Fisher-Price - Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing, Periwinkle

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This fun and dreamy Fisher-Price - Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing Periwinkle moves front to back and side to side, and has a comfy, nest-like two-position seat to soothe and relax your little one. This Starlight papasan cradle swing features three plush stars that float up and down and rotate. The overhead dome projects a starlight show above baby and onto the surrounding sheer canopy. It can also play 16 songs and 2 different sounds to keep your child entertained. While the starlight show enhances your baby's visual sense, the song and sound effects will stimulate the auditory sense. With a two-position reclining seat and six soothing swing speeds, this Fisher-Price cradle 'n swing will provide your kid with the maximum comfort.

  • Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing with six soothing speeds
  • Three-point restraint
  • Sixteen songs total plus two sound effects
  • Rotating mobile with two distinct motions
  • Baby cradle swing mobile includes three plush toys to delight baby
  • Light show overhead projects onto canopy
  • Two swinging motions keep baby entertained
  • Two music modes: morning and evening
  • The baby cradle swing has a tailored sheer canopy
  • Cozy papasan seat keeps baby comfy
  • Two-position recline
  • Fisher-Price cradle swing frame folds easily for storage
  • Maximum weight: 25 lbs.
  • Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing can be plugged into a wall outlet with included AC adaptor or requires 4 D batteries (not included)
  • UPC: 027084442601
  • Age: Birth - 12 Months
  • Age Start: 6 Months
  • Age End: and up
  • Primary Color: Blue
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Model No: K7924


Fisher Price is not only known for making toys for ages 0-36 months but creating quality products designed with a child’s needs in mind. For almost 90 years, their mission has been to develop a child’s cognitive, motor, and sensory skills. Parents know educating children when they are young is just as important as keeping them entertained.Many products made by Fisher Price include musical toys, play gyms, and riding toys that keep them physically and mentally active. They also carry functional items like high chairs, potty chairs, and tubs. These items are not only colorful but durable - its superior construction can withstand just about any type of wear and tear that comes with being a child.

Reviews for Fisher-Price - Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing, Periwinkle (124)

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  • Soothing

    5 stars

    12/16/2014 by Carich

    Perfect soothing motion and sounds for a newborn.

  • beautiful and comfy with loud mobile

    1 stars

    12/10/2014 by fisherpricecaller

    Everything was great, swing works, all adjustments work, comfy, etc. However, the mobile part was not working correctly and makes a loud clicking noise and will stick. Called fisher price and they were great, already sending a replacement.

  • Bad Shipping

    1 stars

    12/10/2014 by lisaanderic

    I purchased this only to pick it up in bad condition... the box was all torn and some of the swing was sticking out, they offered me my money back but i had been waiting for this to come in for a baby shower, so i asked if they could put it together to check it and they did with no problem ( the girl that was on layaway desk was just so kind) put the mobile together started making clicking noise, tried to push back in place thought it would work and it did she then put it all in another box... took it to the baby shower and when they had there baby put the baby in it and it wouldn't stop making the clicking sound tried numerous times to push it together but every time the mobile would get to a certain spot it would just click.... the reason why it was bent! upon putting this together it looked like it had been taken back to the store? the little alen wrench had already been opened and the screw was stripped out... So what appeared to be a new swing was a return product... never again will I buy off the site to store.... Note* if it was a new product it would have been a very nice swing. They should check there shipping dept before things go out.....


    1 stars

    12/7/2014 by J2109

    I had high hopes for this swing since I had almost the exact same one with my first child, however this swing is not living up to any of my expectations. It is extremely loud mostly for the first 30seconds after you've turned it on, but it's never really quiet. The seat is very hard and the cover provides no cushion...I actually have been putting a couple little blankets in there before I will put my son in. The swing is supposed to have 6 different speed settings but the all seem to be the same...and I've watched the swing speed up or slow down on its own...clearly the motor is faulty. I will be returning this swing just as soon as my new one (a graco) is delivered.

  • Cheap

    1 stars

    11/25/2014 by Streetpa

    Not at all what I wanted. It is made really cheap and not the color they claim. It is blue and other colors. Cheap material. I will be surprised if it lasts 3 months.

  • Great but could use some updates

    4 stars

    11/25/2014 by Litestes

    My son soothed with any type of movements and this baby swing was perfect. It enlightened him with the moving mobile. And the soft light entertained him just enough to soothe his cries. The light can be turned off while the mobile moved. Or they both can be running at the same time. The swing folds up conveniently to travel through doorways. A nice feature is that it doesn't require batteries. It plugs into the wall with ease. One thing I would improve with this item would be the music. Although they did provide over 10 songs to not drive you bonkers. The music seems to only play 20 minutes at a time and then you have to push the play button again to restart it. One solution would be to have an option on the length of time to play the music or have it play continuously.

  • adorable!

