VTech - Sit to Stand Dancing Tower

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The VTech Sit-to-Stand Dancing Tower grows with your baby. When the baby wants to sit and play, you can keep the tower close to the floor. Raise it when your infant is ready to stand and dance on the twin pads. This baby sit to stand walker has easy grip panels that allow your infant to hold on tight and stand. The sturdy base also ensures that the toy doesnt topple over when the baby grasps it and rises. Whether sitting or standing, the baby can play with the top activity panel's Tummy Time songs and rotating microphone. Your little one will have hours of fun bouncing to the motion-activated music. Your baby can enjoy talking to the microphone and listening to his own voice. The teddy at the center holding cymbals adds fun to play. This sit to stand activity walker toy from VTech teaches the baby to identify colors, animals, music instruments, and animal sounds. This versatile VTech - Sit to Stand Dancing Tower offers complete value for your money.

  • The VTech - Sit to Stand Dancing Tower has a grow-with-me design
  • Four modes of play
  • Easy-grip handles for stand-up play
  • The VTech - Sit to Stand Tower buttons light up when learning about colors, animals, music and more
  • The VTech - Sit to Stand Tower is for ages six months and up
  • The VTech - Dancing Tower runs on 4 AA batteries
  • UPC: 050803749002
  • Age: 12 - 24 Months , Birth - 12 Months
  • Age Start: 6 Months
  • Age End: and up
  • Primary Color: Multi-Color
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Model No: 80-074900

About VTech

Young children are fascinated by electronic toys that make fun sounds and have unique features. Many electronic toys made by VTech are not only entertaining but are designed to teach kids and help them develop their senses. We have a wide selection of baby accessories that includes mobiles, rattlers, and soothers for children up to 6 months. VTech also carries bath toys, crawl balls, musical toys, touch phones, and other fascinating products for babies up to 1 year. Toddlers and preschool-age kids will like the reading toys, discovery tables, and laptops.

Reviews for VTech - Sit to Stand Dancing Tower (98)

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  • She is Sitting, standing and Dancing.

    4 stars

    12/22/2014 by cattoon

    Works very nice for my 1 year old and has things she like to do on it.

  • kids love it

    5 stars

    12/11/2014 by cebradley

    My kids love this product playnwith it every day and they are 2 and 1 and it is perfect for their e group

  • Lights and music are great

    5 stars

    10/11/2014 by carrijb from Michigan

    I love the way they have the place for babies to hang on to this, they need this as they are learning to stand and try to walk also. We love the colors of VTech toys and the music they play. The babies don't know how much they are learning, they just think they are playing and having fun with these toys.

  • 5 Stars from baby!

    5 stars

    8/27/2014 by VonCan from Wetumpka, AL

    My brother-in-law (70) had to go to a party for his granddaughter's first birthday and needed to take a present. He had no idea what to buy for the baby, so he gave me cash and asked me to buy an age appropriate gift. I went to Walmart.com and researched toys: I read the reviews and decided that this Dancing Tower would be an appropriate toy. I learned that my local Walmart had one in stock, so I ran into town and bought it. My brother-in-law took the gift to the party. He told me later that he was not going to give me credit for choosing the toy. He said the baby loved the toy and played with it for hours: he recorded the baby playing with the toy and then made us watch the recording! This was an excellent buy. I like the idea that the toy will grow with the child. The item was available at another store, but at a much higher price. Succinctly, I always check Walmart prices before buying anything. I particularly like that I can spend my "shopping time" in the comfort of my home. I am the kind who likes to read everything on the box - several times, so shopping is a lengthy experience for me. Walmart makes it easy to shop. I can read reviews and I do and these reviews influence my purchase. Normally, I choose to have items shipped to my home, but this time I needed the item quickly, so I went to the store. It makes me feel really great when I choose presents that are a hit with the recipient. This was an all around success: the baby received a present she loved, my brother-in-law felt really great that he had given such a great present, and I felt great that everyone was happy. My mother-in-law's birthday is Tuesday and I have already ordered her present from Walmart.com. I can't wait, because I know she is going to love it!


    1 stars

    8/11/2014 by Ruby529

    After fully assembling the product- the dancing bear was broken and did not dance. I called the company and they said this product has been discontinued (probably from NOT WORKING) and I could only get credit for another v-tech product. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  • great activity for 1 yr old

    4 stars

    5/14/2014 by mydoberman from maine

    Bought for my Granddaughters first birthday and she loves it..She stood right up and started playing with this as soon as it was put together..She loves music and dancing so this was perfect for her..The only thing was the microphone didn't work very loud :(

  • Very fun

    3 stars

    12/3/2013 by Voo001 from Bothell wa

    My kids are really like to play.

