisfied with) for double the price however was available in store and I needed that day. I recommend purchasing a better quality if anything at all.

  • Works Great
    5 stars

    10/3/2016 by GIMPPPY

    My mom is 84 years old. And she is getting where she needs help from time to time with things. And I live next store from her. About 50 feet away. And with this product I am able to keep a eye on her at all times. And if she needs me all she has to do is give me a shout. And I am there. It has already paid for it'self many times. The reception is wonderful the picture is very clear and the sound is unremarkable. I would deffently recommend it to any one who needs to keep an eye on someone. Baby or not. Thank you Walmart for such a wonderful product.

  • Driving me insane!
    1 stars

    9/28/2016 by MomOf2Under2GoingCrazy

    The wire for charging the parent unit broke (we've had it for about 6 months). Have been trying to buy a new adapter for it. Have had to return them because they make a high pitched sound but the adapters can be used on other items without a problem.

  • battery didnt last but 10 mins
    1 stars

    9/20/2016 by Dick

    charded 24 hrs didnt last but 10 mins

  • Not bad for the price paid
    3 stars

    7/29/2016 by Mommymom

    Been using for 9 months. The battery charge is now starting to go down and then increase without the help of a charger. It makes a beeping sound when babies cry and the screen comes on... The twins may not make a peep and the monitor beeps and lights up (creepy). I find its only "coloured" if held at the right viewing angle. I'm now shopping to but a new one... My suggestion is to pay extra and shop extra to find something to last you longer. It do have a zoom (not very clear)... The sound is clear for the most part. The range was great at first but now I can't get far without the connection being lost. There is no belt/pants clip... I wish the monitor screen was wider... Can't even see the full crib. I do like the setting that shows camera 1 the 2 for a few seconds each and continues to switch back and forth. Not bad but could buy a lot better for a few extra bucks. Also having trouble trying to find and buy another camera.

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