Graco TurboBooster TakeAlong Backless Booster, Jodie

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The TurboBooster® TakeAlong™ backless belt positioning booster seat folds in half via the FastAction™ fold and offers safety on the go for children 40-100 lb..

  • Includes a carry bag for easy portability
  • Space-saving cup holders swivel in and out
  • Integrated seat belt guides help properly position vehicle seat belt across child
  • Helps safely transport your big kid from 40-100 lb
  • Seat pad is comfortable and machine-washable
  • Backless booster car seat folds 50% smaller via the FastAction Fold
  • UPC: 047406153244
  • Brand: Graco
  • Features: Swivel, Washable
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2048751
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Jodie

Reviews (20)

  • Its HUGE! Very disappointed
    1 stars

    5/22/2018 by ck127

    This is a joke! It's sold as a take-along, but is it hardly smaller than the regular one and much more expensive. If you can 'schlep' something this big, you may as well just get the cheaper regular one. My son prefers his other portable seat that fits in his school bag. Sorry, it's not worth the money or the size.

  • Grace Backless Booster Review-Happy Daughter!!
    5 stars

    2/12/2018 by csambur

    As my daughter is getting older, we are venturing into independent after school playdate territory and this new product makes life for me and my kiddo just easier. My daughter has told me that every single time she takes it on an after school play date, everyone always compliments her and comments that they need to get one. The car seat folds in half and is much easier for her to carry independently into school and after school into someone else's car. One caveat, is the seat itself is heavier than that original Graco booster (which we also have), but the ease of carrying it folded via the carry strap is actually easier, even given the extra weight. Admittedly, we do not use the carry bag to cut down on time, however, if we were traveling on a plane, I would 100% use it. It is easy to fold and unfold and click into place. Once unfolded it looks and acts exactly as the original Graco booster. I always store one of these as an extra booster in my trunk and appreciate the slimmer profile for storage. Overall, we are very, very happy with the redesign and would recommend purchasing this product especially, seeing how much my daughter loves carrying her new carseat!! Thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for giving me the opportunity to receive this product for review.

  • A must-have if your child rides in other cars
    5 stars

    1/17/2018 by pickymom

    We do a lot of after-school playdates, and it's always a nuisance to figure out the car seat / booster seat hand-off to the other family. This is the *perfect* seat for that; my 6 year old son can easily carry it himself using the carry bag (and it fits in his school cubby), and a mom who picked him up one day remarked to me that it was really easy to unfold (she said she's going to buy one for her own family!). Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this booster to test!

  • Great travel seat
    4 stars

    1/17/2018 by AReyno23

    I was looking to for a booster seat that I can easily take with me for traveling with my 4 year old during the holidays. The Graco backless car seat booster came really handy when switching cars at the in-laws during our stay. My daughter wasn't too comfortable about riding in it for an extended period of time (she's just at the minimum height/weight requirement), but she enjoyed quick trips around town and going from house to house visiting relatives. The seat fold is especially convenient because I can just lift the strap and done! It came with a carrying case, which was nice to store it away in the trunk when it's not in use. The twist away cup holders keeps my child's drinks in place and within reach, but can also be twisted away to make more room for other passengers in the back seats. I think this car seat it great for travel, but my daughter didn't find it comfortable enough for extended car travels (e.g. naps). Thank you WeeSpring Parent Panel for giving us the opportunity to try this car seat during the holidays!

  • Comfort, portability and great value
    5 stars

    1/17/2018 by Ophelie

    We drive a compact car with narrow seats but we also carpool and travel so we're always looking for car seats that can be easily installed but also be quickly removed and this booster seat delivered! Both my 4 and 7 year old like the TurboBooster TakeAlong Backless Booster because it's comfortable thanks to the thick padding. The smooth rubber armrests are really cool too, it feels like anupgrade compared to the padded armrest of the other Graco boosters. Folding and unfolding the seat is so easy that even kids can do it! We really liked that it came with a carry bag which offer protection to the seat but also makes it easier to carry. We loved that the cup holders can be stored because we don't really use that functionality and it does help save space on the back seat. The only little con is that the nice dark grey fabric has already started to pile. Overall this booster seat is very easy to use, the fabrics are comfortable and it's a pretty good value for the price. I'll definitely recommend it! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this car seat