  • V Tech Sit to Stand Dancing Tower

    5 stars

    11/29/2013 by enitsirk5baby

    The deal I got on this baby toy was amazing. The product is perfect for my little one.

  • cute for babies

    4 stars

    11/26/2013 by mschubz from Woonsocket, RI

    entertains my 5 month old baby for a good half an hour.

  • Great toy for growing child

    4 stars

    11/24/2013 by shimmerco02 from Valdosta, GA

    Even my almost four year old enjoys playing with this toy!

  • Great toy

    4 stars

    11/24/2013 by CocoLoso from North Jersey, NJ

    This is a great toy for a baby . They get to develope skills like paying attention and following the sounds and light from this toy. Like always be around your kid due this toy will not support your kid by using it to help then stand up.

  • Really cute

    5 stars

    11/8/2013 by AZMom12345

    My son loves this toy! It's really helped him w standing too.

  • Great toy for 1 year old

    4 stars

    8/8/2013 by TwistsMommy12 from Arkansas

    My 1 year old son loves this toy! The microphone works and there are 4 settings to choose from. Very cool toy.

  • Fun but not as sturdy as I would have liked...

    4 stars

    5/31/2013 by Leslie27 from Texas

    Our 8 month old daughter likes to play with this thing. She loves the dancing bear and making noises into the microphone. She hasn't yet tried to pull herself up with it but it doesn't seem sturdy enough. The base needs to be heavier. Also, the center does rotate and I see no purpose for that.

  • takes a beating

    5 stars

    4/22/2013 by pinkcookie15 from cotati ca

    Got this at a garage sale 2 years ago, I have never changed the batteries (i think they need it now though) my daughter LOVES it, she has pulled and tugged the poor little dancing bear and he still works just fine! All her friends love it too! Infact im buying one now for her friend. For a kid toy that takes batteries this has lasted us the longest and its still going strong. No complaints here!

  • Stopped working after first day!

    1 stars

    1/16/2013 by shopper304

    Gave this to my baby for christmas last year. After one day of working it just stopped! No warranty means no replacement!

  • Lasted 2 months

    1 stars

    10/14/2012 by mrsames77 from humble,tx

    I bought this for my daughter for her first birthday on August 1. It was only $20 then, thank goodness because if I had paid double I would be even more upset. This toy just stopped working one day. I thought it was the batteries so I put some in and it still didn't work. Then I thought maybe the batteries were bad so I bought brand new ones and still nothing. My daughter wants to play with it! She loved it while it was working but after reading the reviews I see that this happens quite often. I am going to email Vtech and see what they say. I don't have the box or receipt anymore so I can't take it back to Wal Mart. Wish this lasted longer because like I said, my daughter wants to play with it..

  • It just stops working

    1 stars

    9/25/2012 by c1c1c1c1

    While this product is very entertaining and my little one loved it, it only lasts a few weeks before it just stops working. To clarify the first one stopped working after 2 weeks, the second one didn't work correctly from the beginning, the bear didn't move. I gave up after the second one. Other VTech toys have been very durable and work great, but I can't recommend this toy.

  • Great Dancing tower

    5 stars

    8/5/2012 by ReneeLu from Toledo,OH

    I bought this as a gift for triplets and they are in live with it,The dancing bear on top is what really grabs their attention and it is the most stable sit to stand toy i have ever bought in my life,Great buy

  • Toy she went to immediately

    5 stars

    8/3/2012 by JentheDancer from OH

    Granddaughter is 11 months old and plays with this every visit. She goes for this toy first.

  • This only lasted a month if that!

    1 stars

    4/16/2012 by DianaV124 from Texas

    I bought this for my 9 mth old for Christmas, and she loved it, until it just completely stopped working! It was great, for less than a months time. Now it just sits in the corner collecting dust. It was the worse $40ish bucks I spent. There is no warranty, so I can't even exchange it for a new one! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  • you think it's good till you try it!

    1 stars

    1/31/2012 by Mommy of KJ from Aiken, SC

    My son really Loved this toy we have only had it for 1 month, and its already broken! It was working and all i did was push the switch down to change it to another setting an it went off. i pushed some buttons on it again an it still would not work. i then proceeded to change the batteries an still nothing!! I am VERY dissapointed in this toy! My son is only 7 months old an has only used it in the sitting position.

  • eh

    2 stars

    1/23/2012 by sicileesmomma from Idabel, OK

    my daughter was not that into it. doesnt hold her attention

  • Okay Toy But My son loves it

    3 stars

    12/27/2011 by CherBear29 from Jefferson, Georgia

    I also got this for my son for Christmas. The problem with it is when they try to pull up and stand it tips over and the top spins also. Its a nice toy but needs to be a little more sturdier. But my 10 month loves it also b/c of the music, different instruments, flashing lights and he loves singing into the microphone.


