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The Graco Bumper Jumper takes bouncing fun to a whole new level. It has all the great features of a standard jumper, plus comes with two soft, removable interactive toys that are attached to adjustable play rings to bring toys to baby's level. It also features a play tray for additional toys. This baby doorway jumper is a safe entertainer for your infant with all its soft padding. The bumper serves to protect wooden door frames from scratches. The high back removable nylon seat in this baby jumper in the Little Jungle design provides comfort and is machine washable. The toy features a jungle theme and the seat pad shows a colorful cartoon print of jungle animals. This beautiful Graco Bumper Jumper has height adjustments for growing toddlers weighing less than 25 lbs. The straps are always kept separate by a plastic dome, so it's easy to get your baby in and out. This baby bouncer is designed with safety in mind.

  • High back, nylon seat is removable and machine washable
  • Baby doorway jumper has a soft, all around bumper that protects wood work
  • Two soft, removable, interactive toys attach to adjustable play rings
  • Plastic dome on this baby jumper in the Little Jungle design keeps straps spread apart for easy in and out
  • Sturdy, bounce spring with hidden safety cord
  • Spring loaded, no-mar clamp easily adjusts to door frame
  • Graco Bumper Jumper is height adjustable
  • Play tray for toys
  • For children weighing less than 25lbs
  • Child must be able to hold head upright unassisted
  • Machine wash cloth seat pad in cold water on delicate cycle, line dry
  • Clean plastic or metal parts with household soap and warm water
  • UPC: 047406094622
  • Age: Birth - 12 Months
  • Age Start: 6 Months
  • Age End: and up
  • Primary Color: Green
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Model No: 4E02LJG1

About Graco

Since 1955, Graco has been a leader in high-quality baby products. They designed the first wind-up indoor swing, the Swyngomatic®, after discovering that motion of a backyard swing could provide a calming effect on babies. This invention would go on to sell millions of units over the years, as a practical and popular way to entertain small children.Graco also created the Pack N’ Play® Portable Playards, which come in a number of designs and colors. For more than 25 years, baby products and furnishings are designed with safety in mind while they help keep little ones busy and out of trouble. They also introduced the Travel System, which allows parents to transport child from stroller to car seat without disturbing child during sleep time.The TurboBooster SafeSeat, strollers, and other accessories are built with durability and make life easier for parents and children. They also strive to stay ahead of the curve by continuing to create exciting products for today’s busy parent. Today, Graco has a solid reputation of manufacturing excellent juvenile products across the world.

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  • amazing jumpe . baby loves it

    5 stars

    11/12/2014 by apaps

    My daughter loves it. We don't have floor space so this was perfect!

  • Baby likes it

    4 stars

    10/4/2014 by Jbak357

    My baby is just over three months and we weren't sure if he was big enough for this. But we gave it a go and used a blanket behind him to help him keep his head up and give him support. He enjoyed it! He couldn't bounce of course, but he liked "standing" and making it turn in circles. I would recommend this

  • Graco Bumper Jumper Little Jungle

    5 stars

    9/30/2014 by ckauff001

    I orginally bought a cheaper doorway jumper but took it back as it was noisy and cheaply made and baby hit the door frame. I was so happy when I bought the Graco Bumper Jumper as it didnt have any of these issues and also has a great bounce to it. Well worth the extra $10 to buy this one. Also- I have a very tall baby, 29 inches. I thought initially I had raised it to its max and she was still practically sitting on the floor, with a little more research I found you can raise it another 8 inches or so by pulling on the stap and folding it in. Read page 10 of the instruction manual! SO happy my tall baby can use this!

  • In love!!!

    5 stars

    9/22/2014 by lone_arrow

    Got this product two days ago as a hand me down. Read the reviews and was afraid we wouldn't be able to use it as we have low ceilings due to being in a basement apartment. Read the online manual, followed the instructions and have one VERY happy little girl!! Now if making her this happy was always so easy, I think I'd be set for life, lol.

  • excellent jumper

    5 stars

    8/10/2014 by 5MEMAW2

    Awesome jumper. My greatgrandson loves it and I love him being entertained.

  • Best investment ever!!

    5 stars

    7/31/2014 by ATK06 from Franklin, TN

    Our 8 month old absolutely loves this thing. Love the bumpers on all sides. I recommend a soft pad to go under your baby's feet if using over a hard floor.

  • my son didn't care for it

    3 stars

    7/5/2014 by Noahsmommy25

    This product seemed to be made well. The toys included with it are mega cheap and boring but it has hooks so you can hang your baby's own toys for play. Unfortunately, my son did not care for this jumper. He was 7 months when I purchased it and although he fit in it good he screamed every time I put him in it. He loves his exersaucer so I didn't understand why but he did not like this so i returned it. Maybe I should hsve gotten it when he was younger but I wanted to wait til he could sit up good.

  • good investment

    5 stars

    5/15/2014 by kat8649 from Corry,Pa

    My grandson loves it and he has the time of his life bouncing up and down. It also gives him independence to help with growth and sense of self . I love the front tray great for toys or snacks.

  • It CAN be shortened more!!!!!

    5 stars

    5/14/2014 by LaurieB IT CAN BE SHORTENED MORE!!! SEE PAGE 8 for how to KEEP SHORTENING the tether! There's a trick to it :) My 4 month old daughter loves this jumper. So glad we bought it- I know we will be using it for a long time. The tray is awesome for holding her toys and giving her something to prop herself against.


    5 stars

    4/6/2014 by PittsburghM from Pittsburgh

    It took about 2 days for my 4 month and 1 week old boy to figure out what the fun is out of it, and ever since then, he enjoys and smiles so much every time he plays with it. A great buy. Very good quality.

  • Great Jumper

    5 stars

    3/16/2014 by gramof34 from WV

    I bought this for my great-grandson, it was very easy to install, and put together. He is almost 5 months old. Placed him in it and he started jumping almost immediately. He would turn himself around and look the other room over, then turn back to watch us. He loves it. I would definitely give this as a gift or recommend it to anyone looking for one.

  • Good jumper

    4 stars

    2/12/2014 by PictureQueen from louisiana

    I like this one because we attached our own toys to it!! And the little piece in front of him makes it nice for him to rest his arms and toys.

