Graco - Lovin' Hug Swing, Morgan

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The Graco Lovin Hug Easy Entry Open Top Curved Frame Swing is an innovative baby product designed to "hug" baby, as you do. The design of the Graco six-speed swing mimics the curves of the arms, giving the baby a sense of security and comfort. The soft and detachable headrest provides additional support for your baby. The mobile plush toys that come along with the swing help to increase baby's visual tracking skills and keep her occupied and entertained for some time. The Graco baby swing has a removable bead bar which helps to increase motor-sensory skills, as well. The musical baby swing has classical songs and nature sounds that will soothe and amuse your baby. Easy to maintain, the Graco baby swing comes with a seat pad that is machine washable and the swing can be wiped down with soap and water, as needed.

  • Single-hand, 4-position reclining seat makes positioning baby easy
  • 6 swing speeds
  • 15 songs and sounds
  • Single-hand flip-up tray makes getting baby in and out easy
  • Removable, plush infant head support
  • Removable bead bar can be attached to the tray for engagement
  • Mobile with plush toys provides visual stimulation
  • 30-minute timer with 3 settings helps extend battery life
  • Machine-washable cloth seat pad
  • Dimensions: 44"H x 27"W x 34.5"L
  • Musical swing requires 3 D cell batteries (not included)
  • Graco Lovin' Hug swing requires some assembly
  • Graco Swing
  • Swings
  • Infant Swings
  • Baby Swing Rocker
  • Portable Swing
  • Newborn Baby Swing
  • UPC: 047406107742
  • Age: Birth - 12 Months
  • Primary Color: Brown
  • Model No: 1761531

About Graco

Since 1955, Graco has been a leader in high-quality baby products. They designed the first wind-up indoor swing, the Swyngomatic®, after discovering that motion of a backyard swing could provide a calming effect on babies. This invention would go on to sell millions of units over the years, as a practical and popular way to entertain small children.Graco also created the Pack N’ Play® Portable Playards, which come in a number of designs and colors. For more than 25 years, baby products and furnishings are designed with safety in mind while they help keep little ones busy and out of trouble. They also introduced the Travel System, which allows parents to transport child from stroller to car seat without disturbing child during sleep time.The TurboBooster SafeSeat, strollers, and other accessories are built with durability and make life easier for parents and children. They also strive to stay ahead of the curve by continuing to create exciting products for today’s busy parent. Today, Graco has a solid reputation of manufacturing excellent juvenile products across the world.

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  • Loving Hug infant Swing

    5 stars

    2/12/2014 by bell

    I had this swing for 2 of my Daughters. Really sturdy and battery life would not waist easily. Loved this swing.

  • i Hate this swing!!!

    1 stars

    1/30/2014 by amandaw51190

    i bought this swing a month ago i have had 2 motors and both have broke in less than 2 months it is the most terrible baby product that i have ever owned and i am on my third child i would not suggest this product to anybody

  • disappointed

    2 stars

    1/13/2014 by shortstacked

    I just received the swing a couple of days ago. I lived the design and was in anticipation to have my little one enjoy it's features. But the swing does not swing at plays the music but that's about it. I called the 1800 number and was told I would receive another motor so now I'm waiting hoping the new motor will work.

  • I'v gone threw two. Both died.

    1 stars

    1/11/2014 by Lolitalia

    In the course of 6 months i have been given two of these. One i got at my baby shower and one a few months later after the first one straight up died. Both New in unopened in package but bought a few years ago so out of warranty. And both died with in a month of using them. I didn't use them a lot, And both had a snapping sound in the motor before dieing. One died so bad the sound didn't play while the other played music. I thought Graco was a grate brand but after going threw two swings all ready it has made me think other wise. Other then the fact that two of these i had died i LOVED them before the stopped working. Plus the print is way to cute.

  • Great for the first 2 months but, fails after that

    1 stars

    10/26/2013 by Lmcaraballo

    I bought this for my inlaws to have for my daughter. They used it for the first 2 months and it didn't work. This is the 2nd one I have that has done the same thing.

  • love this swing!!!