    4 stars

    12/26/2011 by KDG02 from Kenner, LA

    The MY Vtech - Sit to Stand Dancing Tower seemed to be a hit for for our 17 month old granddaughter. She love the lights and the Teddy Bear that dances to the music. She isn't old enough to understand how to press the appropriate colors but she will be able to grow with the toy since it is a teaching type toy. If she is happy then we are too!

  • Not interested

    3 stars

    12/17/2011 by jennifer from virginia beach, va

    I bought him this toy when he was 10 months and he liked it at first, but then he stopped playing with it, he sits on it, therefore it has started to act all wierd. playing songs from beginning to half way then starting over again and again, i replaced batteries and it still does it.

  • The absolute best toy for it's money

    5 stars

    11/25/2011 by kcallred from Spokane, WA

    My son is developmentally delayed and needed a toy that would help him to begin sitting on his own. We bought this toy becaus it has two levels and he LOVED it! We started on the lowest level, which was just right for him to belly-crawl to and work on pulling himself up off his tummy. Within a week he was sitting on his own, then a week later, on his knees, a few weeks later, we had to add the 2nd level so that he would begin pulling himself up to stand, and so forth. His development has been phenominal, he's loved this toy for months, it was incredibly easy to set up, sturdy, easy to move from room to room, and he LOVES that teddy bear on top!!!! All he wants to do is grab it and chew on it! I'd buy another one in a heart beat.

  • didnt last long

    2 stars

    10/21/2011 by eagleyes

    i bought it when my baby was learning to sit up until she finally is standing up (6-11 months) at that time it was only 20 dollars at the store, it was sometime in july 2011. but now its nov 2011 it just stopped working. my baby doesn't play rough either so theres no way she could have broken it. it looked all ok and everything, suddenly there were no sounds, lights and no movement at all. replaced new batteries and still not working. i was surprised to see this here for 40 bucks, the price went way up. it is really good, the baby enjoys it and really used it for learning to stand up but it doesnt last long.

  • Great Exploring Item

    5 stars

    10/19/2011 by CETH from chicago Il.

    I have purched 2 of this item. Both for grandsons at age 1yr. They both use them constantly. It is very interactive and entertaining and a pleasure to watch them when they are using them.

  • Best toy ever

    5 stars

    9/14/2011 by Blnbrat

    This is the best toy ever. My Grandson is just over 1 year old. He has been playing with this toy for the last 6 to 8 months. At this age he has tried his hardest to break it, and can not. It has helped him learn to balance and walk and it is very safe. Great job and THANK YOU ! ! !

  • Best toy ever

    5 stars

    9/14/2011 by Allen from Minden, NV

    This is the best toy ever. My Grandson is just over 1 year old. He has been playing with this toy for the last 6 to 8 months. At this age he has tried his hardest to break it, and can not. It has helped him learn to balance and walk and it is very safe. Great job and THANK YOU ! ! !

  • Works Nice

    5 stars

    7/23/2011 by CAM from Janesville, WI

    I love watching my daughter play with this toy! She laughs with it & loves pulling herself up to it! She also loves the dancing bear!

  • Keeps LO busy

    4 stars

    1/1/2011 by Mommatoaqtpie

    My 8 mo old son got this for Christmas and he enjoys it. It's sturdy enough he can pull himself up and stand at it and play which is why I wanted it. The bear dances and it plays lots of music.

  • my son likes it

    5 stars

    12/31/2010 by LoveMyBoat from TX

    my son is 9 months old and got this for christmas. he liked it in the box so when we put it together he immediately started playing with it. he stands up and dances with it. only had it about a week so can't really say if it's going to last or not but so far so good.

  • Tons of fun!

    5 stars

    12/17/2010 by Entertaining Toys Shopper from Connecticut

    My daughter loves this! Her aunt bought it for her when she was a year old and although she had outgrown the first couple of stages of this toy she still enjoyed it! She's 15 months now but still finds it entertaining. She especially likes the dancing bear on top!

  • keeps child very interested & laughing!!

    5 stars

    10/30/2010 by Janey from New York

    My neice loves the dance pad, the colors entertain her when she dances to the music. She loves to hear her voice amplified when singing in the microphone!! The microphone lasted close to a month even though she used it daily along with other childrens use. had 3 activity tables but uses this 1 the most! Highly recommend!!


    5 stars

    9/13/2010 by CollegeMom1204 from Arkansas

    I bought this toy about two years ago during a black friday sale for $25, It was my daughter's first xmas gift. She loved it! She would sit next to it and press the buttons and by the time she was able to stand she loved pressing the buttons and dancing to the music. I love the microphone feature because it is a real microphone that amplifies your voice. I also loved the easy converting from one stage to the next. Great toy! If I wouldn't have caught a deal, I would have paid full price for it.

