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The Perfect Travel Nursery Whether it’s an extended stay with family or a smaller space that doesn’t have room for more furniture, the Joovy Room Playpen and Nursery Center has you covered. With a built in changing table, diaper storage, and bassinet, it’s perfect for small spaces, and great for grandparents..

  • Includes bassinet with 15 lb capacity
  • Includes changing table with 25 lb capacity
  • Removable and washable changing pad
  • Diaper storage station
  • Large item pocket
  • UPC: 849285070373
  • Brand: Joovy
  • Color: Black
  • Features: Flip-away changing table with sturdy vinyl top for easy cleaning supports a baby up to 25 pounds
  • Model: 7037
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 7037

Reviews (19)

  • The Best Playard I've Ever Used
    5 stars

    1/11/2018 by amotherthing

    I just had my fourth baby and got the Joovy playard to try out. Having used other brands in the past, I thought they were mostly all alike. But since using this one, I can't believe I went without it for so long! This playard has everything. My baby is only 3 weeks old right now, so the bassinet feature (where the "floor" actually hangs high up in the yard) is SO useful. It keeps me from having to bend down too far, which is great since I'm still recovering from birth. The changing table is SUCH a bonus, as it means I don't have to go up and down the stairs twenty times a day just to change his diapers. And the fact that it flips away when not in use is so handy! The storage included in the playard is better than any other brand I've used. I can keep extra diapers and wipes inside and out of the way. I can also keep extra clothing, toys, or other stuff out of the way. It's very simple to assemble, and the wheels make it really easy to move around the room (we're still deciding on where all the baby stuff goes!). And better than anything else, it is super simple to transport, meaning we can take it with us on our travels or even visiting grandma's house. All in all, I am in love with it, and my son loves being in it. I can't recommend it enough! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • The Room, A Nursery Center To Will Blow Your Mind
    5 stars

    12/18/2017 by kellyhutchinson

    When my “adopted” daughter Kristina told me she was expecting a baby, I was thrilled. I knew I wanted to get something Kristina would get a lot of use out of. The Room from Joovy came into the picture! This is seriously the best thing to come onto the baby market in YEARS! It can be difficult to find room for all the different things you need for a baby in your home. At first glance, you think it is just a fantastic playard. But then you see it is actually so much more! The Room, a nursery center that grows with the baby. It is a bassinet, a changing table and playard, and it is portable! It is the best baby gear I have ever seen! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

    5 stars

    10/31/2017 by Jyotilohman

    This was a gift, I had only used the Joovy Boob bottles (which I love too) and have fallen in love with all of the joovy products. Light, easy to use, easy to clean and they thought of everything! I use this so much, its our favorite baby gear!

    1 stars

    10/30/2017 by Lacy

    I bought this playyard because of its great features, low price, and the Joovy brand. I was putting it together at 39 weeks pregnant and was sweating. I thought my water broke doing it. I watched several YouTube's, read reviews, even called Buy Buy Baby for help. My husband and another grown man who has had children and used many playyards before finally put it together after hours. We just assumed it was new to us and a little difficult. The changing table is hard to remove so it was not an easy pull on/pull off like the video shows when describing this product. When it was time to travel and take it with us we could NOT get it back down in the bag. Several people tried for hours and still unsuccessful. Again, some of these people parents who have used a playyard before. We finally took it back to Buy Buy Baby where we purchased half our together. Once there the employee who's job is to help assemble and take down and be experts of baby accessories laughed and said “I have been working for Buy Buy Baby for 10 years and have put together 100's of playyards and this was by far the most difficult.” DO NOT BUY!

  • So perfect!
    5 stars

    9/19/2017 by Mommaslittlereviews

    When my daughter was born there was one main thing I was lacking and that was space! I had no room to store diapers, wipes, toys, or anything else my daughter needed. There was also no way I could fit a changing table into a room with her crib! When my best friend found out she was pregnant, I knew she would have the same problem. Of course this time around, we found the new Room from Joovy! This nursery center playard solved all of our problems almost instantly! The Room from Joovy is an all-in-one product that keeps everything baby needs for sleeping, diaper changes and playtime all within hands-reach!When I got my Room in the mail, I was beyond excited to take it out and see all of the awesome features. I was instantly amazed at how easily it was to assemble this product. Assembly took about 15 minutes, however I could probably do it much faster now that I know what to expect. The base of the playard opens up like a basic playpen; lock the sides and push the middle.The detachable bassinet attaches to the playard with several side clips to ensure that bassinet is secure. The bassinet is fairly large, and can hold up to 15 pounds. Once baby outgrows the bassinet it can be removed and the mattress can be placed on the bottom of the playard. The Room also comes with a detachable changing table, which happens to be one of my favorite features. Just like the bassinet, the changing table attached to the playard with several side clips and velcro straps. Unlike the bassinet, the changing table can be flipped to the side when not in use! I can flip it and lock it into place with one hand, change a dirty diaper, and then flip it back off again! This eliminates the need for an entire changing table in baby's room! The changing table holds babies up to 25 pounds, so I can use it for several years (my daughter didn't hit 25lbs until she was two years old)! The changing table also has an extremely easy-to clean surface. I can wipe it down with a baby wipe after each use and it is ready-to-go! Another major plus of this playard, is all of the storage space! On one side of the playard, there is a diaper station, and on the other there is a large storage pocket. The diaper station is a genius addition, because everything I need is stored in one area. The side compartments are perfect for storing diapers, while the inner compartment is best for wipes and ointments! I can also keep spare blankets and a few toys on the top spot.As if this playard couldn't get any more perfect, it has wheels! I can slide it into whichever room I need it in and everything (diaper station and changing table) comes along with it! That makes the Room perfect for traveling, as well as in-home use! Although I want to keep this for myself, I know my best friend will get a ton of great use out of this! It is the perfect baby shower gift that any mother would love to get! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • LOVE!
    5 stars