    5 stars

    10/11/2013 by am2009

    This swing was pretty spendy at the store but hasn't let me down. I have used it for 2 of my 3 kids after my battery operated one died and couldn't be fixed after very little use. So I tried this one and loved it! Uses batteries while on the go or plugs in at home. No more making a weekly trip to the store for swing batteries. Would definitely reccomend! And just ignore the negative comments about the tray. My kids had no problem at all with it! Great product!

  • Very cute but Poor product

    2 stars

    9/25/2013 by JasMommy1313

    My fiance & I bought this product the end of June had our daughter the beginning of July. We brought her home placed her in the swing and it seemed to have problems swinging . I exchanged it for a new swing when I received the product it had the same problem. I will never buy another swing like this. It's made very poorly. The positive side is the pattern its in. Very cute! If i could have that pattern with a different motor i'd LOVE it!


    5 stars

    8/16/2013 by AFMommyOf3Boys

    We have had this swing for 6 years now and it is being used on our third child and still works wonderfully! Love love love it and would have bought another one in a heartbeat!

  • Most used baby product!

    5 stars

    8/16/2013 by Ask111012

    We have three Lovin' hug infant swings patterns are Jenny, Bancroft and Bermuda. We have loved them for many years! One swing is 6 years old and still working great! We added two more so we would have enough for our triplets. I would definitely buy a graco swing again and recommend to friends and family!

  • Love that it's a plugin!

    4 stars

    8/16/2013 by Rschome89

    After one child and going through several D batteries I begin looking for a plugin type of swing. I stumbled across this one at Target & had to purchase it! The only thing I wish about this swing is that I wish it was more of a cradle shape. My daughter prefers to be cradled more like my so did. Other then that GREAT PRODUCT!

  • Love this swing!!

    5 stars

    8/15/2013 by Kalina

    This swing is the greatest swing ever! Very durable, great quality, comfortable, cool mobile, reclines, 6 different speeds, cute, relaxing songs awesome color combo that I just had to have. Not loud and bothersome like other swings. This is by far the best swing I've ever had.

  • Best swing ever!

    5 stars

    8/15/2013 by Jv1116

    I absolutely love this swing! It's very luxurious with lots of bells & whistles! I tried 2 swings prior to this one & neither my baby liked until this one! Great value, sturdy & safe! Love it! I highly recommend this product!

  • Motor burns out

    2 stars

    8/15/2013 by An anonymous customer

    I bought this swing because I wanted to save money on batteries. I do not believe this swing ran off electricity at all though because I had to replace the batteries every month or so. I also had to purchase a new motor as the one it came with burned out over a few months. The new motor only lasted three months before it burned out as well.

  • Kept us ALL Calm

    5 stars

    8/7/2013 by An anonymous customer

    This swing kept ALL of us very calm and happy!! Our daughter loved playing in it! She loved the tray for snacks. I loved the removable pillow/headrest. The settings, music, etc - ALL wonderfull!

  • Assembly Issues

    1 stars

    7/4/2013 by osas

    Well, i believe assembling a swing should not be a rocket science, but my experience with this product so far has been distasteful. First, all the various parts are not distinctly named, thereby making it difficult to figure out which is which.Secondly, the manual had to be downloaded and its quite voluminous and to me it hardly served it purpose.Thirdly, i may be returning the product if i cant get to assemble it in the next couple of days.I called customer care and the technical support has not helped either.Personally, i got stuck on page seven of the manual because i could not get to insert the arm with something at the top on the right side.

  • 100% satisfied

    5 stars

    6/6/2013 by An anonymous customer

    I bought this swing in 2009 for my oldest daughter. Never had 1 complaint then. I just had another baby at the end of 2012 and am using it again. 4 years after I bought it, it still runs great. I was concerned about the motor being older, but I have had no issues. Great workmanship.

  • Waste of money:(

    1 stars

    5/24/2013 by DCmommy

    Another Graco disappointment. Used it for our newborn, who only weighed 8lbs, and after two uses the motor had died. The music plays, and the swing starts to swing on setting 3 but after 5 minutes it completely stops. The assembly also took awhile and was a little confusing at first. Spend your money on a different swing that actually works!

