Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board

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Teach little ones colors, shapes, numbers with fun introduction latches! 11-3/4" x 15-1/2" board reveals a picture everytime a latch is opened. Ages 3 and up..

  • Length, Fun
  • Features, 11.5"
  • Weight (Approximate)
  • Material,
  • Depth, 15.5"
  • Age Group, 1.3"
  • UPC: 000772037853
  • Brand: Melissa & Doug
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 3785
  • Assembled Product Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Age Range: 2 - 4 Years
  • Color: Regular

Reviews (20)

  • Ideal
    5 stars

    4/18/2019 by Sandra

    Our grandson loves it and has had fun finding the pictures under the latches,

  • I would buy this toy again!
    5 stars

    4/15/2019 by Elizabeth

    Great 'discovery' toy for a pre-schoolers to explore. Excellent source for planning, fine motor skill practice, problem solving, naming and vocabulary building, color and animal recognition practice. Adults enjoy it too!

  • I would definitely recommend this board!!
    5 stars

    3/29/2019 by Kathy

    Love the wooden latches board. It has lots of learning activity and good quality product!

  • Such fun!
    5 stars

    3/27/2019 by Catherine

    Great product! My daughter is learning to pick locks!lol

  • Fun!
    5 stars

    3/27/2019 by Riley

    Great for dexterity and little fingers.

  • Any liquid damage will ruin this.
    3 stars

    3/21/2019 by Matt

    Be forewarned: if any amount of liquid gets onto the latch board, trying to clean it up will result in the the printing peeling up off of the board itself. Aside from that, my daughter loves the toy!

  • I must have for every clinician/therapist
    5 stars

    1/14/2019 by Luiza

    Great for basic skills that most are exposed throughout the day. Great and safe way to expose children to locks and chains all under one board. Great for cause and effect.

  • Great idea, poor quality
    3 stars

    12/20/2018 by Jade

    I have been looking for a latch board for a while now, and have always loved Melissa & Doug products, so decided to get this for my little one. I'm very disappointed in the quality especially for an item that is "crafted by hand". The #2 door doesn't open at all, it gets caught on the latch. The #3 and #6 door are both crooked and have to be jiggled to get them to open/close. The #6 lock also needs to be jiggled to get it to latch. These errors in quality make it difficult for my daughter to successfully open and close the doors which in turn frustrates her.

  • 2 year old loves it
    5 stars

    12/6/2018 by Arlie

    I like ths latches board. 6 latches on a horizontal board. We had a toy like this some years ago that stood up vertically but this one is a flat horizontal board. I didn't realize it had the animal drawings behind each latch. a nice touch. Incorporates counting training too. We gave it to a 2 year old and he really got into it. had his tongue out a little. A nice item.

  • Keeping my busy little one entertained
    5 stars

    10/11/2018 by sonia

    Kept my little one busy

  • My child was injured using this toy.
    1 stars

    10/7/2018 by Laura

    My son was playing with this toy in his toddler class at daycare with a friend. He got his finger pinched in one of the hinges and ripped off the tip of his finger along with the nail. We were lucky that he didn't break the bone as well. Needless to say, our daycare is throwing away this toy. I would not recommend this toy to anyone.

  • Boys and Girls both will love this
    5 stars

    10/3/2018 by Karen

    Perfect for my little friend!

  • I would definitely buy again for another child!
    5 stars

    9/17/2018 by Nancy

    My grandson loves it!

  • Sturdy, colorful, age appropriate
    5 stars

    9/3/2018 by Vickki

    Purchased for my 2yr old nephews birthday. Right out of the package he was engaged and able to work a couple of the latches. His 5 year old sister jumped right in and helped show the way of it. Article seemed sturdy, very colorful and suited to the 2+ age group. A teacher was in attendance at the birthday and she liked it so much she was going to purchase one for her pre-school classroom.

  • I would buy this product again.
    5 stars

    8/20/2018 by Wanda

    This product is educational, it teaches eye/hand coordination, little finger dexterity and teaches them colors. I recommend this toy for children that are very mindfully busy. The latch boards are quality crafted, made of wood and no plastic parts. The toy will be around for all the grandildren, not just the first one!

  • Yes I would buy it again.
    5 stars

    8/12/2018 by Terry

    This is a gift that has not been delivered to its little owner as yet. I was very pleased when it arrived at my house. It is a great learning toy plus being, I hope, a lot of fun. Very well made. And, I think it would pique any child's interest.

  • Opening windows of opportunity
    5 stars

    8/6/2018 by Wilma

    Purchased this to entertain my toddler boy grandson, not quite 2 years old who usually has trouble remaining in place for more than 10-15 minutes at a time unless strapped in his high chair during meal times or his car seat during an outing. This puzzle did what straps couldn't and that was to keep his attention for more than an hour of quiet interactive play with me or his parents to solo play on his own. Not only is this piece very well-constructed but it presents endless teaching moments from how different latches operate to learning colors, numbers, shapes, to building vocabulary, stimulating imagination and to developing problem solving skills.

  • yes
    5 stars

    7/26/2018 by Steven

    Great toy for my Mccaw!!!

  • Entertainment for hours
    5 stars

    7/23/2018 by Sarah

    My daughter loves this and has played with it every day since.

  • overpriced
    3 stars

    7/5/2018 by Maria

    I think this item is overpriced. only one comes in, not two. works for fine motor skills

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