  • Easy to transfer from vehicle to vehicle
    4 stars

    1/16/2018 by Kittikittid

    We received this booster seat from the weeSpring Parent Panel and oh my gosh, I love how easy it is to transfer to different vehicles when Grandma and Grandpa pick up my kiddo for a special date. The seat folds up easily and with weight on it there's no risk of it folding while your child is riding in the seat. The carry bag is a nice feature for moving back and forth, but my biggest like us how lightweight but sturdy the seat it. My son prefers this seat to his other because this one has cup holders and it's comfy. I like the seat because it's safe and keeps us moving in the morning when we need to transfer.

  • Great Backless Booster!
    5 stars

    1/16/2018 by JenifferSmith

    My daughter was so excited when her travel booster seat arrived! She was able to collapse the seat and open it back up on her own, and she's only 7! We are enjoying the cup holders, too. They are a bit fiddly to turn around, but it wasn't hard at all. The ease of collapsing and opening makes it ideal for travel. I'm not a fan of the bag, but I'm sure it would come in handy for traveling on planes and such. Again, it's a little fiddly to get the seat in and out, but it's not hard. Overall, we both are loving her new seat, and I'm glad that we have it. I received this product from the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  • Wonderful, Portable Booster Seat
    5 stars

    1/16/2018 by 3mmom

    I received this as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel, and it came just in time as my daughter is getting too big for her car seat. I love this booster seat, as does my daughter. It's so easy to fold in half, and comes in a great little travel bag. Could not be any easier to put in the car and the fact that there are cupholders is an extra bonus. My daughter feels like a 'big girl' now and absolutely loves being in her new booster seat!

  • SO great to have on hand for unexpected trips
    5 stars

    1/11/2018 by RhiPDX

    I am loving this backless booster for unexpected trips with friends - which we often have now that my son is school-aged! Unlike other foldable boosters, this one is super easy to make sure that the kiddo has the correct fit. The attached cupholders are genius! You literally can't lose them. When we're done using it, I fold it up and toss in the back of my SUV. And, the carry bag makes sure it stays nice and clean. We'll definitely be bringing this along for spring break! My son loves this seat and feels like a "big boy" when he rides in it. Thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending us this awesome booster! We love it.

  • Great booster!
    5 stars

    1/9/2018 by Cel0413

    We recently received the Graco backless booster thanks to weeSpring Parent Panel and I must say we love it! My four year old was using a convertible car seat prior to receiving the booster, and he was beyond excited. This booster is very easy and convenient to carry around and use. We have two cars so not needing two car seats is a major plus in our books, we can easily fold and hand it over to one another. The fold is so easy, my four year can do you! It also comes with a carry bag which is great when traveling or when it's not in use because it will keep it clean. The only thing I disliked about the booster was the cup holders, they were kind of hard to click in but we just left them as is and it did not bother anyone. I will definitely be getting one for my daughter when she is able to use one!

  • Portable Compact 40lb+ Backless Booster Car Seat
    5 stars

    1/8/2018 by BGSPRLNG

    Child just surpass 40lb thus this came in time for holiday travel & upgrade from old car seat! Price is steeper than other backless booster so thanks weeSpring Parent Panel for the booster seat! Came with a black carrying bag so if checking the seat in the bag, add a colorful strap and/or ribbon to easily ID it from the baggage claim. Seat easily lock in place and unlatch to fold back in half. Cup holder requires flipping the holder around. Seat design looks exactly like the seat from the turbo booster car seats but without the back. As with all booster seats, I wish it would come with latches (& hideaway spots for them) for the LATCH system so the seat wouldn't slide when the child gets in since it's light weight. Great for travel, and to drop it off with “babysitters” to not have to get the other booster seat out when in a hurry!