  • Bad Motor

    1 stars

    3/24/2013 by An anonymous customer

    This swing was a gift from my grandmother. I barely used this swing and yet the motor died after the first couple of uses. I replaced the batteries only to realize that wasn't the problem. I do not recommend anyone wasting their money on this swing. I will be purchasing another brand. When I googled the swing, the first thing I saw was a bad motor link.

  • great swing!

    4 stars

    1/19/2013 by mommy410

    I have owned a few of these and loved them all only down side it having to use batteries....

  • Love It!!

    5 stars

    1/19/2013 by shellwell4

    My baby girl loved this swing. the music and motion was the only thing that kept her calm at night.

  • Cuddles baby

    5 stars

    1/19/2013 by lowaj

    This is awesome for the baby that wants to be held all the time.

  • Graco swing

    1 stars

    1/19/2013 by Cindy

    I bought 2 of these and within 3 months the motor burnt out. I contacted amazon and noeone responded to me for a refund. Will not purchase another graco product.

  • love it.

    5 stars

    1/19/2013 by tulip32

    got this as a gift.this was one of the best & useful gift we ever baby girl enjoyed it a lot. this worked as a baby sitter for me whenever I need to finish my other household stuff...:-).this is must have item.i will highly recommend this item .

  • Great swing

    4 stars

    1/18/2013 by misssunshine82

    This was a great swing, I loved the color and the fact that it reclined. My tray didn't properly fit on my swing and would snap open but called customer service and they were very prompt with replacing it!

  • Great Swing

    5 stars

    1/18/2013 by momof5crazykids

    I love this baby can sleep for hours at a time in it...The only drawback is I seem to have to buy batteries a lot for it...I like that I have seen on newer ones they have the battery or option to plug it would have been nice to have this on ours. We have used it for all our kids, this is our 5th and it is still running like a champ! I love Graco items!

  • love this swing

    5 stars

    1/18/2013 by An anonymous customer

    Very nice swing with the speeds and music. Baby so happy in swing! :)

  • God Send for My God Send

    5 stars

    1/17/2013 by LilMama

    This swing helped me accomplish more during naptimes. He was secure and the music/sounds helped soothe him. My baby was a mover from the start so he loved the different speeds. Now that he is a little but older he crawls to it and enjoys being put in it for the fun of the swinging.

  • love this swing!

    5 stars

    1/17/2013 by rosie

    I have used this swing for 9 months now. It works amazing! I have not had any problems with it and my daughter loves it. It has not once quit working. My daughter loves all the sounds the music puts her to sleep.

  • Don't waste you money

    1 stars

    1/10/2013 by shawna

    Cute swing, and it is a little bigger than the Carter brand ones to accomadate a growing child. I had the girl ona and boy one and for somereason they both quit on me out of no where. They are both battery and plug in so I checked both the plug and put new batteries to avail. They just up and quit! No not waste your money!

  • Stock up on D batteries

    1 stars

    12/16/2012 by CLsMama

    If you choose this product, ask your shower guests to give you lots of D batteries, because this swing uses them up like they are going out of style. I gave up trying to keep our swing operative and now just use it as a stationary seat for my baby to sleep. Do the wise thing and go with a model that give you a plug in option.

  • Dont buy it!!!!!

    1 stars

    12/12/2012 by Rae22

    This swing is a complete waste of money. It will eventually after 2-3 months just stop swinging. I put brand new batteries in my sons swing and put it on speef 2 and it wont budge, so i tried other speeds and still nothing. The only thing still working properly on it is the sound of whats supposed to be water but just sounds like annoying static. The melodies are to upbeat and thor nature sounds sound so unrealistic. Save your money!!

  • good swing horrible sound

    4 stars

    12/12/2012 by Shelly

    I loved the swing, it worked fine, my son enjoyed it and was very comfortable. I used it all the time with out the music playing. But when I actually tried the music system out it was horirible! It scared my son right out if his sleep. The songs played and the tunes were great but there was a terrible scratching roarinf sound it let off as it got to certain parts in songs. I has to use the music system from his playard if I wanted him to hear somethin soothing. I emailed and called graco many times asking for help, but no one assissted me. Unfortunately I purchased the set in the states because it was a lot cheaper and I couldn't return it. If all the swings have horrible music I would recommend to everyone not to buy, but from what I heard and read in reviews it was my bad luck. Great swing overall though did its job very well

  • Stock up on batteries!

