JL Childress - Car Seat Travel Bag with Wheels

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This baby car seat bag features hard bottom and resting pegs for stability and support and find rubber caster wheels for easy portability. This car seat bag with wheels folds up easily to store in the plane's overhead compartment. Made from heavy-duty nylon that is water-resistant, this car seat bag offers durable performance and protects from other damages. Travel with ease and protect your child's car seat with the JL Childress Car Seat Travel Wheels. This JL Childress Car Seat Travel Wheels will make a great choice to carry your babys car seat with ease anywhere you go.. The adjustable pull strap offers easy maneuverability, whereas the interior buckle strap help set the car seat in place.

  • Hard bottom and resting pegs keep car seat and bag up off of the ground.
  • Reinforced bottom seam adds durability
  • Shoulder strap attached to D ring to easily pull Wheelie
  • Clear identification pocket
  • Measures 32"H x 20"W x 20"D
  • Repositioned D-ring increases ease of pulling
  • UPC: 052678022068
  • Brand: J.L. Childress
  • Color: Standard
  • Gender: Boys, Female, Unisex
  • Assembled Product Weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.00 x 17.00 x 16.00 Inches

Reviews (17)

  • Smells horrendous!
    2 stars

    1/29/2018 by Linzeeann

    The bag itself holds our carseat perfectly and looks like it will also be able to accommodate our base as well conviently all in one bag. My issue though is the very strong, over powering moldy smell on the bag. I had our carseat in it over night after trying it out to ensure it fits before our trip and have had to pull the carseat apart to wash it to get the smell off. It is currently airing out in my garage. I hope I can get that awful smell out before our trip as I don't want my baby breathing that in!

  • good
    4 stars

    3/2/2017 by ksmm

    survived one trip so far.

  • Great for traveling!
    5 stars

    6/27/2016 by ajod

    I bought this for a specific family trip to Florida and it was perfect! It fit our Britax seat perfectly and the wheels on the bottom made it so easy to lug around with all the suitcases! We checked it and had no issues whatsoever! It's a GREAT price and was much cheaper at WalMart than anywhere else. I would recommend this before buying the branded Britax version that was 3 times the price.

  • Love it
    5 stars

    3/11/2016 by KristinP

    Great bag and easy to use, would definitely recommend

  • Hmmmmm
    1 stars

    1/4/2016 by Epicsarah

    This item is great in theory, but trying the wheel it is impossible. It needs a hard/structured handle system. It drags rather wheels. Bummer purchase. Currently looking to purchase something more functional.

  • Worked well
    5 stars

    11/15/2015 by Mimi

    Worked well. Fit large car seat. Car seat heavy, glad to have wheels. Strong construction survived baggage check. Able to put seat in quickly at airport before departure.

  • Not the right size
    2 stars

    12/27/2014 by hodge33

    So I bought this bag because it said it would fit my newly (November 2014) purchased Britax Marathon carseat. We have four children and a bag with wheels to pull our car seat around the airport and protect it while it travels seemed like a great investment. Unfortunately, it doesn't really fit our carseat. We were able to cram it into the bag barely after resetting the seat back to factory position and my husband tearing the flesh on his fingers to get the zipper to close around the carseat. We waited till the day of flying to try it out because of busy holiday plans we didn't have time to test it out before we got to the airport. That being said it seems really durable and well made. The wheels work well easy for my 12 year old to pull. So I like the bag just sad it doesn't fit my car seat even thought they said it would.

  • worked great
    5 stars

    3/20/2014 by txmime

    Bought 2 for my daughter to take her daughters to Disney World. My son In law said the were great made it much easier to get car seats kids and luggage through airport. My daughter liked them because her new car seats stayed clean. They said the 3 year old sat on it while they wheeled through the airport. Probably not recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Good product
    5 stars

    10/30/2013 by AAly

    Good product

  • Great travel bag
    4 stars

    9/24/2013 by kjohnson1

    This bag fit our Evenflo Symphony DLX Convertible Car Seat but it was snug, it took 2 of us to easily zip the bag shut. We have taken 2 non-stop flights with this bag and it still looks like the first day we got it. I was not expecting much from the construction of the product but I was surprised to see that it was actually made very sturdy. Very pleased with protection it offered our car seat. It does not take up much space when not in use. Our car seat left some space between seat and bag top, I think you could squeeze in a few extra soft items, I didn't get a chance to test that theory.

  • Wondeful for traveling
    5 stars

    9/19/2013 by Eve03

    I ordered this to travel with my granddaughter overseas. It was wonderful. I didn't have to carry the car seat. Very convenient. I felt her brand new car seat which we also had purchased at Walmart was going to be safe and secure. It was an expensive model and we didn't want it to be mistreated. I would have liked a little more cushion but there was room enough to put her blankets and a small pillows to make it feel secure so that when the car seat was handled by the baggage people it would be ok. I would recommend it to anyone who travels with a car seat, it will be more protected and much easier to travel with. The car seat arrived perfect and I felt much better that it would not be dirty or broken. It is very easy to pull. Great to use if having to travel with any car seat. Great fit also.

  • Definitely better than expected!
    5 stars

    4/13/2013 by Nnnnnnn1234678

    After reading the horrible reviews I didn't expect much but I needed something to protect my $300+ Peg-Perego convertible seat. I was very pleasantly surprised how well it worked. It fit my seat perfectly (suspect it would fit a Britax seat too since they are similar size). The material is lightweight but sturdy enough to protect the material. There is an inside bage strap to help the seat stay in place in the bag. You have to tip the seat farther than you think to have it roll nicely, but if you lengthen the strap so that the top of the seat rides about 12 inches from the floor, then it works fine. Plus when my suitcase was a few pounds over the weight limit, I could move some items over to this bag and get all my luggage checked for free! I would have appreciated an extending pulley arm like most wheelie suitcases but it was fine without it. For the price and value ($35), I would def recommend.

  • Cheaper than renting
    4 stars

    10/27/2012 by pwrdude97

    This will give you the opportunity to use the seat your child is used to. It will save you money verses the rental companies plus only your child's germs! Airline was kind of ruff on it. It had wear marks after first use, but even if you had to buy one for every trip you'd still be money ahead. It should be usable several more times.

  • Poor
    1 stars

    9/23/2012 by Ejsmith

    One trip and the wheels fell off.

  • Exceeded expectations!
    5 stars

    5/18/2012 by AnnConsumer

    I was really concerned whether the toddler car seat would fit before receiving it. Fits perfectly! Taking my granddaughter on her first plane trip and renting a car, so we wanted to have her car seat on hand. I think this is going to make the trip much easier for all of us!

  • worked well
    4 stars

    5/16/2012 by chicagoAB

    i had the bag folded up and then set it up right before i boarded the at the gate...worked out really well and kept the car seat clean when we picked it up at the end of the flight.

  • Served my purpose
    4 stars

    1/2/2012 by Anchiladala

    My Cosco convertable carseat fix in easily (just note that the arm rests have to be in the up position. It was not as easy to roll as rolling luggage, but it was easier than carrying it and worrying about damage to the buckles and straps. So, overall- it served its' purpose!

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