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Players take turns reading clues aloud, competing to blurt out the correct answer first and move ahead on the board. The player who makes it around the board first wins the game. This kids board game is recommended for three to twelve players between seven and nine years old.. The Blurt Board Game is a fun way to improve your childs vocabulary.

  • Play with 3 or 12 participants in teams
  • Not recommended for children under 3 - small parts
  • Boisterous, rapid recall game
  • Designed for children ages 7 and up
  • Builds vocabulary in a fun way
  • UPC: 086002029171
  • Features: Great vocabulary builder for kids
  • Brand: Educational Insights
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2917
  • Assembled Product Weight: 2.6 oz
  • Age Range: 7 years

Reviews (20)

  • My daughter is a teacher.
    5 stars

    4/15/2018 by szf28698

    My daughter is a teacher. She has the resource room and needs things for all ages.

  • Blurt Game
    5 stars

    1/3/2017 by Ziggy

    My great granddaughter loved it!

  • Great game
    5 stars

    12/30/2016 by NotAhappyCustomer

    Got this from Walmart the best game from youth to adult very fun lots of laughter.

  • great game
    5 stars

    1/14/2016 by paxhouse

    This is a great game for kids and helps them get their brains going. It is a little harder for kids but still fun! Great adult party game as well!

  • Blurt
    5 stars

    1/12/2016 by NewAgeMama

    Blurt comes with the playing board, box of questions, and several colored game tokens. You have three players or up to twelve players. The object of the game is to be the first to move your token all the way around the board. You achieve this by guessing the correct word on the cards. You are given a clue to what the word is, and then you get to "blurt" out whatever pops into your head. The first person to guess the correct word will win the points and get to move their token. I was surprised at how many my kids knew. And even when they guessed wrong it was hilarious to hear some of the things they came up with. By the end of the game, they had learned at least twenty new words and we all laughed so hard our sides hurt. Its a great way to have fun and still learn something. This is an excellent games for kids and adults alike and would make an excellent gift. Complimentary product received.

  • Love it
    5 stars

    12/15/2015 by Elle

    Great service great. Item

  • Fun for All Ages
    5 stars

    12/2/2015 by WonderMom

    This game is a lot of fun! It's easy to play, and it also has various ways to play the game to make it easier or more difficult. This can be played with children or adults. The only con to this game is that it requires at least 3 players. My 8 year old son and I are the ones who typically play games, so it was tricky to find someone else to play with us. When we brought it to a friend's house to try it out, we had a great time!

  • Easy to play!
    4 stars

    11/18/2015 by Tera

    BLURT! is very easy to set up and play without a lot of direction. I got this game for my 10 year old niece; she had the instructions read and was ready to play in a matter of minutes. We played as a family and it was evident that the adults had to hold back a bit to allow the younger ones time to BLURT! because the words do vary in difficulty. That being said, the game moved quickly and heald everyone's attention. We played two rounds of the game in less than an hour, and have quite a few good laughs during that time! My recommendation is for children to play together or adults play together to keep the challenge level fair. BLURT! Is a great game to help improve children's vocabulary while having fun!

  • My 7-year-old LOVES BLURT!
    5 stars

    11/2/2015 by CocoBeach

    We have finally found a game that our 7 year old asks to play again and again! BLURT is absolutely fantastic-- starting with the simple rules, to the different levels of play. My son was able to play on the 'easy' level and was engaged throughout. It is refreshing to find an educational game that keeps a child's attention and is appropriate for multi-age play. We love that it promotes creative thinking and vocabulary growth. Highly recommend this to anyone who loves word games and friendly competition.

  • Blurt! is a Blast!
    5 stars

    10/30/2015 by Game Family

    What a great game. It not only is entertaining, it strengthens your child's learning when you play it. I play it with three kids ages 13, 12 and 10. They loved it. I loved that they were making comments about learning the words/definitions at school. There is nothing better then them learning while playing even when they do not realize it.

