Graco - Swing by Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing, Zooland

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Save space with the Graco Swing by Me, the multi-purpose baby swing designed for home and travel. Just the thing to soothe and amuses your baby, this convenient swing helps keep your little one safe and comfy.

  • Recommended for children 5.5-25 lbs
  • 2-in-1 portable swing that also converts to full size (via telescoping, locking legs) allowing you to move baby from room to room
  • 1-hand, 2-position reclining seat helps your baby get nice and cozy
  • Multiple motion speeds allow you to choose the right pace to suit your baby's mood
  • Innovative, plush seat with large, round seating area provides extra comfort for baby
  • Removable infant body support provides support for baby
  • Overhead toy bar with detachable soft toys engages and visually stimulates your little one
  • 5-point harness with fabric covers to help keep your child secure
  • Machine washable cloth seat pad for comfort and convenience
  • Requires 4 C cell batteries (sold separately)
  • Assembled swing dimensions are 34.5"H x 28"W x 36"L
  • Assembled weight is 13.55 lbs
  • Care and Maintenance:
  • Line dry
  • Clean swing with household soap and water
  • UPC: 047406114641
  • Age: Birth - 12 Months
  • Age Start: Birth
  • Age End: 12 Months
  • Collection: Zooland
  • Primary Color: Assorted
  • Model No: 1P00ZOO

About Graco

Since 1955, Graco has been a leader in high-quality baby products. They designed the first wind-up indoor swing, the Swyngomatic®, after discovering that motion of a backyard swing could provide a calming effect on babies. This invention would go on to sell millions of units over the years, as a practical and popular way to entertain small children.Graco also created the Pack N’ Play® Portable Playards, which come in a number of designs and colors. For more than 25 years, baby products and furnishings are designed with safety in mind while they help keep little ones busy and out of trouble. They also introduced the Travel System, which allows parents to transport child from stroller to car seat without disturbing child during sleep time.The TurboBooster SafeSeat, strollers, and other accessories are built with durability and make life easier for parents and children. They also strive to stay ahead of the curve by continuing to create exciting products for today’s busy parent. Today, Graco has a solid reputation of manufacturing excellent juvenile products across the world.

Reviews for Graco - Swing by Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing, Zooland (149)

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  • Baby loves it!!

    5 stars

    8/24/2015 by Esmichelle

    We recently purchased this swing and couldn't be happier!! Our daughter loves it! The settings are great and the fact that it's portable is even better!!! Another great Graco product!!

  • great swing for price

    5 stars

    8/23/2015 by mountainmama

    I received this swing from my registry. It is easy to fold, works well in the low and high positions. I do have to start it swinging, but the motor easily maintains motion for even long three hour naps. My baby is five months old and I have only had to change batteries about four times despite daily use for long morning naps. The seat is soft and comfortable and has been that way from 8-18 pounds. In my opinion, this swing has been perfect for us but may not be the best fit for folks wanting to keep baby in swing for extended periods (only because of battery usage).

  • Quit working

    1 stars

    8/22/2015 by Kmk0625

    Had this for less than two months and for the past month we have been needing to puch start it even with new batteries. Now it wont swing at all and my daughter is only 12 pounds. Never been so disappointed in a product. My girl loved it too!

  • Love the height!

    5 stars

    8/21/2015 by Mdmz8894

    Bought this for my new grand baby and couldn't be happier!

  • Motor stopped within one hour of opening

    1 stars

    8/21/2015 by Clineb15

    I got this as a baby shower gift and when I opened it to use for my daughter it stopped within the hour, my daughter only weighs 8lbs so there's no reason why.

  • Amazing product!

    5 stars

    8/21/2015 by Jessoel

    After purchasing a Graco Travel lite swing secondhand and then finding out it was defective, i was pretty bummed. My baby does not like the spendy swings that move ways other than back and forth. With this inexpensive and convenient swing, my hands can do something other than hold a baby constantly!

  • easy to move and very light

    5 stars

    8/18/2015 by Avlanch2

    Love that is doesn't rock too fast when you have a new born in it.

  • Doesn't work well

    1 stars

    8/17/2015 by Locksley

    I'm having the same problem. My baby was over 9lbs when born so he didn't swing and went through a ton of batteries. He is now over 12lbs and brand new batteries do nothing. Please fix this Graco! This is obviously a huge problem for ur paying customers!

  • Rocks him to sleep

    4 stars

    8/11/2015 by Happy Granny

    Bought this swing for my grandson. Parents put it together, put baby in it and he fell a sleep within five minutes! The seat cradles him well. He is a month and a half old. Would be nice if it played music, but we are just going to buy a portable music player to attach to the swing.

  • Product is okay

    3 stars

    8/9/2015 by Poppafoz

    Assembled the product and everything seems to work correctly, except that to keep the swing moving continuously, you have to have the speed all of the way turned up. It will not keep the swing motion at lower speeds.

  • Great Swing

    5 stars

    8/3/2015 by Cheloobeloo

    This swing is great. I LOVE the features it has and it is very colorful. (

  • Simple yet fun for baby!

    4 stars

    7/27/2015 by Michelle02

    I bought this swing because it had the five point harness strap. My baby was 18 pounds at the time and I was worried that he was too big. Not the case. We turned it on and gave it a little push to build momentum and he loves it! We also like that it is sturdy. I do wish that the little piece of fabric on the strap would not come off when we pick him up out of the swing. Other than that I think that the swing is great!

  • Does not work

    1 stars

    7/26/2015 by chels55

    I got this swing as a baby shower gift and I'm angry! It only worked for one day. She was literally only 8 lbs. and it needed to be pushed to work after she reached 9 lbs it wouldn't work at all even with the batteries which would die after 3 days. I don't know if I should call the company and ask for a trade in or what but this swing is terrible DO NOT GET IT!

  • Exactly what I was looking for

    5 stars

    7/25/2015 by gramma b

    I bought this to use when our granddaughter is here, Monday thru Friday. I have back problems & I needed a full size swing, because bending is a problem for me. It is lightweight & easy to store when the baby is not here. It is Exactly what I need.

