Fisher Price Cradle 'n Swing Blush Safari

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The ultra-soft plush insert with head snuggler makes baby feel snug-as-a-bug. SmartSwing Technology offers six different baby swing speeds from low to highwhether baby is rocking side-to-side, or swinging head-to-toe. Its easy to switch from one swing motion to another; just turn the seat! This cradle swing actually senses babys weight, so speeds wont slow as baby grows, and it starts without a push. Two different swinging motions and a variety of other customizable features allow you to choose and combine what baby likes best. With the Fisher-Price Cradle n Swing in your home, you can help baby feel soothed and relaxed whenever you need a free minute for your arms. Soothing features have been tucked into nearly every angle of this cradle swing.

  • Two position recline & deep, comfy seat
  • Age Range: Use from birth until child attempts to climb out of product (approximately 9 months)
  • Machine washable seat pad & insert
  • Two swinging motions help soothe baby; rock baby side-to-side like a cradle or swing head-to-toe
  • Overhead mobile with 3 soft elephant pals
  • Plush insert with head snuggler helps baby get extra cozy and the cute elephant ears make an extra-special photo opp!
  • UPC: 887961163520
  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • Gender: Female
  • Age Range: 0 - 6 Months
  • Power Type: AC Adapter
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CMR45

Reviews (20)

  • Lifesaver
    5 stars

    5/22/2019 by swing

    Love this swing, it is adorable for one and has been such a life saver since my baby was born up until now she is almost 8 months weighs 20lbs and still loves it, always falls asleep in it. I'd definitely recommend it. Has 6 swing speeds along with some songs and bird and nature sounds and a cute mobile, sure there are plenty of other fancy ones but this one worked perfectly fine.

  • Please don't stop swinging after 20 minutes!
    2 stars

    5/17/2019 by Jason

    Worked great for the first couple of weeks. Now it swings for about 20 minutes or so then slowly starts to swing less and less. I tried different settings and I get the same results. It was a baby shower gift. Although it was purchased from Walmart I don't have the receipt. I am hoping someone can help me. The baby loves the swing when it works.

  • Cute functional swing
    4 stars

    5/15/2019 by Aly

    I haven't used the swing for my baby yet, I'm still pregnant. I think it is great so far though. The swing doesn't use batteries and is completely electric which is a plus in my opinion. The only complaints I'd have is that the little Mobil doesn't turn it's just a decoration and the swing takes up a lot of space. My favorite feature is that you can turn the direction on the swing so your baby can swing side to side or front to back. Also there is a music setting and a nature sound setting.

  • Safe, extra set of hands, Great product!
    5 stars

    3/24/2019 by MamaJo

    Very helpful with my twins, boy and girl! Was like having an extra set of hands and I was confident they were safe no matter how high the swing was set. Also it was very easy to switch the direction of the swing side to side or front to back. They loved the sounds it plays ,either nature or lullabies, soothed them every time. Would recommend this to anyone !!

  • Big disappointment
    1 stars

    3/20/2019 by Juliebugg1

    I got this as a baby shower gift it swings for a minute and stops, all other features work, I notice that a lot of people have this issue! I don't even know what to do with it! Brand new swing that doesn't work.

  • Good swing and so cute
    5 stars

    3/6/2019 by kris

    My youngest daughter loved this, she slept in this until she was about 4 months old and would not sleep anywhere else. I hated having to get rid of it because it was a life savor for me the first couple months, but she outgrew it.

  • no good at all
    1 stars

    3/1/2019 by Lula

    bad product... my daughter is only 2 months old and get reflux for the speed is so fast still in the slow number... the when I want to turn it on the side is super noisy and crack so bad.... I will returning it probably if I can yet...

  • Terrible customer service
    1 stars

    2/1/2019 by Mommaoftwo2233

    As I was putting the swing together I noticed a part was cut wrong so I couldn't completely get it together after talking the the replacement part dept they are telling me it could be weeks before I get a new part. I'm due soon I'm livid!

  • Works Great
    5 stars

    1/16/2019 by Falling Sunflowers

    We've had this swing for 8 months, it works great! My son is starting to grow out of it but at almost 11 months he still loves it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Doesn't swing
    1 stars

    1/9/2019 by Christy0921

    We had early baby showers so I had it put together several months before the baby got here. To my surprise I put my baby in it and only swings for 5 secs and stops. I don't have the box and my MIL doesn't have the receipt so I'm stuck with an expensive swing that doesn't work.

  • Favorite for our baby
    4 stars

    1/2/2019 by

    We bought this second hand from a thrift store when our girlie was a newborn, and it saved my life as a college student. She would not nap anywhere but with me or in the swing for the first 2 months. She is 3 months now and still loves to play in it and especially loves the elephant mobile. My only complaint is that I wish it had more cushion-now that she is older, she starts complain after about 10-15 minutes and will not nap in it. I also wish it had a higher weight rating-she is a big baby and is very close to outgrowing it, even though she isn't sitting up just yet. Otherwise, this has been a great product and we would definitely recommend it.

  • Motor issues! Dont buy!
    2 stars

    11/20/2018 by Rebekah

    We had this swing for about 4 months now and my daughter loved it; however, it has now stopped working. It will make a clicking sound but it will not swing. I am assuming that the motor has gone out.

  • Definitely A MUST BUY!!!
    5 stars

    11/12/2018 by BillieFitchett

    My daughter has this and she absolutely LOVES it! You can change the sing to swing front to back or side to side... it plugs up to the wall so never has to worry about the batteries dying... it has different music tones...

  • Quit swinging
    1 stars

    11/9/2018 by RockyNM

    This swing quit working properly after 2 weeks!!! I noticed that the motor started being very loud, it will take a long time for it to start moving (which it doesn't always swing when it's suppose to). I usually put it on the lowest setting for the swing and the other day it starts swinging very high as if it was set on the highest mode. I check to make sure I had it set correctly for my daughter, which I did. I had to turn it off and back on and try it again. But it did the same old stuff. The music works but that's about it. It will swing occasionally but stops randomly or like I stated previously, swing extremely high. Paid way too much for it to not work properly It does take up alot of space and I'm surprised with the price it didn't vibrate or have a light show for the baby. Very disappointed. Wish I would have kept the box so I could return it. Not worth the money or the hassle!!

  • Does not work!
    1 stars

    10/30/2018 by Gabbie23

    We have only used this swing for 3 weeks and it stopped working already! It won't swing it only plays the music. We are very dissapointed. What a waste of money!

  • Great
    4 stars

    10/18/2018 by Maggie1822

    I wished it had more cushion but it's good overall its last a long time a friend gave it to us since her little one out grew it my baby is now 3 months and still stays in there for a long time. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

    1 stars

    10/7/2018 by Isabelraylin

    I have ad this swing for less then a month and it has stopped swinging and the light just flickering $200 down the deran

  • Amazing!
    5 stars

    10/3/2018 by Brimelirodmar

    This swing was a great gift and life saver. My daughter still enjoys this swing for her nap. Shes 6 mo nths and has been swinging since she was a newborn!

  • Cute swing poor design
    2 stars

    9/14/2018 by Mommabear1618

    Bought this and another fisher price swing before my daughter was born (shes a month old) I honestly can say it's super cute but we wont be using it any longer. It only works when it wants and the pin holding the seat on is extremely loose feeling and the seat just flops around :(

  • Great Swing!
    5 stars

    8/23/2018 by Mamabearcornett

    My daughter has loved this swing since we brought her home. She is now 5 months old and it's been very handy to have. She loves this swing, love the colors and the cute elephants!

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