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It's a game sure to spur laughter as friends speak this strange language, and then say the answer without even knowing it!. It's not what you SAY, it's what you HEAR! Try this: DEW WINO HUE. Repeat the words a few times aloud, and you're sure to guess that you are actually saying "Do I know you?" In Mad Gab, teams work to decipher groups of unrelated words into real phrases before time runs out.

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Reviews (20)

  • Not That Great :(
    2 stars

    1/18/2019 by Lilka

    I really did not like it! We stopped playing after 15 minutes.

  • Looking to enjoy
    5 stars

    4/14/2018 by Thelma R

    This game really looks promising. I have purchased it to be used in a personal care home with someone who comes in to entertain us. It has great potential.

  • So fun
    5 stars

    12/25/2017 by KMC62

    So fun—just what my granddaughter wanted. Fun game to play

  • Disc Amos Sofa Knee!
    5 stars

    3/1/2017 by Dallan

    I got this for my little sister for Christmas, and the next day we played it in the kitchen for at least an hour. It's very entertaining, and gets more fun the longer you play it (since you get better at it)! If you've never played this, it goes like this: One person on your team reads a bunch of words on a card over and over again. For example, "Disc Amos Sofa Knee." The rest of their team tries to guess what real phrase it sounds like, and however many cards they can guess in a minute is how many points they get in that round. Take turns with the other team, play as many rounds as you want, and the team with the most points wins. (I made up the example... can you tell what it is?) I'd suggest using the rule that the person reading the Mad Gab is not allowed to look at the answer. They will unconsciously sound out the words just like the answer sounds, giving it away for the rest of their team. There are enough cards that the fun can go on for a long time, and I'm guessing that by the next time we play it, we will have forgotten the Mad Gabs we've already read... so, if we come across the same ones, we wouldn't immediately know the answers. Of course, if you play this game for several hours a day, every day, eventually you'll get through all the cards and start over, and then eventually you'll have the whole thing memorized and the fun will be lost. So, don't do that. Just play this game like a normal person, every once in a while, and you'll never come across a Mad Gab card that you'll immediately recognize. Unless you have impeccable memory. I would recommend this game to anyone. "This game is so funny!" (Disc Amos Sofa Knee).

  • Love this game!
    5 stars

    1/3/2017 by MyssTori

    This game is fun to play with friends or family. The kids get a kick out of it as well as us adults.

  • Fun Family Game
    5 stars

    9/18/2016 by SweetSarahGirlie

    This game is a great choice if you're looking for something fun for the entire family. The concept is pretty a string of actual words that make no sense when grouped together and try to figure out what the correct phrase is supposed to be. For example "Ace Care Remove Me" would be shown on the card and the correct answer would be "A Scary Movie". Be prepared for lots of laughs as you enjoy watching others attempt to figure out what the answer is. The box says ages 10+ which is pretty right on. I have a very intelligent 7 yr old that struggled a bit but still enjoyed playing with the family in teams. Overall I highly recommend this product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Family fun night
    5 stars

    9/8/2016 by Jpaq

    I loved this game and so did the entire family. Not only was it tons of fun but we laughed so much while playing it was nice just spending time with the kids and enjoying their company. They loved the game and thought it was so funny. It was a game that everyone actually liked playing and with 7 people that is not an easy feat. Not to mention you can play with as many or as few people as you want as long as you have at least 2 you can have fun with this game and the more the merrier. Can't wait to play with the kids again this weekend. I received this product as a free sample but the review was strictly my own opinion after trying out the game and I am so glad that I did. Great family game. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Hours of Hilarious Fun!
    5 stars

    8/30/2016 by

    My teenager - like many teenagers - was unenthusiastic and skeptical that this game would be any fun. I believe her words were "seems lame" after we received it in the mail to review. Boy was she wrong! After a little effort to read and understand the instructions, hours of hilarity ensued. This game is at times a bit challenging, but that only added to the fun! This is a great game for teens and adults alike. We will definitely add this to our "family game night" rotation! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Play It at least once
    5 stars

    8/24/2016 by Jax83

    This game is challenging. I thought that it would be good for a family game night. It was a little harder for my 9 year old to get some of them but we had fun regardless. We adapted the rules to fit for us to be able to play. The only complaint that we had was that the deck could have been a little bit bigger. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Box of laughs
    5 stars

    8/20/2016 by 19azcarebear81

    Ok people, if you like to spend a fun night with family and friends laughing hysterically, this is the game for you. Putting strange sounds together to make a well known saying or phrase, is the name of the game here. You'll sound silly reading this stuff, and it sounds funny when you hear it, but that's the whole's all part of the fun. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Endless laughs.....
    5 stars

