Graco Room For 2 Click Connect Stand & Ride Double Stroller, Gotham

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With this double stroller, your older one can use the jump seat or standing platform for strolling fun, while your younger can recline back and enjoy the ride. Stroll with ease with your two little ones. The stroller also features a one-hand fold and extra-large storage basket..

  • Accepts all Graco SnugRide Classic Connect and Click Connect Infant Car Seats to create a travel system
  • Child can sit on padded bench sit or stand on platform
  • 1-hand fold with storage latch
  • Multi-position, reclining front seat lies flat
  • Each stroller seat holds child up to 50 lbs
  • Lockable front swivel wheels with suspension
  • UPC: 047406134625
  • Brand: Graco
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Gotham, Black, Other
  • Maximum Weight: 50 lbs
  • Stroller Style: Double Strollers

Reviews (14)

  • Not enough room
    1 stars

    5/6/2019 by CandyMomOfTwo

    I bought this for my newborn and my two year old. With her car seat in the front he doesn't have enough room in the back to sit. He leans forward and is uncomfortable and then refuses to stay seated. I am very displeased with this purchase

  • Excellent choice
    5 stars

    4/22/2019 by suelew

    I bought this for my daughter with a 1 month and 3.5 year old. She LOVES it. This exact same buggy in Canada costs OVER $400, so we saved a ton of money purchasing it in the USA. Very sturdy and practical for our needs and so happy with the purchase.

  • Defective?
    1 stars

    4/1/2019 by SarahM

    Impossible to assemble. Step 4 to snap platform into place could not be done. Plastic pieces are in the way and would break if more force applied. I've received 2 of these strollers and both had the same flaw. I don't know if I'm unlucky and got 2 that are defective or if other people are skipping this step because they don't read the instructions?

  • Great Idea
    3 stars

    4/1/2019 by Rinabobina

    When I found out I was pregnant my daughter was already a year and a half. She was finally in a Graco light weight stroller. So I was not looking forward to having to get a giant double stroller. Then, I came across this beauty ! Great concept, I was so excited. I recently had my daughter and am having a hard time using it since my toddler is not comfortable when the car seat is in tact, it's also not locking properly, takes me sometime. I think that it'll be perfect once the baby can sit in the regular seat and doesn't have to be reclined for the car seat. I love graco, I'll probably have to get something else for now, but use this in the future. I love graco products!!!

  • Eh
    2 stars

    2/25/2019 by Alex1021

    I bought this and tried to use my Graco modes click connect car seat and can't get it to hook into the infant seat so now I'm left without a stroller and 2 under 2.

  • Question and review
    3 stars

    2/3/2019 by Amanda3248

    I like the stroller , I would just have given more head space for when the car seat is in place . But , my son says he comfy , so I'm happy . He is almost 3 and 36 pounds . In regards to the car seat connection , do you have to use the car seat base or can you just connect to the stroller without the base ? The base is a huge inconvenience . I have the snug ride 30 click connect and when I connect it without a base it's fine near the front of the stroller, but the area where their feet are wobbles when you move it . How can. We can we avoid this ? Lastly , I'm concerned about the incline of the car seat and there is only one fixed position . It appears that the feet area should be lower . I think it will be fine as is, but is there anyway to adjust this ? It won't allow me to post pictures . Your prompt reply is greatly appreciated . We love Graco products and have so many!

  • Plenty of space for both kids
    5 stars

    1/18/2019 by BlondePaquetes

    So I haven't actually used this stroller yet, but we put it together last night and had my 5 year old (she'll be 6 in March) test it out with the car seat (baby girl isn't due until end of March). Some of the reviews I read said that the older child in the back didn't have space once the car seat was attached so I wanted to make sure it worked for us before baby arrived. Honestly, I don't know how a child couldn't still fit in the back with the car seat attached. The front seat doesn't need to recline at all to snap the car seat into it. My daughter (who is skinny, but tall for her age) fit just fine sitting, standing and even kneeling in the back. I'm excited to use it!

  • Impossible to assemble?
    1 stars

    1/6/2019 by AreYouKidding37

    Did anyone else fail to assemble at step #5? I couldn't get the plastic tabs of the platform to snap over the rear axel. They got stressed and bent, but never snapped into place. I guess we'll never find out if it's even big enough.

  • Wonderful stroller
    5 stars

    12/21/2018 by GA Byrd

    Easy to put together and rides smoothly! So easy to push, fold up, etc.

  • Good stroller but some cons
    4 stars

    10/28/2018 by Joleen

    Very good stroller but the seat in the front dont lay back other then that it worked for my 2 year old and when my son was 4 years old now im having a baby soon i got the carseat that goes with it i tired it out with my 2 year old sitting in the back not to much trouble i just worried when he falls asleep and his head wabble every where and i wouldnt be able to sit him in the front when he falls asleep because the newborn would be in that spot

  • Highly recommend over all, for two kids!
    4 stars

    10/23/2018 by Pinklemonade

    We love this stroller over all! So happy with our purchase! My 3.5 yr old love to be able to sit/ stand. It's very easy to open/ close, not too heavy and fits easily in our car. And is very smooth to push and steer. The only things I don't love is the basket isn't easy to access, and when the front seat is brought down to proper height for the infant carrier to be level, it blocks half of the toddler seat. The positioning of the brakes/ the standing platform is a little annoying. My toddler kept stepping on the brakes and causing us to stop suddenly- however he now knows better and it is no longer an issue for us.

  • Pretty good
    4 stars

    10/17/2018 by Karla

    The only thing I don't like is that the car seat can only go in front. Meaning when I have baby and toddler my son has no choice but to sit or stand he can't sleep and lie back . Otherwise a good stroller and not too big

  • Worst stroller ever in graco
    1 stars

    9/29/2018 by LAKSHMI

    I usually doesn't write review but this stroller is really pain and I want to share my experience with new mom's. I am mom of 2 kids and thought this would be a good stroller but unfortunately this is the worst stroller ever. The front wheels doesn't move properly not even on plain road.i couldn't take my kid to walking just because the stroller is pain. Hectic experience.

  • Little room with car seat
    3 stars

    9/3/2018 by K6876

    I received this product from a friend. My 3 year old is very excited to use it, but when we click in the Snugride 40, there is no room for him to sit in the back and he has to stand. We have had a few crying episodes with him demanding that he wants to sit in his seat. Wish there was a little more room for the back child when the carseat is in the front.

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