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It features new technology that detects and responds to baby's cries by automatically adjusting the swing's settings to soothe them.. The new Graco Sense2Soothe Baby Swing with Cry Detection Technology is the only swing that's baby-operated.

  • UPC: 047406156412
  • Brand: Graco
  • Gender: Female
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2060525
  • Assembled Product Weight: 21.94 lbs
  • Model: 1AS49BDI

Reviews (19)

  • It's just low but great
    5 stars

    4/3/2019 by Ysidra

    We love it !! It's just low to the floor but we love

  • High tech swing!!
    5 stars

    2/4/2019 by Mon07

    So advanced in features and looks. Impressive

  • Great Features, Happy Baby
    5 stars

    12/22/2018 by notmenoti

    I bought this in October, because I knew my daughter would get a lot of use from it. The baby came early and she is using this as a bassinet. They bought a bassinet, but the baby prefers the Sense2Soothe. The system is low-noise, and even the music is not disruptive when the rest of the family wants to watch TV.

  • Life saver!
    5 stars

    12/17/2018 by Jetsmomma

    I love this swing, the features are all great and the seat is deep enough I don't worry about my son slipping. The only thing I don't love is that the vibrator is kind of loud, with that said it bothers me not my son he stay quite in there. I also love that it was easy to put together and doesn't take up a ton of room in our small house.

  • Great swing by Graco
    5 stars

    11/3/2018 by

    Just an amazing swing. So many options and modes. The crying sensor works well. I think its worth the price tag.

  • Great swing/rocker combo
    4 stars

    10/18/2018 by Aleta W

    Graco Sense2Soothe Swing We received this product as part of the Weespring Parent Panel. Our review is our honest opinion and we were not coerced into a positive review as a result of receiving this product. First of all, what a neat idea to have a baby swing that converts into a rocker. We kept our swing in the living room as this room is connected to our dining area in our split level house and was most accessible to where we were with our toddler playing. I could not easily remove the seat to transition to a rocker, but this is something I will look into doing more often as I have a toddler as well that needs to be in different areas of our home. We loved the idea of having a swing that could respond to our baby crying, changing modes until baby calmed down, however we felt that it didn't kick in until he was really screaming which was difficult to listen to while we"waited" for the cry mode to kick in. The changing motions also was not very smooth and seemed to make our baby cry harder as the swing figured out the "correct" setting to soothe our baby. We liked trying all of the different settings and sounds. Our son preferred the 3rd setting that rocked gently, as this helped him sleep the best. The highest speed setting was too fast for him and made him spit up a few times as we were trying different modes out. The 5-point harness fit our son well and seemed comfortable. The material is easy to clean and/or wipe down as needed for spit up messes. Swing appears comfortable for our little one and we look forward to using it to help manage our daily routine with our one month old and 22 month old. Thanks to the Weespring Parent Panel for providing us the opportunity to trial the Graco Sense2Soothe Swing

  • Love it
    5 stars

    9/11/2018 by NatMun

    So I received this Graco Sense2Soothe for being apart of the weeSpring Parent Panel, all opinions are my own and no way influenced or encouraged by Weespring! As a mom the last thing you want to do is have a fussy baby or have no time to do stuff around the house. This graco sense2soothe swing is amazing! It seemed small since the box isn't bulky but it does take up about the same amount of space as a traditional baby swing which is a bummer for me. I also love that it can be turned into a bouncer which is super cool in my book. The whole point about this swing is the ability to sense when baby is crying and change settings to help soothe baby either back to sleep or to calm baby until the parent comes which is awesome. It is very easy to understand the setting and set up was pretty simple for me to understand. My little one loves it so much!