    5 stars

    11/24/2014 by jacojen

    We haven't used the swing for baby yet but our two daughters have been using it for their dolls and so far it has worked well with them! :) Baby will be here in less than two weeks and we expect it to be perfect!

  • Best buy ever!

    5 stars

    11/24/2014 by AMOSuds

    I love this swing, my daughter loves being in it! She loves watching the lights and the animals at the top swinging around. Super easy to put together!

  • love the swing

    5 stars

    11/22/2014 by pjb1130

    i got it for my new grandson it was perfect he just loves it.dillon sleep so good I give it the highest rating perfect gift.

  • Great choice.

    1 stars

    11/22/2014 by Zlytr

    Purchased this for my grandchild that is three months. She absolutely loves it! Great product for the price.

  • worthy

    5 stars

    11/21/2014 by thingu

    Good for the price

  • Works perfect but not cushioned enough!

    3 stars

    11/21/2014 by AngelMom23

    Its very nice, my LO doesn't like it because its not comfy enough. The cover is very thin than it feels like he's laying down on a hard plastic tub, you might want to replace the cover for more cushion one where the baby sleeps.

  • love it!

    5 stars

    11/21/2014 by greaseymoku

    Wasn't expecting it to be very nice based on pictures but it is super nice with suade accents. I am not sure if the animals really qualify as "monkeys" however super cute and way worth the price. Pleasantly surprised at how nice it actually it! Highly recommend this for people who do not want to pay alot but want all the cool features!

  • Best baby purchase!

    5 stars

    11/20/2014 by Cisumevoli

    Love this swing. My baby has been using it everyday for almost 6 months. She loves the swing and seems to be very comfortable in it. The music is very soothing for falling asleep, and the mobile and lights are great for when she needs to be entertained. I use it mostly for her nap time and I love how the seat reclines back and it feels like a little bed for her.

  • Love it and baby loves it too

    5 stars

    11/17/2014 by Laceofbase

    Love the colors and the lights.

  • A must have!!!

    5 stars

    11/16/2014 by lkbaby

    This swing/cradle is perfect for those moms who's babies cry nonstop. I've been struggling with this issue untill I bought this product! It's amazing. My baby loves it. Loves to look at the toys, the mobile turning and the starry light is a really cool feature. I defenitly recommend this swing. And the fact that it has a plug in adaptor saves me from ongoing purchasing batteries. I love that feature!

  • Very cute and best of all no batteries!!!!

    4 stars

    11/16/2014 by osaurus

    This swing is a really nice gender neutral swing. My only complaint is that the fabric looks a little cheap. But overall it was a easy setup, very cute and it takes no batteries. My last swing ate D batteries for lunch. Haha. It is very nice to have the AC adapter.

  • Life saver

    5 stars

    11/13/2014 by TeamFowlers

    This swing is a true life saver,my 2month old loves it. It's actually the only thing that keeps him quite and keeps me sane,it was easy to assemble and the lights and music keeps my son calm . I would recommend it to any parent

  • Dazzle her!

    5 stars

    11/11/2014 by ardvietvet

    We got this for our Grandaughter.She loves it.ARD

  • Greatest deal ever

    4 stars

    11/10/2014 by Sweetpea480

    For my little one he loved the light show and all ythe sounds and music. Plus the fact that you don't need batteries was the getter for me!! This is a great product

  • Great gift for our Grandbaby to be

    5 stars

    11/10/2014 by An anonymous customer

    I bought my first Grandbaby the Fisher Price Lamb cradle swing & it was a HUGE hit. He slept in it, self soothed in it, and spent more time in it than the crib while he was newborn. It's a wonderful gift.


    4 stars

    11/9/2014 by unique77

    easy to assamble .. if your baby like to be carry all time this will give you a break..

  • Nice but some issues

    4 stars

    11/7/2014 by SquirrleyQ2

    We got this as a gift for our little one set to debut in February. Once we got it set up, it was pretty. The motor is a bit loud in the beginning when it starts rocking but then it quiets down. The mobile at the top had some issues. The monkey kept getting stuck in the down position which would jam up the motor making a loud grinding noise. Instead of breaking it back down and worry about returning it, we rigged the piece to stay up with a bread tie and it fixed the problem. Overall, we are please with the gift and hope our little one will like it as well!

  • Great swing for price

    4 stars

    11/7/2014 by MissCarrieG

    We purchased this swing for our two month old son. It was so easy to set up! He got in and fell asleep super fast. Unfortunately after a few minutes the motor starting grinding but after a good yank we haven't had an issue since. Been a few weeks and now he associates it with sleep so he's not in it as much as he initially was. I love it though!

  • New Addition

    5 stars

    11/7/2014 by SillyOleGrandma

    I bought this for my grandson. He isnt here yet but mom and dad seem extremely pleased with it.