  • baby loves her swing

    5 stars

    7/25/2015 by haclark

    We chose this swing because it was the only one we could find that is portable. We haven't taken it anywhere yet but I think it will fit easily into the trunk of the car when we do. And our LO loves the swing already and I haven't even gotten batteries in it yet LOL

  • Terrible after 12lbs

    1 stars

    7/23/2015 by CelticSaryn

    I got this as a baby shower gift off of my registry this February 2015. At first it worked like a charm; my son was a preemie born just under 5lbs and it worked well for the first 3 1/2 months other than requiring tons of new batteries. Then when he hit almost four months and weighing 13 lbs the swing no longer functions as it should!! I have to either push it manually to get it going or it won't move at all. Not to mention that when it does get going after I push it; it stops swinging shortly thereafter. I would not recommend this product.

  • Lifesaver!

    5 stars

    7/20/2015 by LEGS

    Our girls love this swing and we love that it's easy to fold and take with us in the car to Nana's house!

  • Awesome Swing

    5 stars

    7/19/2015 by Kia1367

    I've been using this swing since my son was born and he loves it. It is very soothing and he is entertained by the toys attached. I love how it is adjustable and can go to the floor to the air. It can also be reclined or pulled up. This was a wonderful purchase at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend this particular swing set.

  • Extremely happy with my purchase!

    5 stars

    7/19/2015 by Shewolf

    I wasn't too sure I would really like the swing when I ordered it, but the price was right and I liked the fact that it was portable. Now that I have put the swing to use I am so glad that I purchased it. It runs very smooth and quiet, and it doesn't burn through batteries like some of these types of products do. My grand-daughter Kate also has given her seal of approval by taking rather lengthy naps while swinging in it. I am quite happy with my purchase, if you are thinking about purchasing this swing I would strongly recommend it, it is also good to know that you can fold it up very easily and can be temporarily put aside and out of the way, this is especially useful for those who have limited space.

  • Love this swing!

    5 stars

    7/17/2015 by jenkmills

    Great size and the colors matched our nursery perfectly!

  • Great swing, easy use, but battery dies easily

    4 stars

    7/17/2015 by Mommyto1

    We love this swing minus the battery use. Wish it had a back up cord to snap into. It is very easily used to travel with and folds completely flat for storage when not in use.

  • Good for traveling

    3 stars

    7/17/2015 by ACDC22

    This swing is good for traveling with the way it folds up. But it is loud..... Even on the lowest swing setting, it is loud. We don't use it for in house due to that reason, this is our outside swing now. Other then noise, great swing!

  • Great Graco Product

    5 stars

    7/17/2015 by An anonymous customer

    We gave this swing a workout with twin girls. As they grew we had to increase the speed just to keep them moving at the same rate. Simple design, lightweight and was highly effective in keeping our girls calm & asleep.


    5 stars

    7/17/2015 by theresalynch76

    This swing was a great purchase. Our fussy baby was soothed and comfortable!

  • Love it but...

    4 stars

    7/17/2015 by Andiebee724

    We love this swinger! However, I do wish that it did have a second option of being plugged in so that we didn't have to use the battery life if we were home. I know it's suppose to be portable which is awesome but if it wasn't going to be taken anywhere the plug in option would be nice to have. It drains battery faster than I'd like. Especially if u use it a lot. But overall a good product.

  • Graco - Swing By Me

    4 stars

    7/10/2015 by j7pham

    I bought this a few days and after assembling it, I'm loving it. I didn't realize it was battery power when I first bought it, but that would be plus since the whole I thought it was manual. It's very sturdy and easy for storage since its fold up. Very good product.

  • Bad swing

    1 stars

    7/8/2015 by Jackie15

    I got this swing when my son was born didnt even get to use it a week before the motor went out in it. I will never buy another graco product

  • Works well, but makes annoying clicking noise

    2 stars

    7/2/2015 by Spcooker

    The pros: works great to move around and fold up. The colors are cute. It's nice that you can make it tall or short. Cons: makes annoying clicking noise whenever it's on. Takes up quite a bit of space. And it was kind of confusing to put together. It works well, but I wish it was quieter.

  • dont buy!!!!!

    1 stars

    6/22/2015 by cass

    I was given this swing for my baby shower. It worked for 2 weeks and then it stoped. My son was only 6 lbs then. My aunt bought it and ended up throwing or losing the receipt away. And I did not keep the box. Since she does not have the receipt and I do not have the box there is nothing I can do. It was a waste of money! If you look on any store website and read the reviews you will find the same reviews. Don't Buy!!

  • Don't Get

    1 stars

    6/22/2015 by Upset Dad1

    Received this swing as a gift. It drains batteries very quickly and stopped working after a month of usage. have to push the swing in order to make it work. Get a better chair and i would recommend getting one that is able to plug in.

  • Good swing

    4 stars

    6/16/2015 by Luccyyy

    Easy to setup and use. The batteries die fast if you do not give it a push to get it started.

  • Not a good swing

    1 stars

    6/16/2015 by mikek

    Loud and chews through batteries. I made put a 120vac to 6vdc adapter to compensate, but it hesitates on anything more than a newborn

  • Light and easy to carry

    5 stars

    6/16/2015 by Mom of Tessa

    We bought this so we can take our girl places. She loves her regular Graco swing so this was a no-brainier. Fantastic travel swing - fits anywhere, light and easy to carry.

  • Life saver

    4 stars

    6/12/2015 by An anonymous customer

    Loved the way that baby was able to sleep of comfortably sit in this swing when mom needed to step away for a bit. Loved the hardy and safe construction as well.

  • Not worth the money I spent.

    1 stars

    6/11/2015 by c_crane05

    The swing works great w/ small babies, but once they hit 12 lbs, its all over. The swing will stop swinging and the batteries die in no time. I am very very disappointed!

  • fine

    2 stars

    6/11/2015 by Dadd9999999

    son was born 9lbs and after the first month he was to big for it to swing alone. so now we just use it as a seat and push him around. the batteries also run out very fast so be ready for that.

  • Great portable swing

    5 stars

    6/9/2015 by AMW77

    My son loves his swing and love looking at the stars. The motion sometimes puts him to sleep. I also like how it is portable.

  • stopped working

    1 stars

    6/8/2015 by Wyatts mommy

    I bought this swing used it for about month and stopped working. I know it the motor because the batteries are new.


    1 stars

    6/8/2015 by natp

    I was desperate for a swing so I ran to a local store and purchased this one. It worked great for a week. Oh wait, it still works great... Until you put the baby in it then it stops working. Thought it was the batteries, so purchased a huge package, waste of money cause it wasn't the batteries.. now Im stuck with 15 C batteries. My baby weighs 12 pounds. Its says it goes up to 25, ha! I took the box to the recycling center so now I am stuck with it.... WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!

