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For a compact, portable baby swing for your little ones, the Fisher-Price Spacesaver Swing will be a great choice. Weighing only 25 lbs, it is lightweight and easy to move from room to room. The Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo baby swing also features parent handles for easy carrying. It comes with a stationary positioner, which provides an easy and secured conversion to an infant seat. The Fisher-Price Spacesaver Swing includes a vibration effect and a removable toy bar to keep the baby entertained and happy. Also included is music and a number of light and sound effects that will delight your baby. This portable baby swing has five variable swing speeds to adjust to exactly what your little one enjoys. This unit has a whimsical design with bright, lively colors and pictures of cute animals. It is easy and quick to assemble, and the pad is removable and can be easily maintained.

  • Take the portable baby swing with you anywhere
  • Includes parent handles for easy carry
  • Features stationary positioner for conversion into an infant seat
  • Pad is machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Has vibration and removable toy space to entertain baby
  • Provides music and sound effects to delight baby to sleep
  • 5 variable speeds
  • Delightful design
  • Battery operated (4 C and 1 D batteries)
  • Some assembly required
  • Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo baby swing is lightweight, weighing only 25 lbs
  • UPC: 027084936902
  • Age: Birth - 12 Months
  • Age Start: Birth
  • Age End: 6 Months
  • Collection: Luv U Zoo
  • Battery Type: Alkaline
  • Primary Color: Black
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Model No: T8377


Fisher Price is not only known for making toys for ages 0-36 months but creating quality products designed with a child’s needs in mind. For almost 90 years, their mission has been to develop a child’s cognitive, motor, and sensory skills. Parents know educating children when they are young is just as important as keeping them entertained.Many products made by Fisher Price include musical toys, play gyms, and riding toys that keep them physically and mentally active. They also carry functional items like high chairs, potty chairs, and tubs. These items are not only colorful but durable - its superior construction can withstand just about any type of wear and tear that comes with being a child.

Reviews for Fisher-Price - Spacesaver Swing, Luv U Zoo (45)

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  • Mommy's best thing to have !!!!!!!!

    5 stars

    12/7/2014 by Elihsgranny

    My grandson loves it. And my daughter loves me for buying it. Everyone is happy!!!!!!!

  • great for new mothers

    5 stars

    5/15/2014 by adaway1922

    great for new mothers

  • Nice but...

    4 stars

    12/11/2013 by PUSHDG from Prince Frederick, MD

    If you have an infant that is a bit on the smaller side, this may not be great for them to start with. My daughter couldn't stand this swing and I think it is because she was born 5lbs. 10oz and the swing was going entirely too fast at it;s lowest level. Everyone would immediately ask if it had a lower level that it would swing at because she seemed to keep waving her arms out if control every couple of seconds. It also doesn't have something in the swing to comfort a smaller baby either so we bought that backing and it helped. Now I say helped but that was not until 5 weeks later. At 8 lbs she feels comfortable enough to swing and does enjoy it now. I had to put her in it everyday for some period of time for her to finally get use to it though.

  • Great!!!

    5 stars

    12/6/2013 by Peapot13 from TN

    I bought this for my daughter and she simply loves it. She is almost three month and she just smiles her little heart away when she gets in her swing. Not to mention when I turn the music and vibration on it truly does calm her down so much that she falls asleep. And it doesn't take long to assemble maybe 15mins. I would also recommend it if you are really trying to save space in your child's room.

  • Not worth it!!

    2 stars

    11/27/2013 by naurm1

    poor quality

  • swing

    3 stars

    10/2/2013 by An anonymous customer

    I bought the swing for a baby shower so I havent used it but liked very much shopping online through walmart versus going to our store location in person to shop.

  • Great product!

    5 stars

    6/26/2013 by Kellz3 from Mississippi

    I bought this because it looked like a space saver and I loved the features.

  • Awesome concept - bad approach

    4 stars

    4/1/2013 by StaceyNY from Canada

    I love this swing & my son practically lives in it. My daughter loved her bouncer & used it constantly. It was also fisher price, but the vibration portion barely worked, if ever & they discontinued the model. I bought this one on sale & I loved that it was small, it was a swing, it vibrated & played music. I definitely don't like how many batteries the music/swing portion takes & how quickly the batteries die. It makes a lot of noise when it swings - though that only seems to bother me & not my son. Also, the seat is very hard & car seat shaped; though I solved that problem by adding a blanket. However, after only about a month, the vibration portion is completely dead. And I actually would rather have the vibration than the swing, so I'm very disappointed. Besides the loss of money & my most used baby item, I'm in no mood to put any other swing together. I wish the motor didn't die, but I read that's a common problem with this swing.

