Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Twin Bassinets, Mason

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Two babies mean double the cuddles - and double the need for comfort. The roomy Graco Bassinet Pack n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet makes a perfect spot for your new babies to rest with its cozy, quilted twin bassinets and light-shielding canopies..

  • Convenient carrying bag for no-fuss travel and storage
  • Handy wheels for added convenience
  • Quilted side panels provide a cozy haven
  • Airy mesh on all sides for maximum ventilation
  • Innovative squeeze latch for a quick-and-easy fold
  • Unique curved frame gives it a contemporary look
  • UPC: 047406138081
  • Brand: Graco
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Features: Washable Fabric
  • Model: 9F00MSN
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1967965

Reviews (15)

  • Roomy
    5 stars

    4/6/2019 by April0921

    Bassinets are super roomy! I am able to have both girls on one side for now!

  • Uncomfortable
    1 stars

    1/22/2019 by KALocke

    We bought this for our twins and they did not sleep well in it. The bassinets are very hard and sag in the middle. After a week we gave up and found a better product.

  • Convenient
    4 stars

    12/21/2018 by Kristenl117

    I received ours as a gift at my baby shower. The twins slept in it as their primary bassinet for their first 3 months. They did however quickly grow out of them. Also - one of my girls is a thrasher and often woke up her sister because they share a mattress. Once they grew out of the bassinet the pack n play was super convenient. It travels well and serves as a bed at grandma and grandpas house and a play area at family BBQs.

  • To hard and no sheets.
    2 stars

    12/7/2018 by Ollie

    I got this for my twins so they can sleep in the same room with us and I thought it would work. My girls dont like it, it's to hard for them it seems like. It needs to be alittle more soft for them to lay on. We ended up making our own little mattress (bottom) for it and they sleep in it fine now. Also there is no sheets to really go with this they are made for all the others.

  • Good for only few days later it sags in middle
    2 stars

    5/2/2018 by Samfs

    Hi,as I have read several comments saying it sags in middle I am also having the same issue my twins bassinet sags in middle and they sleep ver uncomfortable I have to pull them up every few hour as they slip in middle and their legs will be folded as they come all the way down and their butt touches the end of crib.Can you suggest what we supposed to do my twins are just months old I tried adding small baby blanket in it but still sags in middle.

  • Middle sags!
    2 stars

    2/8/2018 by Kendria

    I bought this for my preemie twins but when I put my daughters into the bassinets they immediately both rolled towards the middle! Defeated the whole purpose of buying this.

  • Hard to repack bassinets
    3 stars

    1/3/2018 by Phantomrose

    I love the twin bassinets, made it super convenient for my preemies to sleep in. However, I have been having a very hard time figuring out how to repack the bassinets inbto be able to take it with us. Right now the bassinet is in a pile on my floor because I can't get it back in the bag with the playyard.

  • Wonderful idea!
    5 stars

    11/14/2017 by Moando914

    My parents bought this for my preemie twins as a gift. It worked great. I was able to put it next to my bed so I could get to them with ease. It worked nicely with the medical equipment that my girls were still on when they came home. My girls were able to sleep in it until we transitioned to their cribs. When they were too big for the bassinets, we took them out and used the pack and play itself at my parents so they had a place to sleep. They were able to share it for a long time. They are four now and we take it with us when we have hotel stays, although only one fits for sleeping. Thank you so much for this idea. I wish you had one without the bassinets though.

  • Play and lay
    4 stars

    10/24/2017 by susie

    Great gift for twins

  • Works exactly like we expected!
    4 stars

    8/10/2017 by Hk17

    This pack n play was perfect for my twins sleeping in our bedroom until we transitioned to a crib. We still use it at the inlaws house. The down side is there's only one sheet out there that fits it that's cream... not exactly a fun color or matching anything. The bassinet was impossible to get folded back up into the pack n play for me when we were done, but I can live with that!

  • iit is a shower gift for a friend
    5 stars

    8/7/2017 by friend

    It was a shower gift for a friend.

  • Super convenient
    4 stars

    6/30/2017 by Ascott

    I love this !! I actually bought travel bassinets to fit inside these and it works perfectly - you have more padding and don't need sheets!

  • Mixed feelings
    3 stars

    4/7/2017 by mimms

    Complicated to set up. The playpen floor is also the mattress under both little beds. A regular crib sheet with full elastic on the edges will fit but is very hard to change. Each little bed area could use a thin pad to change when wet. It is cute and a nice size playpen. I'm not comfortable with the sleep areas being safe.

  • we just love these for our twins
    5 stars

    3/12/2017 by grandson

    This item is great for twin babies thank you for making something like this

  • Excellent option for additional nap space.
    5 stars

    2/18/2017 by Twinsmimi

    Easy to set up. The twin bassinet is an excellent space for the twins to nap without having to take them upstairs. Well constructed and sturdy.

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