  • DO NOT BY!!!!!

    1 stars

    6/6/2015 by drhargrove

    If I could rate this with out a start I would like most of the other parents I got these swings as gifts for my twin boys such a total waste of money after two months and many batteries the swing will not swing anymore if I could take them back I would Graco needs to fix this problem or take these swings off the market!

  • Nope!

    1 stars

    5/31/2015 by agiannone

    I liked the portability of this swing but once he reached 15 pounds it won't swing him. Not a fan. I looked online and sure enough, reviews all say the same thing. Don't recommend

  • wasted my money

    1 stars

    5/28/2015 by simvol78

    swing stopped swinging in 3 week of use. First it worked only on high speed and in about a week stopped doing even that. We spent good money on it and can't afford replacement, very upset with it:(

  • Just what we needed

    5 stars

    5/26/2015 by Baby Benson

    We needed a simple swinger and this was just what we needed.

  • Worst thing ever

    1 stars

    5/23/2015 by tjcambron

    I bought this and within a month the motor stopped working. The motor is loud and obnoxious. My kid loved it except for the fact that when he was almost asleep he would wake up from the motor being so loud. It is at such a horrible height that I have to sit in order to be able to put him in and take him out of the swing, and im only 5ft 1.

  • really great swing

    5 stars

    5/9/2015 by An anonymous customer

    We had bought one of these when we had our first son! He absolutely loved it, and so did we. I as mom, found to find it very convenient to use since i was recovering from a c-section. I didn't have to get down to get him out or put him in it, it was the perfect height!! All my sons gear was Graco! We gave all of it away to friends and family in need after he grew out of it. Thinking we wouldn't be able to have anymore children due to the complications i had during delivery. Well here we are i am 6 months pregnant with baby boy #2 and we still need all new baby gear, except for a carseat! And we only buy Graco!!! I am so grateful for this opportunity to enter to win from Graco! Thank you!

  • This was ok

    3 stars

    5/9/2015 by Mandyjanepst

    We bought this for my son when he was about 2 months old. After about 2 months of use the motor just couldn't handle swinging as well as it should have. I like the adjustable positions, comfort level. I wish it had a wall adapter, batteries get so pricey!

  • great for tall parents

    4 stars

    5/9/2015 by alyseish

    Got as baby shower gift love it. Like the 2 height feature

  • Easy to use

    4 stars

    5/8/2015 by MomFran

    Had one for my second child. Loved it, and for a good while it was the only way I could get her to sleep. I was sad when it stopped working. I assume the motor burned out because it would turn on, but not swing. It would just make a clicking sound to prove it was trying, but just couldn't work.

  • Rocked my newborn to sleep every night!

    5 stars

    5/7/2015 by An anonymous customer

    My darling son fell asleep in this swing every night! The automatic rocking is wonderful. I loved it. And transferring him from swing to crib was super easy!

  • Love this

    4 stars

    5/7/2015 by AshleySue

    I have used this product for infants in my care. I love how small it is and that it is easy to store when not in use.

  • I hate batteries.

    5 stars

    5/7/2015 by Oshsbaby13

    The night we brought our son home we put him in his swing and turned it on. He was wide awake starring at the owls. Didn't make a peep! Lol the Owls and the clicking from the swing put him to sleep. Great swing just wish it came with an adapter.

  • Love it!

    4 stars

    5/6/2015 by StephCon

    Absolutely love this swing. Keeps my 3 month old calm and happy. The only feature I wish was different is the clicking noise it makes. After a while it wakes her up. Also it's battery operated only. Would love an ac adapter. Would definitely buy it again.

  • Geat travel swing

    5 stars

    5/6/2015 by tlcopland

    I am Mom of many kids and love my Graco products. They have always keep my kids happy and safe It goes with us everywhere when little ones are with us.

  • Simple Swing

    5 stars

    5/5/2015 by An anonymous customer

    I wanted a simple swing and that's exactly what I got with this one. It can be higher or lower, which is wonderful for what I will use it for. When it's higher off the ground, my cats can't bother the baby which is definitely a huge plus. I haven't had my baby yet, but I set it up in the living room to test it out. I appreciate the simple gender neutral design especially because it doesn't stand out in my living room, it actually kind of matches! It's very easy to assemble, sturdy, super light weight, and it folds very well for small closet storage.

  • Cute swing

    4 stars

    5/4/2015 by ByThe12

    My husband and I picked out this swing because we live in a smaller home and already have 3 older children. We liked the feature of the collapsibility of the swing when not in use. I'm really happy with pattern of the cover. The swing went together fairly easily. Quiet when in operation. Now for the con's... The feet of the swing stick out further than anything else on the swing. We are constantly tripping over them. And possibly because this is a portable swing it doesn't seem like it's built really well. It seems a bit rickity.

  • So helpful

    4 stars

    5/3/2015 by KellBelle

    Bought it month ago and so happy I did. Helped fussy baby sleep.

  • my great grandson is a happy baby and smiles

    5 stars

    5/3/2015 by noah

    my great grandson smile in his swing sure makes two happy great grandparents so very happy

  • Our granddaughter is really swingin' now!

    5 stars

    5/1/2015 by Rusty

    When her eyes grow weary and sleep caresses her face, We look for a warm haven of love, a wonderful place To lay her down safely so our happy hearts can sing And then we watch her fall asleep in her Graco swing. We like the construction, sturdy but not overly heavy. The colors are pleasant to the eyes. Controlling the speed of the swing is a wonderful feature.

  • Life Saver!!

    5 stars

    5/1/2015 by Rozzy24

    I love this swing! Being a first time mom is tough, especially when the baby keeps crying and won't calm down no matter what. The Graco Swing By Me Portable Swing calmed my little girl down almost instantly, allowing me to do what I needed around the house. I definitely recommend it!

  • My best friend!

    5 stars

    5/1/2015 by Kimkat

    My daughter is 13 months old and still loves this swing! It is my best friend, always there to give me a hand and soothe my baby if she's cranky or I need a minute to use the bathroom or throw dinner together. Best buy!

  • Does the job

    4 stars

    4/30/2015 by Daddys handsome lil man

    Good little swing and portable like we needed but eats batteries pretty quickly. I made dummy cells out of wood dowels and power pack for use at home.

