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The Chicco FastAsleep is a full-size travel playard with snap-open setup, zip-and-wash fabrics, and a 2-in-1 changer/napper. A second carry bag for the changer/napper offers the flexibility to travel light or pack everything. The FastAsleep folds up compactly and fits into its included carry bag for travel. A padded mattress secures onto the floor of the playard to create a comfortable space for naptime or playtime. The FastAsleep comes fully assembled and a simple snap-open motion positions the legs into place for super quick setup. For added convenience, the FastAsleep is equipped with an extra-large changer that turns into a newborn napper.

  • Ready in seconds! No assembly required + snap-open setup
  • Zip-and-wash fabrics for easy machine washing
  • Compact fold and carry bags for playard and changer/napper
  • Presto Changer! 2-in-1 changer/napper
  • Full-size sleeping area (up to 30 pounds), extra-large changer (up to 30 pounds), and newborn napper (up to 15 pounds)
  • UPC: 049796609196
  • Brand: Chicco
  • Color: Dune
  • Assembled Product Weight: 31.00 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 25.00 x 38.00 x 33.00 Inches

Reviews (20)

  • Great Versatility & Value
    5 stars

    1/25/2019 by Jd23

    We are first time expecting parents. As most first time parents, we have researched each and every product our little one might use extensively. We found the Chicco FastAsleep to be perfect product for our future use from a both convenience and safety perspective. The size of the playyard is ideal; Large enough to provide plenty of space for the baby, yet small enough to make extremely portable when on the go. The set-up is simple, making it easy to set-up or breakdown in a short amount of time. We particularly loved the idea of having the changing station/napper attached to the top of the playyard. Assembly is again quick and easy, but at same time you can clearly tell when it has been securely attached. Not having to change the baby on the floor or head upstairs was a major plus, especially for a first-time Dad. In addition, like other Chicco products, we liked the idea of the ease at which the fabric could be cleaned/washed. We plan to use the FastAsleep as a downstairs option at home, as well as when we travel with the baby. Chicco provided this product to me in exchange for an honest opinion.

  • Great for visiting grandkids
    5 stars

    1/18/2019 by girldragon18

    I really like the ease of opening this playyard. Others are so difficult to open or close. Love the fact that the changer can be used for so long. Looking forward to continued use of this product so easy to use. Chicco provided this product to me in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Love the design
    4 stars

    1/16/2019 by SarahH

    The FastAsleep is easy to set up and I really like the simple design. We will be using this as a downstairs option for changing/sleeping for our little one, and I love the fact that it simply flips over from changer to a sleeper. As others have mentioned, the interior sits on the floor and is pretty far down to reach, luckily my husband and I are both fairly tall, but I can see how this could be an issue for people who are not. Other than that we are really happy with it! Chicco provided this product to me in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Great product!
    5 stars

    1/15/2019 by Missy713

    We have been using the FastAsleep Playard for our infant. The changing table and napping area have been the only features we have used thus far and we love the convenience of both! The smaller sections on the end are ideal for diapers, wipes, etc. to keep stored for easy, quick access. The changing area wipes clean easily for little messes, however we still use a changing pad under baby to avoid messes on the changing station part. The napping area is super soft and cushioned for our baby to nap. We do not use this area for sleeping for nighttime and keep this in our main living area. The ease of folding the napper over from the changing station is so convenient and functional. When baby gets a bit older, we will use the inner part of the playard, however the playard pad sits low to the floor and seems difficult to bend and lift baby out of when laying so low. I can see this being a little more easy to use when baby is beginning to sit up and stand, so mom doesn't have to bend and reach as low. Assembly was SO easy. It literally came fully assembled...all I had to do was open the box, pop out the legs to lock position and put the pad inside and topper on. When fastening the pad to the bottom of the playard, you have to insert the black button ties through these slots at the bottom of the fabric near the legs and buttom them...I was positive there was a flaw in the product when the instructions said to do this. I could not for the life of me find these "slots". Sure enough, they were there...just have to feel around and look a bit harder. Overall, this product is great and I would recommend purchasing for your baby.

