About Playhouses & Furniture

Whether placed indoors or outdoors, children’s playhouses offer an exciting place for toddlers to play and ignite their imaginations and creativity. We have a wide selection of high quality playhouses for children. Our choices are available in different sizes so it can fit the backyard or playroom. They also have a detailed interior, which includes a cabinet, kitchen table and even faucet, and sink. Aside from playhouses, you can also shop for slides and picnic tables. All of which boasts kid-friendly design and a tough durable construction. We are also offering storage solutions which allows you to keep your child’s blanket, bed sheets and even toys. They are also available in a cute and exciting design of your kid’s favorite cartoon character. We also provide spacious toy organizers and dressers which can hold your toddler’s belongings like toys and sports equipment. In addition to storage trunk options, we also carry mini saucer chairs, table and chair sets and even upholstered chairs so your little girl can have a comfortable and vibrant seat.