KidCo PeaPod Portable Travel Bed, Midnight

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The PeaPod also has great features for outdoor use including UV protection and anchor straps. This convenient travel bed offers peace of mind to parents trekking with kids. Believe it or not, this handy bed fits inside carry-on size luggage, making it GREAT for trips without having to check bags! When not in use, the PeaPod quickly folds for storage inside its own bag making it perfect for short visits or long trips.. A lightweight mesh surround provides increased air flow while a large front zipper panel makes access to your child effortless. The Micro-Lite sleeping pad comes firmly secured to the outer bottom of the PeaPod with snaps, but is easily removable for cleaning or packing.

  • 50% UV protection
  • Micro-lite sleeping pad comes pre-assembled and ready to use
  • Lightweight mesh; great for air flow and as insect screen
  • Extra large zipper panel for easy access
  • UPC: 786441430124
  • Brand: KidCo
  • Features: Canopy
  • Model: P3012
  • Manufacturer Part Number: P3012
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0 oz

Reviews (17)

  • Peapod is a hit
    5 stars

    7/31/2018 by Peapodheaven

    Very lite but sturdy. Opens up easily. Closing takes practice but easy once u get hang of it. Great for beach, park, picnic.

  • I received completely different product!
    1 stars

    3/12/2018 by katarzynak

    Product which I received is completely different than the one from the picture. There are no side opening, as well the door doesn't have the option to unzip and leave only zipped mesh. I paid for product shown on the pictures and got a cheaper version. I will definitely send this back!

  • Not the right size!!! Not the plus!
    4 stars

    2/15/2018 by superfoodgal

    The title and description says it's a peapod plus, but when I recurved it, it was actually only the peapod(which is smaller) so I had to return it. They need to change the title and description of it.

  • Great for travelling
    5 stars

    1/4/2018 by takisara

    We have used ours for 2 years now, since baby was 8 months old. We use this instead of a crib when travelling. I just make sure our room has an extra bed and I put this in the middle of the bed. Holds up to a lot of wear and tear. Used it at the beach and along a hiking trail. Great purchase.

  • perfect for going south
    5 stars

    8/23/2017 by rmjq

    thus was bought so my baby can sleep safe without bugs when we go camping and south

  • Small and light
    5 stars

    8/19/2017 by JoleneZ

    Havent used it outside yet but I've practsed srtting it up and folding it down at home a couple times. Easy and quik! Good size when its set up and compact when folded. The bottom is thicker that I expected. I bought it for using on the beach. I also have Kidco travel crib and when compare the two, that one is more roomy and solid but take longer to set up (still very quickly). I intend to used that one for night sleep for travelling and this one for beaches.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
    4 stars

    4/3/2017 by HD5000

    This travel bed is light and incredibly easy to set up. Simple to take down once you understand the instructions, which are relatively clear. Colour not bright as it appears in the pictures, more a burgundy. I wish it was a bit taller. It is long enough for my child to sleep comfortably, but she can't sit up to rearrange herself (she is 2, and on the smaller size). She makes do by wiggling around but it does make it harder for her to settle. She also gets pretty sweaty in there as the bottom doesn't really breathe. There is mesh on the sides and top that helps, but where her face and body touch the ground of the bed heat gets trapped and she gets hot. A good option for travel, though, so much more convenient than lugging around a play pen or hoping to book cribs along the way.

  • Excellent value, excellent product
    5 stars

    1/27/2017 by plaidgiraffe29

    Instantaneous set up, and folds back up quickly and easily into a tiny lightweight size. Excellent for travel anywhere, whether for hotel with no cribs, camping, or just to bring over to a friend's house for a late night party. Baby slept well in it. Easy to clean and wipe down, quick dry. The only thing that could be improved a slightly more padded/structured sleeping pad underneath.

  • Great for play, not sleep
    4 stars

    12/3/2016 by Mandible

    My toddler absolutely loves to play in it, however I cannot get him to sleep in it no matter what I do. But it is lightweight and easy to set up and put away. Great for traveling. I bought it for him to sleep in, but we use it to play in instead. Either way it was a good purchase.

  • so portable
    5 stars

    11/28/2016 by chels1311

    took this bad boy to Mexico and all the other parents were jealous!

  • Loved it!
    5 stars

    8/27/2016 by Amanda

    We bought this for camping with our 11 month old daughter, and it worked out great....she slept well and I didn't have to worry about her getting out of the tent without me knowing, since we zipped up the mesh front at night!

  • Bought the Peapod Plus after returning this one
    5 stars

    8/12/2016 by Kate66

    The Peapod look rather small and claustraphobic so I returned it and bought the Peapod plus. It's significantly bigger and was great for a travel-bed for our 15 month old. After waking up the next morning, she actually climbed back in to play!

  • Ok product
    3 stars

    8/12/2016 by tlauzon

    I bought this not long ago and used it for camping, fit in my tent really well but I find the cushion not thick enough, I had to buy a carpet to put underneath. Overall , I find it safe for a 14 month old compared to other products I saw on the market.

  • Perfect!
    5 stars

    8/7/2016 by mrpine

    A+...bought this for my Grandson as my daughter and her family were going on a weekend camping trip. It worked perfectly...Bravo!

  • Love everything about it!
    5 stars

    8/3/2016 by Jesslejeune

    Works great for travelling; hotels and relatives houses. Also works perfect at the beach for shade. Easy to fold up if you follow directions.

  • Perfect
    5 stars

    6/6/2016 by Kate

    Perfect for travel. Used while staying overnight on our boat! Going to try it out on the beach this weekend!

  • Good item
    4 stars

    6/4/2016 by Lisann

    I like the PeaPod with one exception, folding it is not as easy as I would hope. Just got it so hoping that it will last considering frequrnt folding.

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