  • The best swing on the market!
    5 stars

    9/5/2018 by Lamajo14

    I recently received the Graco Sense2Soothe Swing as part of the weeSpring parent panel, and I absolutely love it! I have an infant and a toddler. So I am super busy trying to keep up with them both. The swing allows me to be able to truly be there for the both of them throughout the day. At first I was worried about the set up and the smart functions. It seemed intimidating. But it wasn't at all! It was quite simple. It's always frustrating for me when I buy a baby gear product. It always takes time to set up the product and lets be real, us parents don't have time for it. For once, it was different. I was able to put it together myself in less than 5 minutes, super easy! I received the swing with the ‘sailor' design, which has adorable gender-neutral colors, and material is soft for our delicate babies. The seat itself is deep with high walls with the 5-point harness, which for me is important and the ultimate selling point knowing my baby will be safe and snug. It was easy to remove it from the base and use it as a rocker. This function made the swing really easy to transition from room to room chasing after my toddler. The swing has all of these customizable settings that helps you comfort and entertain your baby. It really works! I had fun experiencing the 8 different soothing motions, with/without the vibrations, the 3 different speeds, and the 15 different songs and sounds determining which one my baby liked. I love also having the option to have the swing rock back and forth or side to side. After some time trying it all out, I have found that her favorite setting is the tight U shaped motion, with vibration, on the slowest speed, with the white noise, and moving from side to side. My only negative issue with the swing is that the cry detection is just sensing for loud noises. So it will change up if you decide to vacuum or have a loud toddler while it is on. For me, my baby didn't mind the change up and slept through it. I recommend if you have a toddler to just set it to your own custom settings in ‘Parent Mode' so that it won't change during your babies nap. I would absolutely recommend this swing for any new parent. I wish I had this for my first child and excited to have it for future children! I love how it can react to my baby's cry! It was super effective and helpful like a second hand. I am so impressed with the swing overall!

  • Versatile, easy to use swing
    4 stars

    8/30/2018 by BeckyB827

    I was given this Baby Swing to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. This swing is great for customizing to your baby's preferences! There's a variety of of options for position of swing, different soothing sounds, and even has an adjustable vibration setting. I love that the swing has these multiple settings and can respond to our baby's cries, however, the volume on the swing could be louder and the moves between settings could be a smoother transition. While the base is very sturdy, it feels a tad bit cheap - on one of the settings, the swing clanks into the front of the base. It may just be the one I received, but the easy solve is to just not use this setting. One major bonus is that you can detach it from the base and use it as a stand alone rocker. It snaps together in minutes for easy use and would best be used for younger babies. Overall, a great option for a baby swing!

  • Best Swing Ever, A Parent Must Have!
    5 stars

    8/29/2018 by Mammato4boys

    This swing is so versatile, I wish I would have had it in my home before the baby's arrival to use right away. Upon receiving the Graco Sense2Soothe Swing with Cry Detection Technology, I immediately took it out of the box, and I was surprised and quite pleased to see how easy it was to assemble. It didn't require the use of any tools or having to sit and read through a lengthy manual to try an figure out how to assemble it beforehand. It was quite simple,literally a quick snap in place and voila, ready to go. That is such a huge plus when considering baby gear, nobody likes to spend hours trying to figure out how to assemble something, it should be easy and user friendly from the beginning as with a new baby in the home, we're already busy at is. I've owned other swings and none have ever been this easy to assemble; Graco did a great job designing a swing that is very user friendly right out of the box. The swing boasts with different swing options such as swing, rock, cradle and glide and has many added features like white noise, soothing natural sounds, music, vibration, but the star and highlight of this swing is the Cry Detection technology. It is quite impressive to be honest, it uses all these features at different times when active. I place the baby in the swing when he is happy and content or asleep and when he starts to get fussy and cry, the swings cry detection sensor activates and adjusts the setting it is on to one that soothes the baby right away. The buttons on the swing panel are illuminated by a blue light and once the cry detection technology is active the lights turn green and the baby face button is brightly illuminated. I really like this feature, it's pretty innovative and cool. I found this technology to be very effective because it essentially does what you would be doing for you without you having to actually adjust the swing settings. It has been a lifesaver when I'm taking a quick shower. I just place the baby in his swing in the bathroom and if he starts to cry or get a little restless the swing adjusts on its own and the baby calms down. I can actually take showers now without having to have anyone at home to help me. As is easy as it was to assemble the swing, it has also been easy to transition it from a swing to a rocker and vice versa. I like this feature because if the baby is asleep, I like that I can move the baby from room to room as needed and with ease. In addition to the ease of use and the cry detection technology, you also have customizable settings. This is an added bonus as well because once you've used the swing over some time you know what works for your baby and you can program it with those settings and have those be the ones that turn on automatically when your baby is a little restless or crying in the swing instead of the automatic settings that adjusts with your babies movements and cries. I personally love this feature of this swing, it is one of my favorites as I know what works for my baby when it comes to soothing him. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel and Graco for providing me with this swing to try and keep in return. This is a great product and parent must have.