  • Baby loves it

    4 stars

    8/12/2010 by kurtona

    The first one that we got, the bear didn't dance. Little one had gotten so upset when we put it back in the box that we just decided to exchange it. The new one works well and she loves it.

  • Love it

    5 stars

    5/9/2010 by marilbuck from Brandon, MS

    Bought this for my grandaughter because she played with one that belonged to my grandson. My grandson loves it as does my grandaughter.

  • Lots of Fun

    5 stars

    2/26/2010 by Kids are Great from Jacksonville, FL

    This toy is absolutely a lot of fun for kids and adults. It is has educational components and provides exercise. It encourages physical milestones too. Whether your child is dancing to the music, using the handle bars to pull up on or grab onto while walking to or from this toy. I received this toy as a gift after my child was able to pull up but I'd imagine it to be a great toy for younger children who could sit on the floor with the electronic center console piece detached. Both of my kids love singing in the microphone, which slightly (not too loud) amplifies their voices, which they really get a kick out of. You have to be right on top of the microphone for it to work but kids quickly figure it out, so it isn't a problem. This toy helped my daughter, who is now 1 and walking on her own, learn how to walk and build her pulling up strength and confidence. She would walk from one handle bar to the other in the beginning but now uses it to steady herself and let go to walk to another toy. It is very sturdy and has never fallen over, even as she has leaned and reached for another toy. My only criticism is that the base is hard plastic and though we didn't have any problem with it I'm sure some children might bump themselves on it. Also, the foot pedals at the base in which the child stands on are a very smooth plastic that is a bit slippery if the child is in socks or a footed sleeper. Again, no major problems but worth mentioning in order to give a full review of the toy. I'd strongly recommend this toy for a child who is able to sit up or older and believe they will get a few YEARS of use out of it. My 3 year also enjoys the toy and loves the microphone!

  • Absolutely a MUST have!!

    5 stars

    1/10/2010 by Lachlans Mom from Atlanta, GA

    As a mother of a disabled child finding toys that capture his attention has been a challenge. I purchased the V-Tech Dance and Spin Tower simply because it was on sale last year. This toy immediately intriqued my son and has assisted him in learning how to sit-up, stand and rythym. He was 7 months when I purchased it and is now 2. I am now about to purchase a second one, because of the abuse this toy has taken. He continues to choose the Sit and Stand Tower above all his other toys. When we have other children come to our home they will sit and play with this for long periods of time. I recommend this to all of my friends with children and they have obtained the same satisfaction.

  • Not worth the money!

    2 stars

    12/29/2009 by sweetchild01 from Baton Rouge, LA

    I bought this for my 7month old. He absolutely loved it until three days after Christmas the dancing bear stopped working. Now, he wants nothing to do with it. Thank goodness I still have the box because it is going right back to the store!

  • Excellent Product

    5 stars

    12/21/2009 by KayleeAlexisMommy21 from Washington Court House, OH

    I gave everything 5 stars...my daughter loves it! She got it last year as her main toy gift. I think $43 is a little expensive, but I purchased this item on black Friday (2008) for $20. Highly recommend this item...she loves the dancing bear the most and the microphone second best.

  • Busy Bear

    5 stars

    12/20/2009 by LuVinBrYs from San Diego, CA

    My 11 months old son loves music so the dancing tower was a must have. He loves watching the bear move. We've yet to have any problems with the bear & hopefully we won't. The microphone projects his voice, which is a plus as well. Also, it grows with the child for everlasting fun.

  • Excellent even after a year of owning !!

    4 stars

    12/4/2009 by Logans Mamma from Woodland Park, NJ

    We got this for our son last Christmas when he was just about 6 months old - he is now 17 months old and still LOVES this toy - the mic is his favorite as he loves to hear himself scream and sing into it - it works perfect as long as you choose the correct setting - before he was able to walk this helped him learn to stand when we added the middle piece - THE ONLY DOWNFALL is the bears arms after a few months doesn't move correctly BUT it was my sons fault as he would hold onto the dancing bear BUT the bear does still spin and still make my son smile - I love it and I am trying to find it this holiday for my niece but unfortunately it is not as easy to find in the stores this year !

  • Not sure

    3 stars

    11/15/2009 by Late in life mommy from Northeast Louisiana

    After only 3 weeks, the tower already has a crack where the two pieces screw together. Batteries are also gone too quickly.

  • Ok, toy.

    3 stars

    11/5/2009 by resa from baton rouge, louisiana

    I think for durability this is the one. As for educational, for a 1 yr old, not so much in our situation I guess. As far functionality, the mic doesn't work!! There have been several toys we have purchased with microphones from different manufacturers, and they never do last longer than a week. The mic went out on this toy after 2 days! Ok product if your not that interested in the mic.