  • Baby Luvs IT!

    5 stars

    1/7/2014 by 2DogPerson from New York

    My granddaughter loves this jumper and it make her smile and laugh. It was easy to set up and move so she can use it in almost every room. One of the best things we have bought for her. She is 4 months old and jumps and jumps to her hearts content.

  • product fine delivery stinks

    4 stars

    12/26/2013 by dutchy1965 from Elk Grove, IL

    When placing the order online you are given a delivery date. If there is a POSSIBILITY that you cannot meet that deadline, then just make it for a few days further in the future as them at least I have the option of either ordering something else or going someplace else to purchase it. This situation occurred on 2 separate orders and was frustrating as they were Christmas gifts that had to be shipped once I picked them up and ended up having to email a picture of what they would be getting. Embarrassing not only for me but for WalMart.

  • Great product

    5 stars

    11/3/2013 by Thebestgrandmawever from Linden

    I bought this for my granddaughter who is going on 5 months old. My daughter said that she got it out of the box, set it up in a snap, put the baby in it and she loved it. The baby loves to be upright instead of always laying down or laying back in her bouncy chair. It has helped develop her neck muscles better than tummy time. Her older sister wanted to swing her in it but mommy put the kibosh on that right away. No swinging. Ever.

  • Fantastic choice

    5 stars

    9/4/2013 by MawNeecie from NC

    Our 8 month grandbaby is so pleased with this jumper. Her body already feels stronger. She is happy jumping. Wish I had of bought it sooner. Note: Roll the adjustment to the inside and up between the two main straps and it will fit shorter doors. Excellent all around product to buy.

  • Exactly what I wanted

    5 stars

    8/31/2013 by jd235 from wilkes, nc

    My son is very active so when he was about 4 and a half months old I decided to buy him a doorway jumper. The first one I bought, the Bright Starts Spring'N Bounce, did not work AT ALL, it just hung in the doorway. This jumper, however, is great. He is now 7 months old and still loves it. When I need to clean, do laundry, etc., I put him in this and he is perfectly content to bounce away.

  • Favorite product !

    5 stars

    8/16/2013 by showard

    When my son was little he refused to do tummy time all he wanted was to bounce. We got this before he was born and started him in it around 8 weeks (when he was holding his head up good). HE LOVED IT! I thought he would wear the springs out he jump around so much. I liked that he could spin in it he loved to check everything out. I can honestly say this was my favorite piece to keep him entertained happy and still getting exercise. When he got a little bigger he would sit in it eating his snacks on the little tray. We got so much use out of it, and it was not expensive at all.

  • Great Buy

    5 stars

    8/16/2013 by Kathy

    My baby love being in his jumper. I give him a gentle push and he just smiles and grin. It fits perfect in the doorway and now that his feet can reach the floor, he loves to bounce.

  • housework helper

    5 stars

    8/15/2013 by Wolfborne

    I would hardly get dishes done without it. She loves being with me and being able to play and bounce. It keeps her out of the dishwasher while I am busy and just sequels.

  • Moms you can shorten the straps more!

    5 stars

    8/8/2013 by JWoods

    I love this jumper! My son is a big boy too and it looked like would quickly outgrow the height of this product. I thought, this can't be all, so I went on a search for the manual. (I purchased mine used so it was without). I found it online and ah ha! You can shorten the strap more than just the initial loop that is there. Under the instructions tab you can download the PDF. It may take a minute to figure out the picture, but basically you can pull the inside loop through, making it shorter, as much as you need to, all the way until the two plastic blocks are touching. That puts the seat at 2.5 feet off the ground, plenty of available hight for even the tallest little baby. I hope that the moms that wrote about height issues see this so that they don't have to turn in their jumper before it has truly been outgrown. Enjoy!!

  • A lifesaver!

    5 stars

    7/24/2013 by careykat

    My son adores this jumper. It is seriously the best baby product we own. I wish it could be made shorter; my don has nearly outgrown it at 6.5 months.

  • The little guy approves

    4 stars

    7/8/2013 by MisterJP from Denver

    My 3-month old is probably a bit young for this right now but seems to like it as much as can be expected at his age. He will sit in it and pushes himself around with his legs a bit but hasn't gotten the jumping thing down yet. He normally won't sit in it for more then about 10-15 mins before he starts to fuss. I'm sure it will like it more as he gets a bit older tho. Otherwise the product meets expectations. I can adjust it as close to or as far from the floor as I need and it clamps securely on the door frame.

  • Could be fun if...

    1 stars

    4/18/2013 by Rapunzel

    I have the complaints as others. The cord is too long and cannot be adjusted enough. The seat is on the large side and my baby is a big baby. I am so disappointed.

  • One of the best jumpers around, but...

    3 stars

    4/15/2013 by HiGravity

    So we used an older model of this jumper to see how our son liked it and it worked great, was over 15 years old so durable, and he loved it giving us some of the most consistent free time to clean or whatnot to date. However, when we purchased this one our son (while not that heavy is a bit tall) was practically sitting on the floor when set to the same length as the old one which apparently has a much tighter spring. We returned it and ended up trying the same model again as the reviews were just too good to ignore and so thought maybe the other was defective. Then we learned there was a way to extra extend it (the other item was missing the manual) so got it in and unfortunately it was the same, but the extra info on raising the jumper helped so we are using it successfully. However, it is not ideal. It is a pain to adjust and sometimes slips down while he's bouncing. I really wish they would make them like they used to and it would have five stars across the board.

  • Good While It Lasts...

    3 stars

    3/1/2013 by GrandForksMom

    Like other moms who have commented, I have the same grievance - the strap is WAY too long for the standard door frame height...we have only been able to get about 3 months use out of this because my son has grown and the strap is way too long, so now he is basically resting on his knees. Otherwise the jumper is great with the tray and toy attachments and bumper.

  • great product, I love it!!!

    5 stars

    2/6/2013 by atacia from jackson ca 95642

    I love it, cuz jumpping good n very very easy attach to the door, it's open wide to fit any size of door even the big thick door in the very old house!!!

