Britax 2017 B-Ready Stroller, Blue

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Along with its incredible versatility, the B-Ready has easy one-step folding, even with two seats attached. Britaxs B-Ready is the ultimate stroller for families with ever-changing needs. Click and Go System - Allows for a quick connection with any Britax infant car seat or the B-Ready bassinet. Extra-Large Under-Seat Storage - Accessible from all sides and fits all of lifes essentials. Your little one will love the ultra-smooth ride thanks to the foam-filled rubber tires and suspension system. Quick-Fold Design - Easily closes the stroller in seconds, even with two seats attached.

  • Quick-Fold Design - Easily closes the stroller in seconds, even with two seats attached.
  • 4-Position Recline - Makes it easy to accommodate sleeping infants or attentive toddlers.
  • Click and Go System - Allows for a quick connection with any Britax infant car seat or the B-Ready bassinet.
  • Extra-Large Under-Seat Storage - Accessible from all sides and fits all of life's essentials.
  • UPC: 652182722258
  • Features: Car Seats & Strollers
  • Brand: Britax
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Capri
  • Maximum Weight: 55 lbs

Reviews (20)

  • Reflects the price
    5 stars

    11/24/2018 by Phil

    So far this stroller is a great buy. It wasn't a cheap price point, but neither is the quality. It goes together and comes apart very easily. It's folding and unfolding is fairly intuitive and easy and it's overall just great. Minor things that bother me are that there is no tray for snacks or cupholders. Also having bought in preparation for the second child I would have preferred the option to have the second seat over the seat it comes with.

  • Great functional stroller
    5 stars

    10/27/2018 by Danielaaaaaaaaaaa

    Sooo i loved my other britax so much, i bought a second! Lol this one I loved because you can switch direction of the baby facing you or facing ourward! I gave it away and I'm so sad but happy that another child got to enjoy it as much as we did! Now we have another baby and I miss it so much!!

  • Bulky & even bigger when folded.
    1 stars

    6/10/2018 by Ruben

    Easy to fold, hard to carry and does not fit anywhere. If your a man do not get stuck hauling this thing, I'm in Disney having a nightmare with this thing. Selling it on 5mile as soon as we get home.

  • I wish I bought the UPPABABY
    2 stars

    4/26/2018 by Kdonkay

    I loved this stroller until my baby actually arrived. Traveling (on a plane) with the bready is DREADFUL if you need to take your infant carrier as well as the standard seat. I hate that the infant carrier and the standard seat cannot be used at the same time. The locking mechanism (when the stroller is closed) is a piece of plastic that can easily be broken. Four months into using this stroller it was no longer easy to push/turn. I dread using my stroller now because it doesn't seem sturdy and has a mind of its own. The stroller doesn't stay straight and the frame actually moves when I try to turn. I'm concerned with the structural integrity of the stroller and will NOT be using it when our second baby is born. This stroller will be going to goodwill soon. I wish we could have it replaced with the b agile or get our money back. Do not waste your money get the UPPABABY VISTA if you're interested in this style.

  • LOVE IT!!!!
    5 stars

    4/17/2018 by Mari101

    Easy to install. Very sturdy product. Love everything about this stroller.

  • Disappointed
    2 stars

    1/2/2018 by Mommarad

    I bought this to replace my peg perego because I heard such good things about britax. Received it and put it together very easily, I love the look but the steering is absolutely horrible, it's not easy at all I find it extremely hard , I've had it two weeks and will be returning

  • Bad Steering, Flimsy and Wheels Lock
    2 stars

    12/23/2017 by ohana

    I had the older version of the B Ready stroller (with second seat) and I LOVED it! Unfortunately, I thought I was done having children and gave it to my sister. I bought the new version not too long ago, and it is NOT the same. I love the new basket, the flexibility (with seats in different locations and directions), the compact fold (for a double) and the look. I am not happy that the steering is very difficult. It feels so flimsy. On the old version, I could steer it with one hand, no problem. Very sturdy. The new version I struggle with...even with TWO hands. The front wheels are constantly locking on their own. I am so upset that I wasted my money on this new version.

  • Don't buy it!
    1 stars

    11/10/2017 by HannahR

    Don't buy the new britax b ready. It's complete junk. It's a workout just to push it. And customer service here is terrible. I've already had to get new wheels just after 3 months of using it and they helped the issue for just a month and I've asked them even to exchange for the older model. All they will do is send you a tune up kit. Don't buy It!!! Also check reviews for this elsewhere you'll see everyone saying the same thing except on this site .... mhmm I️ wonder why???

  • Love the look. Hate how it drives.
    1 stars

    9/4/2017 by natalie85

    I got this stroller about 10 months ago and my initial impression was that it was very sharp and high end looking. However, I immediately noticed it was quite heavy for me to lift in and out of the car. Aside from that I was initially very happy with it and it was easy to assemble. We were going into winter where we live and I really did not begin using it outside until about 6 months ago. I use it on the street and sidewalks for walks. It it noticeably difficult for me and my husband to maneuver. So much so that it jerks my daughter around and I often have to back up and redirect in the correct direction. It does not go over any uneven sidewalks easily without me lifting up the front. I am SOOO disappointed in the stroller that I am now looking for an alternative. I am missing my cheap baby trend jogger from my last daughter after this stroller. I love Britax carseats and hoped I'd love their strollers as much.

  • Good Stroller, Horrible Wheels
    3 stars

    8/13/2017 by Hammy

    We're on our second set of wheels. We don't do off-roading... just walking around the city have tore up these cheaper wheels.

