Prince Lionheart Table Edge Guard with 4 Corners

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This baby edge guard with four corners helps you to baby-proof the hazardous areas in your home, so that your children won't get hurt. They're non-toxic and latex-free. It's a 12-foot long specially cushioned table edge guard that can be put up on the edges of your furniture easily. The other side features impact-absorbing foam to act as a protective layer between your table and child. Protect your baby from all table edges around your home with the Prince Lionheart Table Edge Guard. They can be used on all square tables or cabinets.

  • 12ft / 3.7m for square or circular tables (trim to desired length) and 4 cushiony cornerGUARDS
  • Specially formulated 3M double-sided tape included
  • Super simple to install
  • Give hard surfaces a softer side so they don't leave a mark
  • NO NASTIES: fire-retardant, non-toxic, and latex free
  • UPC: 049345000702
  • Model: 0070
  • Material: ABR Foam
  • Brand: Prince Lionheart
  • Type: Edge & Corner Guards
  • Assembled Product Weight: 1.33 lbs

Reviews (20)

  • Worked perfect!!
    5 stars

    11/15/2018 by Shoog

    This stuff worked perfect for around my fire place. It's super soft and the color was nice. It comes with the 3M double sided tape strips which makes it super easy and it sticks very well.

  • Excellent Quality
    5 stars

    5/25/2018 by Amy

    We've used other edge guards before and they weren't nearly as sticky as these. My toddler twins have both tried to pull them off and failed. It comes with plenty of double sided tape, so no worries if you get the tape stuck in a giant ball - there's more.

  • Would have given it a 5 star rating...
    4 stars

    6/19/2017 by Elindell

    I would have given it a 5 star rating if it stuck better to my table. We've had to use painters tape to keep it in place. It has eliminated the bumps and bruises my little one was getting which is the main reason for getting it.

  • Bad very bad
    1 stars

    12/1/2016 by Yankeenox89

    It doesn't stick. Not worth it.

  • Works well
    5 stars

    8/27/2016 by KK20

    The edge guard works well but you have to make sure that you place it on precisely otherwise it falls off (or in my case is pulled off by a curious 7 month old). This product relies on double sided tape to attach to whatever edges you need it on and provides more then enough tape.

  • super good
    5 stars

    6/23/2016 by Betta

    very happy about it as i have a home daycare and i need to be super safe! I couldn't find anything even similar! thanks for this, you saved my life!

  • Excellent for stairs & long lasting
    5 stars

    6/2/2016 by Tree Farmer

    This product can be used for so much more than tables! We applied the strips to our tile stairs and fireplace hearth 8 years ago when our first child became mobile. The combination of smooth tiles and a sharp metal edge made it a safety hazard. I am only now ordering a replacement set. The 3M tape has kept it stuck to the tile all this time. The only wear is some ripping on the most used steps that take a lot of abuse from a busy family of four. Once we installed it, even adults commented how much nicer it was to walk down our stairs without fear of slipping. I highly recommend for this application.

  • Bigger than I thought
    4 stars

    3/13/2016 by PurpleGem79

    This was bigger than I thought bought I like that because I could custom cut to my needs. Very soft cushion unlike other products.

  • Easy to apply, is soft, solid cushion.
    5 stars

    2/18/2016 by HappyK

    I bought this the first time to wrap around our coffee table. The second time to cover the side of the crib. Found it easy to apply and protects baby's head nicely.

  • Great product!
    5 stars

    12/3/2015 by MommyUSCAN

    It was easy to install and looks great! Matches my furniture.

  • great stuff!!!!
    5 stars

    9/29/2015 by cipollina

    I have a really thick glass coffee table that my daughter loves to hold on to while she tries to stand. two minutes after application, my daughter lost her footing and hit her head on the edge of the coffee table and fell to floor. absolutely nothing happened to her! she didn't even cry! I'm very satisfied with it.

  • poor quality and poor adhesive
    1 stars

    6/8/2015 by Shadavis

    it is very flimsy, doesnt stick well I was expecting harder plastic that would pop onto the corners, it took my grandson about 1 min to pull them off total waste of money.

  • Poor
    1 stars

    6/6/2015 by GigiBoum

    The product is not good and the quality is poor.

  • Love this stuff
    5 stars

    2/3/2015 by Tolovesomuch1

    This is a great product bigger and a lot spongier if that's a word than what I expected. I used this on my sons dresser in his bedroom and I am more at ease now. I got rid of my coffee table so I don't have that worry. I would cover my car in this stuff if it would come off easier!!! Great product.

  • good product
    5 stars

    1/6/2015 by never1644

    very good product

  • Does not stick well
    1 stars

    11/4/2014 by Bella51

    I'm not happy with this purchase first it took a while to figure out how to remove the sticker then the next day it was all lose no longer holding on the table. I have twin boys standing on everything and thought this would be prefect so they wouldn't hurt themselves . I have bought many thing online and havent had a problem this is the first.

  • Adhesive
    3 stars

    8/14/2014 by NothingWorksRight

    The webpage color image is rather white but the description says beige. Believe me, it is a very dark beige. Do not trust the webpage image for color. The adhesive tape is terrible stuff to apply. I finally gave up and used caulking and held the foam in place with tape until the caulking dried. I strongly recommend this method over the factory tape. Otherwise, it works fine, protecting very well after it is in place. I suppose if you are going to remove it later maybe struggling with the tape nightmare and removing the residue with lighter fluid or Goof Off may be better. However, mine will stay in place permanently.

  • Very good.
    5 stars

    6/27/2014 by xwu622

    The edge guard is easy to install, correct color, stay in place.

  • Nice for more than Table
    4 stars

    4/4/2014 by memailia

    I have a bedframe that is all wood and the footboard sticks out just a little too far out & ALWAYS gets me right in the knee. This was perfect for it; however, it made the bedframe look a little tacky. I chose safety over looks :-)

  • Great but Dirty
    3 stars

    3/24/2014 by Eng723

    i can recommend this to those have wood tables, this aint not good for glass table just like mine, but at least still it will be safe with my daughter that would matter to me, i was just disappointed when i got it, because i found it has a marked of a shoes which i mean somebody step on it and its hard to remove anymore it really showed the mark on the top of the table.

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