  • eh... it does its job

    3 stars

    2/18/2013 by An anonymous customer from tucson

    I have both this swing and the cradle swing from the luv u zoo product line and i prefer the other one. this one was nice for when my son was a newborn but now that he is older i don't use this one as much. the vibration is super loud and the music isn't so soothing and seems like it keeps my son awake vs soothing him to sleep. the batteries run out pretty quickly. (the cradle swing has a nice plug in feature).

  • Lasted 1 Month Max

    2 stars

    2/4/2013 by AmyC from Ontario

    Swing motor didn't work anymore after 1 month. I bought this item for the function of being a swing and it's nice that it has a vibration option and can lock to be used as a seat, music is also very soothing HOWEVER it didn't last very long even with fresh batteries and wasn't used continuously either. Now it can only be used for the vibration and seat because I didn't keep my receipt. I don't recommend this at all.

  • Best baby product ever!!

    5 stars

    10/27/2012 by CanadianMommy

    I purchased this used and when I have another baby I plan on purchasing a new one(hope at the time they have a pretty colour) This by far is the best purchase I have made for my son!!! Depending on batteries they last 3 days to 2-3 weeks depending on use and type of battery. Purchased this for travel and the 5 point harness!!!! as well as the stationary seat having the ability to be able to travel with fewer baby items is very convenient. I would love though if this swing came with the option to plug it in. batteries can get expensive especially if your child LOVES this product! SO my only two downsides were 1) wish it had an ac adaptor for the swing portion and 2) I wish there was a light for the vibration button it gets left on all the time and we go through more batteries. and 3) i wish all the batteries were the same size instead of 4 C batteries and 1 D other than that Great product!!!

  • Poor Product & Overpriced!

    1 stars

    9/18/2012 by LisaD from Fort McMurray, AB

    Not only did I exchange the first one I bought because I had thought that the swing was malfunctioning but I had to returned the second as well because of the same problem. I got my money back and didn't waste my time purchasing a third one. There is obviously an issue with the swinging motor as both swings had the same problem. They barely moved on either speed setting and for some reason they would move back and forth several times then force themselves to a stop and start again. Also, the seats also had like a wiggling motion as if one side was pushing and the other was pulling in the opposite direction. Very weird! I have had previous swings in the past with my first child so I knew something was not right with these. Usually you get what you pay for, but for $90, I was not very impressed but I am pleased that I have returned them for a refund after reading the reviews about the battery issue.

  • Too many batteries!!!

    3 stars

    9/5/2012 by Kristina from Tallahassee, FL

    This thing eats up batteries like no one's business!!! It wasn't worth the money.

  • Not satisfied.

    3 stars

    9/5/2012 by An anonymous customer from Roseburg, OR

    We bought this item for the swing feature and it is the only part that does not work. This is the second swing we've bought and had to return! The vibration and music features work great but we already have a seat that does that. We really just need a swing.

  • perfect!!!!!!!!

    5 stars

    8/5/2012 by eriksmommy417 from saratoga, ny

    I bought this swing for my son before he was born the main reason ibought it was that i lived in a tiny apartment and didnt have room for a large swing and to this day it is the best thing i bought for him he lived in it for the first two months he is now almost 4 months and still enjoys it he is 14 pounds and i have not had any problems with it not swinging also many people complained about the battery life however i have not had to change the batteries yet and we run it music swinging and vibrating alot was so happy with this swing and will let anyone i know its a great purchase.

  • Easy on space

    5 stars

    6/24/2012 by MsVeeVee from Richmond, VA

    Great product for your newborn until infant. At first my baby did not like the swing. After a few tries he fell in love with it as well as I. It always calms him down if he becomes agitated and knocks him right out. Love this Fisher Price swing.

  • Music Feature Died!

    3 stars

    6/6/2012 by MusicalMommy from San Mateo, CA

    I loved this swing, as did my older, toddler son who would dance to the fun music while our newborn would sit and watch him morning after morning. Just after 1 month of using only the music feature (the swing feature was hardly used since the newborn didn't like it, go figure!) I replaced all 4 of the C batteries and found that the music STILL doesn't play! The batteries worked for the swing feature but there is something wrong electronically for the wiring of the music part of this product. I'm SOO disappointed, as my son is as well since we all loved watching him dance to the fun songs on this seat/swing. I wish Fisher Price would do something about this! I'm guessing this is a defect!!!