    4 stars

    9/30/2012 by peggles78

    This is a beautiful, durable swing. But if you buy it, make sure you stock up on batteries! The swing takes 3 D batteries, and the vibration on the seat takes C batteries. This swing goes through batteries really fast. But it's worth it regardless of the inconvenience.

  • Great Swing

    5 stars

    8/11/2012 by nathanaelsophia

    I have a 17mo old daughter that just loves to be in this swing. i love it cause it can hold her weight. she is only 22lbs. she is small for her age. my girlfriend gave me this swing which she bought 2nd hand. i can not believe that it can hold her weight and still swing. the only thing wrong with it for her is her legs are long and they kinda hit the floor a little bit. other wise she is perfect for it. she loves to sit in it and watch tv in it.

  • Not so good

    2 stars

    5/9/2012 by girlsmomma

    I used this swing in 2010 for my first daughter and had problems getting the swing to start. Power button never worked. Motor had a clicking sound. But now with my second child 2012 the motor stopped working. I put new batteries in and tried to plug it in and get nothing. It is bearly used between both girls. I don't suggest to buy this product.

  • Will not swing

    1 stars

    5/6/2012 by NavyWife

    I bought this NEW at Walmart in Bremerton Wa. It was the last one and on sale! It was so pretty and just what we were looking for. Got it home, Husband put it together. Songs are great only problem is the swing motor doesn't work. Then I see the one we have (Carina collection) is no longer being made and they no longer have replacement motors. I just don't understand how all the reviews on the same model swing (different colors same parts) saying how the motor breaks so fast (or in our case broke before we got home) how come Graco isn't doing anything to fix this issue?

  • Overall a great product

    5 stars

    5/3/2012 by MawMaw1952 from St. Peters MO

    My grandson outgrew the swings made for babies 20 pounds and below but really seemed to miss the swinging. So my son and I selected this one. It took a bit of time to put together since the instructions could be a bit clearer. But we finally figured it out (it still took less than 1.5 hours) and it works very well. The baby loves the sounds and music but the bears are really only for decoration since they don't extend far enough down for him to grab them. This is a great value though and we recommend. I would buy it again knowing what I know.

  • Sorry I bought this

    1 stars

    4/7/2012 by Sweetpea102802

    I am very disappointed in this swing. My daughter is not even 5 months old yet and the vibrator on this swing has stopped working. My daughter use to love this swing but without the vibrator it's pretty worthless to us now. The $160 bucks spent on this is down the drain. I am very dissatisfied with the quality of the vibrator to stop working so soon.

  • Great swing!!!!

    5 stars

    4/2/2012 by rubi2s

    We've had this swing for a year and it still works great!!!! No problems whatsoever--not with the motor, no squeaking, no nothing--it works as good as it did on day 1. Considering how much we used this, even the battery life exceeded my expectations. This was the only place the baby would nap for the first 7 months of his life. I honestly don't know what I would have done without my Graco Lovin' Hug Infant Swing. I highly recommend it!

  • Faulty motor

    3 stars

    3/14/2012 by akmom

    I received this product as a gift. My daughter enjoys using it, however, I did have to replace the motor for it. I would recommend purchasing extra motors along with this product or researching another brand.

  • Great swing

    4 stars

    3/5/2012 by BriellesMom

    I disagree with all the reviews of this swing. I have had no trouble with the motor at all. We bought this swing for my daughter for Christmas and she still loves it...5 months old, 18lbs, 8oz. We have only had to change the batteries once and we use it just about every day. The pattern is lovely and goes well with most neutral decor. A little expensive, but it should last longer than most swings with the weight rating of 30lbs.

  • parents love this

    5 stars

    12/22/2011 by Canedive from Cornelius, OR

    My grandson loved this item. It was a gift.

