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You can trim the fireplace hearth guard to fit the exact shape your hearth. The neutral taupe color of the KidKusion Hearth Kushion Fireplace Guard will blend in with its surroundings, making it suitable for nearly any decor.. The KidKusion Hearth Kushion Fireplace Guard will provide a soft, padded edge around your hearth that can help prevent injuries from trips and falls. This fireplace guard will attach securely to edge of your hearth using adhesive backing. The Fireplace Hearth Guard features a soft, flame retardant foam material that will shield sensitive skin from rough brick or granite, which can help prevent abrasions and contusions. Hook and loop fasteners are included and will prevent slipping and sliding.

  • JPMA Award winning product
  • Can be trimmed as needed
  • Soft foam pad covers rough hard edges of the fireplace hearth
  • Attaches securely to hearth using heavy duty double sided tape provided
  • Measures 9.5" on each side and 81" across the front
  • Neutral taupe color blends with most decors
  • UPC: 731900060107
  • Features: Edge & Corner Guards
  • Model: 6010
  • Material: Soft Foam Rubber
  • Brand: KidKusion
  • Type: Edge & Corner Guards

Reviews (19)

  • okay for price
    2 stars

    9/14/2017 by Teddy85

    Item seems to be serving it's purpose, but the provided adhesive started to fail within 24 hours... buy Gorilla mounting tape with product.

  • Good Product
    5 stars

    3/16/2017 by Matt

    Easy to use and provides good safety

  • Great Product
    5 stars

    11/1/2016 by Barb

    I purchased this item because my 6 year old grandson had to go to the emergency room. He was playing in our den and fell into the concrete corner of our fireplace. He lost his breath for a few seconds and the look of pain and fear on his face was terribly frightening. I swore at that momnet I would find something to heelp prevent this from ever happening again. This was very easy to place on the fireplace concrete and didnt look bad when installed. It fit perfect and is staying on very well. Thank you for making this product available and at a lower price than all the other places I searched.

  • Excellent Product
    5 stars

    6/4/2015 by precious

    I have not use the fireplace guard I tried it on my fireplace and it's a perfect fit.

  • No sticky
    1 stars

    1/9/2015 by Stetson702

    The sticky velcro does not keep the guard down at the seams.

  • Awful
    1 stars

    10/2/2014 by MommaOfOne29

    I spend over $30 for this... Waited almost two weeks for it to arrive & it would not stick to the Brick, AT ALL. Huge waste of money & the receipt was not included in the box? Had to look up the receipt in my email to be able to return it in store. Will not buy there products again.

  • Great thickness of cushion
    4 stars

    9/26/2014 by CaringMomTinley

    I love that the cushion is thicker than most I've seen. I just didn't measure appropriately and really needed the extra length and should have bought 2 instead of just the 1.

  • Works very well
    5 stars

    8/23/2014 by mbrundin

    Gives us peace of mind knowing the hearth is protected, sticks and works very well

  • easy installation
    3 stars

    8/9/2014 by

    Just need more taping or glue near ends. Do not have child around when installing.

  • Does not stick to brick
    1 stars

    7/24/2014 by RedMD

    I could not get this product to stick to the brink around my fireplace. I would not waste your money.

  • Awful
    1 stars

    2/5/2014 by Nursemommy1719

    It is expensive, it did not cover my average size fireplace, and I wasn't going to pay 18 more dollars for 6 more inches of it. Not to mention it won't stick to fireplace using the sticky pads it comes with. The one small edge I got to stick my 16 month old pulled right up. I would not recommend this product at all although it is soft and seems like a good idea.

  • Not good!
    1 stars

    1/25/2014 by CypressGrammy

    This will not stick to the bricks on our hearth. We have tried everything, even adding weights to hold down the ends, and it keeps curling up. We used a different brand of this product years ago, and it stuck and didn't come up until we pulled it off a few years later, but it had adhesive all along the strip instead of velcro pieces like this one. We bought two boxes and will be returning the one we did not cut.

  • Great except . . . .
    4 stars

    8/25/2013 by LHarold

    The price couldn't be any better, was less than every other place I looked. The only problem is the ends do not adhere like they should. We tried putting heavy things at the ends but that didn't work, now they just stick up in the air!

  • useless junk
    1 stars

    5/29/2012 by RobynDeAnn08

    does not stick well at all.velcro is really easy for child to just pull off.not really worth the money

  • great product
    5 stars

    12/19/2010 by jcrcakes

    guards were delivered to me in record time. Very easy to install and look great! highly recommend Now we feel the fireplace hearth isn't a danger to the grandkids safety!

  • KidsKushion
    5 stars

    11/12/2010 by gemerti

    Great Product at a great price!

  • great prduct
    4 stars

    10/18/2010 by krisATL

    a little pricey i thought, but well worth the trouble. my daughter is nine months old and crawling around like crazy these days and we have a bluestone fire place. the edges are super sharp and this gem was a breeze to install. just put the corners on and measure the length of the space between and cut. it comes with velcro strips that you place on the underside of the padding and it sticks to the stone. it also will pull off if you need it to, but it takes some force for a child to do so. good find! :)

  • Useless Junk
    1 stars

    12/29/2009 by NanaMargo

    I bought this to protect my granddaughter from harm on their hearth - it is too shallow, too short and too cheap to be of any use - I returned it and bought another brand.

  • A Decent Product
    4 stars

    5/19/2009 by

    Compared to the prices of like Fireplace Hearth protectors, this is worth the money. It is doing the job we wanted it to do. Our only "issue" has been that our daughter can peel them up, but we are simply teaching her to not touch it and we stick it back on with no problems. It gives me the piece of mind I needed when I purchased it.

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