  • bumper jumper

    5 stars

    2/3/2013 by tina75252

    I love the bumper jumper my son loves this jumper it keeps him happy allowing my hands to stay free as I watch him enjoy his jumper. It helps him to become more independent allowing him to be in complete control. The bumper jumper is great in quality and very safe to use.

  • Love it!

    5 stars

    2/2/2013 by KennasMommy1020 from Cleveland oh

    My 3 month old loves this product. It is well made and the tray table acts as a bumper.

  • Bestest product I got for my kid

    5 stars

    1/19/2013 by Pinkey

    I love this product. My kid can jump in this N I'm not afraid that he can fall. It's secure Lovely n funable for kid laugh with joy When he is in it. I would recommend it to all Moms.

  • Best Activity I Bought

    5 stars

    1/19/2013 by kymomof4

    My daughter loves this she will jump for an hour with out stopping she will slow down make sure we are still watching and get all excited and go again.

  • Great Bumper

    5 stars

    1/19/2013 by ngeorgianow

    This is a great jumper. It fits well in a doorway, seems very safe and is great entertainment for baby. I love to put the baby in here while I am cooking. It is a good way to strengthen legs and improve balance.

  • So Fun!

    5 stars

    1/18/2013 by zebramom

    My children loved this!! I would love to see the look on their face as they bounced away. We gave it to my nephew who loved it just as much. My children loved to be held (ALL THE TIME!) so this gave them a chance to stretch their muscles and strengthen their legs. It is easy to put up and does not damage the door frame.

  • Best Purchase EVER

    5 stars

    1/17/2013 by sinisforgiven

    My baby loves this Jumper. He used to like to bounce from the time he was weeks old, and would tire us out because he cried whenever not bouncing. Now that he is older we use this jumper every single day. It gives us a chance to get some things done. I even put it in the bathroom doorway so I can take a shower (I can keep an eye on him through the clear curtian).

  • Don't Buy This

    1 stars

    1/11/2013 by zmommy

    I am displeased with this jumper. The strap continues to loosen as my son jumps, mostly when he really gets jumping. I do like the tray. And my son enjoys the toys it is easy to put on the door. The seat is rather large and my son would sort of hang out of one side.

  • great product

    5 stars

    1/6/2013 by b728 from garner nc

    My grand son loves this bouncer and can not get enough time in it. If we did not limit his time he would probably stay in it all day. The only complaint that I have is that it could be made to adjust a little more in height. For regular standard door way height we could not get the recommended foot distance to the floor and had to use a taller entrance way. Now I have to use a step stool every time it has to be moved. I plan on going to the hardware store to find an S clip so that I can shorten swing about another 2-3 inches.

  • Awesome Buy!

    4 stars

    11/26/2012 by Tskro

    Our Little girl Loves, loves, loves this jumper! She has been using it solidly for 3 months and has no signs of getting bored of it. It is super easy to clip onto door frames, letting me move it to different door frames if necessary. The only quibble I have is that it can be difficult removing her from the unit , and adjusting it when she gains weight. My husband and I have figured out how to do this, but Graco should make the adjustments on the strap and seat to make it easier. Despite these complaints, I would not hesitate to purchase this jumper again even if the design was exactly the same. I feel she is really safe and having a great time! Its a well made and sturdy. Seeing her daily delight using this jumper, I believe is priceless!

  • too long

    2 stars

    11/19/2012 by missJML from Michigan

    I purchased this for my 6 month old son because our next door neighbors have the same one but it's over five years older than this brand new one that I bought. I am soooo sad because the older one that they dont make anymore is actualy BETTER. This newer one hangs so low to the ground that even when it is adjusted to the highest setting, my 6 month old can basically be on his knees. We live in a big house with hight ceilings and high door frames so I dont understand why its like this. It would NEVER fit a child up to 25lbs.

  • great jumper

    5 stars

    9/21/2012 by AWalMartShopper2 from Montgomery, AL

    I have a 4 month old, weighs about 14 pounds and he fits pretty comfortable in the jumper. It's a little big for him but I like that because he will have it for a little while. But it's not so big that he cannot balance himself or look as if he's being swallowed. My son loves being in the jumper. He does try to bite on the toys but they come off very easy (its velcroed on). It was easy to install and grasps the wall tight. I would say we have a standard doorway leading to a hall (like the size of a standard front door) and the jumper fits there easily without it bumping into the wall. It does tend to take up all of the room and you have to push it to the side to get by but we don't mind. My son is usually not one that like to be left alone by himself for long but in the jumper, he will stay put usually long enough to make dinner.


    5 stars

    3/27/2012 by lilBensmama from Wyandotte, MI

    Great product! My son is 4 months old and just loves it. A lot of the other jumpers seem to be too big for babies until they reach 6 or 7 months. This one goes super low to the ground so younger babies can jump too. The inside is still a little bit big, but we just stuff a blanket behind his back and it works great! Theres 2 little velco toys that you can adjust the height of. My son loves to stare at these and pull them off. The tray is also nice as he can rest his arms on that while jumping. Great product!!

  • I love this jumper!

    5 stars

    2/2/2012 by DaynaM from ID

    I love everything about this jumper. The toys are cute and just hang there so perfectly. My baby loves playing with them and reaching for them. The colors are very nice, the jumper is balanced and sturdy. It even has a nice little bumper that goes all the way around the entire jumper which gives me a little more piece of mind. My only complaint is that I wish it would allow to adjust to a shorter length, as our doorway is a little bit low.

  • Wonderful product for all infants!

    5 stars

    11/29/2011 by eyeblala from East Palo Alto, CA

    Read all the reviews and wasn't sure which bouncer to get. This one said it was really "bouncey" and thats the reason why I got this. Its bouncey! Keeps baby entertained and works on leg muscles. Dosen't get any better. If you are looking for a doorway bouncer, this is the one to get. You will be very happy with this purchase.

  • "Jump for Joy"

    5 stars

    9/25/2011 by Sweetpolly2011

    I bought one of my grandsons a little jungle he grew and was put into it he really started taking off on being an active child. He LOVES to bounce and actually swing in it hanging on the door frame. It has also built up his leg and back muscles as well. Another nice feature is the toys that are suspended on the ropes coming down. So when my other grandson got to the same age...I had to buy another one! He too at first didn't like it...but little by little he is figuring out that he can move and bounce under his control. My daughter in law says he now smiles when he gets moving. Thanks for such a great product...with it being so durable I know it will last through all their kids...and grandkids someday.

