Britax Frontier G1.1 ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Black

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With the revolutionary click tight installation system, now everyone can install the car seat securely and confidently by just buckling the seat belt. The frontier click tight also features complete side impact protection plus providing an advanced layer of protection with a deep protective shell and an energy-absorbing foam headrest designed to keep your child's head and neck extra secure.. Safe cell impact protection surrounds your child in safety components that work together to protect well beyond the established federal safety standards. You simply squeeze the release button to open, buckle the seat belt across the belt path and then click the seat shut for a proper installation every time no shoving, kneeing, or yanking required. The perfect blend of trusted safety, relaxing comfort and superior convenience make the frontier click tight an exceptional harness-2-booster seat for your growing toddler.

  • Child Weight (lbs)
  • UPC: 652182720018
  • Brand: Britax
  • Manufacturer Part Number: E9LY71Q
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 21.00 x 19.00 x 28.00 Inches

Reviews (18)

  • Easy to swap cars, but 1 major caveat
    3 stars

    4/19/2019 by DadBod

    The clicktight system is great. There is no seat I've tried that is easier to get in and out of a car. It is also the most secure, it doesn't move at all when installed. The only problem is the seat belts themselves. It takes almost every bit of strength I have to get them tight. My wife can barely get it tight enough. We also have the Pioneer which is the same seat without the clicktight. The ease of doing up the seatbelt far overrides the convenience of the clicktight, buy that and save your money as well.

  • Worth every penny
    5 stars

    3/21/2019 by terrible

    Love this carseat! A little heavy but love the fact that its easy to install and use! My son loves it, before this one we had the britax convertible cow carseat and he was so excited to see this one was the cow pruny too

  • Very Much Less Than Expected
    1 stars

    3/15/2019 by Rose1heart

    This car seat does not even use the bars that are now behind all seats. It depends completely on the regular seat belts to hold it in. There is NO WAY it can ever truly be tight; let alone "Frontier Clicktight". I plan to return this immediately, I must say I expected more for this price and from Britax.

  • Easy in and out
    5 stars

    1/29/2019 by Mona

    I have had this for two years and love it my son is five and only weighs 31 pounds and he loves it. I have loved Britax car seats. I even had my son buy two of the clicktight Marathon for my twin grand babies

  • Feels very secure
    5 stars

    11/29/2018 by Anon

    I am so happy with how securely this booster-to-harness seat installs. I had a different brand rear-to-forward facing seat previously that, as my daughter grew, felt way to bulky for her size and was difficult for her to climb into herself when forward facing. On my first attempt to install this booster seat using the lower latches that attach to the car frame, I didn't follow the directions to a T, and that belt was too tight - I had a difficult time reopening the booster seat compartment to readjust the position of the seat. When I left the appropriate slack for the booster seat to move only one inch, after closing that compartment, the seat was completely secure and did not move at all. Really happy. I chose this model because of the high weight limit while still using the harness. Hope to have this for years!

  • Its a beast! Very heavy, love the cool and dry feature
    5 stars

    10/16/2018 by Tnb4

    Almost 28lbs! The sheer weight of this thing is incredible. Love that it can be secured by latch and tethered in booster mode. The clicktight feature is awesome too. We have the Boulevard and Bsafe and love them! Big Britax fans. The ease of use does not come natural, but with some reading and learning about the harness to booster modes, there are a lot of cool features ie. the latches have hidden storage. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Love this carseat! Easy to install, very comfortable, and great cupholders
    5 stars

    9/19/2018 by Momof3littles

    We have bought many of these carseats, this exact model, over the past 4 years. We have 3 small children, and we travel a lot with them - usually 4 hours each way. The carseats have a well-padded sitting area, and the straps are comfortable, and easily adjustable. I love the dual cupholders. The seats are easy to install, and when installed properly, they do not move in the seat at all, which I really like. They are also latch compatible, for an extra layer of safety. Overall, this is our favorite carseat! I would give it 10 stars if I could.