  • Carina swing

    4 stars

    12/15/2011 by smjones

    I purchased this swing in June of this year. I had done some investigating on this product and I had read in several places that this specific swing does have a problem with the motor going out. I bought it anyway, so when it started messing up I wasn't surprised. Mine hasn't completly gone out yet. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. BUT, the motor has a 1 year warrenty on it. So all you have to do is call the 800 number on this website and they will send you a new one NO CHARGE!!! Yes, it is an inconvience and yes, it should have been fixed, but I LOVE this swing and I am still happy with it and the costumer sevice was great!

  • Wont Swing

    1 stars

    10/21/2011 by aterry

    While my child is six months old now she has not yet met the weight limit for the swing. I had a Graco swing for my two older children and never had a problem of this sort. When the swing is turned on now you can hear the motor working and it will swing for about 30 seconds, after that you can see the arm mechanism move in and out of place. I have read other reviews on this product and it is apparantly a problem with the design. Is there a replacement part that can be bought and if so please dont say it's gonna cost half of what I paid for the swing since it was through no fault of my own that it quit working.

  • Quit working

    1 stars

    10/12/2011 by wsmith

    I bought this swing 4 months ago. My daughter loves it but over the weekend I unpluged it to move it to another room and then plugged it back in and it just quit working. The motor sounds like it is working but the swing will not swing. I have done some research on this problem and it seems to me this is a common problem with this model. If you look at the reviews on the Walmart website there are several reviews saying the same thing. Is there a recall on this swing or a replacement part we can get? I payed $100 for something to work longer than 4 months. my daughter doesn't even way 15 pounds yet so its not like she exceeds the weight limit.

  • Save your money for a better swing!

    3 stars

    9/16/2011 by AleynasMommy from Missouri

    For how much this swing costs, I would expect it to work perfectly... It assembled very quickly, I am 38 weeks pregnant and got it together pretty fast, but that is the only part I give 5 starts to. I don't like that the mobile doesn't spin, which I guess I shouldn't have expected that since it didn't specify that it would, I guess I just automatically assumed so... but the matching pack-n-play is the same way there. I got the Batteries in it and turned it on to see how it goes, it makes a very loud noise when swinging, which tells me, once there is weight in it, it will probably only get louder and the only way to drown it out is probably by the music. I say music because the music works great but the nature sounds are HORRIBLE. They sound all static and loud, I think one setting sounds right and it is the water sound. Other than that everything out sounds the same, like a loud static waterfall. I am very very disappointed in that big our family is big on the nature/outdoor stuff but this swing doesn't make the noises it is suppose to and makes all the noises I don't want it to. If it was maybe half it's price then I wouldn't complain but for it's price, I would expect to get something I am for the most part satisfied with!!!!

  • DO NOT BUY!!!

    1 stars

    9/11/2011 by Brianna

    This is the second graco swing I've purchased in about 2 and a half months and this one like the first has already quit working (does not swing anymore)! The product says it can withstand up to 30 lbs and my daughter is not even 13 lbs yet! I am VERY disappointed with this product and will NEVER buy again!

  • A life saver!!

    5 stars

    8/13/2011 by LatoyaInGreenville from Greenville, NC

    I absolutely love this swing! I wish I had it right when I brought my son home. I got it shortly after and have used it daily ever since. I love the classical music that it plays and it always helps my son to sleep. He naps in it almost everyday. Some of the cons are the nature sounds, they don't really sound like anything in nature (other than the birds chirping). Also the swing makes a clicking sound when in use, but I actually find it lulling when its quiet. Overall a great purchase in my opinion, no problems here. Also for as much as we use it, I haven't had to change the batteries yet. I had contemplated getting one that plugged into the wall but it was a little more expensive than a battery operated one. Thanks Graco :)

  • Motor quit on month four

    1 stars

    8/4/2011 by salemmom

    The first and second speed didn't work -- the motor wasn't powerful enough for our newborn. Our second child just arrived and we brought the swing back out. After two weeks of use with our second, the swing stopped working. The buttons don't light up and it doesn't sound like any power is going to the motor.

