Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm, 11 Oz

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Give your baby dry skin relief without the greasy feeling with this pediatrician-recommended brand eczema balm that is steroid-, fragrance- and paraben-free.. The first and only nighttime balm formulated with natural Colloidal Oatmeal, this eczema therapy balm has been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval. Gentle enough for everyday use on babies' sensitive skin, this baby eczema balm combines natural colloidal oatmeal and dimethicone to help strengthen the skin's moisture barrier for prevention and protection against dryness and irritation. AVEENO Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm helps soothe your little one's dry, itchy skin for effective baby eczema relief.

  • Natural Colloidal Oatmeal helps soothe dry, itchy skin without the greasy feeling
  • Gentle enough for everyday use on babies' sensitive skin, this eczema balm is gentle enough for your baby's delicate skin
  • Baby eczema therapy balm is designed to prevent and protect against dryness and irritation of skin
  • Baby eczema therapy balm features a gentle formula that is steroid-, fragrance- and paraben-free
  • This pediatrician-recommended brand eczema balm provides dry skin relief for your little one
  • Aveeno eczema nighttime balm has been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval
  • UPC: 381371167241
  • Form: Balm
  • Brand: Aveeno
  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Scent: Fragrance-Free

Reviews (19)

  • Great stuff. And not just for little ones.
    5 stars

    5/29/2019 by bearblade

    I love this stuff. My dermatologist gave me a sample shortly after I completed radiation treatment after surgery last year and I have used it ever since to keep my skin protected. It is awesome.

  • Best (and only) thing that works!
    5 stars

    5/7/2019 by Becki

    My two youngest boys (3 and 1.5 years old) were both diagnosed with Ichthyosis Vulgaris, a form of eczema that makes their skin so dry, it looks like fish scales. This is the only thing I found that works! We tried all the prescriptions (most had steroids!), and they were not as effective. The thing I LOVE the most is that this is more like a lotion in that it absorbs into their skin. It doesn't go on greasy like petroleum jelly. And it doesn't stain clothing, bedding and towels. They are inside guys, so baths are only 3-4 times a week, but I apply the cream after baths, after a blot towel dry, before leaving the bathroom. I also apply any other time I THINK about it (diaper changes for youngest, before bed for older one), but that usually only counts for maybe 1 additional time during the day. I really do strive for 1x a day application, and when I do that, the "fish scales" stay away. Their skin is so smooth and soft, like babies skin should be. I used other products, other things I even got for free, but the scales returned. The one thing I do not like it the price. It is so pricey, and putting it on two guys everyday, I usually go through a tub in under a month. (its about 2 tubs every 3 months). That adds up. I came to this site looking for some sort of program that helps babies with recurring skin conditions, like my guys, but I don't see anything like that. However, I like this product so much, that I wanted to share my experience. I always recommend it to people (like on the FIRST website) and others that I meet. Even strangers! It's that good. I'm sorry others have not had a good experience. We have not experienced any burning or irritation with this product. I cannot stress the wonders it does to my lil boys' skin. Please contact me, Aveeno, if there are any programs I am unaware of that could help us with the cost of this miracle medicine. Thank you!

  • Burns. Dangerous. Hate
    1 stars

    5/2/2019 by Katy90

    I bathed the baby, started applying the cream. I put on my daughter's legs and when I went to the tummy. she started screaming. and so much. she rarely cries. very happy baby. I immediately understood the cream. My husband and I ran to the bathroom, I got into the shower. dressed because she screamed so hard. it took us 30 minutes to wash it off and another hour to calm the baby. I hate this cream.

  • best eczema cream I have used in my 39yrs
    5 stars

    4/27/2019 by

    im so sad to hear that this nighttime balm isnt helping other sufferers the way it has me :( i am 39 years old and had eczema all my life, always having to swap creams as my skin seemed to get used to them and they stop helping etc. Usual stuff. im not exaggerating when i say i describe this aveeno balm as my magic cream, its the best I have ever found and im so happy to have come cross it. I recommend it to everyone that i come into contact with that suffers, so as I say im sorry its not the magic cream for everyone... If you are a sufferer, i would say definitely give it a try though, its been great for me. put it on straight after a bath/shower, while the skin is moist. Its really amazing the amount of healing and repair it can do almost overnight. Just dont get it in your eyes! stings like crazy!!

  • Burned my 9 yr old's skin!!!
    1 stars

    4/22/2019 by HeatherM76

    This product burned my son's skin ON CONTACT! He started yelling right away to wash it off. It now looks like a sunburn peeling. It's all red and hurts more than it did to begin with.

  • Burns and makes eczema worse
    1 stars

    4/21/2019 by MyThreeSons

    My son started screaming and started wiping it off right after I put it on him. Within a minute his eczema was bright red and looked a bit swollen. This morning it still looks the same. I usually trust all aveeno products but not anymore. I'll be checking reviews before trying anything new in the future.

  • Good
    5 stars

    4/9/2019 by Customer

    I like how it was sealed to prevent any leakage or damage.

