Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat - Regatta

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A smooth underside helps protect vehicle seats from damage. For use from 4-30 lbs and up to 30".. An adjustable, removable canopy provides shade from the sun. The carrier secures easily to the base and strollers with a reassuring audible click. The base is also equipped with premium LATCH connectors and a SuperCinch tightener for a secure fit with a fraction of the effort! For alternate installation with the vehicle seat belt, clear belt routing and integrated lock-offs make it easy to position, tighten and lock the belt into place. The KeyFit 30's stay-in-car base has a ReclineSure leveling foot and two RideRight bubble level-indicators to help achieve and verify proper angle in the vehicle seat.

  • ReclineSure leveling foot helps achieve proper base angle
  • Removable canopy provides shade
  • Removable newborn head and body support
  • Smooth underside helps protect vehicle seats
  • RideRight bubble level-indicators verify base angle
  • Carrier shell lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for improved impact protection
  • UPC: 049796608397
  • Brand: Chicco
  • Features: latch; 5 point harness; canopy; carrying handle, Infant
  • Assembled Product Weight: 17.15 lbs
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 04061472010070
  • Color: navy

Reviews (19)

  • Wanted to love it!
    2 stars

    4/10/2019 by ameliaf12

    I was so excited to receive this car seat and I was hoping that I would love it. I don't love it and neither does my baby! He's 3 months old now so I think I can give an honest review. My number one problem is the straps always get twisted. It's such a pain to deal with. The other problem is that it makes my little guy so hot. He sweats so bad and is so uncomfortable. It's unfortunate...maybe I should have gotten a different color or something??

  • Life Saver
    5 stars

    12/19/2018 by GodisAmazing

    My granddaughter and I were in an auto accident where my vehicle flipped over. She was secured in this seat and other than being scared to death from being upside-down she was perfectly safe. If I could give this seat a million stars I would. I truely feel it saved her life.

  • Amazing Car Seat
    5 stars

    11/23/2018 by diana1996

    I bought this car seat for my first baby. It took me a long time to decide on a carseat and we finally decided on the chicco keyfit 30 (surge). When I received it we realized it was perfect. I wanted something easy to install and comfortable. Once baby arrived he loved it there was no issues with sweating which I was worried about. The best part was how easy it was to clean and wash. It was used for his first year of life and the car seat is still very strong and was passed down to another baby who used it for another year. I'm pretty sure we could use it again but with the new seats available im interested in finding something different for our baby coming soon. I love chicco and so happy with our purchase.

  • Color is different
    4 stars

    11/11/2018 by 3rdtimemom

    I knew I wanted this carseat so ordered it from Walmart as it was the best price I found. Baby has not arrived yet but I’m very happy with the car seat! One note is that the photo makes it look like the seat is Navy but it is definitely black

  • Love this car seat! Highly recommend!
    5 stars

    10/21/2018 by Sconrad

    We have this car seat for our third baby. We have tried several brands of infant car seats in the past with our older children and nothing compares to this car seat. The straps are so easy to loosen to Get baby out and tighten when baby is in. The canopy is great unlike a lot of other brands. The material is so nice! We love the padded infant insert. Our little seems to be comfy in it. Installing the base is so easy. Love it so much and highly recommend it to anyone!!

  • Nice car seat terrible canopy
    4 stars

    10/7/2018 by Redhc2000

    The car seat itself is very nice. You can tell it's a good quality seat and the padding hold the baby in a comfortable way. The only thing Is the canopy is terrible. It will not stay closed. Every time we close it, it slowly opens back up. This is very inconvenient, specially when you are driving and the sun is in your baby's eyes and there is nothing you can do about it at the moment.

  • Great Quality
    5 stars

    10/2/2018 by Tori01

    I used this car seat with my second child. It was the best car seat that I ever had. It truly is good quality. Also, It has great features, and it is easy to install. The straps are not hard to adjust either. With my first child, I bough so many car seats, because I could not find one that met my expectations. Chicco certainly went above and beyond my expectations. I am expecting my third child, and I will most definitely be using Chicco.

  • Seat is comfortable and easy to install
    4 stars

    9/8/2018 by themarie

    We really like our Chicco KeyFit 30. It is easy to install, get into and out of the car, and carry around with a baby. Couple of concerns, it doesn't grow to 30 lbs like it is rated for, our little guy outgrew it way before he reached max weight and we moved up to a convertible seat. Also as referenced in multiple reviews the sun shade needs an engineering review as it doesn't stay open and is not effective. Both our babies have been born in the winter so it hasn't been a deal breaker but if you are in a warm climate may be worth consideration. Pretty easy to disassemble and clean, except the straps do not remove completely and have to be hand washed. The cushions I usually just toss in the washer on a delicate cycle and so far mine have held up and clean up nicely. The color is not what I thought, so if you are concerned I would consider shopping in store so you can see it in person before you buy. I love that the bases are super easy to install and move car to car, the leveling mechanism is convenient and makes using this seat in various different vehicles a breeze. All in a good seat, but in order to get 5 stars I would address the sun shade and consider the colors available/descriptions.

  • Great features!
    5 stars

    8/21/2018 by Islo1979

    How many hours a day is recommend to use the keyfit 30 for 2 month old baby?