  • Best thing I bought for my newborn

    5 stars

    11/4/2014 by Lovmybaby

    My baby has been using this since she was a month old, she is 7 weeks now. She loves this swing!!!

  • Nice Swing

    5 stars

    10/31/2014 by 84brady

    I bouht this for my daughter as a shower gift and the baby and new parents love it. The baby is now 7 weeks old and really likes to look at the lights. We had to put a folded up receiving blanket in the bottom at first since he was a 6lb 4 oz newborn (he sunk into it too deep) but is now fitting into it well. It is pretty quiet and we love the fact it can plug in and does not ONLY run on batteries. One less expense! The only draw back that I have seen (which seems to be true with all swings these days) is that it is lower to the ground than they used to be, so parents have to bend over further. But since they are all lower (probably a safety feature) I would not mark it down for that. The sounds are greats too. They use them all the time. Worked as it should out of the box! Very pleased and it was worth the price (I even got it on sale too).

  • Best Baby Gift Ever!!

    5 stars

    10/25/2014 by JFaulk2

    Our son adores this swing. He does nothing but smiles and smiles when he sits in it and we turn on the mobile. It was definitely the best gift he received and I was so glad when he got it. I would definitely recommend this to any friend with a little one.

  • A gift

    5 stars

    10/19/2014 by sturner1

    I bought this for a friend and we tested it out. It's fairly easy to set up and it's easy to work!

  • Mobile gets caught on canopy

    2 stars

    10/18/2014 by AshleyC1012 from Auburn, NY

    I liked this swing other than the fact that the mobile would keep getting caught on the canopy (the hanging monkey was too big to fit through). Then the fabric would get twisted up and the swing would start making a loud clicking noise because of the caught up fabric. This overstimulated my daughter and made her cry.

  • My boy LOVES it. Mama did good....

    5 stars

    10/17/2014 by cellarose

    I was so stoked when this came. My son has been not feeling very well. My boyfriend put it together when I was at work and he said a part was missing and the directions didn't make sense...I think he's just kinda The music and sounds is super calming and he loves it. He smiles at the owl sound :) I just started using it today, but so far so good! I'm super happy with it, and the price isn't bad compared to everything else around either!! The only issue I had with it, was the disappointment of the canopy. It touched his head and made the spinning mobile not work GRR :/ thankfully, it's a great swing with out it. Also...the monkey, star, and moon at the top are way too cute :)

  • She loves it so I do too!

    5 stars

    10/14/2014 by Rene82

    The nature sounds and music are nice. Love the fact that it plus into an outlet. Lights are helpful and beautiful. Swing motor is a little loud but it doesn't bother baby so that's no problem for us.

  • Great item for the price

    5 stars

    10/14/2014 by Vndel from Plainview tax

    We bought this item for our unborn baby and it looked great though ours came broken the mobile made alot of noise but walmart sent a replacement right away and arranged for ups to pick up broken item. It was soft very easy changing postions and a plug so u dont have to worry about batteries. Great product for the price!

  • Starlight Swing

    3 stars

    10/13/2014 by Lelaniary2 from Mayfair Philadelphia

    This swing was very difficult to put together even for a handy woman such as myself. Once assembled the swing worked well for the first day or two. But after owning for about a week the speed of the swing on 1 is the same speed of the swing on 5. If doesn't go any faster. Unfortunately I crushed and trashed the box it came in and cant return it. So I'm stuck with a swing that seems to have some issues with the motor not sure what to do at this point other that keep it.

  • Baby soft

    5 stars

    10/9/2014 by zamfiverus from mn.

    Soothing comfort.

  • Great swing

    5 stars

    10/8/2014 by Stacy5196 from Las Vegas

    Very cute swing

  • Satisfactory at best

    2 stars

    10/5/2014 by TriciaLat

    I was so excited to find a blue swing seeing as everything I've found so far for boys have a lot of tans and Browns which to me, is very plain. When I found this I had to have it but to my surprise as I set it up, I found it was 90% cream. The small amount of blue on the swing will be hidden by the baby laying in it & I felt the picture really didn't do it justice. I was disappointed that after my search for a cute boy themed swing I was left with yet another bland and sadly cream/tan swing. It runs fine (same as any other)

  • Great little swing

    5 stars

    10/3/2014 by englewoodtrkr

    I purchased this swing because of the way it looked. I was skeptical but after getting it set up and the baby in it. I am glad, I made the purchase.

  • Purchased for my grandson

    5 stars

    9/30/2014 by Mary38

    Love it!!

  • great item for the price

    4 stars

    9/29/2014 by Momof2coolboys

    I had originally wanted the blue papasan, but this monkey theme is just as cute and totally gender neutral. The only thing is sometimes the motor gets stuck as it rotates the characters around and you have to watch it. Love the features it has and definitely great item for the price.

  • Very helpful

    4 stars

    9/21/2014 by adamsmommy19

    My baby spends hours in this swing. She sleeps longer in the swing than in her crib .