  • Goodwill hunting

    5 stars

    10/22/2009 by kctastic

    I love this product, or I should say my baby loves this product! I love the fact I bought it at the goodwill for 6 bucks! Baby loves the music & dancing bear. Great toy.

  • grandson loves this!

    5 stars

    10/22/2009 by klookshoot

    Bought this toy for my grandson and he loves it. Very durable. Great learning toy!!!

  • Daughter Loves It

    5 stars

    10/21/2009 by ProudMomInTexas from Houston, TX

    My daughter got this dancing tower as a gift from her uncle months ago and she LOVES IT!! She is now 14 months old and this is the only toy she plays with EVERY day!! Most toys she quickly grows tired of, but not this one. She plays with the tower in the full upright position and dances and claps along with the dancing bear!

  • Not bad

    5 stars

    10/13/2009 by MommyAkAdealhunter from Georgia

    I think for the money its a good product. My hubsand and I looked at this item for a while and when it went on sale we grabbed it. I ordered it hoping it would encourage my youngest son who is standing to start walking, however it didn't. It did however catch the eye of my oldest son who is 2 1/2yrs old. He loves it. So even though it didn't work quiet like I hoped I'm very happy with it. I love the stages thing it offers too. Big plus!

  • Plenty of Whiz and Bang!!

    5 stars

    10/13/2009 by Beth from Dallas, TX

    My 12 month old great granddaughter yells into the microphone because she's imitating singers on television. She absolutely loves playing with this toy.

  • Wonderful gift

    5 stars

    9/21/2009 by twins0toddler0n0more from Garden City Ga

    I bought this for my twins first birthday in May and they LOVED it. 4 mos later they still love it. Out of all the presents, it was their favorite. Definately worth the money to watch their faces light up and watch them dance along. My two yr old loves it just as much. Her favorite part is the microphone.

  • Great toy that grows with child!

    5 stars

    9/1/2009 by JR from Trussville, AL

    I love this toy because it has so many features that will grow with my child. He loves hearing and watching the bear dance around, and seeing the colorful lights flashing. I can only imagine he will have even more fun with it as he gets older and can play some of the game features. This would be great for 2 or 3 children to share at the same time as well. It certainly keeps my 6mo old entertained. And it's great for tummy time fun.

  • no more dancing

    3 stars

    8/19/2009 by cmommy1 from Columbus

    My kids loved it but after my daughter grabbed the bear in the middle of his dance he stopped dancing and never danced again.

  • nice gift for toddlers

    4 stars

    8/13/2009 by karebear28 from CA

    I bought this for my daughter for her birthday last year and she was just beginning to walk. She plays with it some days and others it'll just sit there but she loves it and the bear moving on top is very cute. I paid a lot less than the price listed here because I got it on "black Friday" so I got a great deal. I don't know if I'd pay $50 for it though. But I'm a penny pincher.


    4 stars

    8/8/2009 by NANAMELANIE from HOUMA, LA

    I bought the Sit to Stand for my grandson's first birthday. When I saw the things it did, especially the dancing bear, I was so pleased with my choice since it was sight unseen except for the picture on the internet. But two days later, the bear stopped dancing and I thought that was the cutest thing about it. Hopefully, he has found other things about it to enjoy. We are in cities hundreds of miles apart so I am not there to see what has happened since I left after his birthday.

  • Never Ending Fun!

    5 stars

    7/14/2009 by Julybreeze from Austin, TX

    My little girl has been playing with this toy since she was 6 months old, she is now 9 months and it's still hands down her favorite toy. I love how the toy grows with baby. The dancing bear is tons of fun to watch and very sturdy. I HIGHLY recommend!

  • Very disappointed

    3 stars

    6/1/2009 by shmom

    I was so excited to get this for my daughter for Christmas. I was hesitant to spend the money, but the toy would grow with her so I figured it was worth it. The first day we played with it, the bear in the middle started squeaking as he turned, then his arms stopped waving. I took it back to the store, but they didn't have anymore, and everyone else was out of them. I called the company and they said I could mail it in and they would replace it, but I had to mail it insure, which would have run me about $10. So I kept it. My daughter still plays with it, but it still squeaks. At least she doesn't realize his arms are supposed to move.

  • Not So Wonderful!

    1 stars

    5/26/2009 by ZeeknLadysMommy from Lorton, VA

    This review is long over due! My sister got this toy for my daughter for Christmas and within a month it started having a mind of it's own. It would get stuck and keep playing the music over and over...just parts of the music. The little bear on top would also get stuck doing the same move over and over again! It would not stop unless you turn it off. Not to mention some of the features not working at all!! She wasted her money on this which is really shocking since it's a Vtech. I have purchased many Vtech toys myself, but never anything this poor. Stay away!!!

