BRICA CoolCuddle Head & Body Support

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Brica® Cool Cuddle™ Head & Body Support. All materials are made with 100% polyester. It has adjustable head support and wicks moisture. Making together better with breathable design and comfort. Machine washable product..

  • Crash tested™.
  • Breathable comfort.
  • Brica® Cool Cuddle™ Head & Body Support.
  • UPC: 014708613011
  • Brand: Brica
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Gray, Blue
  • Country of Origin - Components: Imported
  • Country of Origin - Assembly: Imported

Reviews (20)

  • doesn't support well
    1 stars

    10/8/2017 by Bellabionda12

    doesn't support well

  • Comfy!
    5 stars

    1/20/2017 by Ana18

    My baby likes it! This make him fit better in his new carseat and it's very comfortable.

  • Do not buy!
    1 stars

    11/24/2016 by Kpen

    Used for not even a week and got two giant holes in it. Item was returned and will not purchase again.

  • Didn't work for our car seat
    3 stars

    8/19/2016 by Akallen1

    Great concept to help keep baby cool in the summer months when in the car or strolling around outside. However, I wasn't able to use this in our child's car seat because we couldn't figure out how to attach it properly. We have a Chicco car seat. It would be awesome if munchkin could include instructions or even accessories to make this product more universal. I was really looking forward to using this for my daughter.

  • Comfy
    4 stars

    8/15/2016 by Krystal

    I recieved this product as a gift, and I'm pleased to have it. I don't like putting extra things in carseats for safety purposes (it is labeled as crash tested, though if that is your purpose for buying it). I do use it in my stroller and it keeps my little one pretty comfy. My baby runs hot, and this seems to help her stay cooler.

  • great for strollers
    4 stars

    8/13/2016 by ehendo911

    I received this item as a gift. i love the idea and colors how ever by the time i used it my son was unable to use it in his carseat. so instead we use it in our jogging stroller to help support his head when he sleeps and wick away the sweat on a hot day. my son loves it. it seems comfortable and it does keep him cool on our walks in the summer heat.

  • Only works in his stroller
    4 stars

    8/10/2016 by Sheller

    I was given this product to review. We have a Britax b angle and it did not work well in his car seat. However we tried it in his stroller and it worked like a charm! We've had some really hot days and we love to go on walks so we tried it out and our son was happy. It kept him comfy and cool and now we don't leave home without it.

  • Keeping baby cooler
    4 stars

    8/5/2016 by JessS

    We have used this in the car seat and the stroller. Our baby runs really hot, and it definitely reduces her sweat in the very hot, North Carolina weather. We have recently stopped using it in the car seat, because it is a little too bulky in her infant seat now that she is getting bigger. The head support doesn't stay up and flat quite as well, but it does definitely keep her cooler.

  • Great for strollers!
    4 stars

    7/27/2016 by Elizabethlw

    I received this item as a gift in order to facilitate my review and was so happy to have it to use in my stroller. I really wanted to try out my Baby Jogger City Select but my daughter was still so tiny at 3 months that the seat seemed to swallow her. This solved the problem beautifully and I liked that it was well vented to keep her from getting too hot. I did not test it out in her carseat but think it would have been helpful when she was very young.

  • I loved it!
    5 stars

    7/26/2016 by Jennifer

    I loved this product. It was easy to move between stroller and car seat, and it is much more lightweight than the other inserts I've used before. It supported my daughter well.

  • Soft and comfortable depending on size
    4 stars

    7/25/2016 by AndreaB

    It's easy to insert into the car seat (head piece just velcros onto body), and it fit easily in my Graco travel system infant seat. The cooling panels do seem to keep her less sweaty! Very important down here in the south! It's soft and comfortable for her to use, and great for walks outside. She stays centered and doesn't roll around. There's no sizes on this on the box or with any paperwork, but my now-14 pound girl is squished with it in her infant car seat. I will be able to use more when she's transitioning to her larger car seat, or if I had bought it sooner. Looking forward to more use! I received a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

  • So So Product
    3 stars

    7/23/2016 by MamaHen

    I received the Brica Cool Cuddle head & body support as a gift. When I first received the item, I was very excited because it looked comfortable, soft, and it claimed to keep baby cool. I searched throughout the box and even on YouTube for instructions on how to attach the headrest to the body of the support- I eventually figured it out. Unfortunately, it was too puffy for the Graco Click Connect carrier even after making several adjustments. My baby is 4 months and by the time I got him all wiggled around to fit in the seat with the support he was smashed in there, his head would not lay flat against the seat, and he did not like it at all. I then tried it with my 2 year old's Graco MySize 65 Car Seat. It fit better without the head support, but still moved around while putting him in the seat and was just a nuisance to adjust. Moreover, with the heat wave we were having I did not see any substantial cooling, except it may have absorbed some sweat. I think this is a nice idea, that looks, feels, and cleans nice, but too much of a hassle with the car seats. Since it was a gift, I will use it as a stroller insert for when my infant is not in his Click Connect carrier. It does lay flat in the stroller's recline position and provides head support since he is still small for the stroller without the carrier attached. I may or may not recommend????