  • This is a wonderful baby swing!!

    5 stars

    9/21/2014 by GCNStevens from Thornton, Colo.

    Got this for my daughter who is going to have her baby in January...this is so great!! Love the music and the nature sounds and the variety of the swing!!! Wished I had this when my kids were little!!

  • Perfect

    5 stars

    9/20/2014 by Pricevalue

    Purchased this for our 2 month old. We should of purchased it sooner to help him to take naps! He loves looking up at the mobile. The songs are cute and the lights are awesome. The motor is a bit loud but the baby doesn't mind. He eventually falls asleep. Everyone that visits us love it as well and we constantly get compliments that the swing is neat! I so wish they made these for adults!

  • My baby loves this swing!

    4 stars

    9/16/2014 by Skeffer

    Swing is great for the price. My LO loves the mobile, lights, and nature sounds. Only drawbacks are the base could be sturdier. It needs to be stretched to balance before each use to ensure stability. Also, would be nice if mobile and lights stayed on longer or on timer like swing. They shut off too quickly.

  • wonderful swing...until it died!

    3 stars

    9/15/2014 by Elle55 from Baltimore MD

    I was super excited to reciecve this ss a gift for my baby shower. my now 4 month old son is 14lbs. he loved to to rock in his swing to soothe him when he is unsettled. I used the swing last night and it was working fine. when I woke up this morning to make a bottle for baby boy he was crying and then I realized the darn thing stopped working on me. he wasnt rocking at all and now when im trying to prepare dinner or clean up we are both miserable... :'(

  • Best swing I've ever had!

    5 stars

    9/8/2014 by Mo4sabger

    This is my fourth child and this is by far the best swing ever. He absolutely loves it and smiles at the lights when I put him in. Then his eyes roll back and he is out like a light. This swing is the only reason I can get anything done without wearing him in the baby bjorn. Wish I had it for all my babies.

  • Baby's Favorite

    5 stars

    9/8/2014 by Madcaphippie from West Warwick, RI

    My daughter will be 3 months old in 2 weeks. She has had this swing since she was a newborn and loves it. I have spent countless dollars on other toys, but this is the only thing she enjoys. This swing calms my daughter when she cries, entertains her when she's bored, and even helps her fall asleep when she fights her sleep. I have had no problems with this swing. It moves her about with ease and she is now 11lbs. I put it on the second speed and that seems to be just right for her. I know it's a little pricey, but it's really worth the money. My mother actually just purchased another one so my daughter could have it when we visited her. =)

  • Great swing & easy to use!

    5 stars

    9/7/2014 by swingeasy

    This swing is amazing! So many different options w/seat positions. Very comfortable for our baby!

  • Love this swing!!

    5 stars

    9/7/2014 by AATshopaholic

    I've only had this a few days but so far it's great! I'm expecting in a few more months but I babysit my nephew (4 months old) and he absolutely loves it! Nothing else gets him to sleep like this swing! I think my favorite part is the lights. It seems to be mesmerizing to babies. So satisfied with this purchase!

  • So far I like it. Can't wait to use it

    4 stars

    9/7/2014 by Ashockley

    Just bought a few weeks ago for our son. We have not used it yet as he is not due until 10/15. Easy and quick to put together, looks very durable, and I love the colors. The padding seems really soft and should be easily washable!! Love all the features! I think our little man will love his swing!!

  • Best Swing Ever

    5 stars

    9/3/2014 by Perfectionists

    The setup instructions were easy and the swing functions were perfect. My wife and I can tell our newborn was really pleased with this swing.

  • Swing for Great-grandaughter

    5 stars

    8/26/2014 by FloridaMamaw

    I loved the ease of shopping online and having my granddaughter pick up the swing at her local Walmart. She called to thank me and said that the baby loved the swing.

  • My 3 month old absolutely loves this swing!

    5 stars

    8/25/2014 by 4ourfuture from MS Gulf Coast

    We originally had a different brand swing that broke a few times so we decided it was time to buy a new swing. We definitely made the best choice! This swing is fantastic! We love ALL the features! My 3 month old daughter loves the spinning mobile with the light show. The option to swing front to back or side to side is wonderful, especially because our daughter enjoys both options. I could go on and on about how great it is! Highly recommended!

  • baby swing

    5 stars

    8/16/2014 by Lorraine1991

    I really love this swing as well as my 3month old he love the lights and soothing songs that relax him and puts him to sleep.

  • Only product that works rocking grandbaby to sleep

    5 stars

    8/13/2014 by GrandpaMoore

    My daughter had a super fancy unit that did not put baby to sleep. This one is similar to an older model we had been given to keep at our house for grandbabies to use when visiting. I googled it and found newer version at Walmart.

  • A lifesaver!