  • Love the seat, color isn't accurate
    4 stars

    8/13/2018 by Acherchio

    I just received the regatta color car seat in and it's definitely not navy. Mine is black. And it's not a color mistake it has the same design as regatta just isn't as navy as the picture appears. If I could provide pictures I would but the picture difference is very noticeable.

  • Overall great seat
    4 stars

    8/3/2018 by Carlee

    This is our second one. Had to buy new due to age difference with this last kiddo. We have the purple color. Should have just done black as the color shows her head sweat (she gets hot easily). The white piping seam is right at her head so she easily has a line in her soft skin. I wish it was lower so it'd hit at shoulder height. The sun shade doesn't stay forward with this version which is extremely annoying especially when driving and we cannot reach her to fix it. We like it for the safety. The leveling during install is super easy. Clicks in easily to both bases and the stroller. would recommend to others despite the annoyances listed above

  • My go to seat
    5 stars

    7/14/2018 by surprisemomof3

    I did a lot of research on car seats when I was having my first child back in 2012. I decided on the Chicco Keyfit 30.It was a perfect seat! We used it until my son was ready too long for it and it was in impeccable shape at the end of that period. We used it for our daughter born in 2014 as well until she outgrew the seat. We then gave it away to a friend in 2016, who used it for several months as we were done having children and it was still like new! Fast forward to now, we have a surprise baby on the way and while there are lots of infant car seats out there to choose from, Chicco still sits at the top of the list so I got a new one! I still had an additional base from my first son and was happy to see that although the seat has changed slightly, the base is still the same. The seat is good looking, lightweight and slim enough for me to fit it in m backseat with my other 2 children's seats. Looking forward to getting a KidFit for my oldest!

  • Great Buy.
    5 stars

    7/11/2018 by jimmy

    Just a great car seat, my daughter love it. Chicco keyfit has all the safety features, which is a great plus.

  • The best carseat for safety and comfort!
    5 stars

    5/13/2018 by shanthif

    We have been using this car seat through 2 kids now and I cannot speak highly enough about the KeyFit 30. It is easy to install, simply click the latch connecters into the car and use the super cinch strap to tighten. Chicco makes it easy for you as each strap is labeled to pull first, and then second. The car seat is snug in the vehicle with little movement. I love that Chicco colors the important moveable pieces orange, so that you will always see where things are. The infant insert is extremely helpful for my babies when they were newborns. The extra head rest piece is great and it really provides additional cushion support to the baby. The straps are easy to pull around baby's shoulders and chest and we never had an issue with the straps getting twisted or tangled. The straps come with a padding which I love as well. It is easy to tighten and loosen the seatbelt by pulling on the strap or pressing the orange button to loosen. It glides smoothly. The car seat is easily removed from the base by lifting a lever on the back side of the carseat. It also clicks into place easily. I love that it comes with a sunshade and while it could go a little bit lower, we never seemed too bothered by it. I have used this car seat in a BOB jogger, both single and double, and it fits and works perfectly. I love the bubble indicator that tells you if the car seat is level and I love that Chicco puts the weight/height limits and reminders on the side. I know I can pull out the manual but it's so nice to have a quick reference. I did a ton of research before purchasing a car seat because I knew safety was very important and I'm so glad we purchased this car seat! It has been through two kids and I would re-purchase this in a heartbeat! I love knowing that my kids are safe and secure and having a car seat that has been simple to use has been a dream! Thanks Chicco for keeping our kids safe and creating such a user friendly car seat!

  • OK seat
    3 stars

    5/11/2018 by JoMays

    This car seat has been ok for my LO. I agree with other posters that the sun shade was not effective and is annoying because we constantly pull on it and it doesn't stay in place. I also am not a big fan of the fabric, my LO always sweats in his seat. I would not buy this seat again. This seat is expensive and I expected it to be better than it has been.

  • Perfect carseat
    5 stars

    4/30/2018 by Marla2018

    I love this infant carseat. It is durable and easy to use. My baby is 8 months right now and uses size 12 months and weighs 22 lbs and still fits perfect. Which makes it better since I use this carseat together w the caddy which i also love. And i have a 2in1 stroller also in my second car that also fits this carseat.

  • Ease from car to stroller to house
    4 stars

    4/18/2018 by JennaK10

    We bought this with the travel system bravo stroller over a year ago. My little one is a year and a half and still fits comfortably in the car seat. Easy to clean. Easy to maneuver. Only con is the car seat is a bit heavy. But I didn't mind because it is so secure and safe. We love it.

  • Easy to install and well made
    5 stars

    4/14/2018 by coolhand

    my wife and I both think we made the right choice when we bought this great car seat. It's super easy to install and works well with the stroller it came with (Bravo) as part of a system. The sunshade does tend to collapse a little when carrying it but in a stroller configuration, it is not an issue. If you are concerned then get a car seat canopy to help keep the sun off your baby. Safety is the most important feature anyway.

  • All good except the canopy
    3 stars

    3/14/2018 by LiorandBean

    Love this car seat and how light it is compared to others, what I don't like is that the canopy never stays open as pictured on the website, it always closes and doesn't do its job of blocking out the sun, it is also very difficult to remove any stains from the fabric of the headrest, lastly the handles on both sides of the carrier are very frustrating when you're trying to put your baby in the car seat because you need both hands to move the handle and often your hands are holding your baby.

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