  • Would recommend
    4 stars

    7/21/2016 by Erica

    Disclaimer: I received this product for the purpose of a review I'm not 100% sure it provides any extra cooling factors , but it provides the head and body support as suggested.

  • Keep Cool
    3 stars

    7/18/2016 by MamaBear

    I received this as a gift. With the summer heat my little one often becomes sweaty on our stoller walks even with the clip on fan. This helps him stay cool while we are outside. It also helps keep him supported on the bumpy road. I do not recommend using in the car but it is great for stroller use. I also plan to use this in the swing to give my baby more support.

  • Great for Use in a Stroller
    4 stars

    7/14/2016 by jsmith0629

    I received this as a gift as part of a marketing program to test and review. My little one is a bit big for this to work in our car seat but this would be a fantastic option for brand new babies as the support and soft comfort is much better than the infant inserts that come with infant carrier car seats. We use this in our stroller so our daughter can ride facing forward rather than in her carrier facing us and she loves it. The body and head support that this provides is just enough to keep her from falling to one side or the other and the head support is great for when she falls asleep (when she's awake she holds her head up and leans forward so the head piece doesn't make much of a difference). The fabric is really soft but it is hard to tell whether or not it actually keeps her any cooler since she's a little space heater and it's summer so she's just generally warm all the time.

  • Great Product
    5 stars

    7/14/2016 by AngelaK

    Received this product from a marketing company in exchange for a honest review. This product was a true life saver. It fit perfectly in my Graco Jogging Stroller, and really helped support my daughter in it(she was really not very well supported before we received this). I love how snug she is in it. And it's also so so soft. During these hot summer days she isn't stuck to it when we pull her out because of the awesome material and I feel like she sweats less now. Great product, highly recommend.

  • Strawberry21
    4 stars

    7/13/2016 by Strawberry21

    I received this for free through a marketing company to test out and review. I have the Graco Snug Ride Click Connect 35 and the head piece part of this did not fit in with the removable infant head support that is already in our car seat. The body support section of this item fit into the car seat. Because I've heard that you are not supposed to use any after market additions to a car seat (adding nothing under your baby that didn't already come with the car seat, as it hasn't been tested specifically with that item), I was not comfortable using this product in the car, but I have been using it for walks when my little one is in his car seat attached to his stroller and it has been working great! He was always getting very sweaty on hot days when taking walks, walking around the zoo, etc. when sitting in his car seat and so I have been adding the Brica Cool Cuddle to the car seat when we are going to be going out for a walk or walking outside at various events and his back no longer gets sweaty! I think the cooling technology works great, and so I would recommend this product for this type of use, just not for putting in the car seat when driving.

  • Great for strollers, not for car rides.
    3 stars

    7/13/2016 by KristenD

    Doesn't work with the Britax B safe 35, the seat is narrow and doesn't have room for body support. Which supports what I've heard about adding any after market additions to carseats. If you try it with this carseat your baby will be squished and the head support doesn't open enough to cradle the baby's head to support it. I was not comfortable using this product in the car, but I have been using it for stroller walks when my little one is in the Britax B Agile Travel System and it has been working great! He was always getting very sweaty on hot days when taking walks, walking around the waterpark, etc when sitting in his car seat. I think the cooling technology works great, and so I would recommend this product for this type of use, I just dont feel it's safe for in the car seat when driving.

  • Great positioner
    4 stars

    7/11/2016 by danessah

    This is a really awesome product. It works wonders on supporting and positioning. However, I am not sure that it provided the "cool" that it claims to. I love the soft cuddly material that it is made from.

  • A must have!
    5 stars

    7/7/2016 by womanofmanyroles

    I got this for free through a marketing company to test out and review. In just 12 days I will be welcoming baby number 4 into my life. I am beyond excited! Just this week I started nesting and one of the things I did to get ready was get his car seat set up. I knew from the other ones that I need something to support his head while he was in the carseat. This fits my car seat perfectly! It's cute, soft, and will keep him safe. It was easy to put in and will be easy to take out and clean! All around it's a great product and a must have!

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