    4 stars

    8/8/2014 by Xo3srm

    I wish I had bought this product sooner. My baby enjoys taking nap on this swing as it is very comfortable to her. I wish there's an option to allow the music to play longer than 30 mins.

  • Great swing!

    5 stars

    8/4/2014 by Jkbbcoach

    Cute, swings forward and side to side. Love all The features.

  • Not what I expected

    3 stars

    7/29/2014 by 07122014 from San Jose CA

    Once you turn on the rocker it's makes loud noises so wakes up baby plus you need to move it so that it can start rocking but still takes time to actually start rocking it's also kind of short not as tall as other cradles wouldn't recomend


    5 stars

    7/25/2014 by MISSALLEN


  • to fast for new born

    3 stars

    7/25/2014 by apbmore

    the first speed is really fast, my baby crys in a fear like manner...i loved the features also makes a clicking noise as it swing with my scare or wake baby

  • Life saver for us

    4 stars

    7/20/2014 by Rockstar1112 from Hillsboro, OR

    My baby only sleeps in this. my baby has the habit of getting startled during his sleep and hence waking up. That's why he cannot sleep for more than 10 min in a crib. As all his hand and feet get enclosed in the swing, it prevents him from getting startled. I used both types of swing actions to get my baby to burp less and put him to sleep.

  • I think is broken

    1 stars

    7/20/2014 by Mmammi

    It makes a loud noise and a clicking sound so loud it keep the baby and myself awake. It must be broken. The seat area is not soft, so I need to add my own blanket. This is not a big deal for me, but compare to the plush seat of the lamb one, it a huge difference. I bought one for my first child before and it was wonderful. I will exchange it.


    4 stars

    7/13/2014 by JulySummermom

    Wish it came with the in lap toy that latches in front for babys motor skills overall nice swing I guess kind of noisy as well

  • Great swing, but very noisy motor

    4 stars

    7/13/2014 by 1stcoasthipmamafounder from Jacksonville, FL

    My baby loves it and it's well made and seems very comfortable for him. It's also very cute, easy to put together, and has great features (the mobile with lights and music). My only complaint with it is that the motor that makes it swing is really very noisy. I've had 2 other swings prior to this for my older two children (baby #3 was a surprise), and they were both completely silent. Would have rated it 5 stars if it weren't for this issue.

  • swing mototr doesnt hold up

    1 stars

    7/8/2014 by proundmommyof2miracles

    motor stopped working after 1.5 months and its the second time I have bought it due to the same issue..lesson learned

  • Great

    4 stars

    7/5/2014 by Anniemuq

    I love the swing but the sound bothers us at night but for the day time it's and at night my baby sleeps in it we just don't turn it on. It really is a must buy great for the price

  • Great Swing

    5 stars

    6/26/2014 by mgiuliano

    My granddaughter wouldn't not use a regular swing, she hated it. This swing is not only comfortable for her and cuddles her, it is entertaining. We like that it has 2 seat settings and all the different songs. Most of all the Starry night globe in center is the best thing of all. My daughter is so glad that we were able to get a swing that she would enjoy. The swing is also easy to move.

  • Grandma BB

    5 stars

    6/25/2014 by Coachbev

    Molly loves the stars that shine & rotate

  • Love Love Love

    5 stars

    6/23/2014 by An anonymous customer

    I bought this swing for my new grand baby. It is so cool and he loves it.

  • Baby loves it

    5 stars

    6/22/2014 by CrazyTmarie from Antelope

    He loves the lights & the sounds. They way the lights reflect off the drape. The only thing I don't like is I realized how loud the music really is when its up higher than low. I lend down to pick him up & it hurt my ears. But, I keep it on low, & all is fine. At night when he goes in & the lights are on is terrific. He rather be in the swing more than his vibrating bassinet.

  • Happy/Satisfied:

    5 stars

    6/16/2014 by MotownKid

    I bought this for my daughter,lives in Tn. I'm in Mich. I read the reviews,I bought,she picked it up,she likes, she really,really likes it. Everybody's Happy! Swing away Grandson!

  • great item for baby

    5 stars

    6/15/2014 by woodyville2014

    This swing is so nice. Easy to put together, lots of soothing music, and the different speeds make this swing good for any baby. Its very cute and comfortable. I love that it can be plugged in and doesn't require batteries.

  • Adorable

    4 stars

    6/14/2014 by Swinging23463

    Love the dark design I had I white swing and it stained so bad I love the dark color fabric stays clean looking

  • Worth the money!

    5 stars

    6/14/2014 by Fumere from Milton,MA

    My two month old grandson is very content in this swing; he falls asleep easily. He especially likes the mobile and the nature sounds; he smiles at the monkey! Very versatile. My son had to finish with the assembly however because I could not manage the last two bolts with the provided Allen wrench.

  • Helpful

    2 stars

    6/14/2014 by Tofe

    It's helpful but the machine make a noise

  • Exactly what I needed!