  • Best swing ever!
    5 stars

    8/28/2018 by dajohnson22

    This swing is extremely versatile and has a lot of options and allows me to find one that fits both of my babies. It is lightweight and easy to move around and the ability to remove the seat and use it as a rocker is amazing! My only dislike is that when it is in the rocker mode it is awkward to remove the seat. I was pleasantly surprised at just how quickly it responds to babies cries and adjusts to a new setting. It's also quiet in comparison to some of our previous seats. Big thank you to Graco and WeeSpring Parent Panel for sending me such an amazing product.

  • So Versatile!
    5 stars

    8/28/2018 by Kathleen T

    I hesitantly replaced my swing (that I loved) with this one and haven't regretted it for a second! I have twins so the variety of movements is awesome because they like different things (one loves to swing, the other to rock). The seat is a great size and I love that the seat can move side to side or front to back. It also takes up much less floor space than a traditional swing and if you have older children they can't swing it around (which was always happening). The sounds are also great, so happy to have the white noise! The rocker doesn't come off very gracefully, but I haven't really wanted to take it off anyway and the swing movements could be a little smoother but it doesn't seem bother the babies! I haven't used the customizable settings because I haven't needed to! I received this swing as a part of the weeSpring parent panel.

  • Great Versatile Swing
    4 stars

    8/28/2018 by katequinn88

    I was given this Baby Swing to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. I really wish that I would have gotten this right when my baby was first born because I think that it would have been an amazing swing for a newborn and would have been able to transition with him into infancy! I love that the swing has multiple settings and can respond to the baby cries, however I wish that the volume could go louder. I also think that the fact that you can detach it from the base and use it as a stand alone rocker is FANTASTIC basically making this a two for one. Prior to this we had a swing and a rock in play and we ended up just putting the rock and play and swing away and using this to consolidate space. Unfortunately my son isn't a huge fan of any swing and prefers to be held or just in a simple bouncer but I think that if he had used it from the beginning it could have been a life saver and I am very much looking forward to using it with our second child! Example: I bought this a month ago and am so happy that I did...

  • Feature Rich But Fell Short of Expectations
    3 stars

    8/27/2018 by CPryce

    Thank you to weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with the Graco Sense2Soothe Swing. I had high hopes for this swing and it ultimately fell short of my expectations. Overall, the swing doesn't look sleek (plain looking plastic base) and is very clunky feeling. The motor is loud compared to the swing we had with our first baby and when it cycles through various motions, the movement is not smooth and can be jarring to baby. When we would manually switch to different motions, the swing took a long time to even move if it did at all. This was frustrating when we had a crying baby and the swing didn't swing (she is well under the weight limit of 25lbs in swing mode and 18lbs in rocker mode). I'm hoping we didn't receive a defective swing because it would have been nice to hit the heart button for our favorite saved setting and know our baby would be soothed. We did not use the rocker mode often since it wasn't always easy to remove. The swing was easy to assemble and use right out of the box and didn't take up valuable floor space. I did really like that there are many options for customizing motion, vibration, swing/recline position, music, music volume and speed. What sets this swing apart from others is the Cry Detection technology, which did a decent job at detecting cries (as indicated by the baby button turning green from blue) and responding quickly. A couple times, it did change positions when baby was sound asleep and woke her up which was annoying. When the swing did swing, our baby was soothed and looked comfortable asleep. The fabric is soft and the seat is deep though the harness strap, specifically the bottom one could be a bit longer. I really liked that it has an AC adapter so that we didn't need to buy a ridiculous number of batteries. My favorite feature would have to be the music. It was not annoying as with many other baby products and the lowest volume was actually not loud which I really appreciated. The mobile is a nice feature, though nothing too exciting and it does swivel so that I could easily put baby in and take her out. The Graco Sense2Soothe swing is a great concept with the Cry Detection and the ability to customize the motion is great, but I wish the motor wasn't as loud, the motions less jerky, and the control panel a bit sleeker.