  • Can't use very long...

    3 stars

    8/24/2011 by Madison Mom

    I, too, am a bit disappointed. My daughter loves this, but at 7 months, it looks like we won't be using it much longer. We have standard doors, and at this point, not only does she touch the ground, but she has to bend her knees. You can't adjust this item as your baby grows, so you really can only use it a couple months. It's a little pricey for something you won't use very long.

  • Best thing every created

    5 stars

    6/21/2011 by SusieAnnQ from Virginia

    THIS IS A WONDERFUL CONTRAPTION. What a great way to keep baby occupied. I take this jumpy to every room I'm in. It is just the best thing. My baby loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees it. He looveeeeesss it. It is sturdy and he jumps and jumps sometimes jumping himself right to sleep in it. I love it because my baby loves it!

  • Great jumper!

    5 stars

    5/21/2011 by Ambs593

    I bought this jumper based on reviews I read. It's affordable, safe and my baby loves it. The little toys come off easily but I just attach different ones on. Overall, I highly recommend this jumper!

  • Fits tall doorways

    4 stars

    4/7/2011 by nanawhoquilts from Phoenix, AZ

    We have very tall doorways - over 8 feet so it was hard to find a jumper that fit. This is the closest we found. Infant only has about 3" to the floor.

  • Best Jumper!!!

    5 stars

    1/2/2011 by Kate2011 from Baltimore, MD

    This is by the best jumper you can get your child. I got an evenflow jumper as a gift for my son, and it was awful. The springs were stiff and my son wasn't able to bounce. This Graco bumper jumper is the best product. It works great! Bumpers are wonderful! The tray comes in so handy for holding other toys, to help keep the entertainment going for your child. My son who's 6 months can bounce in this for 30-45 min. and be completely happy. He doesn't get bored with it. He goes in it at least 3-4 times a day. Wonderful product!!!

  • My 5 month old nephew loved it!!

    5 stars

    12/28/2010 by AuntieHoHo from Scottsbluff, Ne

    I purchased this product as a christmas gift for my 5 month old nephew. I had one for my children and they spent a lot of happy times in it. As soon as we put my nephew in it he was all smiles :) As soon as he figured out he could bounce in it he was ecstatic! His little tongue would stick out (it helps with concentration) and he would jump away! My sister-in-law and brother were very happy as they think they will have more time to do some things around the house as they now have something that will truely entertain him for awhile.

  • We love it..

    5 stars

    11/29/2010 by jmrm32 from Nebraska

    My son loves his jumper and it was so easy to set up and use - wonderful!!

  • My 3 Month Old Loves It!

    5 stars

    11/23/2010 by BritAnn from AL

    After reading reviews of other people using this for their 3 month old I knew I had to have it. My little girl has been strong for her age ever since she was born. And she LOVES being upright and standing up. This product allows her to do both! And even bounce! She has a lot of fun in it. I do have to pack her in there with a blanket tho because it is quite large for her (she is now 13 1/2 lbs and 24 inches). She also really likes the toys that came with it! Although we do just put them on the tray in front of her since they are only velcroed on there. It connects very easily to any doorjamb I've put it on and the adjustment of height is easy to do once you get the hang of it.

  • Only if our doorways were taller!!!!

    4 stars

    10/19/2010 by Addicted2Walmart

    The jumper is wonderfully made. My son is big, he is only 5 months old and already 20lbs and over 26 inches tall. He fit beautifully into the jumper with room to spare...HOWEVER the jumper does not adjust to the height of our door. We must have very short doorways because we had this as short as it would go and my son was practically sitting on the floor. But my sister-in-law babysits and this worked well in her house, which her doorways are taller than ours. He loves going over there, he jumps like crazy and cries if you take him out of it. The only thing that I would change is that when they do a description of the product, they should say that a certain height requirement is needed.

  • LOVE this product!!!

    5 stars

    10/2/2010 by thebusybunch

    I did a lot of research before I bought this jumper for our twins, and we have been very pleased. They both LOVE it! It is sturdy and well made. It sets up easily and will fit in any doorway in our house. Unlike some reviews I read, it has a wide range of height adjustment. You just have to read the instructions. The toys do detach easily, but the twins love that. I think it gives them a feeling of accomplishment. When I need to keep them busy, I just attach some other toy with those baby links that are so handy for everything. This jumper looks well made, and I believe it will last a long time. The last one we had lasted through three children, and I am sure someone is still enjoying it. I highly recommend this jumper!

  • Must Have!

    5 stars

    8/8/2010 by Choozee from Myrtle Beach,SC

    My friend recomended this jumper because she had the same for her girl.I almost bought the cheeper one and now I'm glad that i decided to buy this Graco bumper jumper. I liked everything about it:'s small,all you need to have a door frame and you can move it from room to room.We even took it with us to the park and hung on the tree. 2.easy to clean. baby can spend hours jumping in it!!!!(this is the maine reason why I bought it) 4.It has ruber bumper around seat,so seat doesnt just hit the door frame baby looks very comfortable in it 6.little toys can be washed and you can also attach it anywhere(I put it on his play mat gym) Finally!Some pple mentioned that its too close to the floor,they just didnt read manual.The key words are make sure the sewn end of the loop PASSES THROUGH the slot in the adjustment buckle.

  • Excellent product!

    5 stars

    7/27/2010 by Soni

    My 6 month old loves her Bumper Jumper - and so we do, too! She jumps each days several times for at least 15 minutes and has a great time. We have hooked other toys on the side. It packed up nicely to bring on vacation and helped when we were away from home. Also, we have been able to adjust it many times as she keeps getting heavier and taller!

  • Wonderful product

    5 stars

    7/13/2010 by astayathomemommy

    My daughter loves it....It is the best thing I ever got for her to play with! The only thing is it should have a shorter cord. The poor little thing is almost kneeling on the floor!

