Evenflo Portable Babysuite Deluxe Playard, Hayden Dot

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There is a carry bag included, making traveling with it a breeze. With new innovations and features, it offers comfort and safety for your infant, while being incredibly convenient for mom. The Evenflo Portable BabySuite 300 Koi offers style and convenience. This Evenflo Babysuite 300 offers a full-size bassinet, a toy bar with three detachable playthings to keep your infant entertained. It is quick and easy to set up and take down. The convenient changer rotates out of the way when not in use.

  • Changer rotates out of the way when not in use
  • Weight: Max 25 lbs.
  • Height: Max 35 inches
  • Weight: Max 15 lbs
  • Floor mat converts to Playtime playmat with toys to creates a clean, safe play space for baby
  • Plush toys keep baby entertained
  • UPC: 032884190591
  • Brand: Evenflo
  • Gender: Boys
  • Accessories Included: Not Available
  • Features: No lock hinges for easy set up and tear down
  • Model: 70211874

Reviews (16)

  • good but
    3 stars

    5/1/2019 by anna

    I like it because its nice and big for a cheap price but I didn't like how the diaper rack was not on the same side as the changing station like shown in picture.

  • Poorly designed base
    2 stars

    4/30/2019 by Wood

    Easy to set up and breakdown. Handy accessories The center sets so much lower than the outer 4 legs that child can't do anything besides lay in spot balled up. Mat is made so cheesy that it doesn't even hold up the toy that comes with it. I'd say if your looking for something cheap it'll get ya by till you no longer use the bassinet. But it's no cheaper than the better built ones. Don't buy

  • Great Purchase
    5 stars

    4/11/2019 by trolls

    it wasn't easy for me to try to put together but my husband did it within like 10 minutes, Great price and very cute

  • Smart looking
    5 stars

    4/8/2019 by Dudley

    I bought this for our home as grandparents for our newest one. We love it.

  • Ended up returning it.
    1 stars

    3/7/2019 by Walmartloyalcustomer

    I purchased it online to save time. But, it was so hard to put it up, end up not able to, and I couldn't put it back down either. So, I had to take it back to store to return it half up after tried for two days. Then, I purchased it different one at the store. It was actually waste of my time. I give one star since I liked the color.

  • Simple simple simple for busy mommas!
    5 stars

    2/12/2019 by Brock

    We love this playpen! It's super easy to set up like 3 seconds and done, so it's great for those overnight trips with family or just when mommy and daddy want baby in the room with us! Thanks evenflo!

  • portable
    5 stars

    1/30/2019 by mountain

    works like it should its very portable will be using in the yard & for camping

  • Not suitable for sleep
    1 stars

    1/19/2019 by JGAL

    This bassinet feature is not suitable for sleeping as the sides are not mesh and baby can suffocate. There are literally warnings on the bassinet stating that babies can suffocate. It pad is slippery and my baby easily moves around making it entirely possible for her to end up against the edge. The change pad is great though. Haven't tried the lowered feature yet but have heard the pad isn't thick enough

  • Broke the first time we opened it!
    1 stars

    1/6/2019 by Jvers

    We received this as a gift for our baby shower and were very excited to use it at our inlaws' a few months later. We set it up at home as a "trial run" and found it very awkward to disassemble. We used the instructions but still managed to accidentally snap a very small plastic clasp off the bottom mechanism. It turned out that this tiny piece of plastic was all that was holding the bottom flat, so now our playpen will not lock open without jamming an umbrella or stick through the bottom. Complete waste of money. We have this brand-new, huge bag full of playpen and it is completely useless to us now. Very disappointed.

  • Love using it for travel!
    5 stars

    12/10/2018 by Courtnie24

    Whether it's to a relatives house or on long trips, the playpen is easy to put together and doesn't take up a huge amount of space. The wheels make it so easy to relocate and is very sturdy. My boy seems to enjoy the space that he has using then playpen to move around and play with his toys. I definitely recommend!

  • Playpen isn't the greatest
    1 stars

    11/29/2018 by Ellie9324

    This playpen did not last long , the bottom would not click in anymore and one night I put my baby girl In it to spend the night at my mother's and the playpen collapsed on her . I'm glad my baby girl is ok ! I would highly not reccomend this product , if you do not want to risk you're baby getting hurt dont buy it .

  • Ok I guess
    3 stars

    11/4/2018 by Craigc

    Didn't come exactly as pictured. The storage unit that clipsnunder the changer looked completely different and had no way to attach. I'm very disappointed in that being that storage with a baby is a big thing.

  • Great but no instructions and wrong side bag.
    3 stars

    11/2/2018 by Kate

    It's adorable and fit together just fine. Haven't used it yet, little one isn't due till this month. But it came with no instructions, picture on the box helped put it together and the side bag was not the one pictured so I couldn't attach it anywhere. Bag pictured has clips, bag gotten has velcro.

  • Awesome product
    5 stars

    10/26/2018 by Dave1

    Shipment was quick, item performs as described and works well

  • Okay but wish I had bought different brand
    3 stars

    7/25/2018 by Marni

    So far, my 3 month old has been using it successfully, though how he can sleel on the thin cardboard is beyond me. The changer has been sturdy as well. And the side pockets are really handy. But once you convert it to a playpen, the bottom surface is lousy. Completely unstable. I had my 3 month sleep in the playpen while travelling (didn't take the bassinet attachment), and has to take him out to sleep in the bed with me. The thin mattress had no solid surface to rest on so became lopsided. I bought this product hoping he would play in it until age 2, but now I'm not so sure.

  • Check product even if you dont plan use it fast
    2 stars

    5/10/2018 by yravelom

    Missing all wheels in the box

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