    7/19/2017 by Allison

    We are highly impressed with the New Room! We have had it since our guy was a baby and now at 18 months, it still has plenty of room for him! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Looks great, awesome features
    5 stars

    6/27/2017 by Anna123

    First, I love the look of all Joovy products. They just always add a little extra something special. Second, this was amazing to keep on our main floor when our baby was a newborn - great for diaper changes and her many newborn naps. As she's grown older, I use it to keep her safely corralled when I need step away for a moment and we just used it daily during travel. Great price too!

  • Great Playard!
    5 stars

    6/19/2017 by MelanieM217

    We used this when our son was newborn and continue to use it as a toddler!

  • Great Travel Nursery For Baby
    5 stars

    5/3/2017 by Gluesticks

    We are living in our RV as we travel across the US from California to Virginia with our 5 kids and dog. Crazy, I know! We needed something that our baby would be comfortable in for naps, at night, and while I showered. Storage was also a huge issue. This is why I picked out the Room travel crib for him. It seems to be the same size as any standard travel crib, but I love the deep side pocket, the diaper storage caddy and the changing table. It really is an all in one nursery that can come anywhere. Set up took a few minutes, but I think that was user error more than anything. Now folding it up and setting it up is a breeze. The Room takes up a lot of space in our RV, but the baby sleeps just as well as he did at home since we had him start sleeping in it a couple of months before the move. When he is comfortable and sleeping well, the rest of us are comfortable and sleeping well. You can't put a price on that and I don't care how much room it takes up if I can have a decent night's sleep! :) [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

    5 stars

    2/20/2017 by Southern Mommas Lauren

    As a mother, I know a playard comes in handy! This was perfect for many different uses! This is great for around the house, or on the go! Many times my son was ready for a nap, before we were ready to leave, this was perfect to pull out and let him sleep comfortably. After putting this together, which I might add was fairly easy. I noticed that this playard has tall sides, this was perfect since my son was on the taller side. I did not have to worry about him falling out. I also love the fairly easy changing table that attaches to the playard. I never used an actual changing table, so I found using the floor or my playard changing station so much easier and convenient. I love that when not using, I can easily flip away the changing table. Plus with the built in storage to keep my sons needs, it was perfect. Although the max weight for the changing table is 25 lbs, I did get a lot of use out of it! I love that this playard is designed very well. It is neutral, so I love that this is perfect for a boy or girl! It goes very well in your home with any design you already have. I was overly impressed with the durability and well made stunning quality. When on the go, like for vacations, this playard is perfect. It helps my son sleep comfortable in a surrounding he is use too. With the Room Playard having two wheels in the front, it is so easy to move around my house or wherever we are! I love how easy this can be packed up and brought wherever is needed. As a mom, I would honestly use this more than my son's crib. I love having it next to me, but still not cosleeping. It was the perfect set up for my family. This playard will gets a lot of use, with it being so well made and convenient. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Everything You Want & Need in a Playard!
    5 stars

    11/28/2016 by Tamara B

    This playard has everything you could possibly need or want. The parent organizer on the side is great for diapers, wipes, and other items that you need easily. We really like the sturdiness of the changing table and how it can hold a child up to 25 pounds but can be flipped off to the side when not needed or in use. The bassinet holds an infant up to 15 pounds and the mattress is very soft and the sheet that comes with the New Room is very soft. I love that a sheet protector is included with this playard. The New Room is a very nice looking playard and would make an excellent addition for a new or soon to be parents baby gear. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • So functional!
    5 stars

    11/11/2016 by Sigita

    I love love love this item! Out of all playards this has every feature I was looking for! So convenient and easy to set up. A must have for every mama!