    1 stars

    4/29/2012 by Soon2BeeMaMa from Roseburg, OR

    We got 2 of these swings and both were broken! i dont trust this product at all!!!!

  • Extremely Happy

    5 stars

    4/25/2012 by RoysHunneyBee from Lancaster, CA

    I got this for my first grandchild. My son is extremely happy with how easy this was to put together, all the features, the quality, and really feels safer with his son being closer to the ground while in the swing.

  • Love this swing

    5 stars

    4/10/2012 by twinkiesmom from New Jersey

    The space saver swing is awesome! Having twins we purchased a full size swing and this space saver swing so we'd have a little extra room. We had 2 of everything in our family room for the first 9 months (Infant to Toddler Rockers, swings, little lamb seats, etc). It was also great being able to take it with us so we could keep at least one occupied as well. We now use it as a seat for them to just sit in. I love the fact that it has a harness and they cannot flip themselves out of it.

  • Must have for newborn

    5 stars

    4/9/2012 by Lamoomi from Waco, TX

    Received the a big Fisher Price Swing for our baby shower. Swing swung too high for my baby so we ordered this one. The swing speeds are much slower and the calming vibrations help my baby relax and safely fall asleep. Don't care for the leaf that hangs over the head but good thing is that it comes off easily. I like that it has easy grips on the sides to pick up swing. Small enough to take on a trip if needed and easy to wash. If you buy a swing, make sure it has vibrations which help soothe crying and colicly babies!!!

  • Disappointing

    2 stars

    12/22/2011 by JaeGee

    Im not at all happy with Fisher Price for this swing. Most of my son's gear is Fisher Price so I went out and bought this swing assuming it would be great. After setting it up I put my 1 month old in it on the vibration setting and it made a horrible screeching sound. My husband went back and exchanged it for another of this same Fisher Price swing and it made the same sounds. It wasnt because of weight because my son is only 11 lbs and it says up to 25 lbs. Im so disappointed with Fisher Price.

  • great buy

    5 stars

    12/20/2011 by jessicacss from Hollywood, FL

    We bought this swing for my baby girl. It has been a lifesaver, she will cry sometimes and nothing is wrong, except she wants to go in this swing!

  • Want to love it

    3 stars

    12/8/2011 by twoforone from Farmville, NC

    This swing is somewhat bittersweet for me. We have twin girls, so finding the right product is cruicial, especially when it's bought in two's. We bought two of these for our girls. The seat feature is awesome. It is very hard to feed two babies at the same time, so its like having an extra set of arms. It is also a sanity-saver because our girls love to sleep in it. The swing is also great. However, I have experienced a major problem. One of the swings has a serious motor or battery life issue. It is easy for me to tell because I have two, and it is only an issue with one. The batteries only last for a few days with one, which is super annoying because the swings use FOUR C batteries each. I guess my next step is to try re-chargeable. I really love the swing and the features, but it is not practical to use if I'm going through batteries every two days.

  • Really good swing

    4 stars

    12/2/2011 by TRR929 from Florida

    My son likes this swing so I love it. I did, however, have to take the swing back because the swing feature didn't work. When i put the second swing together the swing feature worked, but the lower volume setting for the music doesn't work. I didn't bother taking the swing back for a third one. I just decided to keep it as is. Overall it's a great swing as long as you get one that works. And it really is a space saver.

  • Love It

    4 stars

    11/28/2011 by Lakesha718 from SC

    Got the swing for a baby shower gift and loved the pattern. My 5 month old is 14lbs now and the swing has slowed down a little but in all I am happy. My mom has purchased the Jumperoo as a Christmas gift and we are getting the high chair!!!

  • disappointment

    3 stars

    11/9/2011 by kathy0612 from Kearny, NJ

    i bought this product because I did not want to buy separate, swing and seat. It had worked for 3 month, after that the problems started with swinging motio. The light started to go on and off and swing was working or not working. My son weight is not an issue. (12 Lb).I am really disappointed.

  • Little life span

    2 stars

    10/18/2011 by krayzid0rk from Spokane, WA

    This swing was great when our munchkin was little. He just reached 18 pounds and the swing has died. The red light has started flickering and it wouldn't swing any more. We went to return it and we would have to go through the manufacturer so we just bought the exact same one thinking we wore out the motor. We got home and put it together and it won't swing either. It says the weight limit is 25lbs but that isn't the case. Also it would be nice to have had a plug in for when we are at home. Instead we had to buy two sets of C batteries that we can recharge and switch out as needed. Would have been nice to have both options available. We were happy with everything else except that it didn't last. This is where he takes his nap everyday so to be without a swing or to have to spend much more for a bigger swing is really a hit to our sanity or our pocket.