  • Don't know what I'd do with out it!!!

    5 stars

    4/30/2015 by MPierceChew

    I absolutely LOVE this swing and so does my son. The back adjusts to several positions; it allows him to be relaxed and yet be able to see what's going on around him, and he can still see Mommy and Daddy. I love the speed setting for the movement, some days he's like it slowing some faster and it is made to suit baby's needs and comfort levels as well as be portable enough to move around the house where it's needed.

  • Light duty

    5 stars

    4/30/2015 by jewelz0227

    This swing is light duty and easy to carry. Bedrooms are downstairs and the living space is upstairs; the swing can easily be carried through out the entire house.

  • space saving

    4 stars

    4/30/2015 by marci513

    I love the compact design, it is very space saving!


    5 stars

    4/30/2015 by jshell26

    I LOVE THE PORTABLE SWING! The portable swing is just as nice as a regular size swing, works perfectly if you have very little floor space and especially if you travel with baby! I took mine almost everywhere we went, friends, relatives, birthday parties, and sometimes the park for picnics! I highly recommend this portable swing!

  • Love it!

    5 stars

    4/30/2015 by Kimberdimples

    I bought this because it is very compact. My newborn loves to be in it and it is fairly quiet!

  • Not so great

    1 stars

    4/28/2015 by meljodcat

    Go to back to making old school swings. I agree with the other reviews are saying. Not to mention that the motor on this swings keeps having issues. Would not recommend to others

  • Poor Quality

    1 stars

    4/27/2015 by royciepoo07

    We bought this product in Dec. and didn't use the swing more than once or twice a week until April. After a few weeks the motor no longer works to keep the swing swinging.

  • Do Not Buy!

    1 stars

    4/21/2015 by caseyhug

    This swing was great until my son hit 11 pounds. It no longer swings him, and it eats up batteries like crazy. My son just turned 5 weeks old and already cannot use it. Would not recommend to anyone!

  • Dissatisfied.

    1 stars

    3/14/2015 by unhappy101

    This swing worked great for about a month until our daughter hit 13 lbs. We thought it was a battery issue and wasted money on new ones. Figured out that it wasn't a battery issue. We tried giving it a push to help it when we turned it on, and that only helped for about 2 minutes until it stopped swinging. I was going to take it apart to see it I could try and fix it, but I decided that it isn't worth fixing. We received this swing as a gift, but we should've done our research and taken this swing back for a different one. Hopefully others will read the reviews and choose wisely. I also suggest that you buy a swing that can plug in. They're a little more expensive, but you won't have to worry about wasting money on batteries. I've also found that they're built much better than most battery powered swings.

  • Horrible!

    1 stars

    3/10/2015 by Perezros3

    Bought when my baby was about 2 months of course got a two year plane for replacement ext. when the batteries died I changed them but wouldn't want to swing anymore, I replaced it & the same things happened apsolutly dissapoited! Expected more from a big comp.

  • Stopped working after 3 weeks

    1 stars

    3/9/2015 by Hb9807

    Received this for a gift. Wish I would have taken it back for a different item. Worst product ever, stopped working after 3 weeks.

  • Broke too soon

    2 stars

    3/2/2015 by Dr1234

    We were given this swing as a gift. It has been a lifesaver, being the only place where our little one will sleep. After four weeks, we had to change the batteries out everyday - 4 C batteries gets expensive. Then we realized it's the motor that's going out. We are very disappointed with this swing and its inability to work.

  • Disappointment

    1 stars

    2/25/2015 by Huerta13

    Have twin girls and this worked great for about a month.. Now it doesn't even click or try to swing! My girls just hit the 3 month mark and weight is 11 lbs each.. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

  • We love this swing!

    5 stars

    2/24/2015 by jessierie87

    I recieved this as a baby shower gift (that I picked out). He is 5 months old now, 20ish lbs and fast asleep in it. We use it every day for hours a day and have only changed the batteries one time. Now that he's bigger, you have to give it a boost to start, but then it doesn't have a problem. Much better than the one my nephew had as a baby. When he was 10 lbs, it wouldnt even move, just sat there and clicked.

  • There are better options

    1 stars

    2/16/2015 by MayMommy2014

    I bought this swing, and neither my son or myself liked it. Babies are finicky when it comes to swings so his dislike wasn't the issue. Out of the box, the construction seemed shoddy but I set it up anyway; having used it for a few months now, my opinion remains that the swing isn't sturdy. The motor is rather loud and always seems to be working hard, even when my son was a 6 lb newborn. It also looks is hit or miss with when it works, as in, the motor turns on and you can hear it working, but the seat doesn't move. The straps would also be better if they had some kind of cushioned cover like car seat straps. The one thing I can say I liked about it is that is folds pretty small for a swing which is great for storage...but I didn't want to store it, I just wanted it out of my house.

  • Puts my twins to sleep. Can't ask for much else.

    4 stars

    2/15/2015 by ReedPartyof4

    We received two Graco Swing By Me Portable Swings for Christmas after my twins were born in early December. Despite the negative comments I've seen in the reviews, these have worked fine for us. Albeit, we don't use them every day because we also have the Graco Little Loungers. We use them at least every other day for about 30 minutes at a time and usually on the lowest setting. That's all my boys need to fall right asleep in them, so we are pleased. It's been two months, and we haven't had to change out the batteries yet. Maybe other people keep their babies in swings more often, run them on higher power, or maybe we are just having good luck. Because we have the loungers, too, we have figured out how to switch out the stars for our boys to look at and how to make little light-weight toys that velcro on as well. The motor is a bit noisy, and the boys stare at it as much as the stars, but like I said, they fall right to sleep. No real complaints from me in that case!

  • Do NOT buy this product

    1 stars

    2/6/2015 by ambernicole88

    I received this swing as a Christmas present for my son & within only two weeks, I replaced the batteries like crazy to discover that the motor just simply does not swing more than 7 lbs or so. I am highly disappointed, I have always liked Graco products, but would NOT RECOMMEND this one! Luckily, I called the customer service center and the gentleman was kind enough to send me a replacement motor. Not sure what that will do, but it's worth a shot.

  • Glad this was a gift

    2 stars

    1/26/2015 by Preemiemom

    It WAS good for my son who had reflux, he spent most of his days in it and slept in it most of the time (With it off). HOWEVER! I spent more on batteries for the 5 months we used it than the swing was worth. We were going through a pack a week. And even before my son hit the weight limit the swing wouldn't swing anymore. The motor isn't strong. Needless to say I will be selling this one and buying a different product for this baby. One that plugs in!