    8/16/2016 by

    My 15 year old son and I played this game and we found ourselves on the floor laughing hysterically! It is a simple concept and an easy game to learn to play. I like that there isn't a bunch of little pieces involved that could end up getting lost or misplaced. Just cards that have over 600 phrases to guess, a card holder, and the sand hourglass for keeping time. Each correctly guessed phrase is a point and you play to 30 points to win. It is challenging but so much fun to play. I think it would be even more fun to play in a group as apposed to just two people playing. I would definitely recommend this game for any party or get together with family or friends! Just be ready to laugh to the point of crying. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great family game!
    4 stars

    8/14/2016 by

    The directions were a bit confusing to the point that I actually went to YouTube for clarification. After getting the rules down this was a really fun game for my husband, our teenagers and I. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Lots of fun!
    5 stars

    8/12/2016 by Ilove3boys

    Super fun game. Directions are easy to follow and easy set up. Lots of laughs, great party game. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great Party Game
    5 stars

    8/12/2016 by KJHope

    This game would probably be better for an older age group than the suggested starting of 10 years, but it was fine after everything was explained. Having said that, hysterical laughter flowed throughout the house trying to solve what your teammate is saying. Plus, if your team cannot solve the can see the opposing team just ready to steal your phrase!! They looked like they were sitting on pins and needles!! Just like it says, it's not what you's what you hear!! As well as "how you say it!". This is a great game and my family had a blast! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Fun for hours of laughs
    5 stars

    8/11/2016 by Paytonsplayplace

    If your looking for a game that makes you laugh endlessly this is it. My daughter (who is 17) and her friends spent hours with the tounge tied puzzles and laughing hysterically to the point I had to join in on the excitement! Their main complaint was the directions where a little hard to follow, but they did end up figuring it out. The age recommended is a little young in my taste, some of the older kids had a hard time and or did not know some of the phrases, so I would say 14 and up is a better age that is more suitable for this game. But overall my daughter loved it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Not really age ready for my 10 year old
    5 stars

    8/9/2016 by

    My ten year old had a hard time getting the concept [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • More geared towards adults
    3 stars

    8/8/2016 by

    The game box is well-designed and relatively compact, though the card box is rather flimsy, and the cards fit better in it sideways (which would render the "Draw From" indicator useless). The game itself is clever, but some clues are better thought-out than others (using clue words with an "L" and then not having an "L"-sound in the answer phrase is really stretching it). My kids (9, 11,13,15) are intelligent for their ages and regularly successfully play adult-level games, but they had a surprisingly hard time with this one. I believe one of the problems is that many of the particular phrases used are not actually that common in their age group/generation. Perhaps with more play, we'll find phrases that are more suited to them. If not, I would suggest raising the recommended age or updating the game with phrases that would be more familiar to younger players. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Its OK for adults, but Kids won't get it
    3 stars

    8/7/2016 by DadnPlay

    Fun, but can be very hard. I bought this for my daughter so we, as a family, could play it. Some of the cards are really easy and take seconds to figure out. There are a few that were pretty hard and took forever. I am not one to give up so we sat there for who knows how long trying to figure out some of these. There was one we came across that I did finally give up on. Neither of us could figure it out. I don't want to give anything away, so I won't post exactly what it was, but there was a word that made no sense at all. Even after looking at the answer we couldn't figure out how that was the answer. It in no way sounded like or resembled the word in the answer. We don't play this in teams because we only have 3 people playing. We kind of made up our own rules. What we do is one person is in charge of the cards and answers for 1 round. We use 3 cards like you should, and the other two race to see who can get it right first. If we get it right, we keep the card. Then after the three cards are figured out, the next person is in charge of the cards and the other two race. We just keep doing this until we feel like stopping. The pictures on this listing show two different timers, an hourglass time and a dial timer. Our game came with the hourglass, but we don't even use it. I don't think there is enough time to figure out some of these if they were timed. Overall, I think it's a really fun game and definitely gets you to think. We really enjoy this. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • A family hit!
    5 stars

    8/7/2016 by

    Mad Gab was a hit with my family! It was fun and sometimes challenging. We all laughed and laughed as we tried to sound the words out to find the actual phrase. There are 600 Mad Gab puzzles to solve, so there are plenty of puzzles to last a while and not become boring. Some are easier than others. My 9 year old was able to solve a few but some even left us adults stumped. We plan on playing this game weekly. We had the best time ever playing a game as a family! I highly recommend this for family game nights or game nights with friends! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • challenging, but fun, game
    4 stars

    8/6/2016 by

    The phrases are a challenge but the fun and laughter are worth it. This game has been around at least 25 years and still hasn't gone out of style. But, why keep such a big box? All the supplies could fit into a box half it's size. And, the little box the cards sit in is very flimsy - more paper than cardboard - and the cards don't fit nicely in it...they're cockeyed crooked. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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