  • A safe place for your little one

    5 stars

    6/29/2010 by GrandmaGrace from Gilroy, CA

    I bought this for my grandson. Sometimes we need to have him in a safe place while preparing dinner, etc. He's not yet crawling but he sure can roll almost anywhere. I think all babies love to bounce and it's good for their muscles so this is a great way to entertain them for a while. It's great is has a tray too. You can place toys here or on the straps as well. We all love it.

  • Excellent product

    5 stars

    6/24/2010 by An anonymous customer

    My 4 month old always wants to be upright, but who has time to hold their baby up all day long? I was looking for a jumper that would allow him to be upright, happily entertained and did not take up too much space. The Bumper Jumper does all of those things. He LOVES jumping around in it and gnawing on the attached teething toys. I love that it easily attaches to the doorway-does not cause damage and is safe). My hubby and I absolutely adore this product and baby is happy too!

  • Not quite what I expected

    3 stars

    6/12/2010 by ArizonaRte66

    First problem was finding a way to attach it. It has to have a wide door jamb and those aren't where we want him as they are out of the family action. Even worse in Mobil Home we are buying as the door jambs are fewer and smaller, will need to screw eye bolts in ceiling whereever we want it. He likes it at 4 months, feet don't quite touch yet. I didn't see any in person before I bought this.

  • Great product, couldn't have lived without it!!

    5 stars

    4/18/2010 by mirmartom from Michigan

    We bought this for my daughter about a year ago. She has now grown out of it. We used this jumper for months. My daughter loved this jumper, and so did we! She would spend so much time bouncing and enjoyed every minute of it! Very sturdy, quality product. It definitely exceeded my expectations, I would have paid double for it! I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this particular bouncer, this was definitely the right choice. I only wish there was a product like this for toddlers!

  • Very disappointed

    2 stars

    3/26/2010 by HaleyTe

    I am usually happy with all of my Graco products, however the Bumper Jumper is a disappointment. Our doorways are standard size. Our house was built in 1963. My husband is 6'3 and does not need to duck in the slightest to walk through a doorway. This jumper will not adjust any shorter. Our baby is 6 months old. Her feet are almost flat on the ground while she is in the jumper. Looks like will have to stop using soon since it will not adjust any further.

  • Not good for big babies

    2 stars

    2/13/2010 by anhala21

    My 5 1/2 month old would have loved this, but he is 28 inches long, and this jumper is on the highest setting with his legs still dragging on the ground. Bummer I was looking forward to it! Guess I'll keep looking....

  • great buy

    5 stars

    1/5/2010 by nottamomma from Deerfield

    I got this for my grandson for Christmas,He loves it...

  • Great Bouncer

    5 stars

    1/4/2010 by Duckwoman

    My Grandson loves it. I read all the reviews before I bought and some were not so great, but decided to buy anyway. Im so glad I did. He spent about 30 min. in it before he was ready to get out. I know that doesnt seem very long, but thats really good for him. He is a rocker baby and loves to be held.

  • Tall babies beware...

    5 stars

    1/3/2010 by ShoppyMcShoperson from Missouri

    Love this jumper!!! It requires zero setting up, just hook it on the doorframe and let your baby go at it!! It took my 5 month old about one minute to figure it out and take off. There is only one drawback- my baby is already almost too tall for it. She is about 27 inches long and we have set the jumper at the tallest setting already... bummer. If she grows anymore she'll be out of it.

  • Baby Jumper

    5 stars

    1/1/2010 by BellesNJrsMom from Plymouth,Ma

    I bought this for my 5 month old son and he absolutly loves it. He jumps all around and laughs away. Great product. Just have to make sure you have the right door frame to put it on.

  • Happy Baby

    5 stars

    12/23/2009 by shopnround from Missouri

    First time my great grandbaby was put in the swing his little feet were jumping up and down, he loved it! Made him a very happy baby!

  • Jump swing

    5 stars

    12/10/2009 by d359 from massachusetts

    This product is the best of all the jump swings I have ever tried. Durable, Safe ,Great exercise!! I would never be without one

  • babyjumper

    5 stars

    11/22/2009 by auntielulu

    I bought this for my niece. She goes crazy in it and loves it. She is 15 pounds now and should be able to use it for a few more months.

  • lots of fun

    5 stars

    11/19/2009 by orderonline123 from St. Louis, MO

    I bought this product for when I babysit two of my grandchildren. The 8 month old boy is too active for it, but the 6 month old girl LOVES it! She goes crazy bouncing in it. I would highly recommend it, just make sure you buy it before they become too active for it.

  • My baby Loves this product

    5 stars

    11/2/2009 by winklemanv

    Love this jumper! We really liked the tray and toys on this jumper. My baby loves it so much. Would recommend to a friend.

  • Fun Jumper

    4 stars

    10/31/2009 by treber from Southern Utah

    This is a cute, fun jumper. My 7 month old son loves it! However, we have 8 foot doors and it doesn't reach. This was the 3rd jumper we bought hoping that this one would be long enough to fit our tall doorways, but it still wasn't long enough...although, it was a little longer than the other 2 we bought. We decided to keep it, because it was so cute and well-made. It looked better built than the other ones we bought...and safer. We let him use it at his grandma's house, and we bought a stationary jumper for our house.

  • Measure doorways!!

    4 stars

    10/27/2009 by rlmarqu

    I love this jumperoo!! My daughter loves it too!! She spins around in it, and bounces up and down forever. The only thing about this product is, I didn't measure my doorways. I live in a really old house that has about 30 doorways. I thought that this product would be great to take around the house. The only thing is it only fits on 2 doors. We have a lot of arts and crafts style molding. This is great for the decor of the house, but not so good for the jumperoo. We had to take the molding off of our doors so we could use this in more than 2 doors. So, before buying it make sure you measure your doors and make sure it fits.

  • Jumping fun

    5 stars

    10/24/2009 by succesfulBuyer from Flagstaff, AZ

    My 8 month old loves this. He just jumps forever. The only drawback is that it's difficult getting him in there each time.

  • great jumper

    5 stars

    10/22/2009 by SweetMom1 from Los Angeles, Ca

    my 5 month old loves her jumper. its such a great purchase, she gets to get all her energy out and I get to watch her and laugh. it's very worth the price.