  • Buy lots of batteries!

    2 stars

    1/19/2015 by jessicaz

    We loved this swing in the beginning and 3 months later.. it's a love hate relationship! Our 12lb, 3 month old daughter loves this swing when it works but when the batteries die, you better have extras. In the last three months we've replaced the 4 C batteries at least a dozen times in the last three months. I actually had to go out today to buy more batteries because they just died after I replaced them 6 days ago. On a different note we like how the swing is adjustable to be lower to the ground or up higher and how the seat reclines. I just wish there was a better motor.

  • Boooooo!

    2 stars

    1/18/2015 by FrankiesMom

    When my baby turned 4 months I noticed the swing stopped swinging. I unplugged to reboot it and nothing. He weighed 14lbs at the time and just figured the swing gave out on us. I was going to take it apart and thought I'd check reviews. I see others are experiencing same issues. Now he is 5 months and can at least hold his head up a little bit and moved into the upright seated position and seems to work but is temperamental when my baby moves and changes weight distribution, it will stop. Frustrating!!! Not worth the money you pay for it.

  • Not a good choice.

    1 stars

    1/4/2015 by Kayleigh

    My son used this for 3 weeks and now it won't swing with him in it. You have to push it to get it going and then it will stop 10 minutes later. The motor is on, but it's like he is too heavy for it. The weight limit is 25lbs and doesn't even weigh 10! I would definitely not choose this swing.

  • Obnoxious and barely works

    1 stars

    12/7/2014 by Kelsey4425

    This was given to me as a baby shower gift and its a horrible product. My daughter is only 6 weeks old and it's already broken. It has an obnoxious clicking noise with every swing. And the motor is already out. Would not buy again.

  • do NOT buy

    1 stars

    10/23/2014 by cyrus15

    Got this as a baby shower gift. Almost returned it to get diapers instead, I should have! Worked for two whole days. WOW. -_- Not a happy first time momma.

  • Terrible

    1 stars

    9/25/2014 by Jessicamiy

    I got this for my babyshower. I liked it at first but now my son is almost 10lbs and it won't work. I am very upset. It's just all around a terrible product.

  • Disappointing to mom and baby

    1 stars

    9/24/2014 by BusyMartinMama

    I have been using this swing with my 2 month old who is under 12 pounds.... When it worked it was great but now the switch just keeps spinning and spinning and wont send a connection to turn on most of the time. I will keep working on it and it will occationally turn on and swing my little one for about 3 minutes then shuts off. HOW MUCH OF A WASTE! I thought this would be nicer than our old "mini" swing where the older kids could get to the baby so easily but I was sadly disappointed!

  • Worst Swing Ever

    1 stars

    9/22/2014 by mom88888

    This swing has multiple issues. We got it as a baby gift and I didn't use it till baby was 6 weeks old. By then, he weighed 10 pounds. The swing not only eats through the C batteries (requires four, and they are not cheap) but it also had the motor run out on it. And the heavier the baby weighs, the less time it will swing and then just doesn't work. This is a terrible swing. Only positive thing is that we didn't waste our money on it but sad because someone bought this for us and their money has been wasted. Pay attention to your comments on here Graco and fix it so more people are not wasting their money on this swing.

  • Works Great

    4 stars

    9/14/2014 by LS19

    I've been using this swing for 3 months, and it works just fine. My son is now 14 lbs. at 5 months old and the swing has enough power and has had no malfunctions. We recently put the swing at the lowest height and started using the safety belt since he can squirm around a lot. The motor makes a noise but it's not loud enough to be an issue, and doesn't bother my son at all. I would recommend.

  • Mixed Feelings

    2 stars

    8/25/2014 by shajan

    purchased the swing 2 months ago and worked fine although it went through batteries like crazy. Over time you could here the clicking but it would barely swing which like other reviews it appeared that the heavier my baby got it just didn't have the power to swing him. Then it finely stopped working completely when my baby reached 12 lbs. However we have twins and have 2 of this exact swing and the other swing has always worked just fine and doesn't use batteries as fast. It appears that the motor is notorious for working poorly and going through batteries unless you get the lucky good motor. I contacted Graco Limited Warranty Dept and they are sending a new motor assembly so we will see. I would say it was a fluke since we have one that works fine, if it weren't for all the other reviews with the same problems. I wouldn't purchase again if I had it to do over. But its an OK swing for what it is. The toys are useless, not very attractive to a baby and poorly designed. Not as portable as advertised. I would say after all these reviews Graco should rethink the design and do a recall on the motors on these swings.

  • Great for us

    4 stars

    8/19/2014 by hollyet85

    I saw a lot of negative reviews. Besides going through batteries a lot, rechargeable work great for us, this has been the greatest thing that we got for my son. He's used it since day one. He's now 8.5 months and about 17lbs; yeah he's a little guy. Swing still swings fine, motor makes some noise, but they all do. Love this swing and would reccomend it to someone looking; maybe a plug in one to save batteries.

  • awesome!...minus the motor

    2 stars

    8/17/2014 by omnommom

    This swing was amazing. It would help my baby fall asleep when he was teething or colic-y even if nothing else would, but the motor wore out after 3 months of use. Also, when it did work, it was pretty loud. I absolutely loved it while it worked, and now I'm sad that it doesn't. Looking for a replacement for the motor that won't break the bank.

  • Get a plug in one....

    2 stars

    8/6/2014 by TLBsMommy

    I really wish I would have done more research before asking my mom to buy this. My LO is 17 lbs and on full speed, it barely moves. He loves his swing too so it's a bummer it's not really working too great. I agree with everyone else though, after about 12 lbs it pretty much stops swinging.

  • Great for a newborn..older babies, not so much.

    2 stars

    7/31/2014 by tannnap

    This swing was great when my son was a newborn, or under 15 lbs. He weighs in at 19 lbs right now, and it will only swing half of the time. When it does work, I love it...but when it doesnt want to swing it is a pain. The motor is loud on it, but I overlook it. There is no way the swing will operate holding a 25 lbs baby. The swing also eats batteries...stock up on them!!


