Levana Amara 7" Touchscreen Video Baby Monitor

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  • Simple icon-based menu
  • Customizable feeding and nap timer with on-screen or audible alerts
  • 12-hour battery life in power save mode
  • Rapid recharging battery technology
  • Convenient USB charging
  • 12' invisible LED night vision
  • Temperature sensor with customizable alerts
  • 12-hour battery life in power save mode
  • Talk to baby or parent 2-way communication
  • 7" touchscreen monitor
  • 15mm slim monitor with front-facing speaker
  • 50/50 split screen view
  • Expandable system with split or quad screen view
  • Private digital signal with 500' maximum transmission range
  • 7" touchscreen monitor
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About Levana

If you want to keep your eyes on your baby while doing work, you should have Levana. The company offers high quality baby video monitors worldwide. The story of the brand started over a decade ago when founder Raj found the lack of quality analog audio monitor. Just a year after, the brand released the first ever video monitor that is hand-held and full-color. It is even wireless. The introduction of the product revolutionized the baby care products. The business’ first baby video monitor was under their security brand called SVAT. Due to the demand of parents, Levana was born. The name of the company is derived from Roman Goddess Levana. Today, the company offers amazing line up of baby monitors with groundbreaking features to ensure that every parent can monitor their baby even when they are not in the same room.

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