Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Travel License Plate Game - Wooden U.S. Map Game Board

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License Plate Game, car passengers can now accurately keep track of the states they see, while also challenging others to a fun game. This Melissa and Doug game is ideal for keeping kids entertained on long trips for hours. With this U.S.A. Whether playing alone or with others, you'll have a fun and exciting trip with this amusing game.. The complete package includes a game board and painted wood blocks for each state. Each block also features the state's capital city for an additional element of fun and learning.

  • 14.5 x 11.5 x 1.1
  • Countless Ways to Play We make toys and other products that offer #CountlessWaysToPlay. We believe the best playthings are often simple concepts that inspire children to come up with their own twists. With everything we create, we hope to encourage: • FREE PLAY • CREATIVITY • IMAGINATION • LEARNING • DISCOVERY
  • Two players may keep score with color-coded edges
  • Learn the name and location of all fifty states and Identify states by their license plate design
  • 8+ years
  • Wooden game board features all fifty states and their capitals
  • UPC: 000772020985
  • Features: Wood
  • Brand: Melissa & Doug
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2098
  • Color: License Plate

Reviews (20)

  • kids mom and dads and grandparents
    5 stars

    3/27/2019 by Joyce

    I gave this game to my 9 yr old grandkids for their upcoming trip this summer. I think it was more a gift to their parents so they don't hear "Are we there yet?" and "how much longer". Besides keeping them busy it will teach them not only the states but also the capitals of each state. What a great way to learn while having fun. They have already taken it with them on some short trips and love it! Great fun for long trips for both adults and children

  • A wonderful game to play as you travel
    5 stars

    8/3/2018 by Nancy

    I already had my own USA license plate travel game that I purchased several years ago and keep in my car. Recently other relatives were in my car and liked the game so much that I bought three additional games to give as Christmas gifts!! In my family, as I was growing up, when we were traveling across the USA via automobile on vacation, we would always play the license plate game, keeping a list on a piece of paper of the different state license plates that we saw. This USA license plate board makes the process even more fun as you flip a state name over as you see a license plate from that state. If you travel a lot in your car to various parts of the USA, you should have this game in your car! It helps to make for even more happy travels!

  • Great activity for whole family
    5 stars

    7/24/2018 by Gayle

    Gave as a gift to a family with wide range of children's ages. Everyone loved it. I am going to order one for myself!

  • Would get this game as gift for families with young children
    5 stars

    7/20/2018 by Tim

    My wife loves the images of the state licenses and the state capitals. This will be great for teaching young children in a fun way. We are considering getting more as gifts for families we know with young children.

  • Really enjoying using this on our trip
    4 stars

    3/31/2018 by ShannonD

    This has been a fun game for my daughter and me to play on our trip! Even got my husband involved trying to guess state capitals. Disappointed to find a typo on the back. Abbreviations is spelled incorrectly.

  • Fun and educational for whole family!
    5 stars

    10/14/2017 by Janet

    Great alternative to technology.

  • US States Game
    4 stars

    9/27/2017 by E

    Fun game for traveling with children....

  • Cool game when you're traveling!
    5 stars

    9/3/2017 by Kevin

    This is really a fun game for children, as well as adults.

  • Great for roadtrip
    5 stars

    1/2/2017 by JJJJ

    My daughter loves this on our road trip instead of video games.

  • The best travelling entertainment game!
    5 stars

    12/20/2016 by Karen

    If you travel you will love this game. No separate pieces to keep track of. My son (22) and I have been playing the License Plate game for a long time together, now we can keep track of what states we see. I bought one for all of my nieces and nephews so they can play too. Thank you!

  • License Plate Game
    5 stars

    9/16/2016 by What

    Great product. Hey market to us old folks who travel. Giving away for gifts, probably for over 50 crowd.

  • Cure for "Are we there yet?"
    5 stars

    8/21/2016 by GC Mama

    This is a great car game, especially for elementary school kids who are learning about states and capitals. It will keep the kids amused and interested on long car rides. I have bought one for each of my grandkids, and I have one of my own, too!

  • Love this interactive map.
    5 stars

    8/12/2016 by MOPS MAMA

    We have used ours for a number of years now and LOVE it. Decided to give one to each of our sons for family fun while in the car. It helps tremendously with our grandchildren's geography skills in a fun and progressive way.

  • Great Fun
    5 stars

    5/24/2016 by HappyMom

    This was great buy for the whole family. We used on a very long trip and I love how all the pieces are attached so you can't loose anything.

  • Love this!
    5 stars

    3/8/2016 by Nath the Mom

    My family and I use it all the time. We were calling out license plates that were not from our current state as we drove prior to getting this. When I saw this I knew I had to get it. Now we call out the state and have to name the state capital before we can turn it on the board. It's a great way for us to pass the time in the car while my daughter learns all the state capitals. It's great!

    5 stars

    12/26/2012 by nanny

    I have been playing this game for over 30 years with paper and pen. My kids grew up with my obession and often teased me with love. My daughter gave this as a gift to me for Christmas. When I opened it, I laughed and laughed with delight. Now my husband and I cannot wait to start a new 'round of this game of observation. Oh, the memories.....

  • Make sure the states are correct!
    5 stars

    6/26/2012 by Marc

    We use this on road trips and find it a fun way to engage while driving. On a recent trip we could not find Delaware and noticed there are two Marylands! We never had Delaware before and did not notice the mistake.

  • Great for everyone in the car!
    5 stars

    7/13/2011 by Grammy

    New learning; helps time go by on long car trips; fun;well constructed.

  • Will enjoy this game again and again!
    4 stars

    10/26/2010 by Jamie

    My husband and I love to travel all over the USA. Prior to purchsing this game we were keeping track of license plates with pen and paper. While our 'old school' method worked just fine, I find that we really love having the visual of the United States and license plates infront of us. The game is not only about spotting license plates now, it also helps with geography and learning the capitals associated with each state. The durable construction will last for years to come and we are looking forward to sharing this game with our son when it's developmentally appropriate. I gave 4 stars in this review because with the way the game board is painted, it looks as though the United States is surrounded by water. I wish land was depicted above and below the US. Otherwise, this game is perfect! I'm glad I purchased it.

  • We're all happy...and the car is quiet
    5 stars

    9/6/2010 by Happy Mom

    The kids play together and no one cries--what more can you ask for?!

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