  • Great for Newborns

    5 stars

    10/4/2011 by StephanFamily from Kentucky

    First I want to thank those of you who provided a review. It really helped in determing if I should purchase this swing. I'm so glad I did. My daughter loves it. We can put her in it for hours and she's so content. I love the portability of it. I take it to whatever room in the house I'm in and I can even take it to my neighbor who watches her while I'm at work.

  • Love this swing! perfect for small baby

    5 stars

    10/3/2011 by swannergirls from Hammond, LA

    We purchased this swing for our son that was 11 weeks premature. they told us to be prepared to bring home a 4-5 pound baby and this swing is great! i had to buy the head support insert for car seats because he is only 5 pounds now and he slants to the side in it. with the insert it is perfect and the insert was only $10 at walmart. i love that it vibrates and swings at the same time!! We also have the bright stars harmony swing at my moms and it is great but he likes the vibrating feature alot and the swinging so for everyday use this is perfect! We have to let him sit up for an hour after he eats so this swing was the perfect choice. You do have to put 2 sets of batteries in it. one for the vibrating and one for the music so i think we used 8 double a batteries.

  • So far so good

    5 stars

    10/2/2011 by Mary2019 from Miami flrida

    My son loved the swing, he even fall sleep in it...

  • Small & Compact

    4 stars

    9/12/2011 by imawalmartaddict4life from Amarillo, TX

    I love that this is small enough for my little apartment. It is very cute & my baby likes being it.

  • great swing foe the baby

    5 stars

    8/11/2011 by blessed412 from Austin,Tx

    It's great and I love it so do the baby saves me hour of trying to get the baby to sleep

  • Doesn't Swing!

    3 stars

    8/7/2011 by An anonymous customer

    I bought this for my first child when I was in a small one bedroom apartment and didn't have room for both a vibrating chair and a swing. Good features - the vibrator function is great. One problem is when new batteries are put in, the thing hums like a helicopter for days until they wear down a bit. The size is nice, and if everything worked like it was supposed to, there would be no issue. Problems - the swing! AHHH! So annoying. When I first brought my 9 pounder home, I couldn't let him swing because it was so fast, even on the slowest setting. Also, there is no headrest, which is obviously a problem for a newborn with no muscle control. I rolled a blanket and put it up there until he was more in control. Now that he is two months, the swing function is pretty much useless. He is 14 pounds and well under the 25 pound limit, but the swing barely moves, if at all. Sometimes it just stops, and I have to come back and push it to get it moving for a few minutes, then repeat. It also clicks and shakes when the swing stops moving. Also, 4 C batteries? Really? How about a wall plug so we don't have to unscrew the little battery door every couple of days? I also don't care for the hanging toy - unless your baby has his head leaned all the way back, he won't see it. Plus it is not very visually stimulating at all, and cheaply made. The bucket seat has good and bad qualities, but my main issue is the swing. I am so irritated that it won't work, and I don't have the money to go buy a new swing, and don't want to save for it since by that time, he will grow out of swings. Very disappointed that such a reputable brand can't produce a swing that actually swings! I want my money back, or a swing that actually works right!


    5 stars

    8/6/2011 by kle0408 from Ohio

    After shopping around and researching swings we decided on this one since our apartment is small and we didnt have much space after getting all our baby's other things arranged and put away. Well she is 4 months old now and has loved this swing from day one. It swings, plays music, vibrates.... their isnt much it doesnt do. We take it on every trip and family visit (over night) that we go on. Do yourself a favor and get this swing. The print is nice and neutral so we plan to use it for our next child.

  • Baby doesn't like

    3 stars

    8/1/2011 by Marquette

    I bought this swing for my third child because our new home has a smaller living room. She seemed to enjoy the swing for the first two months. Now that she is almost three months old and wants to sit up more she doesn not care for this swing. I also had to purchase a head positioner to hold her head up better because it was to wide and didn't come with one. I thought it would save money and seemed like a great idea but my baby doesn't like it.

  • Disappointing product from an excellent company.

