29" Iron Horse Men's Sinister 6.1 Mountain Bike, Orange

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Do you need a bike as adventurous as you are? With 29-inch wheels and dual suspension, the Sinister 29-inch men's bike is the peak of off-road riding performance. The Sinister 6.1 Mountain Bike gives riders the ability to roll over anything standing in their way. For immediate stopping response, the disc brakes offer maximum stopping response in any weather condition Great news! If you select Site to Store delivery, you can call your local store as complimentary assembly may be offered at that location.

  • Frame: aluminum full suspension frame
  • Fork: suspension fork to eat up the bumps
  • Riser bars: ahead stem with MTB riser bars creates a more controlled riding position
  • Gearing (# of speeds): Shimano 24-speed thumb shifters with Shimano rear derailleur
  • Brakes: front and rear HL disc brakes for high-performance stopping
  • Wheels/tires: 29" wheels
  • Handlebars: steel handlebars
  • Seat: padded seat
  • Crank: alloy crank set 42/32/22
  • Pedals: platform pedals
  • Assembly required
  • Men's mountain bike dimensions: 75"L x 25"W x 44"H
  • UPC: 038675070820
  • Bike Type: Mountain Bikes
  • Age Start: 15 Years
  • Age End: and up
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Model No: IH7082WM

Reviews for 29" Iron Horse Men's Sinister 6.1 Mountain Bike, Orange (14)

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  • great starter bike for the$$

    3 stars

    11/15/2013 by rvac from riverside,ca

    Its definitely not a down hill race bike, but it will do the job for many. I'm 6'3 330 and so far so good for a evening neighborhood ride.

  • Bike was great, Service needed work...

    4 stars

    10/26/2013 by Sigwab from Orange County, CA

    Bike is a great product, took half a day to assemble (as I've never put a bike together before) some of the parts come in the box backward. I bought this product as a "pick-up in store same day" but it took a week to get there, when it did I got the box and Walmart didn't assemble it (which would have been done if I "picked-up in store same day") however it didn't say anything about any assembly required until the final email (saying it was ready to be picked-up some assembly required). The bike itself once assembled is a truly great bike and has great features. I take it to a local bike shop for tuning and they were all surprised with how great a bike I got for the price.

  • Awful

    1 stars

    10/4/2013 by BamBamBoo from Seattle, WA

    Bought this for my husband's birthday. The bike looks great and has loads of features. For the money you seem to be getting a lot. The first time my husband took this bike for a ride and changed the gears, the gears moved got caught in the spokes, bent, and the bike was completely jammed up and useless. Bike was returned and I got a full refund. Such a pity.

  • Great road bike ONLY, not for rough riding!

    4 stars

    8/10/2013 by Avidbikerliker from Missouri

    Ordered bike on Wednesday, received on Friday. Fast! Warning: This is a huge bike. In terms of size, it's long and tall. I am 6'1. With the seat all the way down, my feet barely touch the ground. Yes it's that tall. Bike measures, fully assembled, 6 1/2 feet long...yes it's a very long, front to back bike and very tall! Bike was shipped in a double box. Very well protected. Easy easy easy to set up. MUST HAVE ALLEN WRENCHES. For being a dual suspension bike, with front and rear disc breaks, I am totally impressed with quality! Please do not think this is a "true" mountain bike....it's a street bike. There is even a label under the front forks that say, no jumping, no downhill riding. Doing so may be hazardous. The bike is super fun to ride, the big 29in wheels ride like a dream. Very smooth. Very responsive. I'm totally impressed with the disc breaks. It's common to get "slightly warped" disc but mine are perfect! Even the rims spin with no wobble, no warps! The ONLY major complaint is the seat! It's bad. Had to get a gel cover for $20. Now it's much better!

  • eh... got it in the mail and had some issues

    3 stars

    8/4/2013 by ehtothebike from garden grove, ca

    over all i guess the bike is ok, my husband is kinda forced to like it even though i told him to return it and here is why: when we got it shipped to our house and we started to put it together we noticed the handle was flipped around. we had to unscrew it and adjust it to how its suppose to be. (maybe it was flipped to fit in the box idk) the second thing was when tightening the bolts, since we had to turn the handles around, the bolts didnt tighten. the handle was loose and something seemed off. somehow he manged to tighten it so it wouldnt move but almost stripping the bolt. if it was me i would have returned it but my husband is a mr. fix it so i let him deal with it. over the bike was easy to put together and is nice to ride. all i have to say is u better be tall to ride this bc im 5'1 and this bike is WAY too big for me. my husband is 6'1 so this bike is good for his long legs. if it didnt have those kicks i would have gave it 5 stars but we hand to work with what we had.


    5 stars

    7/8/2013 by ThePandaInPalmBay from Palm Bay Fl

    Let me just start by saying, I am a 500+ lb man. I wanted a bike because I live about a mile from the closest bus stop, and I don't have a car, and I need the bus to get to school and back almost daily. I knew I wanted a 29 inch wheel (I mean, if you're big enough to ride it, who wouldn't? and I am also 6'5" tall.) I sat on this bike for the first time, and did not bottom out the tires, OR the springs, so, though it was a little more than I wanted to spend, i bought it. I HAVE NOT BEEN DISSAPOINTED! I absolutely LOVE this bike, it holds up to my weight well (which means those of you who are normal size will not have ANY problems with such things...) and flies like the wind, the more you push, the faster it goes (of course) and takes it all without a squeek. I am SO glad to be able to ride again, I cannot overstate how much I love this bike. seriously. (I did change the seat out, and angle the front of the seat down more than it came with out of the box, but other than that... SPOT on.) (you MAY want to tighten the brakes a little too, but that's personal preference... like the seat.)

