Graco Pack 'n Play Quick Connect Portable Bouncer Playard with Bassinet, Raleigh

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Thanks to Graco's Quick Connect™ Technology, the portable bouncer removes from the playard with one step, keeping baby by your side as you move around the home..

  • Portable Bouncer has head support and plush, soft fabrics to keep baby cozy
  • Portable Bouncer removes with the click of a button, so baby can be happy right by your side as you move around the home
  • Remove features from the playard quickly for easy portability around the house and effortless pack up
  • Diaper changing station removes from the playard with one, quick step to make packing up the playard easy
  • Built-in, 2-speed vibration in the portable bouncer helps soothe baby
  • UPC: 047406146161
  • Brand: Graco
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Features: Easy to Clean, Vibration
  • Model: 9AP00RLE
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2013696

Reviews (20)

  • Unlevel changing table
    3 stars

    4/13/2019 by MegNeig

    Very convenient to keep in our living room for changing quickly but the changing table has a slight lean to it. We have tried connecting it on the other side, switching directions and making sure the fabric is all connected securely. Nothing has helped. Thinking of returning it due to the changing pad.

  • Ovmomma
    5 stars

    4/1/2019 by Ovmomma

    This pack play grows with your child. Newborn to age 2 or more. Plenty of space for changing infants and staying organized.

  • HORRIBLE directions!!
    2 stars

    1/31/2019 by Tori0688

    Is it so hard to label parts as “a” or “b” in the directions as it starts out ? Still trying to figure out the bouncer. Makes no sense.

  • Terrible bouncer
    1 stars

    1/26/2019 by BeachBlonde

    The bouncer is terribly designed. The harness is up so high that my baby is in an uncomfortable position. The entire bouncer is at an odd angle to where it's forcing him to sit up too high instead of comfortably laying back.

  • Excellent product
    5 stars

    11/27/2018 by Benedik

    Easy to set, fast shipping, and item as description.

  • Base Station
    4 stars

    11/16/2018 by MEHILL

    This PNP took me about 45 minutes to set up myself, I did all the laundry ahead of time. Make sure to lay out the pieces BEFORE snapping them together. I put the bars for the ‘bouncer' in the wrong way and snapped them together, and it took my husband and I a couple of minutes and a flathead screwdriver to pry them back apart. It is study, and we had it ready when baby came home. We set it up in our living room and it has really become our ‘base station'! We are still in the bassinet phase, but that has been really helpful since we don't have to bend all the way over to our baby in. The changer is a really nice feature, but my only complaint is that it tilts toward middle of the PNP. I have taken it on and off a million times and still find that it tilts inward slightly. Not enough to roll baby out, but it does scoot her to that side. Overall, a great purchase. We look forward to growing with it!

  • Awful Directions
    1 stars

    8/26/2018 by Spett018

    I was so excited to receive this as a gift last Saturday at my baby shower, but sadly this was an epic fail. The directions are poorly written. The tabs on the changing table were not constructed correctly and are unable to be used. We are very disappointed in this product and will be returning it immediately. I am usually a big promoter of Graco, but do not buy this product unless you want a headache.

  • Pack n play
    4 stars

    8/20/2018 by Kitkat143

    For the most part it was easy to put together. I love the convenience of being able to take the sleeper off to have it next to me. I also love how easy it is to be ready to change a diaper with the storage space set up right next to the diaper changing spot. Main downfall is probably the color because white stains so easily. Otherwise it is exactly what you're paying for, it's pricey but should also last a long time which makes it worth it.

  • Hard to put togther
    1 stars

    8/2/2018 by henry65

    I open the box and there were no instruction on how to put the Pack n Play, after an hour I figure it out where all the pieces go together. The center of the bouncer on each side would not snap or lock in place to make a square or the or the product is melfunction and needs to be returner. I would not recommend this product.