  • Great compact booster seat!
    4 stars

    1/2/2018 by Kristen S

    I received this product as a member of the weeSpring Parent Panel. I was excited to see that this booster seat has folding capability, and that it easily fits into a carrying case that is provided with the seat. There are several occasions where my son is with grandparents, and this seat is so easy to take on the go for those situations. My son thought it was very comfortable, and it's also much lighter and easier to carry than other similar booster seats. We also enjoyed testing the compact nature of the seat. Recently, we had family in town and a full car, and I liked that the cup holders could be kept in-ward when not in use so that we had extra room in the car for our guests.

  • Quick and Convenient
    4 stars

    12/29/2017 by alicialaurann

    As a mom of three finding the perfect car seat and booster not only for yourself but for family that also transports your child around. It's also hard to find one that is convenient to use when you don't always have the child or need that seat all the time can be hard. It's nice to see a well known and amazing company trying to help us parents and grandparents in being able to get all the things we need in a seat. Overall I loved this booster seat, my favorite thing about it was how easily it was to fold up and store. This is the perfect booster for grandparents or for any type of travel that you are taking the booster in and out of the car. My daughter loved it and said it was "almost as soft as a bed." The biggest down fall of this booster was the two clips in the back that dug into my seats. I do feel that those should of been the holes and the back part needed to have the clips. Folding the seat was extremely easy, however it was a little hard to get the seat to clip into place. I love the ability to carry the car seat but honestly don't think this is one I would tell someone to get as their back-up seat or for family/friends/sitters that don't always have to have the seat in their vehicle. I do love the hideaway cup holders. The only downside is that if you don't switch them around and give your child a drink you might end up with a mess. They can be a little stiff but I do feel in time will be easier to use. Overall I do recommend this and the 4 star is only because of those back pieces that dig into the seat of your vehicle. I would like to thank weeSpring Parent Panal for sending me this booster for free in return for an open and honest review.

  • Trolley Perfect!
    5 stars

    12/28/2017 by Kbean1107

    Out in California we love taking the trolley tours on the weekends for some one on one mommy time. My 6 year old daughter can sit on the benches just fine but sometimes It's a little hard to see when you're so short. Enter the Graco Backless Booster- she has her own space now, a height boost, and the cup holders can store a drink and a snack for the ride. Bonus for me that I don't have to dig in my purse every 5 minutes to get her drink and not be able to relax and enjoy myself. She loves that it's light enough that she can carry the little bag herself. She is very much in the sassy 6 year old "I can do it myself" phase and it gives me a break too because I know she can handle carrying it on her own. I haven't let her fold it yet, but my husband and I practiced folding and unfolding it just to see how easy it was , and it only took us one try to get it down. That's saying a lot since I have the equivalent upper body strength of a kitten. There really isn't any guesswork to it at all. We were joking that we were surprised that it needed a manual at all. I'm happy that I don't have to rely on him to help us with it since that kind of defeats the purpose of a mommy/daughter outing. It's easy to open and close myself. We haven't taken an airplane ride yet, but with all our family being on the east coast It's bound to happen soon and I know I'll be taking our booster with us. It will be a lot easier than lugging around a 5 point convertible and two kids! I wouldn't have thought to buy this on my own, so many thanks to weeSpring Parent Panel for sending us this product to test out. Graco made our mommy daughter trip much more enjoyable!

  • Quality Seat
    5 stars

    12/28/2017 by Jcdetec

    My son and I really like this booster seat. The portability of folding it and using the travel bag is a really nice feature. The cup holders are a great feature, but we didn't have quite enough room to use them with 3 carseats wide. It is really easy to fold up and set up. Great product! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this car seat to test out for this review.

  • Great Travel Booster Seat
    5 stars

    12/27/2017 by ChrissyW

    I found the seat easy to unfold and fold back up. It fits great in the travel case. The only part that was a little tricky was getting the length correct on the part that holds the shoulder belt. Once we figured that out it was good to go. My daughter loves the softness of the fabric and the cup holder. This will be the perfect seat to keep in the trunk so we're ready when we have an extra kid in carpool and to take on trips when we'll be riding in taxis. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this car seat.

