Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double - Carbon

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It features front and back seats, so you can conveniently take two kids out in this stroller. For the ease of transporting, it comes with an easy-to-fold design.. It is compatible with car seats like Baby Trend, Evenflo Embrace and Discovery, and Britax Companion and Chaperone. You can take bottles of milk or your favorite drink in the two cup holders. While the 8" front and 8" rear EVA tires facilitate a quiet, comfortable ride, the foot-activated rear brake system comfortably stops this Baby Trend double stroller. With 5-point harness and infant safety boots, this baby double stroller creates a safe environment for your child.

  • Jump Seat: 2 1/2 years 40 lbs
  • Large storage basket
  • Foot activated rear brake
  • Lightweight, sturdy construction
  • Swing away child tray with cup holder
  • Britax - Companion, Chaperone
  • UPC: 090014014506
  • Brand: Baby Trend
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Gray
  • Maximum Weight: 40 lbs
  • Collection: Baby Trend Carbon

Reviews (13)

  • It's a good stollor
    5 stars

    5/13/2019 by Lacey

    I like everything about it

  • Good stoller
    4 stars

    4/6/2019 by NerdApple

    This is a gigantic stroller and a bit of a hassle to haul around, BUT if you have twins, or have a baby before your first is walking, or just have young nieces and nephews like my, you cant beat it. Being able to lock in a baby trend carrier is wonderful. The front to back design makes it skinnier to get through store doors, as opposed to the side-by-sides. The standing option has yet to come in handy, but I’m sure some tots prefer to stand. Nevertheless, this sroller is heavy and doesn’t fit in most car trunks. This is a truck or SUV type of haul.

    2 stars

    3/13/2019 by Alexa

    It���s very big and it takes up to much room in my SUV. It's really hard to unfold. I have already returned it I was very disappointed.

  • Great deal
    5 stars

    3/5/2019 by Tamra

    I bought this as a gift, and I researched double strollers and this one got alot of positive feed back

  • Great product!
    4 stars

    5/21/2018 by Slow Mo

    I like to take it easy. Perfect fort the new addition!

  • Easy
    5 stars

    11/2/2017 by Memere

    Easy to use! Easy to push! Great for my two one year old grandchildren!

  • Nice Stroller, just bigger then I thought
    4 stars

    9/23/2017 by Corrina

    Bought matching car seat for our newborn, love color. We drive a Dodge Charger and it almost didn't fit in the trunk, we had to position it one way in order for it to fit.

  • Gift purchase.
    4 stars

    9/6/2017 by satisfied

    They received it & said they loved it.

  • Good for the price
    4 stars

    8/23/2017 by JennP

    The quality is pretty good for the price. To be honest it's a little heavy and doesn't fit well in the back of my Chevy Equinox (its long) but overall I'm happy with it.

    1 stars

    8/3/2017 by Very dissapointed

    We bought this double stroller for our Family Vacation. The main two reasons we purchased the stroller were the two main features that failed! First, the Sit N Stand seat is located beneath the back row seat. In order to use it, the back seat must be removed. There are no instructions on how to do this and we never figured out how on our own. The only way we were able to use the sit and stand feature was to have the child sit backwards on the footrest of the back seat between the two seats. Second, each seat has a tray/cup holder that folds forward and can come open from either side allowing the child to climb in or out of the seat and can also be detached completely. The latch has to be depressed from underneath and is incredibly difficult to do. For the amount of times we had to get the children in and out of the seats, it was very cumbersome and difficult! On day two of the vacation, we removed the trays and left them in the hotel! Advertised are cup holders that can be placed on either side of the seat instead of the tray. You can not buy these items anywhere, including the products main website. Very disappointing! The stroller, when folded, stands on its own, this scratches the tray in the front seat. You can roll the stroller while folded, however you must turn it over and pull it like a rolling suitcase by a metal bar located very low. This is awkward. The stroller isn't too difficult to open, but almost impossible to fold up! The wheels have to be just right, the shade, and tray tables have to be in perfect position, and the basket underneath gets mashed up and bent in the process. This takes several hands and people to do successfully. The basket underneath is unreachable from the front of the stroller and blocked bu the sit and stand footrest in back. It is also flat in the back and items fall out easily. the back seat is supposed to recline flat, it does not. Also, the seat reclining mechanism is difficult to use. Very disappointing.

  • Twins
    1 stars

    7/27/2017 by Ashley

    I bought this stroller for my newborn twins so we could use it with the car seats. It is incredibly hard to fold up, and with extreme manuvering takes up the entire trunk of our car. There isn't enough room in the bottom for our diaper bag. After 1 year of use, it will no longer fold up and has a wheel that won't stay on. I have been extremely unpleased with the quailty of the stroller and wished that I would have purchased something else for the price.

  • Wheel falls off
    1 stars

    7/1/2017 by pshane24

    When I first used this stroller (car seat in front, toddler in back), I noticed it was unstable. You have to be very cautious when taking corners. Secondly, I had troubles with one of the front wheels. I only use this stroller once a week to help me pickup kids from school and after only using it for a couple months, one of the front wheels fell off when I folded it. I snapped it back on and I went about my business. However, it occurred again and again. Now, the wheel won't even snap back on and it falls off every time I lift up the wheels (for example, tilting the stroller back to go up a curb). With such light use, this is unacceptable and I DO NOT recommend this stroller to anyone.

  • Doesn't fit in the trunk
    3 stars

    6/5/2017 by MaryPatPete

    It didn't fit in my trunk (a Lexus Sedan.) I am rather short, and this felt long as I pushed it around as well. It is a good stroller, with a bigger car, it's a good one. Going for a different stroller that is side by side, so I can see both kids at the same time.

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