  • So customizable!
    4 stars

    8/27/2018 by HMoney

    I never thought I needed an infant swing until I received this one from the weeSpring Parent Panel. Now raising my second son, this swing keeps my infant entertained while I accomplish tasks for my toddler. This swing helps minimize the chances that I have two young kids screaming at me simultaneously. The swing is highly customizable, with a few swinging motions, swing speeds, vibration intensities, audio types, and audio levels. I had no idea that a bottom-mounted seat could swing at all; I assumed these types were all bouncers. However, this is indeed a swing, and my infant finds all of the swinging motions to be quite soothing. The swing is gentle when initializing, slowly starting and then building the motion, rather than starting at the peak and rattling down like a rollercoaster. My son fell asleep within two minutes of being placed in it for the first time, and it was nowhere near nap time. He found this so soothing that it was a few days before I even witnessed the Cry Detection mode in action. The Cry Detection mode is pretty genius. If it hears my son crying, then it randomizes all of the swing and audio settings. If my son continues to cry then it randomizes everything again, and hopefully hits the right combination that soothes him. The genius of it is that it works in the same way any parent does: try anything and everything to stop the screaming. Unfortunately, the technology is not flawless: the microphone was sometimes triggered by the speaker or the swing gliders, so the swing would switch modes to his surprise; this was sometimes jarring to him since switching between swing modes can be loud. The seat is nicely deep, so no worries about him tipping over. Taking the seat off of the base was not easy since the unlocking mechanism is obscured by the seat fabric; I couldn't tell if the mechanism worked correctly, and just jiggled the seat until it was free from the base. Likewise, the recline angle mechanism was hidden, and was similarly confusing to change. The swing and base together are very large. While they are light enough to carry with one hand, the large dimensions make it cumbersome enough to require two hands to carry. This can be frustrating because I have to find somewhere to put my son before I can put him in the swing because I need both hands to move it. The hanging toys are adorable, but are difficult for a newborn to see when looking up at a background of white ceiling. The "Sailor" edition toys included a light gray bear with a mint-blue teething ring and a light gray moon. Like the rest of the swing, the toys are neutrally colored to fit with modern nursery decor. However, my son ignored the toys since the colors had little contrast and were not very entertaining for him. The swing provides variety, imperfect Cry Detection, somewhat cumbersome use, but in neutral and adorable aesthetics. The swing modes are very customizable, but my son does not need so many features since he does OK without the swing.

  • Great Multi-functional Swing
    4 stars

    8/27/2018 by mamaofthree123

    I was given this product to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel, and it came at the perfect time. We have a 4yo and a 2yo in addition to our 5mo baby, so we'd been looking for a solution that allows us to put baby girl down happily when we need to focus our attention on the two older kids. The swing did not disappoint - it covered all the basics and had some additional features that were really useful. The idea behind this swing is that it will respond to your baby's cries and help soothe them - it definitely does this and cycles through various settings until it senses that the baby has stopped crying. Once baby is happily settled, it maintains whatever settings helped calm them. However, I will say that it also responds inaccurately to her older brothers running around the house screaming and will change settings then, even if baby was perfectly happy. In that case, I just turned off the cry-detection feature and left her on her preferred settings and it was not really an issue. Another great thing about the swing is that you can remove the seat and take baby with you to another room, so it doubles as a rocker - having 3 kids and ALL their stuff in the house means I'm always looking for multi-functional/minimalist items. This one fit the bill and we were able to get rid of another rocker chair that we'd been using. The customizable settings were enough but not overwhelming, and the fact that you could have the seat rock front-to-back or side-to-side was another plus. My babies have all preferred front-to-back, so I was really excited to see that this swing could do both. The vibration also really helped soothe baby - although it sort of sounded like a loud truck was running, she didn't mind. There are sound options as well but we mostly just used the white-noise. And she also liked the simple hanging toys above, especially once she could reach them. Overall I'd say the highlights for us on this swing were the front-to-back motion, the small footprint, the EASY assembly (took me about 3 minutes), and while I wouldn't say the cry-detection was 100% effective, I do think it helped. The only con is that the movement could be a little smoother but honestly, baby didn't mind and she loves the swing so that's all that really matters in my book! It's also reasonably priced and I will happily recommend this to any future mamas looking for a swing.