  • Does it's Main Job

    3 stars

    6/22/2011 by kcmarshall

    Bought this swing for my newborn daughter hoping all the features on it would work well to help her relax and for her to enjoy. However half the features don't work. It was fairly easy to set up, had no problems with the pieces aside from the seat cover being really tight and difficult to stretch around the bar in the back. Went to turn it on for the first time and it made a loud noise and didn't move, had to push the rotaters in more to get it to start. The on button doesn't work very well, it turns on but is difficult to turn off. The motor is very loud but it doesn't seem to bother my daughter much. The music and volume control work well but the nature sounds don't work at all! Haven't tried the timer feature yet. All in all it does what it's meant to do, it looks great, and it works. Aside from the minor function errors it is a good swing for the price. If you want something cheap that gets the job done I would definitely recommend it.

  • Winnie the Pooh swing

    1 stars

    6/1/2011 by An anonymous customer

    This swing is really horrible. I dont recommend for expecting moms to buy this swing. My son loves this swing he loves to take naps in it. Last night when i put him on the swing it didnt want to work anymore so i thought the swing needed a rest, so i woke up this morning and it still didnt work, I dont know what happen that all of a sudeen it dont wanna work. The motor of the swing sounds funny, I've tried batteries and it still dont work. It dont swing with or without my son in it.

  • wouls have looked around first

    2 stars

    5/31/2011 by carrie26

    I like the make and the color of the swing and it was so reasonable, we used our gift card from baby shower on this swing and my daughter is 3 months old and used it less than 10 times and the motor is gone. the music plays but it will not swing baby. i would have looked at reviews before buying this and next time i will. thank God there is s warranty the customer service is great they just sent me another motor out

  • winnie the pooh swing

    1 stars

    5/24/2011 by gooberspet

    VERY DISAPPOINTED! my daughter loved the swing, but we only used it a few times before the buttons for on/off, speed, and sound ALL STOPPED WORKING, was really hoping it would have been better, I wish I could get a replacement part to replace the motor part :C

  • Love it

    5 stars

    5/2/2011 by technicalmama

    I don't understand the problems everyone has had with this swing. I have the Winnie the Pooh Nice to See You model and it's lasted through 2 kids. I've only had to change the batteries twice and I use it ALL the time. My first had colic and this swing was the only reason I had any calm for at least 3 months. The instructions that came with it were HORRIBLE! So maybe people just don't know how to use it properly?

  • Really Great Swing!

    5 stars

    3/18/2011 by Blessedwith2sweetboys from mississippi

    Purchased a swing made by another company with all the bells & whistles & it stopped working in probably less than a month. Plus my son didn't seem to enjoy it but he loves this one, and he rests really well in it. When tray is attached, doesn't seem to have alot of leg room but I looked at another one in wal-mart and it pretty much looked the same, so I guess that's just how they all are. (oh, and husband put it together, seemed to go smoothly)

  • Great Swing! Great Customer Svc!

    4 stars

    3/1/2011 by Stefany

    This swing has been great for our family! A great investment! My son loves sitting in this swing during the day. He is in it EVERY day! It has 6 speeds so when he was a newborn I just put it on speed 1 or 2 to gently rock him to sleep and it did its job wonderfully. It is soothing and really does cradle him well, especially his lil head. The safety harness is great because it makes sure he can't fall out yet, isn't so tight that I have to worry about it strangling him when he moves around. Now that he's about 5 months old I can put it up to speed 6 when he's awake and he loves it. He laughs as he stares at the elephants hanging from it! The music and sound effects are great too. When he was a newborn he liked the "beating heart" and "ocean" sound effects and then started to like the music. Sadly, the sounds all stopped working on it (which is why I gave it a 4 star rating). However, I called Graco Customer Service and they were very nice and courteous about getting it fixed. They asked me some simple routine questions about the product such as model number and manufacture date and then asked when I bought the product. They took down my info and then sent me a replacement motor for the unit so that the music would work again. I didn't have to beg or hassle with a million questions with them and I really appreciated that they just took care of it so quickly and politely. I will recommend Graco and their products to my family and friends. I do have other Graco products and it's a comfort now to know that if anything else goes wrong that Customer Service will be polite and take care of it, instead of hassling me about it like some other companies do when you say something stopped working. Also, to the moms who have girls, there are some really cute girly designs for swings too!