  • Love Love Love this product!!!

    5 stars

    5/14/2009 by FunMom22 from Waveland,MS

    I purchased this product for my daughter for christmas when she was 9 months old she loved it then and she is now 14 months and still plays with it all the time it is a really fun toy she is so cute playing with it!! She dances with it and now she even sounds like she is singing with it sometimes. It is really strong too she pulls on it all the time. I would reccomend it to anyone whos child likes music. It does make alot of noise but there is a volume switch and and on/off switch too. Great buy for our family!


    4 stars

    5/9/2009 by auntiecher from Feeding Hills, MA

    I bought this product for my niece and nephew (twins) one year birthday. They loved this! They were smiling, pulling up on it, playing with all the buttons, and the dancing bear had them laughing like crazy. Even their 3 year old sister was enjoying the toy. They have only had it a week, but I think they will have fun with it for a long time. It was great that it had two "seats," perfect for twins.

  • Keeps them busy

    4 stars

    4/6/2009 by nursedlp

    We have twin boys (10 months). They love the lights and the dancing teddy bear. It is played with during the day by both. Its durable. The songs are annoying but hey, what toy do kids like that isn't. :)

  • better than the rest

    5 stars

    3/22/2009 by newmommystilllearning from Camdenton, MO

    I received many stand up toys for my 8 month old. He was beginning to pull himself up to stand... with help! Unfortunately, many of the other stand up toys would flip over on him when he used them to stand! This was the only one that never flipped! The base is much sturdier than the rest. He loved the dancing bear and the two motion toys that were attached!! the light up buttons and sound were also entertaining and kept him busy forever. He is 12 months old now and he still goes back to play with this toy! I only wish I had it sooner! I used stage 3 almost immediately. He would have probably loved this toy at or before 6 months. I bought this one for a friend!!

  • wonderful!

    5 stars

    3/13/2009 by valueshopper09

    i have 20 month old twins and they have had this product for almost a year. it is one of their favorite toys and has stood up to all of their abuse. they love to "sing" into the microphone! would definitley buy again!

  • My son Loves it!

    5 stars

    3/13/2009 by An anonymous customer from NY

    I bought this for my son last christmas. He liked it when it was in the sitting position but he likes it alot better in the standing one. I was concerned that it would tip over on my son but it never did. Very cute toy glad we bought it

  • Good for motor skills

    4 stars

    3/9/2009 by Meggis76 from Barto, PA

    My son is 8 1/2 months and really enjoys this product, although he isn't standing yet without assistance, he sits and spins the roller thing and he loves the dancing bear on top. One thing that I would had done differently with this product is make the bear dance by himself. Other than that he really enjoys it, and I think as he gets older will as well.

  • Cute, but large and only semi entertaining

    3 stars

    2/26/2009 by CheapChicMom

    This thing has a huge footprint so don't buy it unless you want another giant toy in the middle of the room. The bear and lights and music are all fun, but you can get just as much entertainment out of something smaller and cheaper.

  • Broke right away!

    2 stars

    2/15/2009 by Wavie from FL

    Our son was given this for his 1 year birthday. He really loves this - following the lights, listening to the music, etc. After a week or two though, the bear on top was moving really sluggish. Then he stopped moving in one direction completely and you hear a clicking sound in the machine. We plan to bring it back to the store (if I can find the box!) and trade for another. I think we just got a "bad" one.


    5 stars

    2/7/2009 by shopoholic47 from San Antonio, Texas

    I bought the product for my grandson, he loves it... and plays with it everyday , he wants to DANCE as he puts it! I think its also very effective in teaching skills.

  • Excellent Toy

    5 stars

    1/30/2009 by CreateMemories from Kansas

    I purchased this toy for my 9 month old daughter. She absolutely loves it. She plays with this toy several times a day. It has helped develop her mobility to. She stands up using the handlebars, and is now to the point where she will let go to dance and she will even take a few steps. She loves this toy. A great toy for little ones.

  • WE LOVE IT!!!

    5 stars

    1/29/2009 by DelonieH from Benton, AR

    My mother bought my daughter, Destini, this for her 1st birthday. Destini just absolutely loves it! she dances to all the music...which there are quite a few different songs! she loves the dancing bear that's on top!! i knew she'd love it seeing my mother was playing with it in the toy isle. lol. i'm very satisfied with this product & i would tell anybody that had a curious baby or a baby that loves music to buy this!!! the best thing is that it grows with your baby! so even if you got it when he/she was 6 months old she/he could still enjoy it when they're older!!

  • it's simple

    4 stars

    1/10/2009 by smartmommie from Myrtle Beach, SC

    we got this for our 11 month old for Christmas. It was VERY easy to set up and is very sturdy. I just wish the foot pad would light up or something because they're kinda pointless. She really likes the little bear and the microphone. She does have to put her mouth directly on it to hear herself in the song but overall she likes it!

