Dreambaby® Royale 3-in-1 Converta® Play-Pen Gate fits up to 151"

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You can also use it as a multi-panel barrier. It is designed to be used in a number of different configurations, including a play area, room divider and fireplace guard. The baby playard and wide barrier gate is portable and easily folds up, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The Dreambaby Royale Converta 3-in-1 Playard and Wide Barrier Gate is versatile and easily fits into place. This metal playard features a new Smart Stay-Open design where the doorway will swing in both directions or you can leave it in the open position when desired. It comes in a neutral white that is sure to match your interior space..

  • UPC: 878931008491
  • Brand: Dreambaby
  • Installation Type: REQUIRED_ATTR_MISSING
  • Features: Expandable, Swinging Door
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: White

Reviews (20)

  • gate
    4 stars

    3/26/2019 by nery

    The box it came with it was like it had come from Japan, pretty much in bad shape. I am still testing this gate, i have a feeling a part is missing because is missing a screw, i will probably return it.

  • The biggest gate ever
    4 stars

    8/10/2018 by Jmma3227

    The Royale 3 in 1 play pen has been awesome. The size is amazing and i love it. Its great for my dogs too. It keeps them out the kitchen. I have so fallen in love. The gate is sturdy and strong. Its not cheap and weak. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Where have these been my entire life?!
    5 stars

    8/4/2018 by Nikki78

    This awesome gate/playpen is seriously useful! I have used it two different ways. The first way I used it as a playpen in my living room to keep the "older" kids and dogs from bothering the little one. Works perfectly for this. The second way and currently being used as a barrier. The gate is very sturdy and safe. I love how is can be used different ways. I also love how it looks,it looks very nice.For Christmas I will use it to safeguard the Christmas tree. I really do recommend this product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Very useful
    5 stars

    8/2/2018 by LesleyRam

    I have lots of use for this item, having small kids and family with little ones, we use it a lot as playpen, blocker for escalators, kitchen area, [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • One of the best baby gates I have had!!
    5 stars

    7/30/2018 by Mkb74

    This gate is one of the sturdiest ones I've had. I have had many. We use it to stretch across to separate the living and kitchen so we can keep the baby in the living room where it's safer. It is so easy to just take out and put up. A really great feature is the door. It opens both ways which makes it so easy to get in and out of the kitchen. And you don't have to actually close it and click the little latch to get it to stay because it goes back together and locks in place when you swing it that way. It's the perfect length we need also. I really like it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Incredible
    5 stars

    7/24/2018 by MissJean

    As a mom of both a toddler and infant, versatility and durability are a top priority in products. This fits the bill perfectly! The gate has straight up and down poles so my toddler doesn't have footholds he can use to climb over it. It's really easy to set up for my varying needs. Sometimes I want a playpen around the baby, other times I want to block off the kitchen. I can quickly switch it's position without hassle. I wish I bought this years ago instead of wasting time and money on other products. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Very solid and great product
    5 stars

    7/22/2018 by Manjaja

    I use this gate to block off my T.V., my fireplace and book shelves. I also use it as a playplace for my youngest. There is plenty of room for him to play. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • must buy 3 in 1 playpen gate
    5 stars

    7/21/2018 by ambermc1

    i used this product as a playpen and as a gate, it's design and color are very elegant. it is very sturdy as a playpen and as a gate. works great. fits everywhere. i can take it anywhere i go. very easy to assemble. great quality, great value, very useful. i am very satisfied. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Versatile and easy to use
    5 stars

    7/19/2018 by Megan

    I have a similar product that is a hard plastic. This is much nicer and better for indoor use because it blends nicely with a grownup decor. Love having the gate to make entrance/exit easier. Very happy with this product. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • I'd recommend this for children & glad I bought it!
    5 stars

    5/29/2018 by Rosemarie

    It's working good to keep our granddaughter safe as a divider fence. It's sturdy but light to handle.

  • Great for pets!!!!
    5 stars

    1/20/2018 by Lynne E

    I purchased this gate to contain my new puppy. She loves it and is able to have all her toys and play. The best part is her mess is all contained within the playpen. Would recommend this playpen to all puppy owners.

  • Exellent
    5 stars

    4/26/2017 by Proud Grandma

    I have to say to start off that being a new Grandma has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Now on to baby safety I have not had to think about that for quite a while. I have a very large opening going into my kitchen, which I did not want my grandson in when he is over. I could not figure out what I was going to do. Seen this gate and figured I would give it a try. The best decision I have ever made, not only did this gate fit my opening it looks great to. Now I can sit back with ease and enjoy my grandson crawling around my living room.

  • Meh...
    2 stars

    4/19/2017 by Tyler Miller

    Overall I was not impressed with this gate. My wife and I used it to keep our daughter from getting to the entertainment stand and playing with the movies, but by the time she was 18 months old, she broke it! Ridiculous that a product costing over $100 could be broken so easily by an infant. Needless to say we're trying to find replacement parts (something you'd think would be easy, but is actually quite a pain) so we can repair it for when baby #2 comes along.

  • Would not buy again
    1 stars

    2/13/2017 by Diane

    Wouldn't know how to put it together as it was already put together as someone bought it and sent it back and they did not put it together the right way, Had a very hard time trying to figure out what goes where as the Manual wasn't any help, Plus the box it came in looked like someone sent it down a few flights of stairs, If it wasn't that i needed it then i would have sent the junk back , Not pleased with the product or Walmart

  • WOW
    5 stars

    2/1/2017 by Great Product

    This play-pen is wonderful. I have been searching for something to keep my little one contained while I get things done around the house. I am able to do housework with the ease that I know my daughter can be safe and play with her toys. Plenty of room for her to move around and play. Love this play-pen unlike other one we have had she feels like she has her own little place. Highly recommend.

  • Its ok for a gate!
    3 stars

    1/24/2017 by knoledge

    The gate sturdy wise is pretty good the bars are think unlike alot of gates and it comes very wide witch is hard to find. I have a daycare and have one for the front door and one for an area to put my crawlers in. First the screws it comes with are on the smallish sode and i dont think are strong enough to hold it into the wall. I ended up using drywall screws witch worked great! ive noticed after a while the latch gets worm witch makes it hard to get the gate locked properly. Also in my pic thats with only folding it 3 times and i did loosem it before hand all the other ones are perfect so i dont know why that one was defective. All in all i think its a pretty good buy its tall and really wide easy to add more peices or take out less.

  • very good
    5 stars

    12/26/2016 by liza

    Looks great and is very funtional and easy to set up .

  • Great
    5 stars

    12/14/2016 by HuskyLover35

    We use this gate to block our dogs from the front door so our escape artist would stop getting loose. So far it's help up well and I'd recommend it!

  • Do not buy this! Dangerous!
    1 stars

    8/8/2016 by Annoyed

    Do not buy this gate for a baby! We had this installed, and when we were not in the room - I heard a loud ping noise and walked in, to find that the spring and a plastic part in the hinge of the gate had flown off for no reason! No one touched the gate! See the attached picture of the parts that I found on the floor. At first we couldn't even figure out what happened because the gate was still standing. Anyway, Can you imagine if my little baby found it?!?!?!?! Also - the gate was ok to put it together, but it was missing the plastic screw fittings to put into the dry wall It's a solid gate, but the joints of the gate (and the hinge of the gate) are cheaply made

  • Dreambaby Royale Converta 3 in 1 playard @ Wide
    2 stars

    3/10/2016 by Shelley

    The gate door part is very cheaply made. The plastic lock is already wearing. We are having a hard time opening and locking it. The rest of the gate is great, strong

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