  • Not worth the money

    1 stars

    2/27/2011 by Andi

    I received this swing as a gift about 6 months ago. The motor has already gone out. When a swing costs $80+ you do noy expect for the motor to burn out in 6 months and have to keep replacing it. It would be a great swing if it weren't for the motor problem.

  • Great swing until the motor died

    2 stars

    1/15/2011 by Julies1103

    My daughter loved this swing and sometimes it would be the only way to get her to sleep. It was great until it died about a week ago. We had it for 6 months. We are going to try and replace the motor but it was a gift so I'm not sure if we will have to pay to do so.

  • Very nice- top quality

    5 stars

    1/10/2011 by momma513

    I've used it for the past 7 months. My daughter was a premie and since the day she was born she has loved it. Thee buttons arre touchy, but it's no big deal. THe plug in option is a money saver. My daughter loved the laying back position at first, but enjoys the sit up position now that she entertains herself. I love this swing!

  • not like i thought

    2 stars

    1/6/2011 by heatherg

    this swing is nice looking and worked the first day i got it then started having problems with it shutting off. i then put batteries in and it stopped working.

  • Could have been better...

    4 stars

    11/23/2010 by momof2boys1girl

    We bought this swing for our now 11 month old when I was pregnant with him, because we liked the convenience of it plugging in instead of having to use batteries, son liked it so much the motor went out. It was a good swing and I would recommend it to anyone.

  • motor broke

    1 stars

    8/22/2010 by aunt7

    We only had this item for a few weeks and used a handful of times before it completely stopped working. Very disappointed. . .

  • Nice swing

    5 stars

    8/21/2010 by Mom of twin girls

    I have this swing and use it with my twin girls. It is very comfortable, quiet and I love the music and sounds. I wish the seat reclined a little farther back, but it works great. Replacement parts can be ordered and are easily available on the graco sight. The five point harness makes me feel very confident that the babies are securely attached.

  • Nice, But Could Be Made Better!

    3 stars

    8/6/2010 by Christine243

    My daughter actually slept in this Graco swing for 5 weeks because she didn't seem to want to sleep any other way! It is a nice swing, but it looks and feels cheaply made. Also, the power cord that came with it has a short or something because we had to tape the cord to one of the legs of the swing in a particular way so that it works. Pros: 1. Six different swing modes 2. Eight different sound settings 3. Easy to put together; everything pretty much snaps into place (you still need to read the directions, though) 4. Buckles so baby cannot slide or wriggle out of the seat 5. Four reclining positions (but none of them lay totally flat) Cons: 1. Sometimes the swing modes do not consistently work (often pressing one of the swing buttons is not enough... I usually have to give the swing seat a push to get it to start its normal rhythm) 2. I find the sounds annoying! Even the musical settings sound strange! I'd say out of 8 sound settings, two are tolerable... 3. The swing makes a lot of noise... there is a constant clicking sound as the swing rocks back and forth and this is not one of the sound settings 4. Again, the power cord that it came with has a short in it 5. It looks cheap and feels a bit cheap... Overall, I am reasonably happy with it and it actually has helped me get more sleep (lol). My daughter sometimes doesn't like to be strapped in, but when she has been changed and fed and still she's fussy, we will put her in this swing and it will soothe her and keep her quiet for at least an hour to an hour and a half at a time.

  • motor problems

    2 stars

    8/6/2010 by labeth

    I loved the swing, right up until the day that the motor stopped working. I am by myself while my husband is serving overseas. The swing gave me time to do what was needed. It is upsetting that something my son and I really enjoyed stopped working after 4 monthes of use. Nobody buys a swing for their child to sit stationary in. This Item would get 4 or 5 stars, but the most fundamental part of this item is clearly defective.

  • Motor is gone already

    5 stars

    7/25/2010 by JSP

    I can count on both hands how many times I've used this and the motor does not work anymore.

  • Wonderful swing

    5 stars

    6/15/2010 by winnafrog3

    This swing is perfect for my baby. I have boy/girl twins and my little girl is so tiny. This swing cradles her so well and is pretty plush. The music it plays is relaxing and the mobile really gets her attention. I would recommend this to anyone!

