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  • Each player then hides their figures behind a haystack and out of view of the other players
  • If a player does not have a matching figure or a farmer that can be played, they must draw 1 figure from the barn
  • Youngest person goes first
  • First 1 to get all of their figures back into the barn wins
  • When a player is down to 1 figure, they shout "UNO Mooooooo!"
  • If the figure they draw matches the color or animal on the barn door, or is a farmer, they may immediately play it
  • Farm animals come out of their barn to play with you
  • Preschool version of the world's beloved UNO game
  • Players draw 5 figures from among the cows, pigs, skunks, chickens, dogs, sheep or farmers
  • Otherwise, their turn ends
  • Akin to the classic game, younger players round up the animals by matching their colors or types
  • To start, place all of the figures in the barn and mix them up
  • When a child plays a figure, they push the figure already on the barn door into the barn and then replace it with their own
  • Includes 1 play-and-store barn, 28 animal and farmer figures and 4 haystack partitions
  • Figure played will be the figure the next player tries to match
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