  • Day Care Owner/Provider
    5 stars

    11/8/2016 by Jeanne

    I bought the Joovy New Room 5 months ago and fell in love. It's roomy, has a solid base changing table, storage pockets with a shelf for easy access and comes with a waterproof sheet! Had an issue with the clamps on the changing table that were leaving a small tear. Called Joovy to ask for new clamps and was sent a new playard with an extra sheet! Have a day care in my home and this is by far the best product that I have used. Customer service is second to none! Thank you for your generous solution to my little issue. Jeanne Mead

  • Easy setup
    4 stars

    10/13/2016 by Sakurtz

    I won the Joovy Room 2017 in a giveaway from Baby Gizmo and I have to say I'm very excited to try it out when my little guy gets here in December. I couldn't wait that long to set it up though. It was very easy to set up but I had a hard time taking it down so it's staying up for now. I plan on him sleeping in it until I can put him in the same room as my daughter without him disrupting her sleep. I got the turquoise and absolutely love the color

  • One Stop Shop for Baby's Sleeping &Changing Needs
    5 stars

    10/3/2016 by Eileen

    As a mom, I have used many different brands of travel cribs and play areas for my children. This month Joovy sent me their 2017 New Room Playard to review. Never before have I seen such a versatile product for a baby. The Joovy New Room has it all! Joovy's 2017 New Room is perfect for parents who would like to have their baby in their room without a lot of extra space and is great for taking on vacation. It has everything one would need from the first day home to the baby's first few years. With Joovy's 2017 New Room there is no need to buy a changing table, nor the need for diaper and wipe storage. Joovy truly has thought about everything a new mom would need with a playard. Once you pop up the playard there is a detachable bassinet for babies up to 15 pounds that can be added to the top. There are Velcro sides to keep the corners flush with the playard as well as multiple side clips to ensure that the bassinet is sturdy and secure. The bassinet is also the entire size of the playard so my daughter has plenty of space. My 2 month old is a big baby and is almost too long for our previous bassinet, but with the Joovy New Room, there is no way my daughter's height will be an issue. I also love the fact that Joovy has included a very comfortable mattress sheet that works with both the bassinet and playard. The sheet is very soft, comfortable, and best of all, waterproof! The Joovy New Room also comes with a detachable changing table that is very easy to wipe clean. I really like the fact that when it isn't in use, you don't have to remove and store it to keep it out of the way. (Eventhough, there is still plenty of room for your baby if you wanted to leave the changing table attached all the time.) The changing table can actually unclip and hang on the side of the New Room, which means there is no need to find an area in your home to store it when not in use and no need to spend extra money on an additional changing table. I loved this feature!! Remarkably, this changing table holds babies up to 25 pounds which means it can still be used when baby grows into using the full playard space. My middle daughter didn't reach 25 pounds until well after she turned two and there was no need for her to use a changing table any more. It also has an easy to wipe clean surface, so there is no need to purchase changing pad covers for this system! On the same side of the changing table there is also a large pocket to store items! I liked using this pocket for easy access to burp cloths and spare receiving blankets. It is fabulous not having to go to her bedroom to find a new burp cloth. On the opposite side of the New Room playard is a diaper station to hold everything you need for diaper changes and more. There is a space in the middle that I filled with diapers and two netted shelves on either side to hold the rest of your diaper changing needs. I used it for baby powder, rash ointment, and toys. There is also a shelf above that I used to store a wipes box. Joovy has thought of a space for everything we could possibly require! There is no need to fold up the playard again simply to move into another room. Once again Joovy has read our minds and has made the New Room with wheels on one side to easily transfer the playard from one room to another! The Joovy New Room is great for on the go. It comes with a travel bag with separate compartments for the bassinet insert, changing table and diaper station, and main playard. It also has a handle to make carrying the travel bag easier. I wish I knew about the Joovy New Room with my older two children. Not only would traveling have been made easier, I also would have saved a lot of money avoiding the cost of buying a separate basinet and changing table. My youngest daughter loves napping in the basinet and I am sure will love playing in the playard when she is older. Thank you Joovy for the opportunity to try and review this wonderful travel playard. This is the perfect gift for an expecting Mom. We love this product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great!
    5 stars

    9/26/2016 by Jdouglas

    I love this playard as it has a bassinet and changing table. It is a quality product that's durable. Originally it was going to be used for travel, but now it's up in the living room for the convenience of naps and diaper changes. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Very Convenient!
    5 stars

    9/12/2016 by BreMeadows

    Our initial plan was to use this on our first big road trip. My husband put it up early at home to learn about the set up so when it came time to use it we'd be ready. Set up was so easy. We ended up keeping this setup in the living room for convenience. The changing table has been so helpful and she is so comfortable in the bassinet when we watch TV or do the cooking/dishes. We love this item and all its features. Would definitely recommend this product. The storage/shelf on the side is great too for diapers and wipes. Definitely a great feature. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Aesthetically appealing!
    5 stars

    8/14/2016 by Cathy

    About a month ago I did a photo shoot with my two month old son in this product. Initially he was awake but after a few minutes of laying in the play pen he ended up dozing off to sleep. It was that comfortable! When I transitioned him into the changing table (which is easy peasy to assemble and attach on), he did not have a rude awakening, fuss, or cry. It was just as comfortable for him, and I had no problem changing his diaper, especially with the strap buckle that is attached on there to help secure baby and prevent rolling off of. Finally when we were finished using the New Room, it was easily packed up and put away with two simple steps. Overall I would rate this product a 5 star quality, for the convenience, comfort, and cuteness! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great product w/all the features
    5 stars

    8/7/2016 by ilikea34

    I love this esp to have in our room to keep baby safe and easy to watch. So many attachments to make it easy and love changing station.

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