  • The game description "uproarious" is oh so true!
    5 stars

    10/28/2015 by Homeschool Mama

    Blurt was exciting from beginning to end. It was quick and easy to play, even for someone who has never practice round needed! The rules are simple and can be adapted depending on the number of players and ages. What a bonus that this game is great for anyone reading (younger if someone reads the card to them) and right up to adults. A quick explanation is that you take turns reading the definition of a word on a card chosen, and the other players then proceed to blurt out the word being defined. The pressure is on and the things that get blurted out can be hilarious, but to advance on the board you have to be to be both fast and right. There are fun twists that can change the game in an instant. Anyone can win at any time!! My family often talks about this game the next day laughing about what someone blurted out during the game. I especially loved that this game is not only fast and fun, but also educational. What a way to learn vocabulary!! We will be playing it regularly for this added bonus!

  • Blurt! is a Blast!
    5 stars

    10/27/2015 by BasketKace

    In a world full of video games and assorted electronic media, it can be very difficult to entertain kids without the use of the T.V. or a gaming console, but Blurt! is amazing! My kids play it over and over again! It's educational, addictive, entertaining, fun for kids and a blast for adults, too! I was surprised at how hard it was for me to come up with the right word for some of the definitions, so it really makes you think outside the box. My kids, on the other hand, surprised me by beating me to the answer! They all loved playing and challenging each other. I would recommend this game to any of my friends--with OR without kids!

  • A wonderful vocabulary builder!
    5 stars

    10/21/2015 by PamU

    This is an amazing vocabulary builder and the kids won't even know they are learning while playing. I have an 8 and 6 year old girl, and they love this game. I really like how each card has an easy side and a hard side so that we can play as adults or with the kids and they can move up as they get older. I wish that the game board was a little longer, with only 2 or 3 players the game ends very quickly. Of course you can also just play with the cards and not use the board at all if you were on the go. I also wish there was a refil pack with different themes and skill levels. Maybe one for adults and one for kids. We are going to blow through the first box in no time. We really enjoy how engaging the game is and recommend it highly!

  • Fun for young and old!
    4 stars

    10/18/2015 by D

    The game was entertaining to play with an adult. I think that it will be even more fun to play with my elementary school-aged son. I like that there are questions to suit both an older and a younger crowd. The game is perfect to play on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

  • Not what I expected.
    3 stars

    10/15/2015 by Danielle

    I was really excited about this game but honestly it wasn't nearly as fun or funny to play as I expected. First, the ages are misleading because our daughter is almost 8, very bright, and it was too difficult for her. We did the junior version however because we are a wide age range playing it made it playable for her but way to easy for us. In the end we weren't legitimately competing because we had to hold off answering so she could have a chance. Second, it turned out to not be as fast paced and exciting to play but rather more thought provoking. I highly doubt we will be taking it off our shelves anxiously any time soon.

  • Family Fun!
    4 stars

    10/15/2015 by Carolyn

    Great fun for family game night!

  • Fun for all!
    4 stars

    10/15/2015 by Amanda

    This is a great word game, great for enhancing simple vocabulary. with a larger group it can get a little loud, but that just adds to the fun and laughs. I would recommend this game, for family night fun. Great when playing with multiple age groups. I received this game, in exchange for writing this review.

  • Great Game for many ages!
    5 stars

    10/14/2015 by Kristen C.

    This game was enjoyable for my 6 year old (we played the junior version)- between the two levels, we will get many years of use with it! I am also a teacher, and I brought it to school to play with a small group of 3rd grade students. They LOVED it! It's a fun game to encourage the use of specific vocabulary, and I enjoy that there are two levels so that it could be used with older children!

  • Fun for all ages!
    4 stars

    10/13/2015 by Marianne B.

    Great word game! My family and I just love this game. As a parent and teacher, this game can be used with kids and adults of all ages. The leveled clues are perfect for the entire family and for different learning abilities. The instructions give you ideas on how to modify and change up the game. Of course, my four year old wanted to play along with the big kids. I was able to easily "modify" the game to suit the needs of my family and choose the clues to allow her to easily play right beside her 12 year old cousin! In the classroom it is perfect for those extra minutes we sometimes need to fill while waiting for the bus call, etc.

  • great young kid trivia game
    4 stars

    10/13/2015 by nikki

    A great trivia type game for younger minds. My 7 yr old did a great job with it playing by the regular rules. The game gives junior rules that involve writing down answers but that just seemed to extend the game and take away some of the fun. We included my 4 yr old who did pretty good. I had my daughter count to 5 so her younger brother could have a chance to register the question and try for the answer.

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