    5 stars

    6/12/2014 by EarthMotherLover

    I researched many different swings and read several reviews before deciding on this one. For only $30 more than the cheaper one, it is far better quality. The monkey,moon,and star are a perfect mobile. The colors are very neutral and earthy which is what I wanted. I love the canopy, and the lit up stars and the plush cushioning. The convertible rocker settings are awesome too. Wish they had one that was adult sized! Its so cool! Definitely a keeper. Only thing is if its on highest rocker setting it lifts up the legs but simple solution is to weigh down the legs :)

  • great product

    5 stars

    6/9/2014 by Tegget from Adelphi md

    Great product and fair price.

  • Cradle Swing - a hit!

    5 stars

    5/31/2014 by smmmadden from Lenoir, NC

    We purchased the cradle swing for close friends of ours who we helped deliver her baby and had it shipped directly to them. Within minutes of opening it, getting it setup and putting the baby in it...he was out like a light and loved it. Product arrived on schedule and was perfect for a room with little space.

  • cute

    5 stars

    5/31/2014 by MGS89 from Manhattan, KS

    I bought this swing for my 1st child he didnt use to much. Easy to assemble. First time my husband didn't. For our second baby I assembled it. My baby loves to take naps in it. And not to mention the swing is very cute

  • Must have with newborn + around.

    5 stars

    5/27/2014 by Joshwhisky

    Great product

  • nice

    5 stars

    5/19/2014 by danmchevy

    Easy to put together, has lots of activities to keep baby occupied, daughter absolutely loves it and we use it everyday!

  • Delivers.

    5 stars

    5/18/2014 by FirsttimemomnNeb

    I got this swing after another brand's swing kept stopping. This swing hasn't stopped once. My son is enjoying the light show but most importantly the swing actually swings! The only down falls are the base arms do start to lift off the floor. I don't think it would actually fall over but I did add some weight to the base just in case; also, the swing itself is very deep to the point I'm not sure how long my baby will be comfortable in it as he grows. Overall, I'm very satisfied. The swing cover washes up great after little accidents.

  • purple girly swing DIDN'T even work

    1 stars

    5/14/2014 by frugalsunflowerqueen from Redford, Michigan

    this generation seems to be ok with blurring the gender lines but I didn't like the purple girly swing for my son. It was also defective from the beginning. The motor never worked. 120.00 is alot to pay for junk. This stuff is made so cheap, don't even think about using it for your next kid. It won't even work for one. I would not recommend this swing.

  • very useful baby swing

    4 stars

    5/13/2014 by KBechel

    We bought this swing for our little grand daughter. She Is just getting able to rest In It. The swing Is very pretty and sturdy. It has multiple settings and can be used with batteries or AC cord. It does have a large foot print and takes up significant space. r

  • extremely satisfied

    5 stars

    5/13/2014 by Peytonmariesmomma

    I recommend this swing for any parents looking for something safe and interactive for their child.

  • good and easy to set up

    4 stars

    5/9/2014 by NoRe1

    Really good item. Work perfect the only bad comment i have is, the noise the swing makes when is moving other than that is a good product. The speed is ok i thought it would be faster but it work. Easy to install.

  • nice product

    4 stars

    5/5/2014 by notallthewayn from florida

    Good for baby nap time and idle time,however not very comfortable in my opinion, there shuld be extra padding between the plastic and the papasan covering to add more comfort

  • Perfect for infants

    5 stars

    5/1/2014 by Souj

    It's perfect swing for infants

  • Love it!

    5 stars

    4/30/2014 by Soontobemommyin4weeks from Ny

    I looked for so long for the perfect swing and defiantly found it in this one! It's so cute and runs perfect. I ordered it online and it was on my door step 4 days later and put together in about 15 mins. One of my Favorite purchases we've made for our soon to arive baby! Would recommend!!

  • swing

    5 stars

    4/28/2014 by taty2121

    so far its exactly what i wanted. Hopeing i have no moter issues like lots of others but im keeping all the paper work that came with it just in case i need a new one later! But i love it so far, its not as big as i thought which is nice also an idea just for people with new babys thats its there first or even first time getting a swing for ur baby. When you put baby in it and start it its a good idea to give it alittle push just to help the moter out so its not working to hard. Mosty when baby starts to gain weight:)! Just a thought I've only owned this one for a week but have in the past owned one just like it from Fisher Price and that one lasted me three years I ended up giving it to someone for their baby hoping this one works out just as great !:)

  • Baby loves it

    5 stars

    4/27/2014 by Ozzydog1 from Huntington Beach, CA

    worth it keeps 8 week old happy and quiet I recommend

  • Happy Replacement

    5 stars

    4/23/2014 by wjlennex1982 from Tucson, AZ

    We had the Fisher Price Snugabunny swing when our oldest was born in January of last year. My hubby had a bad habit of stopping it with his knee while leaving the motor running and despite that it lasted until just this month when the motor finally gave up. That made me sad because our youngest (born in December of last year) loved the swing. When I found this Papasan swing I fell in love with it. My youngest has monkeys everywhere and I thought this was a great addition to that. She LOVES IT!!!! She talks to the little monkey on the mobile, she laughs and giggles at the stars, and has even started to hum when the music is on. Thank you, Fisher Price, for making such cute and amazing products for kids and thank you, Wal-mart, for making them affordable and easy to ship to our door! Now if I could just keep my hubby away from this one until we're done having kids!!!