    1 stars

    7/25/2014 by jay2416

    Not sure why the person who gave me this as a babyshower gift chose THIS swing, but I sure wish she didn't. As a first time mom, I am not familiar with the different brands out there for baby products, but if THIS is how Graco products are, then I am staying away. *Didn't work after two weeks of usage (baby weighed 7lbs) *Replaced brand new batteries and got about two more uses out of it (2 months later when the baby weighed around 11 lbs) The person who bought the swing didn't save the receipt so I'm stuck manually pushing the swing myself. Going out to buy a new swing soon which is too bad.

  • Love the colors!

    2 stars

    7/20/2014 by 2midgets

    I rcvd this swing from my parents LOVE the color and easy breakdown for traveling but the swing just stop working after two months, LOTS of batteries and finally th motor stop working. Very disappoint especially since I'm in the teething stage and that seems to be the only thing to claim him down

  • Worked great for us

    5 stars

    7/14/2014 by Smcd37

    We got this swing as a shower gift and my baby who is now 8months and around 20lbs has still uses this swing and it has helped him fall asleep. It's easy to use the straps are nice and yah I need to bend over to get him out of the swing ( I'm 5'7" ) but a taller swing wouldn't make sense. I would say that a downside is that it does eat up batteries - but no more than a remote control car.

  • Will no longer swing baby after 1 month

    1 stars

    6/12/2014 by amanda1214

    I bought this swing 2 months ago. It worked for 1 month then stopped swinging when my baby hit 14 lbs. I was sent a replacement motor yesterday, only to find that it too did not work. This swing is noot worth the money I paid for it.

  • Does not work after 12lbs

    1 stars

    5/23/2014 by Enzo3514

    I got this swing as a baby shower gift and I was very pleased at first, but now I am quite disappointed. When my son reached around 12lbs, I noticed the swing needed to be pushed in order to get it working. Now that he is 15lbs, I will push it to start swinging, but it stops swinging around one minute later. My son is a bigger baby, so at 2.5 months we can no longer use it. The swing also goes through batteries like crazy, which can get very expensive. Unless you have a small baby that will get more than 2 months use out of it, I would not bother buying this swing. I will definitely be doing more research on Graco products if I am ever to have another child.

  • Great swing!

    4 stars

    5/10/2014 by 2xbitten

    I received this as s gift about a month ago and it has been a lifesaver. Not only has it soothe my baby to sleep, it has served as an extra pair of hands when the need arises.

  • Don't Buy

    1 stars

    3/27/2014 by texmom

    I received this as a baby shower gift instead of the one I had asked for (something someone felt they could pick out better than I could). Its motor is LOUD and it eats batteries like no tomorrow. Rechargables don't work, I don't know why, but they don't. It is also an awkward height for me. If on the low height setting it is practically right on the floor so you need to sit on the floor to strap your child in, if on the higher height setting it is so low that you try sitting on the ground but end up having the seat right in your face. No real easy way to get your child in or out. So it sits taking up a lot of space in my living room and hasn't been touched in months.

  • Won't last long.

    2 stars

    3/21/2014 by Beanowar

    Bought this swing to accompany all of the Scribbles products we purchased. It worked awesome at first. But our son got to 10 lbs and it started draining batteries. Now it barely works. It says up to 25 lbs. Not the case. Maybe it will physically hold 25 lbs, but it will not swing that weight. Our boy is only 8 weeks old. Don't purchase this if you really need a good swing.

  • Worst swing ever

    1 stars

    3/7/2014 by Ryan2223

    really waste of money, as soon as my baby hit 10 lb this swing stop working..

  • Great customer service and for travailing

    4 stars

    2/4/2014 by cmjordy

    I received this swing for my son for his Christmas of 2013 it is now Feb. 2014. The swing started having really loud squeak when I turned it on. I called the customer service Number and they are sending out a new motor. Other than that it has been great. I take it with me when we go to visit family and friends and it helps him sleep through the day when my 2 year old is running around and when he fights sleep.

  • Waste of money!

    1 stars

    1/15/2014 by acjohns01

    I got this swing for a baby shower and it is a piece of junk! It is pretty and a good sleeper but the swing just makes clanking noises while it is suppose to be swinging! Don't waste your time with this one!

  • Happy owner

    5 stars

    11/25/2013 by HM1006 from Suffolk, Va

    I am overall very pleased with this swing! It has saved the day as far as soothing my baby! She didn't care much for a bouncer and this swing keeps her happy! I am finally able to do something's around the house, I.e. Cooking & cleaning, that I wasn't able to do before. If you are looking for a swing that doesn't make ant noise you may want to look into another swing, you can definitely hear this when it's turned on. It's nothing that bothers me but something others may not enjoy.

  • Don't Buy

    1 stars

    11/5/2013 by mommaD

    We purchased this for our little one and a week after having it I returned it because it was no longer swinging. I got the same one (because I thought something was wrong with the product) and I am now returning it as well. After reading the reviews I can see why it's not working. My little one is getting bigger (she's 12 lbs now) and the swing just can't handle that, even though it says up to 25 lbs.

  • Swing By Me

    4 stars

    9/27/2013 by Busa

    Got this product as gift for my new born, very sturdy, works great, only complaint is that they should have one simple diagram to assemble the swing instead of a book, but great product!!

  • No!

    1 stars

    9/19/2013 by Erinem

    I've had this swing for about 2 months, and it is already working like it is not strong enough to swing my 12lb newborn. I have had to replace batteries almost every week, and have to manually push the swing to keep it going. I do not recommend.

  • love this

    5 stars

    8/17/2013 by lynnB

    we love this swing, its great you can have it be two different heights. It was easy to put together as well.The fabric is so soft & comfy. Very cute swing.


    5 stars

    8/16/2013 by Katlyn

    My daughter loves it when we put her in the swing. The swinging motion calms her & she often falls asleep in it. The fact that it's portable makes things so much easier when we go over to a friend's house.

  • Loving it

    5 stars

    8/15/2013 by CrysChris

    I am always on the go with a total of 4 kids. This portable swing stays in my car at all times. So great when at baseball, softball or any other practice and baby gets fussy. PERFECT!!!!!

  • worst swing ever

    1 stars

    7/23/2013 by mommyoftwo91

    I would not recommend this swing to anyone. I bought this about 4 months ago for my son. my husband was bringing the swing up to the apartment from the car and the front legs fell off. About a week after that i put brand new batteries into the swing and it wouldnt turn on. So I took it back to target where I got a new one. Again big mistake because the legs fell off again when I went to move it so that I could clean and whenever I put batteries in the swing it only works for for about a day or two and then wont turn on.