  • Great product
    5 stars

    5/3/2018 by Nefe00

    I love this pack and play! Took me a little time to set it up but overall love it, by far my favorite purchase as a new mom

  • All in One
    5 stars

    2/23/2018 by Duck

    The Graco Pack 'n Play Quick Connect Portable Bouncer with Bassinet has all the convenience of a pack and play with a whole lot more. It comes with a bouncer, a changing station, and play yard. The portable, two speed bouncer with head support attaches and detaches from the unit with the touch of a button. This comes in handy as the activity in my house changes throughout the day. At times I carried my daughter with me as I moved about the house and other times, like when the dogs were playing in my living room or my older children were running about, she was safely up and away from the action but could still observe from above. It also comes with a visor like you see in infant car seats. The changing station is covered in wipeable fabric for easy clean up and the three deep storage pockets on the side allowed for me to have all my changing paraphernalia organized and close at hand. My daughter is a bit too mobile for the bassinet but if I had received this when she was a newborn, this would've been an often used feature which could prevent back strain. Once I took the time to get to know the product, the set up was easy. The accessories and the pack and play itself is sturdy and designed so that no matter what feature I'm using (as long as the weight and mobility guidelines are adhered to), my active child is safe and secure. The pack and play has storage built in but the accessories do not. The bouncer has two speed vibrations but no music feature that often comes with bouncers. I especially like the versatility, set up, and the included accessories all in one unit. I plan to use this mostly at home, but the pack and play is easily portable for traveling to friends and family. This is a unit that grows with your baby from newborn through toddler years. Thank you weeSpring Parent Panel for providing the opportunity to use and review this product.

  • Easy to Assemble Pack and Play
    4 stars

    2/10/2018 by amckenna561

    I have a two-year old daughter and a baby on the way, so we needed another pack 'n play for travel and to keep downstairs for nap time. We have tried a few different pack 'n plays for my oldest daughter, and comparatively, this one (including the bassinet and changing table) was easy to assemble and even easier to disassemble (which is important if you plan on taking it with you during travels)! I love that the pack 'n play has wheels, so you can easily move it once assembled. The bassinet is sturdier than other pack 'n plays we've used in the past, which is a huge plus. However, the bouncer was very difficult for me to assemble following the pictures. I recommend unsnapping the back when putting it together so it is easier to manipulate the hardware without the fabric in the way. I did not complete assembling the bouncer because I put in one of the pieces wrong and once it snaps it's almost impossible to take apart, so I am really disappointed that I wasn't able to try out that feature. Overall, the pack 'n play is sturdy, not to heavy to take with you on travels (it comes with a handy travel bag), and easy to assemble, so I highly recommend it! I received the product as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  • Love it
    4 stars

    2/8/2018 by cassleeh

    I was given this playard to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. I had the opportunity to use this pack and play and love it. I've used the independent bouncer and the bassinet level for the main pack and play in our home. We use it primarily on the main level of our home for somewhere safe to keep our baby. The independent bouncer is great. Our baby has napped in it and loves the vibrating feature. It was a little difficult to put together, and the harness part seems to be placed at an awkward position for us, but our baby is relatively big. The main pack and play is comparable to our other pack and play, but I do like the updated connection for the bassinet level. The green and gray design was very nice and suitable for both a girl and boy. I also loved the parent console on the side to store diapers/wipes/cream/etc... I'd highly recommend this pack and play.

  • Best one on the market
    5 stars

    2/6/2018 by Megan92992

    This Graco Playard & Portable Bouncer is super convenient and takes so much stress out of visiting family. It is not only a playard, but also has a bassinet and changing table as well as a small storage area for a few diapers, etc. Its a great option for those of us who want a spot for baby in another area of the house so we don't have to go back and forth to the nursery. The changer wipes clean, but you can lay a changing pad or hand towel in it to keep it extra clean. The changing station can be used until 30 pounds, which is awesome! The side holder is very convenient for diapers and wipes. The extra bonus here is the newborn napper/bouncer. It can stay high up in the playard or it can travel around the house with you. Super convenient! My little one loves the bouncer and I feel like it's the only way I'm able to get anything done around the house some days. It is definitely my favorite part of this product. I am able to fold this up and reassemble within minutes which is much easier than our pack n play that had before. It is relatively light weight and a decent size for travel. We also use it in the master bedroom now because it's convenient and also saves space when you don't have room for a separate changing table or crib. I really like the color scheme on this as well. It's basically what we wanted when our daughter was first born, but were unable to find. Big thanks to the WeeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this pack n play. We will be using it for many years to come.