  • Not so durable...

    3 stars

    1/8/2009 by Mamabear85 from Texas

    Overall, this product is great. My 11 month old daughter loves it. But, as most children do, she would turn the bear herself and play with it, and within a week of having it, the bear stopped working... and of course you can't take it out once it is put together. I was pretty disappointed with it! She still plays with it, but looks at the bear like, "why aren't you dancing??" Kids will be kids, but if you buy this, my advice is to not let your child mess with the bear too much or it will stop working.

  • Very disappointed

    1 stars

    1/7/2009 by Dayinara from Pa

    We bought this toy for my daughters first birthday. My sister and I put it together, and could not find out how to connect the wire to the bear and the bottom to where it plugs in at, without the short cable being exposed! My daughter and son who was 2 1/2, found the cable right away and kept pulling it out. My other disappointment was when I found out it does not have the color BLUE.... it's one of the primary colors! I took it apart and took it back to the store!

  • Great toy!

    5 stars

    12/30/2008 by bunged from Utah

    My 1 year old loves this! My 2 year old likes it, too. More sturdy than I thought. Great sounds/music/movement, etc. Highly recommend for younger kids.

  • An Okay Toy

    3 stars

    12/30/2008 by countrygirl2003 from ID

    My son seems to enjoy this toy, but he does not play with it for very long. I think he would have enjoyed this toy a bit more if he was younger. He is 1 years old, and seems to get bored with it fast. I also wish that the platform did somthing. It does take up some room, and I am tempted to take the footprint part off, but I think it might help keep the stand balanced.

  • A lot to learn!

    4 stars

    12/29/2008 by CaydensProudMommy from Peoria, IL

    My 11 month old son appears to like it, however, he is a little distracted by all of his other Christmas toys. When we first took it out of the box, he couldn't be torn away from it. I do get a little nervous, because the base isn't very heavy, so when he is pulling up on it, it pulls over easy. But if you are there to help, it's no big deal.

  • Great Activity Center

    5 stars

    12/27/2008 by TheHuntress

    I bought this toy for my 1 year old for Christmas. She absolutely loves it! The dancing bear captivates her attention and she loves to hear herself over the mic. Even my 3 year old enjoys it!

  • Very cute!

    5 stars

    12/26/2008 by calliope23 from Oklahoma

    This was really easy to set up (and convert from short to tall). Really cute, the dancing bear is a big hit with my 8 month old. He loves the music and lights. I can see this entertaining him for a few months at least. Great toy.

  • bonus to baby!

    5 stars

    12/25/2008 by addictedtowalmart82701 from Newcastle, WY

    I bought this for my nephew for Christmas. He absolutely loves it. It was easy to set up and very sturdy. He can pull up on it and play and it doesn't even attempt to tip on him. Definately a great buy for this little one this year!!!


    5 stars

    12/24/2008 by PickyandFrugal from Orlando, FL

    my 6 month old daughter actually recieved this toy as a hand me down from a coworker who grandaughter had outgrown it. She LOVES IT! she sits down and reaches for the bear and she loves the microphone part. she puts her mouth on it and just babbles away! This toy has been through two children and still working and being enjoyed! definately get it.

  • Must Buy

    5 stars

    12/20/2008 by chelle7310 from Myrtle Beach, SC

    My 6 month old son loves this toy.. He laughs everytime the bear moves. It is definetly worth what I paid for it and is a toy that will continue to grow with him

  • what's up with that bear

    4 stars

    12/8/2008 by lovemybabycj from california

    I think the toy is great, but I have one problem....The bear doesn't spin anymore when my baby presses the buttons. I am not happy that once you put the bear in, it is permanent. that means you can put it back in the box when you move or anything you have to carry the toy as is. It might get broken during the move. I will recommend it and hopefully the bear last longer for everyone elses that buys it.

  • wow my baby loves this

    5 stars

    12/5/2008 by ImInLoveWithWalmart from South Bend

    my daughter is 7mon old and is already pulling up on things so I decided to get this so she can have something to interact with and pull up on. Im glad I made the right decesion b/c shes learning and loves to babble along with all the songs on the toy and the buttons are easy to push. I set the toy up to the full standing size b/c of her good balance and grip, the best feature on this is the bear that moves when the songs are playing my family loves to see her laugh and smile while standind and watching the bear;)

  • Slightly disappointed

    3 stars

    11/9/2008 by WigglyGirl from Florida

    My son really seemed to like this in the store. I bought it for his first birthday and he was already at the point where I had to put it on the standing part. It was sooo easy to put together! But once it was together, he seemed slightly scared of it at first. haha. He wasn't quite sure how to react to the dancing bear at the top. He did like the music though and the lights that came up. He will sometimes still play with this.