    1 stars

    7/1/2011 by LoveMyLargeFamily from Texas

    I originally purchased this product online, used Site to Store shipping, and picked it up at my local Wal-Mart store. I brought it home, put it together (easy assembly), and put batteries in. It worked for about five minutes before the music started winding down and the swing stopped moving. Changing the batteries didn't help. I took the swing back to Wal-Mart and was delighted to learn that they carried this swing in-store, so I exchanged it for a new one. Brought it home, put it together, and put batteries in. It didn't work, either. I will be returning this and I will NOT be getting another one. Extremely disappointed. I love and trust Fisher Price products, and we own many different ones (we have four children), but this time, they fell short. Waste of time and money.

  • Great For the Money

    4 stars

    5/11/2011 by An anonymous customer from Boulder, CO

    Pros: compact design (saves space), can latch into a seat, better bar placement than some swings where babies can fall forward and get their heads caught, 5-pt harness is a must! Cons: can be a little loud, the music is more stimulating than sleep-inducing, takes a LOT of batteries and cannot plug into the wall, it goes up to 25 pounds but must be on the TOP speed to move at all with my 22 pound toddler in it (works better with 8 lb newborn). Overall, I'm happy we bought this one and I would definitely recommend this model to others.

  • LOVE IT!!!!

    5 stars

    4/5/2011 by meanblonde from Baton Rouge, LA

    Originally wanted a bigger swing, but this one is convenient as a space saver, easy to take on trips, easy to move around, great way to feed baby, and all around a good buy! Not cheaply made, very durable! Never heard a squeak or a creak, just the sounds of the music and the vibrations. I put it together in 10 minutes. We've had it for about 3 months and it is still working great! My son loves this swing and I consider it a wonderful buy! great.

  • so disappointed

    1 stars

    3/15/2011 by lramey from HENDERSON,TX

    i bought this swing for my newborn and it worked great for a few weeks. i have had it less than 2 months and everything has stopped working. changed batteries and nothing. called fisher-price and they basically told me i would have to buy a new one! umm no! i would NOT BUY THIS SWING!

  • Small But Impressive

    5 stars

    3/7/2011 by BrowneyedMomma from Ohio

    I LOVE THIS SWING....If your looking to save money who isnt these days! this is the swing for you!! I've been thru 3 swings with 2 kids and a 3rd on the way I've probably spent on 300 dollars in swings with my past purchases this swing is cheaper than most but dont let that fool you I wanted to see how powerful it was so I stuck my 3 year old in it and she weighs 30 lbs and it worked with her so it will defianlty swing an infant super soft padding very nice materal and very colorful great for boy or girl the seat is deep so it will hold the baby in good only weird thing is the batteries it takes d and c but for the lenth of time you use this your gonna save in the long run and I like the size cause it can travel but its great if you live in a small space for me it was the price that got me worth every penny!!

  • Excellent Value

    5 stars

    2/18/2011 by Kweedzu from Nevada

    After shopping around for several swings my family and I settled on purchasing this model. It's quite excellent for the price we paid as so many swings are quite expensive. The music is up beat and happy! The vibration feature is fabulous! And the motor is SUPER quiet. My baby loves it and he's been a super high needs baby so this has enabled me to have my hands free when needed while still making my baby very happy and soothed. My only complaint is that it takes so many batteries. It requires 4C batteries and one D battery which I thought was quite excessive, however it was worth it for how much my baby enjoys this swing. Oh, it's also a super space saver, it definitely doesn't take up much room at all! Great since we live in an apartment!

  • Great Swing!!

    5 stars

    2/12/2011 by CaydanShaylasMommy from Moberly,Mo

    I bought this swing because my daughters head would always fall over in the swing I had. I would of bought a cradle swing but didn't want another full size swing. So I did some research and this was the best smaller swing I found. It cradles my daughter so she is in more of a laying down position then sitting up. The animals and colors are always very pretty and cute!!

  • I wasnt sure id like it

    5 stars

    2/12/2011 by beautifuldaughters from Wisconsin

    I really love it my 4 week old loves it it swings and vibrates most vibrating seats and swings are weak but this she can really feel plus it also can be a seat I really am glad I bought it

  • Mad I bought this swing

    1 stars

    1/8/2011 by PickyShopper4real from middletown, ct

    I purchased this swing and it made a loud screeching and clicking sound and it had nothing to do with the building i did. it was the motor. I added weight to the swing and it got louder so i returned this product and purchased the Bright Starts comfort and harmony portable swing. It turned out to be a great choice. Its super quiet and soft and comfy and it folds up for easy storage and portability