  • good product but...

    2 stars

    7/17/2013 by tonilyn82

    There are a lot of great features to this swing...adjustable height, recliner, speed. Unfortunately, it's difficult to put a squirmy baby into it because the swing doesn't lock. Personally, I think this is a big miss. I would've been able to live without the fabric belts if that meant having it lock when I put my little guy in.

  • great swing for the price

    5 stars

    7/14/2013 by mle76 from pahrump,nv

    easy to assemble. adjustable height. no loud clicking. my 2 month old likes to swing mostly on the highest setting. comfortable. It does a great job!

  • not so great..

    1 stars

    6/19/2013 by joanne

    For the first two months this swing worked great.. but like others have said..once my baby hit 12 lbs it has just been a pain. It was no longer strong enough to swing him when it was fully reclined so I had to put it in more of a sitting position for it to even work..and you can imagine this looks very uncomfortable for a baby who can barely hold his head up...he is now 4 mos. And 14 lbs and the swing just doesn't have enough power to swing him. You can hear it clicking but it is barely moving...have gone through lots of batteries trying to solve the problem.. definitely don't recommend

  • Extremely happy!

    5 stars

    6/7/2013 by sweetangeldiver

    My daughter is 11 months and still uses this swing. She's tiny for her age. I've never had an issue w it and its by far her favorite!

  • Worst purchase ever!!!

    1 stars

    4/18/2013 by DisappointedMom

    The first couple of weeks that I owned this swing it worked perfectly...I loved it. But here I am just two months later and many battery purchases later and this swing only works a couple minutes at a time. It will start swinging just fine but then about five minutes later it will come to a complete stop. I have to manually push this swing in order for it to work!!! I am very disappointed in this product! It costs over $60 dollars and stopped working properly within a couple of weeks. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT!

  • Soothing it does!

    5 stars

    4/11/2013 by anabiadad

    Good product, easy to assemble

  • dont waste your money

    1 stars

    3/11/2013 by MAMAJ

    Over all the swing is good and does the basic job. It eats up batteries a lot- i would recommend a plug in swing. When I took it apart to move my family to a new home the "plugs" dropped into the legs and I could not get them out to reset it up for my baby.

  • Wouldn't buy it again

    3 stars

    3/2/2013 by pbxyz

    First off it says that it goes both ways - back and fourth and side ways - it only goes back and fourth! The motor is super loud. I just bought this for my 2 month old and it's not in my favor at all. The toys aren't even reachable for my little guy too.

  • Easy to put together

    5 stars

    2/27/2013 by Henloriann from Fort Dodge, IA

    Babies (twins) love it. Been a few years (I'm the Nana) since I put one of these together and they make the swings much easier to put together. Nice, love Graco stuff!

  • My son loves it!

    4 stars

    2/26/2013 by MBgal from Jamesport, MO

    We had bought an expensive swaying swing but our son cried whenever we put him in it! We returned it and I figured I would try this simple old fashioned swing with gift money! It was easy for my husband to set up and our son loves it! He is sleeping in it right now!!! He takes many a nap in it!! I like it for the portable part of it since my husband does construction on the road. It feels just a little cheap as far as the overall sturdiness is concerned but so far we're happy with it and for the price it's not a bad deal!!

  • amazing

    5 stars

    1/25/2013 by kay1990

    Folds easy, saves room and the two different heights is very convenient my son loves it

  • Wouldn't buy it again.

    3 stars

    1/23/2013 by Myburntwings

    This is an ok swing but it has a lot of flaws that I have found in the 3 months I have been using it. First off the motor is way too loud, it tends to wake my baby at times. The seat is too deep it makes her lay at an odd angle. The Animals are more of a hindrance than they are entertaining so Im glad the bar they are on comes off. I do wish it came with a wall adapter due to going through batteries like mad. The only thing I have found about it that I can really praise is the portability. I love being able to move it from room to room without difficulty, and even though I have panned this swing I am glad I have had it because she had to sleep in it the first couple month she was born due to colic. It was a life saver, I just wish it was a little different.

  • My son likes It alot!

    4 stars

    1/20/2013 by wenaleang

    I like that it can be used in two height settings and multiple reclining positions. My baby likes the rocking and moving! I would recommend for babies with acid reflux like my son. They are not too big and can fold in half easily.

  • Broken Motor

    1 stars

    1/19/2013 by AngrySwingHater

    After one week of owning this swing, the motor died. We returned it to the store where we were expecting to pick up a replacement, however this was an online order only. After waiting a full week and getting no sleep at nights the new one came. It also died about a week later. I do not recommend this swing.

  • Love this swing

    5 stars

    1/19/2013 by Melk

    I received this swing as a baby shower gift back in Oct. My son loves this swing. We use it frequently, pretty much every day. We have only had to change the batteries once. It's very soothing and puts my little boy right to sleep and calms him when he is upset. I love the swing and would recommend it.

  • Noisy

    2 stars

    1/19/2013 by Sheenabeena3

    I Love Graco products but the swing is very loud and noisy. This is the one product that I was very unsatitfied with. Otherwise I love my stroller, car seat, pack and play and high chair.

  • Good, reliable, affordable

    4 stars

    1/18/2013 by Pickmama

    There are several tempting swings out there with all the bells and whistles and you will be paying for all of those bells and whistles. I wanted a swing that I could put my son in to soothe him when cranky and possibly rock him to sleep during naps and didn't want to spend a fortune on it especially since babies don't generally stay with swings for too long. I was almost sucked in by some of the super cute but expensive swings out there but reeled myself in. This swing does what it should. My son digs it and doesn't need anything flashier. The only thing we have added is some of the hanging mobile items you can buy for a few bucks now that he is 7 months and needs a little more entertainment. I am very pleased with this basic and affordable item.