  • Wonderful!!

    5 stars

    11/7/2008 by BryansMommy from Johnson City, TN

    Bryans nana got this for christmas, he was about 7 months old. In the picture with him standing up, the bear moved for the first time and his face is just priceless! He has loved it ever since. He plays with it daily. He is now 18 months old and we now watch a little girl who is 21 months old who also loves it. Everytime she comes over they both go to it and start dancing and clapping. Aya found the microphone (that is the only con i think, you cannot pick up the microphone so they have to lean into it) but she was having fun talking into it and hearing her voice. It has four settings Color, ABC, Singalong, Dance. Learn 5 Colors (red, green, yellow, purple, and orange) Which light up and ask you to find a certain color. The ABC teaches animal sounds (cat, owl, squirrel, moneky, and bird) also teaches the animals name and what music instrument they are playing (piano, guitar, bango, maraccas, trumpet) for example: the cat plays the guitar and it will have a guitar playing at the end. It also teaches color as well. The singalong has 3 different songs to sing to (london bride, pop goes the weasel, This old man). The Dance has five different music to dance to (ramba, hip hop, country, rock and roll, and classical). It also has the microphone, cymbals (push together and makes the sound) and a spinning toy. This is a five star toy and worth every penny. Also it is not something that they will grow out of fast which is another thing I love. I hate toys that they play with for a month and dont ever mess with it again. Easy to clean and to put together (when they are old enough for the stand). And very durable. My son tugs and holds the bear down sometimes when it dances and it still has not messed up. I HIGHLY recommend this FUN toy!

  • Good Toy

    5 stars

    10/18/2008 by NIKKI33 from LOUISIANA

    My daughter got this toy for her first birthday and she loves it. She is almost two now and she still enjoys dancing with the bear and singing into the microphone, when her little cousin comes over..she goes straight to this toy as well. Good toy...good buy.

  • Awesome product!

    5 stars

    10/10/2008 by KatherinesMom

    My daughter received this as a gift (when she was 1 1/2 months old) last Christmas from her Aunt. In the beginning, I would push the buttons and she would watch the lights and listen to the music. Once she was able to sit up on her own, she was able to push the buttons by herself. Then when she learned to stand, I added the platform so she could play with it while practicing standing. Now, she's almost 1 year old, and she still plays with it (I have to turn it on for her, though). This is a great toy and well worth the cost - I never would have believed that she would still be interested in it after all this time!

  • great toy!!

    5 stars

    9/10/2008 by scarlet717 from texas

    i bought this toy when my baby was about 8 months now she is 11 and since the first day she love it every time that she pass by it she touches and start dancing..... is a great toy....

  • Great!

    5 stars

    7/26/2008 by MamaP95004 from Watsonville, CA

    This is a great product I got for my son when he was 6 months old. It grew with him through sitting, crawling and now his walking stage. He loves the microphone and hearing himself through the speaker! I recommend this toy for any curious kid!

  • best toy

    5 stars

    5/8/2008 by wvmomma1 from wv

    I bought this toy for my daughters 1st bday. She loved it. It has been the best toy. She loves to hit the bear and make it spin and dance. It has so much for her to play with on there. Every child no matter the age that visits plays with this toy.

  • Great Toy

    5 stars

    4/25/2008 by proudmom2007 from Snellville, GA

    I bought this toy for my son when he was about 9months. He absolutely loves to play with this. He plays with it everyday. I was a little worried at first whether it would support him pulling up on it but it does. He still pulls up on it and he weighs about 20-21lbs and is now 11.5months. He tries to pull the bear off the top but once you attach the bear, it won't come off. I highly recommend this toy!

  • not what expected

    2 stars

    2/8/2008 by An anonymous customer

    i thought the feet at the bottom lit up like the commercial shows but it barley does anything but make lots of noise and takes up too much room

  • Fun

    5 stars

    2/6/2008 by Mommalynn

    My daughter is only 5 months old but she already pulls her self she loves it ...and gets so excited when the bear dances around.

  • Easy and Fun

    4 stars

    12/29/2007 by firemouse23 from Rapid City, SD

    I bought this for my 8 Mo old grandson. It has enough to keep his attention and keep him playing for awhile. He really enjoys it.

  • Great deal

    5 stars

    12/28/2007 by The2BoysMom from Long Island, NY

    It exceeded my expectations with the amount of songs, the dancing bear and the three stages it converts to. A great deal sure to last a long time!

  • Excellent

    5 stars

    12/26/2007 by Kidsof3

    I would buy this again. I bought this for my 13 month old but my 4 and 7 year old loved it as well. When the baby wasn't playing with it, they were. My 7 year old was the one that pointed all the other features that it had. Also showed the baby what it can do.