  • Rides nice

    5 stars

    6/10/2013 by tofiq from Spring, TX

    I have had the bike for a few months and can hardly find anything to complain about besides the seat, which I changed out and I had to adjust the derailleur. The bike wasn't assembled 100% to my expectations but watch some videos on youtube and you can figure it out and fine tune all the small issues. I adjusted the brakes several times including brake force and disc wobble. I also trued the wheels myself so they would spin straight instead of wobbling. Took a few tries and a couple of inexpensive tools but I got it down. Suspension works great, I mostly ride around my neighborhood and often in the dirt or trails around the house and the bike is awesome. Handles nicely, eats up bumps with full suspension and offers a good ride height for taller riders. I did upgrade to a longer stem because I was having to lean hard on the handle bars even with which made my hands and back hurt. Longer stem helped with a more comfortable riding position as well as better control on the trails. Hope this helps

  • Awesome Mountain Bike!!

    5 stars

    5/22/2013 by BIP0LAR1 from Palatka, FL

    Decided to get back into biking after many years. This bike is great, especially if you have long legs. The 29" tires are very nice. I picked it up already assembled, and everything works perfect. Only thing I did replace was the seat. Helped out so much!! Now I can ride for hours.

  • 29" Iron Horse

    4 stars

    2/18/2013 by GCar80 from Escondido, CA

    Good Bike, especially for the price, only down side is the rock hard seat, will need to replace or buy mtb shorts.

  • Bike arrived damaged

    2 stars

    11/19/2012 by Shelley44 from Crestview, Florida

    Bike arrived damaged, and still trying to fix the knocking and rubbing noises that occur when trying to ride the bike. The rear tire was tightened to tightly from the factory and caused the tire to be out of alignment. We managed to correct that that now there is an extremely loud knocking coming form somewhere.

  • Problem with the assembly.

    1 stars

    9/16/2012 by LIRusty from Long Island, New York

    I am unable to determine whether the bike is a good product or not. Whoever assembled the bike completely stripped the rear brake assembly in the process. The rear brake does not work at all. I now have to go through the process of returning the bike and am unable to go biking with my family. It is almost impossible for the person who assembled the bike not to notice this. It is very disappointing to see the lack of pride taken in the workmanship.

  • Great Buy!!!

    5 stars

    8/5/2012 by abk911 from Orange CA

    Comparing to: Mongoose deception, mongoose hatchet, schwinn dsb tried all 4 bikes and here are my inputs: Schwinn DSB: Best overall bike but the front derailleur system is a mess. It is not a smooth change and i think thats a standard issue with any bike that has a 3 step front derailleur. other than that the bike was gorgeous. overall my heart still aches for this hybrid but no rear suspension and poor front shifts make it a difficult thing to retain. the only real pro... it has a 43" front height - tallest i have seen. Mongoose Deception: looked very cheaply built for my taste. All the ones in the shop were not smooth to roll. I know you can adjust things better but i like to see the mess i am buying and the lesser the mess the better Mongoose Hatchet: definitely better than the deception but again i dint get "this is my bike" feel from it. now: Iron horse 6.1: where should i start: the front shifter is not a 3 step shifter it is a series of down and up clips that enable you to give more or less tension. i think this works better cause the "3 hard stop" shifts usually require the front cable tension to be absolutely perfect - that to many could be an adjustment nightmare. But with this "so called cheap" front set up you can push a mark up or down and get the gears to move up- and down. I checked this on 4 bikes and now my 3 rides and it seems to work great... crossing my fingers... Other Pros: 1) Lovely feel to the bike 2) 39.5 inch front height - i had to buy a riser to get to the schwinn dsb height 3) lovely full suspension and awesome rear suspension for the price Cons: 1) a bit on the expensive side but worth it 2) a bit heavy 3) seat u will have to upgrade (but that you will need for all bikes and i am sure you know). I am using a Schwinn deluxe saddle. Hope this reviews help you guys... i say buy a 150$ bike or if u are picky buy this above 300 one.. anything in between will always give heartache...

  • Shoddy and poorly made

    1 stars

    7/22/2012 by macmondo from Florida

    I bought one of these and got it home and took it out for a spin. I got about 3 miles from home and tried to shift into high and the chain jumped the sprocket and jammed into the chain guard so hard that it broke the chain guard which turned out to be plastic. Really? A plastic chain guard on a $300 bike? It was jammed so hard the it had to be disassembled to fix. A nice 3 mile walk home. After that every attempt to shift into high caused the chain to jump. I went through the bike carefully and found the front derailleur was damaged beyond repair. Just about every screw on the bike was loose and RUSTED. I should also mention that the seat on the bike could double a torture device. Just about everything about this bike is shoddy. I was disappointed because Iron Horse used to have a good reputation. I did some checking and found out that some company called Dorel bought out Iron Horse bicycle so they could use the name. That is all you are getting now...the name. I took it back and got a refund. At least Walmart is great about that. Great service and zero hassles. They told me they hired a company to assemble their bikes. They were very upset also.

  • Great bike once personalilized

    5 stars

    7/19/2012 by netmazter from PA

    the included seat hurts when your on it for more than 15min. after changing the seat the bike is wonderfull. one thing that I didn't think of before buying this bike the large tires are nice and ride smooth but you feel the wind alot more when it hits the side of the bike. all in all I am quite happy with my purchase.