  • Happy Baby, Happy Life
    4 stars

    2/5/2018 by Coastal Dad

    We found the Pack N Play to be a helpful tool in our home which already includes a crib and smaller rocking Bassinet. We use both the bouncer and the Pack N Play as a place to set baby for a short time while we get house chores, showers or meals cooked. The bouncer helps sooth baby and keep them happy unlike a crib or rocking bassinet which offer less overall movement and vibration automation. Our favorite feature of the Pack N Play is its lightweight and ease to move. We expect to use the Pack N Play mostly at home and visiting grandparents. Great for travel if needed, packs up compact. Great price for value! Thank you weeSpring Parent Panel for sharing this product with our family to try and review.

  • Life Saver!
    5 stars

    2/3/2018 by MeganPearl

    The pack n play is a classic must have item for any family. This version with the quick connect bouncer attached is amazing! I really love that this system grows with your child, there's a changing table, a bouncer, and a play pen/crib space. One of my favorite features is the organizer that it comes with! You can keep everything you need right there. When I was offered this item as a member of the weeSpring parent panel I was so excited. My son is in the beginning stages of sitting up and moving around on his own. He loves spending time playing in the pack n play, and it is such a convenience for us, being able to fix dinner and clean up while being able to clearly see him having a great time in there (and having free hands). We can also easily use it as a comfortable place for him to sleep! I really liked the bouncer as well, the material is super soft and comfy for my little man, the vibrations are soothing, and it's extremely portable! We have used it all over our house. The setup of this system is very intuitive and convenient. We have many trips planned this year, and are very excited to have this portable and reliable bed, changing table, and play place to bring along with us! Love this item!

  • All in one solution
    4 stars

    2/2/2018 by NYCMama

    This is a great pack & play that is simple and easy to set up. The bouncer seat was a great addition - it was also very easy to set-up & my LO loved it! The pack & play folded up conveniently and was very easy to bring along on weekend trips. The only downside to this set was that the bouncer and other accessories did not come with any sort of storage pouch or carrying case, so the parts are all loose, not ideal for travel. I loved the style, and the look is modern and clean. I received this as part of the WeeSpring Parent panel.

  • Very handy
    5 stars

    2/1/2018 by TinySerenity

    I received this item on February 13th as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. This testing opportunity came at a great time while away for an extended vacation at my Dad's. My daughter is 6 months and has an almost 4 year old sister. We didn't use anything like a pack n play for my oldest. I found it to be rather handy as she has started sitting up on her own. She'll play with toys for a bit and is starting to try to crawl. I like that this is a safe place for her to play and learn while I work at the coffee table next to her. The bouncer is great, but has a max of 15lbs and my chunker has passed that. We were able to let her try it out and she seemed to enjoy the vibration. It has noise, but not too loud and annoying. I think having this from the start would have been handy. The pack n play was fast and easy to setup and has a max of 30lbs. My oldest is 31lbs and rather upset she couldn't go in it to play, ha. The bouncer took a bit of time.

  • Love the features!
    4 stars

    2/1/2018 by SaraE

    I love this play yard and bouncer. The play yard design is cute! I love the convenience of the detachable bouncer. The bouncer is easy to use and attached and detached with ease. I love that I didn't have to purchase a separate bouncer. The bouncer is soft and comfy for my baby. My favorite feature is the ease of set up. I will use this play yard not only at home but when we travel to grand parent's houses. My only con was putting it together. It wasn't extremely difficult but there was a little frustration. Thanks to weeSpring Parent Panel I received this play yard and bouncer!

  • Multifunctional, sturdy, safe, easy to build and t
    5 stars

    1/31/2018 by alexc

    We got the Graco Pack n' Play via the weeSpring Parent Panel, and we were so glad to get it. Out of all of the other playards and cribs we'd done research on, this is the one we'd hoped to get. It's by far the best option for our infant daughter, as her primary nighttime sleeping spot (won't need a crib for at least a few months), and the bouncer is a great place to put her during the day, when we want her nearby but can't wear or hold her. It's great that, once she outgrows the sleeping level, we can use this for months as a playard, which is great for our tightly-packed Brooklyn apartment. Thinking of getting another one to leave at our daughter's grandparents' house for when we travel, but this assembles and disassembles so easily that we might not need to.

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