  • amazing swing

    4 stars

    4/22/2014 by Kate321

    My husband and I were needing sleep and a ways to occupy our son during the dinner prep, etc. This has saved us! He enjoys the swing, and it gives us a few minutes. He does get over-stimulated if I use all the features, but one or two is perfect. It also helps with gas and bowel movements.

  • Died in 5 days

    1 stars

    4/19/2014 by Gatorfan05

    Loved the features, my little one loves the light show--but it died in just 5 days. Thankful WalMart has a hassle free return policy. I ordered another one, different color if it last I will update post....if it dies...have to search all over again.

  • Great item for baby!

    4 stars

    4/19/2014 by Profesorloco

    As a grandparent, I haven't shopped for baby stuff for a while. Imagine my surprise when I found out one can no longer buy a new wind-up baby swing! Oh, well. Darned things were kinda noisy anywhoo. I didn't want to buy the new type of electric-powered swing because most are battery-operated only. A lot of cash on batteries!! This one, however, was battery AND adapter powered. Gotta love it for that alone. Will save a lot of dough over time ;-)

  • addys swing

    5 stars

    4/18/2014 by babysswing

    Beautiful. .my grandaughter will love it

  • Amazing!!!

    5 stars

    4/14/2014 by WellRestedMomOfFive from Cornelius, OR.

    This swing is amazing! It can face three different ways and can recline to be completely level or it can sit up. The lights are so soothing and there's so many sound options! I can't wait to pass it on to who ever has a baby next because it has saved my sanity trying to get my lil one to sleep. Oh and you don't have to buy batteries all the time because it plugs in to the wall!

  • baby swing

    5 stars

    4/2/2014 by singleparent3

    Very nice

  • Excellent buy!!!

    4 stars

    3/29/2014 by Kente from Severn, MD

    This swing is just perfect I have an older version of the fisher price papasan my little lamb and bought this to add to that for my twins and both babies prefer this to the older version of the fisher price my little lamb. The colors are perfect and the starlights fascinates them. They love it and I do too.

  • Great

    5 stars

    3/27/2014 by Bluebottom

    It keeps my baby sleeping longer during the day.

  • Awesome product

    5 stars

    3/25/2014 by KFig2001 from Bonita, CA

    This swing is a lifesaver! Baby loves the lights and sounds and the mobile. I love how it can swing either from front to back or side to side and I love that it can run off either batteries or it plugs into the wall! Overall a very nice product. Baby and I both highly recommend it! :)

  • Not what I expected..

    3 stars

    3/23/2014 by Roguemom

    This product has great features that I love but my daughter is only 11 pounds and if she wiggles around the swing comes to almost a complete stop til she gets still... I also have to turn the swing on the highest speed to even get it to swing her so I know before long it will be useless to us

  • Wonderful!

    5 stars

    3/18/2014 by Grandma930

    So cute and quiet!!

  • great swing

    5 stars

    3/17/2014 by skyzmom from florence s.c.

    This is more than I expected.

  • Nite Nite Monkey swing

    4 stars

    3/16/2014 by Gina6611 from Elba, Al.

    I purchased this for my daughter she is expected. She has researched and read the reviews on it. Was pleased so we will see in a few months its is very sturdy and pretty colors. I will get her to do a follow up review in a few months.

  • Love this swing!

    5 stars

    3/15/2014 by Stoligirl22

    This has been a great swing, I love that you have the option of plug in or batteries! Overall great product.

  • Lights, mobile, and songs super for infants! Love!

    5 stars

    3/14/2014 by Ashbash22 from Bel Air, MD

    We got this when my son was 3 months and he loves the lights with the mobile. The songs and nature sounds are great. It keeps him settled and lulls him back to sleep when he gets up at 4 in the morning. It's great because it holds up to 25 lbs.

  • Good swing for price

    3 stars

    3/13/2014 by Jasdd10

    The first swing we got the speaker was blown so when the music played it sounded very crackly. Once returned and got a new one it's as perfect the color is more of a blue-ish than purple. Deff a periwinkle. Very cute my Daughter loves it. So besides getting a dudd the first time around very pleased

  • Great affordable swings

    5 stars

    3/11/2014 by Firsttimemomoftwins from Louisville, KY

    We bought these swings for our twins. They aren't born yet but we are so excited to use these swings. Love that it can play music or nature sounds and that it can swing in two directions. We tested it out on a friends baby and he LOVED the lights and the mobile. Overall, it is great quality for the price.

