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A cozy baby is a happy (and sometimes sleepy!) baby. with the Fisher-Price Elephant Safari Cradle 'n Swing in your home, you can help baby feel soothed and relaxed whenever you need a free minute for your arms. Two different swinging motions and a variety of other customizable features allow you to choose and combine what baby likes best. SmartSwing Technology offers six different baby swing speeds from low to high--whether baby is rocking side-to-side, or swinging head-to-toe..

  • Two position recline & deep, comfy seat
  • Two swinging motions help soothe baby; rock baby side-to-side like a cradle or swing head-to-toe
  • Plush insert with head snuggler helps baby get extra cozy - and the cute elephant ears make an extra-special photo opp!
  • Overhead mobile with 3 soft elephant pals
  • AC plug for battery-free swing operation
  • Machine washable seat pad & insert
  • UPC: 887961163674
  • Brand: Fisher-Price
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Age Range: 0 - 6 Months
  • Power Type: Battery Operated
  • Color: Multicolor

Reviews (16)

  • Wonky legs
    4 stars

    5/7/2019 by mustanggoddess67

    Baby loves it, but the legs are wonky and don't sit flat or level. I emailed FP and they said it's designed to be like that. I dont know if I buy that story.

  • mypocoyo
    5 stars

    2/6/2019 by lauralove

    My little one enjoyed his first months almost all day there, he loved it, when he took it out he would start crying and he did not like it to turn off the music ... very good quality and comfort.

  • 5 stars
    5 stars

    1/8/2019 by CJ

    We love this swing so much that we purchased a second one. Pros: The swing sways side to side or front to back, it is very easy to change the direction of the swing by just turning the swing base, it plugs in, it has a plastic base (or the part the baby lays in), the music is soothing, the buttons for the music and to increase/decrease the speed light up so you can see them in the dark, it is easy to assemble. The lower part of the legs are removable so that you can easily move it to different locations in the house. Cons: It would be great if the mobile had a mirror.

  • Don't waste your money!!
    1 stars

    11/6/2018 by MichelleB

    The motor stopped working after 2 months. Bought a second one, wouldn't come on at all! Third times a charm, they can't all be broken, right? I absolutely have to have a swing for my baby, it's my best friend! I just need to take a shower, or use the bathroom, or get something to eat! Geez! Prayers this one last awhile

  • Motor Slows, Boring Mobile, BUT otherwise Great!
    3 stars

    8/7/2018 by mizzritz007

    I bought this swing because I found it at our local Walmart for $50! And it has the plug-in option! I couldn't pass that up, right?! It worked fine for the first couple months. But then it started to slow down. I'd set it on the 3rd speed and it would barely move. My only other complaint would be the mobile is very boring. It only captured my baby's attention a couple times. Other than that, I love that it cradles and swings! And I like the reclining feature. The music was very soothing for my newborn!

  • Soothing
    5 stars

    7/14/2018 by Shawna

    I am in love with this swing. It says gently, and the seat basin can easily be turned so the sway can change directions. The material is very soft. The frame is large and has a wide stance so it is very sturdy. The best part is how quiet the motor actually is, I have a similar song and it runs loudly. My baby sleeps so good I'm this swing, he is almost instantly soothed when the motion starts.

  • Very disappointed.
    2 stars

    2/26/2018 by Ellie

    Got this swing for a baby shower, very disappointed because my son loves the swing but no matter what I do I cannot get the swing to actually swing for more than a minute and a half before stopping so I have to get up every minute to restart it.

  • Quit after 2 months!
    2 stars

    9/20/2017 by Ariel

    It is an adorable swing but I really wish I would not have wasted my money on it. It was well taken care of and we never moved it from the area we designated for it. My little one only used it once or twice a day for maybe 1 hr at a time, but of course after the 30 day return was over it just stopped swinging, and stopped paying music. Not what I had hoped for at all for the price I wish I would have went with another brand, or skipped the swing all together. My little one seemed to enjoyed the much cheaper rocker so much more and it hasn't broke yet still going 4 months later.

  • Love this swing.... finally one he likes!!!
    5 stars

    4/21/2017 by Citruswife

    Keep in mind this review is written same day as purchased. We went through a mamaroo and didn't like the shallow seat baby kept sliding down and it seemed dangerous.. tried Fisher Price cradlenswing snuggapuppy and had very loud motor issues as well as some features not working. .... then i saw this on rollback and with decent ratings. Lucky me the closest Walmart had two left in stock for same day pickup. It has a nice deep seat that is perfect snug. The motor is so far great. Very quiet compared to the cradlenswing. The mobile isn't as fancy as other models but i can't complain since the motor is so quiet.

  • Love love love
    5 stars

    3/5/2017 by Hannah

    I absolutely love this. My son can sleep in this for a long period of time. The only thing I would change is that you could set a timer for the music.

  • Love it!
    5 stars

    2/21/2017 by Cstan

    Great for my 2 month old. She likes to sit in it for her awake time and will occasionally doze off to sleep while swinging.

  • Find a different brand
    1 stars

    2/11/2017 by Taylor

    We've owned 5 of the cradle swings. The snugga monkeys and then this one. They have all broken and this one arrived not working. Fisher Price will help by giving you either a new motor, new swing or a check but it still sucks to go without a swing for 2 weeks at a time. The motors always burn out on these, one time smelling like it was actually burning. Our first swing was bought for our now 2 year old and your 9 month is in it not. That is not a lot of use for 1 swing, but we've broke 5. A plug in swing is definitely a much have but if this replacement has any issues I'll be finding a different brand.

  • swing
    5 stars

    2/6/2017 by shoshoni121

    love it

  • Convenient swing!
    5 stars

    2/1/2017 by danamm79

    Got this swing on sale for a great price. It is easy to assemble and easy to use

  • Perfect
    5 stars

    1/30/2017 by Missy

    Love it! Baby love it!

  • Perfect
    5 stars

    1/27/2017 by Rachael

    This swing is perfect, nice fabrics and soft cozy elephant insert for baby is nice to have! Baby loves the mobile also, music and nature sounds are good, only bummer is they shut off after a period of time and sometimes wakes baby. We got this for our second baby and I wish I would have got it the first time around, much better than a battery powered swing

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