  • Easy Peasy Takealong seat!
    5 stars

    12/27/2017 by Johnson8

    This seat is very well made. My son loved it. Especially since he's the one who always has to take his car seat to another car. He can now easily fold it HIMSELF and remove it from the car. One pull and the seat fold into a nice size carrier. The carry bag was a nice extra to keep it extra easy to carry and keep it clean. There are cup holder on each side although you would never know! They are so hidden in the seat it looks like part of seat.! Only thing I is I wish it was a little lighter in weight my son has so problem picking it up himself but I feel like it is on the heavier side. Other then that this is an awesome seat to take along with you! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product!

  • Easy to use and store
    4 stars

    12/27/2017 by JTurner

    This is a pretty nice booster seat for those who want to keep things simple. I liked that it can be used on its own or paired with its back and head counterpart. Right out of the box it comes with the connector pieces for the backrest attached, which for awhile was a bit confusing since the instructions don't talk about the other pieces it can attach to until a few pages in. Thankfully they can be easily removed, since if left on without using the backrest the seat will not fit properly in the car. The seat is super easy to fold and unfold. Just make sure you hear a click when unfolding it and press down on the seat to ensure it is snapped in place all the way. Even my parents could figure it out! The carry bag is nice, and the seat fits easily into it. Great for storing the seat when not in use. We actually gave this seat to my parents to use for when we visit so we are not switching out car seats all the time, plus it is very difficult to put the large booster seats in their car. The cup holders are okay. If you want to use them you have to remember ahead of time before putting it in the car since they aren't the easiest to take out and switch around so it holds the cup. Overall, this booster seat is pretty easy to use. We were unfortunately unable to use it for some time when we bought it since the box only shows the age and weight requirements for the seat and not the height requirement. Our child was under the height needed to safely use the seat, and the seat belt did not fit properly on her. Once she meets the height and the seat belt fits her correctly then we will use this often. I received this product from the weeSpring Parent Panel to test out.

  • Nice concept with some minor flaws
    4 stars

    12/26/2017 by BethC

    I was given this product to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. It is very light and easy to maneuver in and out of the car. The folding component operates quite easily, with my 6 year old easily grabbing the middle and folding it in half. You do need to snap it in, but once you figure it out, easy enough. The cup holders are nice in that you don't actually need to use them if you don't need them and are easy enough to turn around if you do. We have not had to use the carrying bag, but the seat fits in nicely without too much fuss and could see how being able to make it smaller would be a plus for traveling. 2 downsides that I have seen: this is called a "Backless Car Seat Booster" yet the directions tell you how to add a back component. The Booster Seat is set up for that,with the addition of 2 large plastic pieces that stick out from the back of the booster for a back component to snap into. I wish that those pieces would fold under if no back component, because I am worried about the longevity of its use on the back seat of my car and whether or not it will puncture through at some point. Also, the name doesn't really fit, because although it is backless, the fact you can add a back, makes it not 100% true. Other downside is I do wish that there was a latch system component. It would be nice to have some option to tether it down, so it doesn't slide off the seat when not in use. Overall I think this is a good booster. It's comfortable (so I have been told), easy to fold if need be, and has thoughtful components, such as the use it or not cup holder. With a few minor tweaks, it would be that much better.

  • Easy to store, install, and great extra car seat!
    4 stars

    12/26/2017 by Shaina

    My oldest has always been on the small side. He is almost five and just around the 40 lb mark. I've always felt most comfortable with him in a 5 pt harness so never considered getting a booster seat. As he has gotten older, we would like to give rides to cousins/friends to and from school/playdates/birthday parties but we always had the issue of having a safe and easy to store 3rd carseat. I had been considering buying a booster seat as a back up carseat so that we could fit a 3rd child in our car. When I got asked by the weeSpring Parent Panel to test the Graco Backless Car Seat Booster, I was thrilled! I had my reservations seeing that my son is exactly 40 lbs but after seeing how the booster positioned him high enough for the seat belt to hit his body at the right places, I felt more comfortable having him ride in a booster seat on occasion. We will continue to use our 5 pt harness as his main carseat until he gains another 10+ lbs/gets taller, but this will stay in our car as an extra carseat. We are now able to help our friends and family with taking another child in our car and know that our son will be safely buckled in the Graco Turbobooster. Not to mention is he feels so proud of getting to sit in the booster! Thanks again to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this booster car seat to test and review!

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