  • It does click audibly
    4 stars

    9/18/2018 by Dottieusc

    As a grandparent, I did not know how to tighten the shoulder harness. The release button is hidden in the seat with no identification. Who knew? Click-tight booster seat is easy to install. Kid: not so much.

  • Wonderful seat
    5 stars

    9/10/2018 by jacprice

    This is my 3rd Britax product and one of the easiest to install. My kids love the seat especially the 2 cup holders and snack area. The seat fits well in a sedan and SUV. I would definitely buy this again.

  • Easy to install
    4 stars

    8/1/2018 by Eriv

    Really nice product. Like much more than my old Evenflo.

  • Great seat!
    4 stars

    7/12/2018 by MegD13

    I love this seat! My only complaint is the fabric will not stay attached at the bottom of the seat. I'm constantly clipping it back on. But it's not a big enough deal to make me dislike the seat and safety it provides.

  • Awesome
    5 stars

    5/19/2018 by srnbsn82

    I am a carseat technician. I wanted a carseat that was safe but also easy to install for anyone (AKA my husband, not a carseat tech lol). This carseat was a breeze to install. It literally only took one time to get it tight enough in our truck to not move (and we have slick seats, so that is not the easiest task). Luckily for us, I cannot rate the impact protection, but it seams to be just as excellent as I expected! Thank you for making another great seat, Britax!

  • Excellent and forever trusted
    5 stars

    5/13/2018 by TwoBiscuits

    My children and I were involved in a pretty serious head on accident when another driver hit us. Thankfully, my kids and I were all in our appropriate restraints. My kids were in a rear facing boulevard and a Frontier. They got out of the car just fine. My oldest who was in the frontier had only 2 little scratches on her neck from the 5 point harness. I will forever trust Britax for keeping my kids safe!

  • Will NOT Click Tight
    1 stars

    5/7/2018 by mwoolf

    In the past I have loved all our Britax. We have often had a hard time getting this one to click tight; and now I can not get it to click at all which makes it impossible for installation and for my toddler to sit on it. It has been difficult to install from the beginning. Not only that but the harness is extremely hard to adjust once the child is sitting in the seat.

  • Excellent
    5 stars

    5/1/2018 by Tiptoes1228

    I had this car seat installed only 48 hrs (this was a new brand of car seat for us) before my daughter and I were involved in a head on collision with another SUV traveling 50+ mph. I was knocked unconscious, had a broken finger, black eye and nose, hairline fracture on top of my foot, and huge bruising across my lap area from my seat belt pulling me back into my seat. HOWEVER, my 3 yr old daughter walked away with only a small scratch from the harness, but had no other issues!!! I purchased the seat again, and my daughter will be strapped into a Britax seat for as long as she can be put into one. The safety redundancy Britax uses is worth every penny and effort.

  • Feels Sturdy
    4 stars

    4/24/2018 by ParkerP

    This seat feels tight and sturdy when it's installed. I do have trouble installing it. It doesn't just click right in as easily like it should. I'm not sure if the anchors get in the way or what. Also, the bottom seat cushion slides off on a weekly basis. It's a heavy, sturdy seat and I'm happy that it will last until my child is old enough & big enough to not use a car seat.

  • Clicktight is awesome
    5 stars

    4/22/2018 by JustInstalledThis

    We previously owned a Britax Frontier from 2013. I had never been able to get the car seat's movement locked down to the point where it felt as secure as I would expect. With Britax's Clicktight system, my very first installation of the car seat resulted in the seat being extremely secured to the vehicle. Clicktight is genius and very easy to install correctly.

  • We love Britax car seats!
    5 stars

    4/15/2018 by KPFlorida

    Went from a Britax convertible (to be honest didn't care much for it although I did feel it was safe) to a Britax Pinnacle in one car and a Frontier in the other car. Love the Frontier!!! It's the same as the Pinnacle but without the extra head side protection which is not needed from about 4 years old and up. So easy to install and so easy to adjust. Perfect for older preschoolers and above.

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