Infantino Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier

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It offers four carrying positions to keep you and baby comfortable.. Keep your baby close and your hands free with the Infantino Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier. This smart carrier features multiple pockets to hold diapers, wipes and more.

  • Overlapping pockets expand out to fit diapers, wipes and outfits
  • Padded, contoured straps
  • Supportive waist belt
  • 6 organizer pockets
  • Recommended for a child 8-40 lbs
  • Internal mesh panel creates airflow between parent and child
  • UPC: 773554001976
  • Brand: Infantino
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Gray
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 200-197A
  • Age Group: Newborn, Infant, Preemie

Reviews (16)

  • Awesome!
    5 stars

    3/28/2019 by saura

    Super comfy and easy to use. Love the pockets. Baby loves it too!

  • Very practical!
    5 stars

    3/10/2019 by Illinois Mama Bear

    This carrier was a gift. I use it for walks, getting chores done and shopping. I'm excited to use it as a backpack tomorrow for the first time. The storage pocket locations are well placed. No area of the carrier feels weak, even after 6 months of use, and my little guy weighs in the 85th percentile. Top 5 best baby shower gifts I have received.

  • works for me
    5 stars

    3/6/2019 by peanutwhatever

    very interesting and comfortable to use and holds many items!

  • Had I known I would have gotten this Sooner
    5 stars

    3/3/2019 by MamaRu

    I had originally received a different baby carrier as a gift. But this one is far better. The price is amazing for what you get. I take my baby to the mall, grocery store, and to the park. You guys definitely will get warm. I mean you are sharing body heat. If it's windy outside I wear an oversized jacket and cover both of us. I really love this carrier. 10/10.

  • great product easy to use
    5 stars

    2/13/2019 by Chan

    great product and well made. holds my children perfectly and had a baby support inside holding the baby in place! bonus cause even when you take off carrier or put on with child in place the baby is inside the carrier making it easy to maneuver into position. comfortable well padded. easy to use for all positions.

  • Love this carrier
    5 stars

    1/10/2019 by HappyMama

    Easy to use, comfortable and versatile. Price wasn't too bad either.

    5 stars

    1/1/2019 by sandy

    I absolutely love this carrier!!! I've had the ergo, infantino 4-in-one, and the k'tan but this carrier from infantino is by far my favorite!!! I love the pockets. it makes things so so so much easier when going anywhere with my little guy! very convenient when you need both your hands because you can stick your keys in the little pocket on the strap and your wallet/lipstick/hand sanitizer/napkins/pacifier etc in any of the various pockets throughout. this is especially ideal for traveling, which we do a lot of. I'm also able to wear this with my baby on me through every TSA metal detector. From a few weeks to 5 months now, I am still using this carrier and it is holding out pretty great and I am still so thankful for getting it. it's worth every penny!

  • Best Carrier
    5 stars

    7/23/2018 by Bambam

    I received this to review it and it helps me so much because my son likes to be held a lot so I put him in this and I can get things done and he just falls asleep or looks around at stuff and it calms him down so yes I would recommend it.

  • Very Versatile, Great Product!
    5 stars

    11/20/2017 by FirstTimeMama

    This carrier is very versatile and relatively easy to use! Just as the instructions recommend, definitely have someone help you, particularly if you're going to back carry your little one. My husband wore our 7 month old son for hours one day while we were playing mini golf, and I'm not sure which one enjoyed it more! There's no fear of the baby not being secure, and my husband was even able to lean down while using this product. The pockets are a nice touch, although we didn't use them for very much-- I think we stashed our son's little hat that he didn't want to wear in the largest pocket though! All in all, a great product!

  • Gift for a friend
    5 stars

    10/27/2017 by Nanawren

    Will not be used until after the baby is born, but my granddaughter loves it.

  • Dangerous don't buy!!
    1 stars

    5/6/2017 by Brie Runge

    I bought this product to carry my 23lb, 18 month year old on a family hike. However we were unable to because the mid back strap broke. Thank god it broke while we were in the process of strapping in and my husband was still hold on to our baby or my baby could have fallen out. Or even worse if it had broke while we were hiking up the mountain. I will be returning the product and never trusting this company again. I truly hope the one I brought was the only defected one and no one's child is hurt using your product.

  • Functional, Durable, and Just Right for my Little Guy
    5 stars

    3/7/2017 by Ben's Mommy

    First off I want to say that I have received the Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier from Infantino to facilitate my review. I was thrilled to be chosen to try out this product as I'm a strong supporter of baby wearing. My little guy loves the security of being worn and it strengthens our bond. This carrier was really easy to use. It was easy to put on and adjust. I LOVE all the pockets! No more having to worry about where to store my car keys or wallet or a spare diaper and wipes. Just stick it in one of the many pockets. This carrier is durable too. I have used if several times and have seen no sign of wear so far. Although I didn't purchase mine, the price point is very reasonable for this product. I gave it 5 stars and would recommend this carrier to friends.

  • Perfect for my husband and I to both carry baby
    5 stars

    2/21/2017 by Anglswt469

    We love using our Carry On! Im plus size (2x) and it fits me great with extra room and also my husband who is a size Medium. My son just turned 7 months and he loves doing things around the house with me now as well as going places and still staying close to me. The colors are perfect for either sex. The shoulder straps are adjustable along with the stability strap for extra support on the upper back or chest. Thats my favorite part! I have back issues and this doesn't effect it at all. With all the pockets, you will never worry about where to leave your keys and other important items. I have received the Carry On Multi-Pocket CarrierĀ from Infantino to facilitate my review.

  • Great product!
    4 stars

    2/17/2017 by Izzybell

    This carrier is awesome! I love all the pockets, there is one for baby's items and mom's. Very compfy and stylish. My daughter loved being in there, she cried when I took her out. The only thing that it didn't include was a space for a bottle.

  • We LOVE this carrier!
    5 stars

    2/17/2017 by Jamie

    My daughter is 7 months old and 18 lbs, so she gets heavy! This carrier fits well. The baby is comfortable in all positions. I love having all of the pockets for storage.

  • Love it!
    5 stars

    2/16/2017 by Mom2Elliott

    This by far is one of my favorite infant/baby carriers and I have several. I love the multiple pockets, the ease to adjust the carrier, it's easy to place baby in, and I was able to wear my son on my back without assistance from another adult. I can't even get my Ergo on without assistance. This is a quality baby carrier and will get tons of use from me. ***I received this product to test in exchange for a honest review.***

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