Lansinoh - Disposable Nursing Pads, 100 count, 2-Pack

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These Lansinoh Nursing Pads feature are only 2mm thick and provide a super-absorbent, stay-dry lining that is capable of wicking away leaked breast milk. Protect your bras and other attire with this two-pack of Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads. Each pack in this bundle includes 100 pads that are individually wrapped for cleanliness and convenience. Simply place these discreet, one-time use pads in your bra for protection against leakage..

  • 1-Pack = 100 count
  • This 2-pk of 100 count breastfeeding pads are ideal for avoiding milk leakage
  • Designed for 1 time use
  • 2-Pack = 200 count
  • Only 2mm thick
  • Super-absorbent, stay-dry lining wicks away leaked milk
  • UPC: 044677203708
  • Brand: Lansinoh
  • Type: Nursing Care
  • Model: 20370
  • Color: White

Reviews (14)

  • Love this brand
    5 stars

    5/22/2019 by

    Never had a problem. My favorite brand to use when it comes to pads

  • Favorite nursing pads
    5 stars

    5/1/2019 by Mommyof4girls

    My favorite nursing pads. Have tried a few other brands, but these are the best in my opinion.

  • I would never buy these again!!
    1 stars

    2/6/2019 by Claudia

    I regret buying them, they break easy and move alot. They dont stick to the bra. I love the hey mama brand 100%. I hate lansinoh brand.

  • Not impressed
    1 stars

    1/28/2019 by J

    With my first child 2 years ago, i bought these and loved them. This time around they are not sticking to my clothes and keep moving around. Not sure if its a bad batch or what but I'm not impressed since they're not doing the job.

  • Very absorbent.
    5 stars

    1/9/2019 by Samantha

    I LOVE these nursing pads. They hold a lot of milk leakage and although I don't normally use this function, they do have stickies on the back to stick them to your bra so they don't move around. I much prefer these over reusable pads because I feel like they will never be as absorbent as these ones.

  • Won't be buying again...
    2 stars

    7/30/2018 by Skyler

    I got these because the store was out of medela pads and I cant stand them... They fall apart super easy and don't last very long before they need to be changed.

  • Great Value!!
    5 stars

    4/6/2018 by DL226

    This is a great product at a great price. The price of 100 pads is cheaper than I have paid for 36 in other retailers

  • Love These
    5 stars

    4/4/2018 by Yonsia B

    I love the adhesive they use, sticks well to materials! Don't move around and are soft even when nipples are sensitive!

  • Perfect pads
    5 stars

    3/21/2018 by Mikky

    Perfect, did not leak day and night. Soaks all the milk without leaving the smell and wetness like washable nursing pads. They just don't have the technology like these Lansinoh nursing pads.

  • Breast Pads
    5 stars

    3/14/2018 by mmsauer

    I love these pads! They are thinner, not bulky, very absorbent, and do not fall apart if too wet.

  • It's great
    5 stars

    3/11/2018 by TPC

    I really like the Lansinoh nursing pads. It absorbs the milk leaking very well. I just think they should improve in the adhesive part”that stick on the bra

  • Good quality nursing pads
    4 stars

    3/10/2018 by Treasure

    Very absorbant

  • Softest, most absorbent, feeling dry and comfy!
    5 stars

    2/1/2018 by ATaylor

    These are my favorite of all the brands. These Lansinoh quilted nursing pads are the softest and best quality. I'm a heavy leaker for months after my baby is born (EBF Mom here!) and these pads catch it all, without feeling wet the instant there's any spot of milk on it. Five stars!

  • Amazing
    5 stars

    1/17/2018 by Luckymommy5

    Only brand I LOVE and trust to use! Stays put and doesn't leak!

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