  • Fun for little ones

    4 stars

    10/19/2009 by jdcountrymom from Oklahoma

    My baby is 3 months old so doesn't really use it to it's full potential, but will set in it and move up and down a little. I think when he gets a bit bigger and stronger, he will really like this jumper!

  • Great Bouncer

    4 stars

    9/16/2009 by VoodooLady

    My twin boys do great in this bouncer. They are just learning to bounce in ti. It is very bouncy and I love the tray. I wish it had more toys for entertainment.

  • Nice Toy !

    5 stars

    9/14/2009 by LittleTwinStar from Newport News, VA

    It's a good way to entertain my 6 month old baby when she gets fussy. So aside from playing on the floor during tummy time or playing blocks while sitting up. I put her in the jumper for a few minutes each day and she likes it.

  • wonderful

    5 stars

    9/6/2009 by farmergirl44 from Basehor, KS

    I bought this for my grandson, 6 months, and he loves it. He will bounce for thirty minutes in it.

  • Best jumper on the market

    5 stars

    9/5/2009 by An anonymous customer from hockessin,de

    I have to say this is hands down, the very best jumper on the market. I bought the traditional johnnie jump up, now called jennie for girls, darn thing didnt bouce at all and had no stability for my baby she was falling side to side. then I got the super expensive stationary one, works well but doesnt bounce too much and holds her entertainment for about all of 2 minutes. then I saw reviews for this one and thought ,hey its not too expensive, I will give it a try. Got here, and all I had to do was attach the seat, super easy, took all of about 4 minutes to do. I put it on my doorway and popped her in it. I bounced her legs 1 or 2x to show her what to do, mind you shes only 4 months old at the time, and guess what????? she was bouncing and jumping like a maniac, with the biggest smile I have ever seen over any of the super high priced toys. She LOVES this, and let me tell you....THIS THING BOUNCES....not like all those others you see for between 20 and 30 dollars, this one actually works!!!!!! its very easy to pop on the doorway, and I have fresh paint, it was only painted 3 days before this came in the mail, and in the last 4 weeks, it hasnt made even one tiny mark on my paint! This things works, doesnt mar my paint in any way, is stable with the 3 diff straps on it compared to the 2 most have, and most important, my baby LOVES is which what every baby should feel about a jumper. whenever we walk past it to go to bed she starts bouncing her legs because she wants to get in it, when I dont put her in it, opting to go up the stairs to bed, or head to the kitchen, she gets mad....she loves it that much. As parents we want to see that huge smile and glow in a babies eyes over a toy...well this one is what will do that. after ship cost it was only 41.00, and it got here 4 days after I ordered it. so the cost was good, the shipping was fast, it doesnt mark my new paint, is sturdy and safe, and my little girl adores it, what better can you ask for???? avoid spending 10 or 20 dollars less to just throw away the cheaper jumpers that dont do a thing, put out the extra 10 or 20 right away and get one that works! I did after buying several that didnt work well at all, and love this one so much I am about to purchase 2 for upstairs, and one for the car for when we visit friends and family....its worth it

  • Returned it

    4 stars

    8/6/2009 by MLS9206

    Really good product. Most babies looooove them. (Everyone I know who's had one says their baby loved it) My baby is claustrophobic and couldn't stand to be in it. We also have a jumperoo that he can't stand either, but he loves to jump if you are holding him. So needless to say - we returned it. I think the ones that don't have a bumper are better... because you can hang them in the middle of the room (this one only hangs on the door jam).

  • No complaints

    5 stars

    7/14/2009 by fab4mom

    Baby stays put and she looks comfy (though I didn't buy until she was 10 months old). She's a 16 lb. peanut, so she'll be in it for a while still. I like the bumpers, as my other girls like to use it as a "swing" for the baby, too (which the baby loves). Wish I had it 10 years ago; would have gotten 4 kids worth out of it. Hopefully it's not ruining my wall paint at the top; haven't check that, but I see nothing overtly obvious up there. We like it.

  • Not very adjustable.

    3 stars

    6/21/2009 by mnctrry from Columbus, OH

    This product is great if you have a tiny baby or a really high doorframe. This product does not adjust high enough for my 5 mo who is 27 inches tall. His feet drag the ground. I guess I'll keep looking for something else.

  • Great Buy!

    5 stars

    6/15/2009 by BamaMama22 from Anniston, AL

    My son is 5 1/2 months & LOVES his jumper! The only thing is that we have 9 ft ceilings so it won't fit on those doorways - we have to put it on the regular doors which is somewhat inconvenient on our part. He does love it & it was well worth the money for it! It is also unisex enough that if our next child is a girl then it'd be perfect for her too.

  • What I Needed

    5 stars

    5/30/2009 by HoosierMom1 from Indianapolis

    My baby loves this and keeps him entertained for quite awhile. Easily can attach any toy of his. Makes him feel like he's independent and can turn every which way as he pleases.

  • Good deal

    4 stars

    5/25/2009 by Ikandykorn from Seymour, TN

    This is a great jumper and for the price I really enjoyed it. My little guy loves to bounce around and stretch those legs out. Great product.

  • this is a great thing!

    5 stars

    2/12/2009 by babyadamater

    my son loves this jumper. The features that I find helper are the outside bumper (it protects him from hitting the doorframe) and the tray (he likes to put toys on it) even though he eventually throws them off. This jumper takes a second to put on the doorframe & a second to take down. You also hang toys on the sides (the toys that come with it don't stay on), but thats okay, we have our own. Overall, great thing, brings a lot of laughter & fun to our house & great exercise!

  • We love it

    5 stars

    2/2/2009 by Cintialove from Muskegon, MI

    We bought this jumper for my daughter. She will jump in it, twirl in circles or just sit to watch her favorite shows. She absolutly loves it and we wish we would have bought it for her sooner. The straps on the jumper are a bit too long so my husband had to tie up the extra straps to make it a bit shorter, but that is the only problem we have had. My daughter uses it every day several times a day.

  • really cute!