  • Great Pack & Play Option!
    5 stars

    1/14/2019 by KLoz

    This pack n play is very lightweight and portable, easy to setup and it is sturdy compared to other pack n plays we have tried. The mattress and napper is so soft and feels cozy. You can also easily throw the fabric in the wash when needed. Chicco provided this product to me in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Easy to Open!
    5 stars

    1/11/2019 by nzone1018

    I used the FastAsleep Full Size Travel Playard and love it. The only thing I would change is the height at which it rests. The bottom rests on the floor, I would prefer it to rest a little higher but other than that it is very easy to use. Compact and easy to open. The adjustable top portion allows for easy diaper changes on the go.

  • Love with with the exception of 2 flaws...
    4 stars

    12/8/2018 by Cdub2011

    Having had several other playards over the years, I was in love when I found this one. It is the easiest playard to put up and take down. I love that, unlike many other playards, this one has an edge that is completely covered by fabric, with no plastic pieces sticking out inside the playard, which is the first reason we choose it (our daughter's tooth was damaged by interior plastic on a playard of another brand). The bottom mat comes out and has an easily removable cover, which is also water proof, so the inside stays clean and dry. The entire play cover is removable, which is fantastic, but this is also where one of the flaws comes in. The first time I was removing the cover, I watched a Chicco tutorial on how to do it. It took a little more finagling than it did in the video except for one area that took A LOT of finagling. It did not come off as effortlessly as it did in the video. The top edge of the cover unzips, completely; however, part of it is physically connected where the plastic handles are and it doesn't just come out from around the plastic (which is what I first expected considering the way our Chicco carseat does). I did what the video showed and could not get the side to pop off. My husband tried too. Together, we spent about 10 min trying to get it off in the same way it shows in the video--the plastic WOULD NOT BUDGE--which resulted in the fabric being torn. I was/am very frustrated that Chicco would make this so difficult. Why not just make it so that the fabric slides off from around the plastic piece??? Why would you fashion something in such a way that requires the end-user to pull on it in a manner that could result in damage to the product? By this point, we now had the fabric pulled away and had to figure out how to get the plastic piece off (which is supposed to be permanently attached to the fabric--why Chicco??? WHY???) in order to reattach the cover to it after we were done cleaning it. We determined that, somehow, pulling the fabric is what triggers the release, so my husband and I worked together to slide the edge of a towel under the plastic piece, where the fabric would have been. It took several tries and hard tugging before the plastic piece FINALLY came loose. Detaching the cover from the opposite side was much easier, so perhaps ours was defective? Be very careful when removing the cover from the sides. Other than that, I don't like that it sits on the floor. It is really difficult to lay my sleeping child in it without having to practically dropping her an inch or so. I'm 5'7, so I'm not particularly short. Other than those 2 things, I love this playard.

  • All in one
    4 stars

    4/30/2018 by Mulrich

    Great baby piece to have especially if traveling. The set up of this playyard is super simple when comparing to some of the other models. The napper and changer are great when they are newborn. I've been using this outside on my patio while my older child plays. The only reason I gave it 4 stars vs 5 is because it sits so low on the ground. There is no room to get your feet under it when laying baby down inside. The design is great, the fabric is high quality and it's so easy to set up and take down. I also like the size- it's easier to move around the house than the other models.

  • Very Versatile
    5 stars

    4/25/2018 by SJune

    We are first time parents with a house on the smaller side. The playard seems to be the perfect fit for us. It has enough space for comfort, and room for the baby to play, but also the perfect size for traveling. It is easy to break down and fold for storage. The fabric is made to simply throw in the wash when needed without hassle. I love that it has the extra features to satisfy different stages, and age. My favorite part is the little changing table on top. This makes it much easier to change your little one instead of having to crouch down on the ground. It can also be used for a newborn until they are big enough to use the bottom portion. You definitely get your money's worth with this product.

  • A Must Have!!!
    5 stars

    4/25/2018 by KWmama

    It's a playard, changing table, and napper. But the best part? It's SO easy to open and fold down again! Considering how difficult is usually is to set up and fold a regular playard, it may sound crazy that it's actually fun to set this one up, but it's true! And despite being lightweight and super portable, it's still very durable and sturdy. I love that all the fabric parts unzip and can be washed. The napper is so soft and cozy, I'm honestly kind of jealous that I can't sleep in it lol. We currently have this FastAsleep playard set up downstairs for naps and diaper changes but I love that we can easily move it anywhere in the house and even take it with us on trips. I am really enjoying this new product and my little girl seems to be too! Chicco provided this product to me in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Easy to set up!
    5 stars

    4/23/2018 by APOP

    I love this playard. It has a spacious area for play at the bottom and a very convenient changing table up top. My son still fits in the changing station at 20 months. I would recommend this product it is easy to set up and is sturdy. I feel my child is very safe while playing in the bottom portion of the playard.