  • Good Product

    4 stars

    1/3/2013 by VerySatisfied2013

    I think that the swing was a good purchase. It was easy to put together, no tools needed. It is adjustable and my great-niece and she loves it. I would have rated it higher if it had music or colorful hanging toys. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  • Best Swing Ever

    5 stars

    12/14/2012 by An anonymous customer

    I got this swing for my babyshower and before I even had the baby I returned it after reading many reviews about the battery life being bad and the motor being to loud. I returned this for a power operated swing instead. Once the baby was born I set the swing up and he absolutely hated it! I packed that one up and took it back and got this one again despite what I read. I am SO HAPPY I did! The baby loves this swing it helps me keep my sanity. My baby is going on 4 months now and I just had to replace the batteries for the first time this week. I am not sure how that happened since he goes into the swing atleast once a day. It is wonderful as a full swing or you can pack it up and take it will you, then set it up as a mini swing. We are in such a small place right now that it fits perfectly on the lowered setting. The motor does not sound loud and the baby loves that the plush toys come off and he can play with them. I cannot say enough about this swing if I have another baby I will definitely be getting this again! Thank you Graco

  • Broken motor after two weeks

    1 stars

    12/14/2012 by Ruth

    Replaced the batteries several times, motor just keeps dying. Worked the first couple nights, now just won't swing. This is a huge pain since my daughter will only sleep in a swinging swing. She's only six pounds!! It's definitely not a weight issue. I will be returning this product immediately and buying another swing, a different brand.

  • great swing for its price!

    5 stars

    10/22/2012 by TtG49 from wenatchee, washington

    Great swing for its price. Bought this for our grandson for in our home. He visits often, and he loves it! It stores away perfect. Folds down and compact for travel or storage.

  • Same problem

    1 stars

    9/29/2012 by Dakota

    I have had the same problems as most of the moms on here. The swing won't work now that my son is 11 lbs. it just stops. It's not the batteries, I've spent almost as much money on new batteries now as I did the swing and I've only had it a month. HOW ANNOYING!!!!


    1 stars

    9/15/2012 by An anonymous customer

    Firstly, I am against these things in the first place. Most up-to-date research shows the more babies are strapped into these contraptions, the less they are able to move freely and develop their motor skills. That being said, my very set-in-her-ways grandmother-in-law insisted on buying two of these for my twins. They were hardly ever used, but were used on occasion to appease her. In the handful of times they were used, they wouldn't even swing my 16lb babies (and it's supposedly good to 25.5lbs) what good is a swing that can't swing?! Works great when nothing is in it if you're into just listening to an annoying click-clunk-click-clunk all day. Do not waste your money on this glorified baby chair, because that's all it is is a chair.

  • Dont buy

    1 stars

    8/24/2012 by B. Kelly

    Motor died within 2 weeks. Replaced batteries and still not working. after researching it found out others have had the same problem. Graco is notorious for these motors going bad.

  • Excellent product

    5 stars

    8/22/2012 by FaveAuntie from Shirley, NY

    This was a gift; the recipient loves it.

  • Nice swing, eats batteries, replaced mechanism

    4 stars

    8/16/2012 by Bmiller

    As the review above this stated this swing really goes through the batteries. My son is three months old and the mechanism that makes the swing "go" died. Since I was able to register all my graco products a simple email to graco and they replaced this mechanism no questions asked. Therefore my rating of the swing is good due to the good customer service. My son loves this!!

  • Eats Up Batteries!!!

    2 stars

    6/6/2012 by jgalough

    Purchased this item for my newborn. When she was little (8-12lbs) we didn't have a problem with the battery life. We easily got 1 month out of a set of 4 C batteries (expected). The weight limit on the product indicates "up to 25.5lbs" Once my little one hit the 12lb mark it started going downhill from there. At first, we got 2 weeks out of the batteries, now at 16lbs we don't even get one week on a 4 pack of batteries. Batteries are expensive, not to mention, we have attempted to buy rechargeable batteries for this unit and the 3 different brands that we have tried are not compatible with this swing. So rechargeables are out. I would say, if you plan on only using this item for the first 6 months (which is unlikely) go ahead and buy it, but otherwise.... invest in a swing the has an AC Adapter that plugs right into the wall. It will run you more at first but buying batteries every week for this swing it just insane!

  • Swing stopped swinging after 2 weeks of use.

    1 stars

    5/24/2012 by 4babiesmomma from Orange County, CA

    Stopped swinging after 2 weeks of use. Tried 2 different sets of new batteries and it still wont swing. Gears no longer make a sound- gears are probably the defect.

  • optional hight adjustment

    4 stars

    3/30/2012 by An anonymous customer from phoenix az

    other swings are low this swing is ajustible for grandpas bad back

  • Can't push a 7lb newborn!

    1 stars

    3/20/2012 by WhatevernameLeigh from WV

    I just had my baby, tried it once to see if she liked it, which she did, it worked fine but she was only in it for 5 mins. A week later i put her in it and it's making the clicking noise but not rocking. No matter what i do it stops rocking! But i take her out of it, it works fine. Really, 7lbs too much for a swing? Taking it back and getting a better swing!

  • hight

    5 stars

    3/15/2012 by bowsmom

    i have a bad back so i needed a swing that was at good hight without the price of a full size one

  • not happy

    3 stars

    2/1/2012 by 125468 from va

    went threw all of the information about the piece and could't find powering info. so i turned to the question area of the listing and found that it was also 110 volt powered. incorrect. but it is what it is

  • Good Product

    4 stars

    1/29/2012 by Mrsduplessis12 from New Orleans, LA

    I like this swing. Make sure u have C batteries. The only down fall is no music on it. For the price it would b nice for a little music. Other then that, my 2 month baby loves it!

  • Gentle and soothing baby swing

    5 stars

    1/28/2012 by wisper01 from San Bruno

    My little baby loved this swing The setup instructions was illustrative and easy to follow, it took me about 10minutes to get all set. the baby loved it, it was a good way to get him to sleep and stay asleep. It is safe and secure

  • Overall good for the price.

    4 stars

    1/26/2012 by dharrison

    Ordered this item on line and had it mailed to my daughter who thought it was nice and so far by new grandson is enjoying it. No music though.

  • good for basic needs and price

    4 stars

    12/1/2011 by texasgeorgetown from texas

    This product works for what I needed. However, I did find it to be loud, but it seems from my research, that all make a loud noise called "white noise". My kid just stares where the noise comes from more than he stares at the elephants. It does require batteries. It does not come with an AC adapter for the wall. It is small and that works best in my home, versus the others i seen that take up a lot of space. i have no complaints, it works for what i was looking for.

  • Good Value

    4 stars

    11/28/2011 by MaBelleSouth from Marshall, TX

    Baby likes it... need I say more? Good price, very easy 'ship-to-store' service, and arrived quickly. Works well and seems to be holding up to use.