    4 stars

    1/30/2009 by Lincolnsmom8 from Groveland Il

    Really cute jumper! Mainly chose this one because of the colors/patterns, which are really nice. Neutral enough to go either gender. Love having the tray, to put other toys on, the toys that come with it pull off easily but thats okay they are not small enough to be dangerous unsupervised.

  • Good and Bad

    4 stars

    1/27/2009 by ParentInAlabama

    Our daughter loves bouncing in her jumper, and we're finding the product quite durable after a couple of weeks of hard use. However, the straps don't allow for much in the way of adjustment, and she will outgrow it quickly. She's about 27 inches now, and will be standing flat-footed in the jumper before much longer. If we had higher doorframes, we might be able to extend the usage, but we have the standard 7 feet.

  • A Joyful Jumper

    5 stars

    1/24/2009 by Shupsy

    I purchased the Jungle bouncer for my 6 month old daughter and she loves it, I do too! I can put her in the jumper and do my work with her close by! the bumper tray is great, it does not mark the doors and provides a place for her to play. it is so easy to move it from place to place! what a great investment. I would highly recommond this product!

  • Exceptionally safe product

    5 stars

    1/23/2009 by ProfitPro from Ocala Fl

    This is a fantastic design... with a tray and encircling bumper guard so the child isn't at risk of hitting the head or body parts on the door frame.... Sturdily built and easy assembly.

  • GREAT!!

    4 stars

    1/9/2009 by hilesmommy from Arkansas

    I read TONS of reviews before "Santa" selected this for our 3 month old son. I thought that maybe he would be too young to truly enjoy this present but we placed him in the jumper on Christmas. He enjoyed sitting in it and it gave me a break from holding him since can't yet sit on his own. After a week he became a bouncy tigger. He absolutely adores the jumper and occasionally bounces to exhaustion and falls asleep in it. I love how it can be easily moved from door frame to door frame to where I am working in the house. The only complaint (and I realize that I only paid for a jumper) is the toys. He ripped them off when he was 3 months old and they have trouble staying on. At almost 4 months of age now, we already have the jumper as high as it can go without the double loop. We may have to find the directions or contact the company to make it higher but from the reviews that I had read that won't be a problem. I highly recommend this product and I know my son would too!


    4 stars

    1/2/2009 by TeagansMommy

    My baby loves this product!! She is 6-months-old and jumps as high as she can in it. She gets tons of air and just giggles and smiles the whole time she is in it. My baby is in the 98% for height and still has some room to grow with this product, so it will last long enough I hope! I would recommend this product to everyone! She also love the toys that come with it and plays with them a lot!

  • kid occupier

    4 stars

    1/1/2009 by happymom321

    Easy to set up and my daughter enjoys it. I don't leave her in it too long 20 min max. She enojys pulling off the 2 velcro toys.

  • easy set-up, great jumper

    5 stars

    12/12/2008 by mumoo

    My 4.5 month old twins love hanging out in this jumper. They aren't big jumpers yet, but they are very happy to be upright and able to move themselves about. The tray is a great place to put toys for the babies. The jumper comes with two attached toys which the babies like, but they are attached by small velcro straps and are easily pulled off. But, with the yellow plastic rings, you can attach other toys with links. My kiddos really like that. The tray gives a nice buffer area and has a foam edge around it to protect doorways. The seat is large, and I need to put a few blankets in to keep the babies from sliding (I should say that my twins are only 12 pounds each, though). The attachment piece looks like a stethoscope and just clamps over the molding above your doorway. It is so simple to put up and take off... great when you are in a small space like we are.... but still sturdy. I would definitely recommend this jumper.

  • Baby loves this!

    5 stars

    12/10/2008 by Barbinez

    My 4 month old daughter has loved this since the second she sat in it. It's a great value for the price, it doesn't take up a lot of space, it's super easy to move around, and best of all my daughter loves the freedom it gives her to move and bounce around. This gives her a whole new way to stand up and play all by herself. And don't worry about the adjustment strap issue, there is another way to adjust the strap if the seat is too close to the ground. It requires pulling the sewn part through the buckle - it's in the instructions.

  • It IS adjustable for tall/heavy babies

    5 stars

    10/12/2008 by pigtail2 from Seattle, WA

    A lot of people think this jumper is only adjustable by adjusting the slide buckle. However, the instructions do give a way to adjust the height even more. You basically have to make a small loop inside the large loop. To do this, pull the small loop through the buckle (so the sewn part will pull through the buckle). It's a little confusing and took me awhile to figure it out after reading and re-reading the instructions. Graco customer service could probably help anyone out. I'm glad I figured this out because my daughter is tall and she absolutely LOVES this jumper!!! It gives me time to get things done around the house.

  • Baby Loves It!

    5 stars

    9/2/2008 by MatthewMom from Aberdeen, NC

    I wish we had ordered this product a few months ago. Our baby is already 21 pounds so he only has a few more pounds before he reaches the weight limit. He loves jumping it in every day and it is well worth the money.

  • Baby LOVES it!!!

    5 stars

    8/30/2008 by jenninarizona from South Carolina

    I was very hesitant to buy this, but after seeing my little 6 month old playing in it at her baby gym class, I knew we had to get it. I was worried at first that it wasn't safe and secure above the door way, but it is not only safe, it is wonderful. She loves to jump and jump and jump.... endless entertainment and great workout for the legs muscles. So glad I bought this. She truly loves it!

  • Good Product

    4 stars

    8/29/2008 by SavvyShopperGirl from Fishers, IN

    The bumper jumper is a good product. My 5 month old daughter loves it. It is easy to assemble and hang. My only complaint is that while the tether is adjustable, it does not quite adjust far enough. My daughter is only 14 lbs, our doorways are standard, but she hangs almost too low when it is fully tightened up. Bottom line - it is exactly what I expected when I bought it.

  • What I expected

    4 stars

    8/18/2008 by cspotrun from Seabrook, TX

    I wanted a simple yet safe jumper for my son since we have some many other more elaborate things for him to play with/in. This fits the bill, and is economical. The toys that come with it, not too impressive, he tears them off and throws them on the floor; I just attach others that can't be easily removed. The seat fabric was hard to attach, I can't imagine having to take it apart for washing. I would purchase this again though because it attaches easily without marking the walls, has been safe and sturdy, and he enjoys jumping in it.