  • This s hands down the best thing we ever got for our twins!
    5 stars

    6/7/2017 by SandPsMOM

    When I initially saw this stroller, I wasn't 100% sure it would work for my 4 year old twins. But we had a trip to Disney planned and that stroller board was just too tempting of an accessory to pass up, so we snagged the B-Ready with that accessory. Can I tell you-it was the best thing we ever ever used for a vacation-ever?! My son rode the board 24/7 and my daughter snuggled herself up in the stroller as much as she could. For once my husband and I left a vacation without back pain from carrying one (or both) of them! This stroller is SO easy to use. it collapsed really well on the Disney buses too! And it maneuverability in the parks was second to NONE. I am recommending this stroller to every mom I know, especially ones with a pre-k kid who wants to walk/move like a grownup but needs some downtime too. We love love love this stroller! Thank you Britax for making something so cool! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Steering
    2 stars

    6/6/2017 by lolomurph

    Super bummed about this stroller. I was psyched to get it and love the look but was slightly taken back by the weight. This is something I was willing to look past except in addition to this, the front two wheels are SO HARD for me to steer with. I though I had the breaks on incorrect but fear this is just how they are. I don't know how long I will last with this stroller and am so sad about it.

  • Easy and lightweight!
    5 stars

    6/5/2017 by SallyM

    As a mother of a 3 year old and a 19month old, I am loving this stroller! It was easy to put together, it is a smooth ride, its great quality, a lot of space for bags underneath, the seat is cozy and I love how it reclines pretty far back. The handle is also adjustable or me or my taller husband. I love the scooter feature! So does my 3 year old. Its easy to snap off and store away. As a busy mom, I love that I can count on this stroller to get in and out of places quickly with my kids, and I love how stylish it is! I definitely recommend!

  • Very happy with this stroller!
    5 stars

    5/31/2017 by JenW

    We are really enjoying our new B-Ready stroller! Things I love: that there's no need for an extra attachment to clip the car seat on (like our other stroller needed), the very comfortable handlebar, the big wheels that make for a really smooth ride, the easy to use lock/unlock feature, the easy access basket underneath, and more. I like the look and style as well! I have three boys (4, 3 and just born) so we also added the board on and have a second seat coming soon so everyone can have a spot! I see it coming in really handy this summer when we're on the boardwalk a lot. Great stroller! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Transformer
    5 stars

    5/22/2017 by Ibrahim AlYami

    We like this stroller so much. Very convenient and flexible for our first born daughter (November 5th. 2016). The only thing we regret was not buying the toddler car seat (which we are planning to buy soon) together with all the other related to the b ready stroller. Only negative thing is the front left wheel lock. It keeps on getting lose and locking the wheel making it hard to manuver. Other than that. We buy Britax products anytime without thinking.

  • Terrible Stroller!
    1 stars

    3/31/2017 by CDallas

    I bought this stroller three months ago, it was great for about two weeks. After that however, the front left wheel became defective. As a result, the stroller is now nearly impossible to turn, rendering it useless. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this product.

  • Wonderful Stroller!!
    5 stars

    3/20/2017 by AmberJ

    I just wanted to write a review so everybody would know that Britax is hands down the BEST company to purchase baby items. The customer service can not be beat. The b-ready is a amazing stroller, so versatile, and a great looking stroller. Thanks britax for everything!!!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Nice with One Flaw
    4 stars

    3/3/2017 by SKB2017

    We got this stroller to replace the B Agile double since the car seat can't be used in it anymore.We have a 3 year old and a 4 month old. It's great, glides well, tight turns, and large storage basket is great. The only issue we are having is that the infant seat can only face forward on the bottom. My baby HATES when he can't see us and cries non stop. I wish this 2017 version was like the previous one because it could face either way.

  • Harness has short-life for growing babies
    4 stars

    2/23/2017 by HMG1

    I bought an older model of this stroller because I had the B-Agile and then had my second child. I wanted an option that could expand to two-seats. Here are the big points: 1. The lower seat being under the other, is also tough because you are maneuvering your child under the handlebar... versus some other brands where the lower child is in front. 2. I do love the brand and the carseats that go with it and use it as a double stroller, all the time. 3. It's very complicated to fold the stroller when it's a double. No one else is patient enough to learn how, so I always end up having to do it. 4. The harness straps are so tight on my very normal-sized kids, who are under the weight limit of the seats. I can't even strap them in anymore, especially if they have coats on. This just can't be ok. What's the deal?? 5. I also wanted the possibility to have two seats and a platform for a third to stand on - it wasn't clear that this wasn't an option until AFTER I bought it. I wish the description was more clear. If any of these were solved with a newer model, I'd love to know!

  • My 6 month old loves this Stroller
    5 stars

    2/10/2017 by JackiesFort

    This 2017 b-ready stroller is so versatile. I love being able to turn my baby towards me. This stroller is really easy to maneuver. The front wheels move in a 360 rotation, making it easy to push, the handles adjust up in and down to make it easy for all heights. I'm 5"9 and my husband is 6"4 and we push this stroller with comfort. This stroller is very easy to fold. I wish i can give this stroller a lot more stars because it's worth it, look no further. The basket on the bottom fits a nice size baby bag. Everything about this stroller is amazing. To me the stroller is very light compared to others, Like a Bugaboo and this cost 2 times less. My daughter wouldn't even allow me to take the tag off she was so excited! Taking off and putting back on the wheels is a breeze, just a button away. Britax really did a great job with this stroller. I also own the travel system. I Love Love Love this!!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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