  • Solid baby swing with lots of great features.
    4 stars

    8/27/2018 by missjernigan

    When my little boy was born four weeks ago, it wasn't my second child, so I knew that having products around the house that serve multiple purposes is important for time and space saving. Overall the Graco Sense2Soothe swing is really great. The seat feels soft and seems comfortable for my one month old and it even has a very nice modern look to it. I like the ideas behind this swing, the cry detection is a cool concept and it did work. My baby would cry and it would quickly turn green and respond to his cries. My baby in particular did not exactly respond by being soothed quickly from the changes, but it was nice knowing that it was trying different methods to sooth him while I would be on my way from another room to respond to the crying baby. I thought that the control settings were fairly easy to understand after I looked through the manual. I like that the swing can be detached and become a rocker. It was fairly easy to remove and reset back into the base. It would have been been a little nicer if the rocker was a bit lighter but I was still able to move it from one room to another. I did need to bend down to look and make sure I had reattached it properly. I liked that the music options on the swing were not annoying when played for longer periods of time and I also appreciated that the sounds were never really that loud even when the volume was turned all the way up. One added bonus I found about this swing was that the location and size of the controls allowed me to easily change the settings or turn it on and off without having to bend down. Instead I was often able to just use my foot. Usually when I needed to turn on/off the swing I would have my hands full of stuff or with my baby. I liked that I could do this in a hands free way. A funny pro, but still it was great! The swing looks like it might be overly big and take up a lot of space but actually when I had it in position in my house it was easily tucked out of the way and didn't take up that much space. I also appreciated that it didn't have legs that stick out which can be tripping hazards, which has been a problem for me with other swings in the past. On the whole I think this is a great swing that has lots of great customizable features. If you only want to buy one swing/rocker this one would be a really great option. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product

  • Exceeded my expectations!
    5 stars

    8/27/2018 by XSMommie1518

    Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product. It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Graco did an amazing job creating this swing. It is small and does not take up much space. I have had swings in the past that were massive and took up so much space. Plus the swing is not bulky either. The fact that the swing responds to my child's cry is quite impressive. I thought my daughter would have to scream at the top of her lungs to get the swing to respond. But no!!!! The sound recognition technology is very sensitive and picks up on even the smallest or most quiet cry. The many "swing" cycles and speeds offer a great variety of combinations for movement. The swing offers the ability to swing up and down or you can swivel the seat and swing left to right. My daughter enjoys the left to right motion with the vibration feature turned on. Speaking of the vibration feature.... The seat vibrates!! The very gentle vibration plus the swinging motion quickly puts my daughter to sleep. A mobile comes with the swing. At first I thought it would get in my way when I would go to lay my daughter down. Luckily, it swivels to left and right. This allows for me to lay her down without bumping into the mobile. Being able to detach the seat from the base and take the seat into other rooms is very helpful. The seat is very lightweight. Only thing is.... Detaching it from the base can difficult at times. The front latch is easy to detach but the back latch always remains engaged with the base. The swing offers three "sounds" that the baby can listen too. A stream of water, white noise, and a collection of various instrumental nursery rhymes. My daughter enjoys the white noise. I have to admit, after a while, the white noise is quite soothing. Overall, I would recommend this swing to anyone who needs one for their baby. It has a very quite motor, doesn't take up space, and the swing taylor's itself to your babies cry.

  • Nice features, baby likes it!
    4 stars

    8/27/2018 by Kelsey Endris

    I like this swing, and it does everything it says it can, that said, it is a little on the bulky side. If you are in a small space I'm not sure this would be the swing you want, it is fine for a larger space. I can also be a little loud, especially on certain settings. I have used other brands of swings that are definitely quieter. Besides these two things, I think it's a great product. My baby is happy with it and we use it everyday, pretty frequently. It really does detect baby's cry and start cycling through the different settings to try to soothe him, I do wish that I could keep the sound effects turned off even when leaving it on the cry detection setting, but you cannot. If it is on cry detection mode it will cycle through the swing styles and speeds, the vibration settings, and the sound effects. I really like that it has the vibration with the swing, my baby definitely likes that. Changing it from rocker to swing and back is not difficult, and I like the idea that you can do that, multiple uses in one product, and you can move the rocker portion to different rooms. I don't typically use it as just the rocker because my baby cries if he is not always in motion. I like the overall design of the swing, the style of the seat, and the height of it, it is a little taller than other swings I have tried, which is nice with two toddlers running around and playing. Baby does lay back in this swing a little more than others I have tried, which is great with my very young baby, but he may not like it as much as he gets older and wants to sit up more. I was given this product by the WeeSpring Parent Panel in exchange for my honest review.

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