  • Love the product

    5 stars

    8/17/2008 by HappyMomInTN from Oak Ridge, Tn

    This jumper is GREAT!! My 4 month old loves it think thats all he wants to do now. Very fast to assemble just attach the seat and your ready. Was kinda difficult to get him out at first I found that getting him out from behind was the easiest now its no problem. Features are great and the colors are wonderful. I would deffinatly recommend this one its so worth the money when you see your childs face light up when he starts to jump.

  • Good product

    4 stars

    7/31/2008 by kamio

    This is a great product difficult to put together though. The toy attachments are useless though because they always fall off as soon as our daughter grabs them. Over all she loves it and that's what matters. It is a little disappointing that the attachments falls off constantly. It is also a little pricey.

  • A Jumper Loved By All!

    5 stars

    6/26/2008 by MassageMama from Savannah, GA

    Baby, mom and dad all love this jumper. It is so easy to set up and very easy to clean. My son truly enjoys this thing - once he gets going he is squealing and laughing for sometimes as long as 30 minutes! I like to use it when I'm cooking so he stays in one place and can still be in the same room with me, all the while having a great time. I did check out the jumpers that don't hang on the door frame but they were really limited in the amount of bounce my son could get out of them. The attached toys are a nice touch but my son is usually so busy jumping that he really pays them no attention. The bumper is also a nice touch for the occasional bump into the door frame. Be sure to hang on to the instructions because if you need to raise the jumper higher than the regular adjustment allows there is a way to raise it even more.

  • Best Jumper for Babies

    4 stars

    6/15/2008 by GrandmaRosey from Fort Smith, AR

    My grandson, Perrin loves his jumper! We had to adjust to the length of the strap using tie downs, because it hangs too long for a standard doorway. The company needs to redesign this item, because parents can not adjust how high the baby hangs from the floor.

  • My baby loves this jumper!

    5 stars

    6/3/2008 by maxmama from Bentonville, AR

    This is a great product! Although it is priced slightly higher than jumpers available at the store, it is well worth the money. My baby loves to play with the toys that came along with the jumper, and I love that it is appealing to look at (unlike some others I've seen!!). It is fairly easy to assemble, in about 15 minutes, and is ready to use.

  • Great product!

    5 stars

    5/21/2008 by BabiesAreFun from Kansas City, MO

    My 7 month old son loves this jumper. All he wants to do now is jump! I see this being a favorite over the next few months.

  • Easy to use

    4 stars

    5/12/2008 by Hurley

    Love this jumper for my 5 month old. Easy to hook to door way. It is hard to get the baby out of the seat with getting him caught in the straps or seat.

  • awesome fun

    5 stars

    4/29/2008 by wasillasuz from Wasilla Alaska

    Love the bumper jumper.. great exercise for the kids. He Loves it.

  • Great Product

    5 stars

    4/21/2008 by Santovi from Carver, MN

    I had borrowed this item, but older model, from my brother and knew it would be a good buy. However, if my son continues to grow, I won't be able to raise it a whole lot higher-he's 30 inches tall. I like the colors and find them to be very easy on the eye!

  • Fun for the little one!

    5 stars

    4/3/2008 by ShoppingShelly from Sandy, UT

    This jumper was so easy to set up and my son absolutely loves it. It is a great value. The toys on it are of no interest to him but they may be to other babies. I would absolutely recommend this to other people.


    5 stars

    3/21/2008 by Erin0916 from Baton Rouge, LA

    This product is AWESOME. I had borrowed a friends then ended up buying my own. This is hands down one of the best products out there. My son loves to jump in this outside while enjoying the sunshine!! Seat is easy to remove to wash.

  • awesome

    5 stars

    3/21/2008 by ucheer4me from wa

    I love this jumper. I recieved one as a gift with my first child and had to have one for my second. I love the bumper around it for when they get close to the wall. The toy hangers keep them intertained for a long time. Although the toys that come with the jumper fall off easily, the hangers work great to attach baby's favorite toy instead. If you are looking for a jumper this is the one, it is more than worth the few extra dollars.

  • Great product!

    5 stars

    3/13/2008 by volsgirl from Huntsville, AL

    My daughter is 6 months old and loves this jumper! She was a little unsure at first, but once she figured out when she jumped that it bounced...she went crazy! She jumps, bounces and just laughs. She has a great time!!!

  • the BEST!

    5 stars

    3/13/2008 by StephanieBMom

    My daughter LIVED in this in thing!! She started using it at about 4 months (I wish I put her in it sooner). It took her a short bit to get the hang of it, but once she did, the party started! She used it and used it until she was just too tall/heavy for it (probably 6 or 7 months). I wish it could've been used longer and that there were more options to attach toys, but it didn't bother her any. This is a must have, a life saver. I love that it's active too, not sedentary. Good buy.

  • Easy Cheesy

    4 stars

    3/13/2008 by NewbyMom from Tulsa, OK

    This jumper just came out of the box and I put it up immediately on the doorframe. It couldn't have been more ready unless the animals dangles had already been attached. It is just what I wanted for my son!

  • Great Entertainer

    5 stars

    3/11/2008 by MomOf3Babes from Suwanee, GA

    I have a 5 month old daughter and she loves bouncing in this jumper. The bumpers keep her little fingers from getting bashed and the tray is perfect for holding her other toys. I'm glad I bought this product.

  • we love this!!!

    5 stars

    2/20/2008 by ericandmeleab from Vancouver, WA

    Of all the baby contraptions out there this is my favorite! They are small and can store away easy, they are active, and they are a great price! My baby loves this! He has used it since about 4 months and is in it all the time now at 6 months. I think it helps get him nice and tired before bed :) Don't waste your money or your space on those big floor jumpers and exersaucers.

  • It's Great!

    5 stars

    2/12/2008 by An anonymous customer from Santa Clarita, Ca

    This "johnny Jump" is a great product. I used it with my daughter when she was 4 months+ THe spring is very smooth, babies are able the move the swing, jump, and strenghthen their legs. This is the only toy which keeps my daughter happy for the longest! I was able to attach other toys on the straps for continued enjoyment! I highly recommend it!