  • Motor Dieing

    3 stars

    6/2/2010 by shelby0317

    I love this product i have the travel system and playpen with changing table. i love that it plays music so does my daughter and the other sounds. the speeds are awsome and the fact that its electric and batter operational i can move it around my house. unfortunately not even a week after having it home after waiting two weeks for it to arrive the motor died. you have to tap it to get it to work. from what i hear the motor is on back order so im going to try to exchange it so i dont have to wait.

  • great purchase

    5 stars

    4/22/2010 by shawn

    I like this swing alot, all the features are great. The colors are nice because they aren't too pink, it's more on the purple side. It's really easy to wash and change the seat pad. The tray is nice. The plug in is great, saves money on batteries. We love it.

  • Okay

    3 stars

    4/20/2010 by Carrie06

    When we first bought this product I was 7 months pregnant with our third child who is now 3 weeks old. The instructions for this Swing was very easy to follow for I put it together myself. Once it was together, I HAD to try it out (of course). This swing has 6 speeds and a variety of sounds and music. Very nice. As soon as we brought our newborn form the hospital he started using it. He loved it. He would swing away. Now. ... i bet you are wondering why i gave it only an Average score, right? Because after only 2 weeks of use, the motor died. I had to call Graco to order a replacement motor. Apparently there are lots of problems with this because its on back order ..... so what does that tell you?? Thank god the music still plays. I believe this is my sons favorite part of the swing. lol. BUT, other than the motor dying ..... its a great thing to have. Just hopefully you will have better luck than we did.

  • I need a new swing...

    1 stars

    3/8/2010 by KarasMommy09

    I had my first child in December of 2009, after my baby shower I took my gift cards & purchased this swing from babies r us. I just fell in love with the design when I went and made my registry! The first couple days the swing kept my daughter very happy :) after about a week of use it makes a annoying squeaky sound coming from the left leg of the swing. My boyfriend has tried MANY and MANY times to fix it and it still squeaks...We have no clue what to do! Also, this swing eats batteries like CRAZY!

  • Baby Loved swing but Motor is Junk

    1 stars

    3/6/2010 by happymom

    Graco has some great ideas for infant gear but lacks the mechanical realability to back those ideas up. My daughter absolutely loved thia swing and it was a lifesaver for me. Sometimes it's the only way to get her to sleep, and I LOVE the fact that this swing has an AC adapter. That said, this swing's motor died not even a week after we got it. I took it back to Target and they exchanged it 5 different times and I decided to try this swing again. Haven't had it one week and the motor died already it was making the same noise as before right before it died the last time I am so mad now target doesnt even carry it anymore so im just out 120.00 This is not a good swing if the motor slowed and died with a baby that only weighed 5 pounds what do you think will happen if you try to put a bigger baby in it . I would not recommend it to anyone i know just the opposite i am telling everyone about what I think about Graco baby products in general i have had good luck but not with this item

  • My daughter loves it!

    4 stars

    3/1/2010 by JENNIFERMK1

    My daughter loves this swing. She spends every nap in it and it has been in constant use since she was born 6 months ago. Motor recently died and I didn't have the receipt since it was a gift, so I called Graco and they're sending a replacement motor free of charge. Great customer service! If they hadn't fixed it I probably wouldn't of ever bought a Graco product again, but since they did I'm a customer for life.

  • Oh the swing

    5 stars

    2/14/2010 by An anonymous customer

    This is another investment that I am glad that I have. I am currently enrolled in school and I have a need baby. She needs to be held all the time. I have my computer right in my room because it is nice to just come in here and put her in the swing. It is very hard to type and hold her and this swing sooths her to where if she is in the swing and can see me she is just fine.

  • The Best Invention!!!!

    5 stars

    2/13/2010 by TBar715

    I have been using the swing since my daughter was 4months old... And i love everything about it.. I can read to her in it. I can cook with her in it, and since i dont have the matchin highchair she eats in it... Its just very helpful to have.. She falls asleep in it...... I just love it.. I love GRACO!!!