  • Broke my baby out in a rash
    1 stars

    4/7/2019 by jessemf

    I'm sure it works for many people, we use aveeno baby soaps and lotion, our 3 month old started having some dry patches on her so we bought the nighttime balm and she broke out in a rash all over where we had put this on her. It was also very very oily which I would not mind if it had helped her. Me and my husband do not have sensitive skin and we were shocked she broke out so bad.

  • 2Yr old with eczema, broke out in rash
    1 stars

    4/4/2019 by

    I bought the nighttime balm and the daytime cream. Within 2 applications, my son broke out in rash on back, stomach, face, neck, private area and both lower and upper extremities. I do not recommend.

  • Burned Baby's Skin
    1 stars

    3/22/2019 by

    My LO has mild eczema, so I thought something OTC would work great. I've used Aveeno products before and like them. However, when I put this product on he started screaming inconsolably and the eczema became very angry and inflammed. I won't use it again and you should be hesitant to use it as well.

    1 stars

    3/20/2019 by AngryMom

    My parents bought this for me because my 4 month old had horrible eczema. It seemed to work after the first few applications, but we noticed he cried every time we applied it. This product was burning his skin! There are pages of reviews from parents who said the same thing. Baby screams uncontrollably after application!!! WHY IS THIS PRODUCT STILL ON THE MARKET!?!? I immediately threw the stuff away after reading all of these reviews of the same thing happening with others. AVEENO, why are you not taking this more seriously!? There is obviously something very wrong if so many babies are being hurt by this product! I plan on talking to my doctor about what actions can be taken to get this product off the market. Do better. Protect babies over your profits.

  • Citric Acid
    2 stars

    3/16/2019 by spaceship22

    Why would you add citric acid to this product for eczema sufferers? No wonder everyone below says it stings and burns.

  • Burns the skin
    1 stars

    3/13/2019 by Cmj13

    I am very disappointed that this did not work... As it is specifically for babies with eczema it should not burn the skin and should be completely healing. I put it on my six-year-old first to make sure it wouldn't burn, his skin was pretty cracked and he did complain that it was burning. My three-year-old skin wasn't as badly cracked but he had it all over his legs. I tried it in hopes that it would work but instantly he was crying saying it hurt. Don't waist your money. I have yet to find an eczema product that doesnt burn my childs skin:(

  • No way, do not use.
    1 stars

    3/8/2019 by Kristah5

    Tried this on my son before bed and he screamed violently. I had to run and put him in a cool bath to calm down. My 5 month old has never cried like that before. I will never use anything aveeno again.

  • Works wonders on my toddler!
    5 stars

    3/5/2019 by Mimi0509

    My toddler has had eczema since he was a baby. His pediatrician told me to use aveeno baby eczema products and it has helped him a lot! I love the night time balm. Keeps him from scratching and makes his skin soft. Has a wonderful smell and he loves to put the balm on. I love the whole eczema line from aveeno! Whenever there's a new product for kids especially eczema I always buy. Definitely recomend!!!

  • My son broke out immediately in a rash
    1 stars

    2/2/2019 by JonH

    This product was recommended by my sister in law. I wished I had read the reviews and especially the ingredients before applying cream. This product has four different types of alcohol and three different types of acid. Once applied, my son's face broke out completely red. He started to scream. We were able to alleviate his pain by applying breast milk on his face. Please be aware this product may cause a reaction to your child before applying and purchasing. Definitely staying away from their products for the time being.

  • Skin so soft
    5 stars

    1/31/2019 by Snowglitz8

    This product is amazing! My child has mild eczema on her arms and thighs. This makes her skin so soft and comfortable. She loves when I use this on her sensitive skin!

  • Amazing, my baby's face is kissable again!!!
    5 stars

    1/30/2019 by Alicia B

    Used this on my baby's face neck and ears after a bath and I just couldn't believe the immediate difference. He has had really dry flaky skin and bumps that appear to be a rash for weeks now. He's had two doctors appointments and nobody seems to be able to pinpoint exactly what it is and was told it was either a possible dairy allergy or hormones from breastmilk. He is only 7 weeks old and I couldn't even kiss his poor face because it looks so inflamed and irritated! All they said was to put hydrocortisone 1% cream on it. It's done absolutely nothing. I'm so happy to have found this product. Not only does his skin look way better instantly but it actually feels better to the touch! I swear I can run my finger over his cheek and I don't feel the bumps either! Don't ever change or discontinue this product I will be recommending this to everyone I know. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Helps my kids out a lot
    5 stars

    1/26/2019 by Momof2KandR

    I have been using this balm for a while now and this seems to be the only thing that's helps my two kids with there eczema. I forgot I had this, my son broke out really bad and I took him to the Dr. she prescribed him some nyastatin and that didn't work so I bathed him and then put the aveeno balm on him and now he is sound asleep. So thanks aveeno because this is the only thing I can use on my kids skin right now.

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