  • LOVE IT!
    5 stars

    4/10/2018 by brit

    We just upgraded from an older playard I got back in 2009 and LOVE this one! It is EXTREMELY easy to open!!!!! I love how easy it is! Chicco provided this product to me in exchange for my honest review."

  • Difficult to put baby in and out
    2 stars

    2/27/2018 by NSGJ

    I was so excited to try out this sleeper/players, it is so pretty and looks like a great design. However, do the shape of it it is extremely difficult to put baby into or get baby out of. I almost fall in and can't get him all the way to the bottom smoothly so he wakes up, and getting him out isn't extremely uncomfortable for baby. I thought maybe it was because I am very short (5ft) but my husband (6'1”) has the same issues. I'm so sad we did not just love it. I think that the bassinet and changing section would be very useful for when baby is still little! And of course it doesn't make a good players, just not pleased with it as a sleeper. Chico provided this product for me in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Amazing Playard!!
    5 stars

    2/12/2018 by MNmomof3

    This Playard is so convenient and easy to set-up. My son is almost 1 and he naps wonderfully in this Playard. He also loves to hangout in it with his toys while I mop the floors. It's very sturdy and the fabric is SO NICE! This will be perfect to travel with and use at a hotel. Such a sleek design!!

  • Great Product!
    5 stars

    1/8/2018 by Scottimac11

    We have been using this playard for about 3 weeks now and its the best one we have used yet. The feature labeled "easy to open" its an understatement, its a lot easier than anything else we have used. We have used it as a sleeping area for our 18 month old as well as a changer. It also looks very appealing as well. We would recommend this product to anyone. Chicco provided this product to me in exchange for my honest opinion

    5 stars

    1/8/2018 by SummerDaddy

    I just received the playard and really enjoying it!. It's very simple to setup. The hardest part with the set up was getting the Playard out of the box. We really enjoy spending time at the park so I really appreciate the carrying bag that comes with it. The mat finish and the cushion in the diaper changing station is very secure and comfortable! We love the simple yet very modern look. Chicco has always made the most reliable and economical product and we couldn't be more happier with this. "Chicco provided this product to me in exchange for my honest review."

  • Just what we were looking for!
    5 stars

    1/7/2018 by HeatherLewLack

    We are so happy we chose this playard. It fits perfectly in our bedroom for sleeping and the easy adaptation into a changing station is amazing! Also, it's very easy to set up and break down for transportation. Highly recommend!

  • Extremely Convenient!!
    5 stars

    1/7/2018 by Danielle07

    I absolutely love this playard! It is so easy to set up and take down compared to the one I used with my first child. The oversized changing station makes a world of difference. The look and design is very eye appealing. The only downside for my is the lack of a middle section that allows you to raise the pad. When my daughter was a newborn it was nice to pop the napper off but still not have to lay her all the way to the ground. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this to anyone! Chicco provided this product to me in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • AMAZING!!! An absolute must have.
    5 stars

    1/7/2018 by Shaw0509

    The FastAsleep has been a life saver. My husband and I travel often. This is far superior to the "pack and play" we purchased and used for our first child. And the price of the FastAsleep is so much better. There is virtually no assembly required! My husband is so happy that I can set it up, take it down and pack it in the car by myself. My mother in law also purchased one since she babysits our son 3 days a week. I'm so impressed w/ the quality. Very well made and easy to keep clean. Absolutely LOVE the Zip and wash fabrics. Let's face it, babies make "messes", it's great to know that what my son is sleeping on is truly clean surface.

  • Awesome Product!
    5 stars

    1/7/2018 by Ashley12

    This is a fantastic product and has been extremely helpful for a first time parent like myself. It is extremely easy and convenient to use. My favorite feature is the extra large changing table. I would recommend this product to other parents. Please note Chicco provided this product to me in exchange for my honest opinion.

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