Evenflo Position and Lock Classic Gate, Beige

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The Evenflo Position and Lock Gate helps parents keep their children safe from common household dangers. Also, the Classic Evenflo safety Gate locking bar is marked and notched for easy installation and re-installation. Finally, the sturdy wood frame and plastic mesh are durable and secure, leaving you with a feeling of assurance that your child is safe from harm.. Not only is this classic pressure-mount Evenflo Position and Lock Gate easy to install, but it also features a design that helps prevent damage to your home.

  • No tools or assembly required
  • Locking bar is marked and notched for easy installation and reinstallation
  • Pressure mount locking bar
  • Classic Evenflo safety Gate Dimensions: 26-42"W x 1"D x 23"H
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Great for pets too
  • UPC: 032884183586
  • Brand: Evenflo
  • Installation Type: Pressure Mounted
  • Features: Easy installation, Quick and simple to install
  • Material: Wood
  • Finish: Black

Reviews (17)

  • Great deal
    5 stars

    5/30/2019 by CJRRT

    Great price and serves its purpose. Works great for keeping our puppies confined

  • This did not work
    1 stars

    5/29/2019 by Crystal

    I bought this for my 2 month old pug puppy. Big mistake! He figured out how to climb over this thing within a week. The holes are too big.

  • Buy a couple of woods at the hardware store!
    1 stars

    5/23/2019 by Physicist

    Worst gate ever. Bought two of these - horrible to set up. No instructions provided for setup. The opening-closing the gate was awfully tight. Locking mechanism is terrible. Returning them today!

  • Quality is worse than I expected...
    2 stars

    5/22/2019 by Katie

    I could've given this a 3 since I probably shouldn't expect super high quality from something relatively inexpensive. However, the quality is worse than I expected. It is not easy to use/doesn't slide open very easily so my husband and I struggled to get it square against the wall while trying to adjust the lock and it left black smudges all over our walls. It was a lot more hassle/frustration than I can bear with a toddler running around so I returned it. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad if it stayed in the same place all the time but we needed it in the hallway where it goes up and down daily.

  • Broke the second time putting it up
    1 stars

    5/20/2019 by Easilybroke

    Broke the second time putting up. It's cheap wood and plastic. Worked well when it was working but unfortunately it doesn't last long.

  • Awful
    1 stars

    5/14/2019 by ECachu

    Do NOT buy this. Stay away. This gate has no strength. Does not tighten between doorways or openings or any size.

  • You get what you pay for cheep.
    2 stars

    5/9/2019 by Skippy

    It's very flimsy. I would not recommend this to protect your child.

  • Baby gate
    1 stars

    5/2/2019 by Adonna

    Very cheaply made.. Horrible Returned them the next day

  • Poor plastic lock - doesn't work.
    1 stars

    4/30/2019 by Sam452020

    Terrible design on plastic lock. I used to have a similar gate that had the metal clip that allowed the arm to lift to position gate. The plastic clip doesn't come close to working properly. Somebody had to work hard to screw up a simple design this badly. I am going to toss the plastic junk clip and find a metal clip that actually works.

  • Easy to Use
    5 stars

    4/18/2019 by Nicolem529

    I have several of these gates in my home. They fit my standard doorways with no problems. I have a bit wider opening in one area which has some higher moldings and it has to be placed above that molding to stay put which then puts it above the floor about 3 inches. If you have a toddler that is adventurous they could crawl under it. I do like how easy the locking mechanism is on these gates. I can hold my newborn while installing the gate for my year and a half old.

  • Great value
    5 stars

    4/10/2019 by Jamziez

    I like this gate. It's the perfect gate for areas you need to remove a gate when it's not in use. Assembly is quick and easy. Ready to use out of the box! No screws are required. There's no need to put holes in the wall. The locking bar is simple and easy to use. Getting the correct amount of pressure can be a little tricky sometimes. But once it's locked in place, I feel confident it's secure. The value is unbeatable. I would recommend this!

  • Two hands needed
    4 stars

    4/4/2019 by Becky

    I struggle with 3 or 4 stars. I do think it looks nice and appreciate that it comes in a darker finish. It makes it a little less of an obvious eyesore in the house. My only heads up/complaint is that I have never seen a locking mechanism like this before. It is NOT a one hand operation to get it down. Usually I used two hands up put a gate up but can easily get it down with one hand. I actually had to dig the box out of the recycling to read the instructions. Once it is up, it is secure and I have no complaints there.

  • Farmhouse chic !
    5 stars

    4/4/2019 by Tracy

    Sturdy and secures well. Got the Farmhouse style. Absolutly beautiful.

  • Great Gate
    5 stars

    3/30/2019 by Kiwi

    I've purchased a few of these gates for different rooms throughout my house. They fold up easily and are easy to install. Figuring out which notch to use for locking the gate I did find to be a bit difficult but once you get it to lock, it stays in place really well. They come in fun colors too!

  • I returned this gate.
    3 stars

    3/29/2019 by JT

    You get what you pay for. This gate was a little flimsy. I returned the gate because the gate fit tight on the bottom but the top didn't fit snuggly. I don't know if it was the gate or that my door jams weren't straight.

  • Simple but effective
    3 stars

    3/28/2019 by Samikayyy

    I use these gates all through my house. They are simply made but they work great. The only downfall is they break easily after a while. My older children are bad about climbing over them and breaking them. They are affordable though so replacing ones that break doesn't break the bank.

  • Great for door ways but have to replace sometimes
    4 stars

    3/28/2019 by Mommameg625

    Probably about once every 6 months I have to replace these gates I got for the doorways in my house, other than that, they are great gates for the value of the money depending on where you purchase.I do have a pretty rough toddler as well as rough children so that could be the reason for the replacing of the gates so often too! But for the money I dont mind replacing them even every 3 months! They are just the right height/width for our doorways and they do just the right of keeping the baby and toddler out of the rooms needed!

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