  • great baby swing

    5 stars

    3/10/2014 by ilovejesusoursavor from TN

    Loved the swing and my baby seems to love it 2

  • Good Swing

    4 stars

    3/9/2014 by KTJT8884 from California

    I bought this swing when I was pregnant and assmbled myself, super easy to assemble. My baby loves this swing! She loves sleeping in it, sometimes the only way I get sleep is if I let her stay in it! The music is perfect, I use the lowest volume because the higher ones seem to loud for a newborn. It cradles her nicely, she seems to enjoy itl I guess my only complaint is I wish it had slower speeds. My baby was early so she was small and light and the swing seemed to fast. She is now at 11pounds and it seems to be ok now, I do recommend giving it a push start or else you will hear the motor struggle a little till it reaches it's speed. Other then that it's a good swing and does it's job of keeping baby happy.

  • awesome swing

    5 stars

    3/6/2014 by Brian2285 from st Louis

    Swing is awesome

  • disappointed

    1 stars

    3/5/2014 by mommybuys from Louisiana

    I was so excited to get this in, until I took the time to assemble by myself 8 months pregnant. Got it all together, placed my god child in it who is 9lbs and realized when you increase the speed nothing happens. My poor good child is use to a higher setting on her swing, so she couldn't even last 2 minutes in it. Needless to say I had to disassemble and return to the store after ordering another swing from Target.

  • freaking awesome swing

    5 stars

    3/4/2014 by hahaha937 from ohio

    Wonderful swing. Really cool to watch and my little one really enjoys the light show and music! Great price and fast shipping!

  • excellent

    5 stars

    3/3/2014 by ravimadh from ft mitchell


  • Great Baby Swing

    5 stars

    3/2/2014 by jemj4 from Locust Grove, VA

    This swing was wonderful for the first few months after we brought our baby home. It would soothe him to sleep.

  • Best price I found online!

    5 stars

    2/27/2014 by Trexbaby95 from Las Vegas, NV

    This is a beautiful swing. It was a gift for my sister's baby shower. Love the colors and the price was the best I found online. Walmart shipped it fast! Great product!

  • Item was used

    1 stars

    2/27/2014 by Nita312

    The box had been torn open and re-taped, the product was visibly dirty an had been used. I paid for a new product for a newborn and was very disappointed.

  • Doesn't work

    1 stars

    2/22/2014 by AJ1022 from BLANCHARD LA

    I have had two of these both motor went out so did my friends

  • Wonderful

    5 stars

    2/21/2014 by ELorraine from Phoenix, AZ

    What a life saver!

  • Love it!

    5 stars

    8/25/2007 by USAFwife from Georgia

    I started using this swing when my baby was only a week old and she's loved it from the start. It went a little fast at first because she was only about 6lbs 7oz. But we did like the directions said and used a blanket to slow it down and it's been perfect since then. It's so nice to have. The light show is also good to have on those nights when your baby just wants to be awake but not necessarily held.

  • Great Swing, does not look like pciture!

    4 stars

    8/23/2007 by MomOfBoys2

    I got this swing for my upcoming birth of my 2nd son and when i saw the pictures for this swing i had to have it at my baby shower and the color of the swing is a light lavendar, not blue as it appears! i called fisher price to see if there was some reason why the color was different and they said that it's a periwinkle color.....granted the color was a big turn off but i love the rest of the swing..hopefully my son will too!

  • Okay for Price

    4 stars

    8/23/2007 by aknjcp from Wilkes-Barre, PA

    I bought this over the Nature's Touch Papasan because it plugs in. Being that this is one of the only swings that plugs in, and that saves plenty of batteries (and money) for parents of babies who love to swing, I would recommend this swing. Other than that, I was a little disappointed for the quality of the swing. I spent full price, and after about 2 months of use the lights AND the mobile only worked when they wanted to work. Sometimes, you could turn it off, jiggle the switch, and turn back on - but it wasn't a guaranteed fix. Sometimes, I'd have the lights off, and they'd come ON. I talked to two other moms who have the swing and they said the same thing happened to them - one mom's daughter is only 7 weeks old! Also, it says that it holds up to 25 pounds - my daughter made the swing shake and creak when she was only 4 months and 15 pounds. Other than that, it is a fine swing. My daughter got tons of use out of it and loved it until she felt to confined by it.

  • Love It!

    5 stars

    7/25/2007 by MommaBailey from Florida

    This is a wonderful product! Our baby is spoiled rotten and likes to be held all the time. When she falls to sleep for a nap we put her in it and she stays asleep. Buy it now if you are thinking about it. I paid full price, but now it's a rollback saving you $20!