(4 Pack) Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessories Wipes - 24 count

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Medela Quick Clean Wipes offer convenient and portable cleaning for your Medela breast pump and related accessories. These Medela Breastpump Accessory Wipes can also be used to clean changing tables, baby toys and other objects that your child is in contact with. This bundle includes four 24-count packs of wipes, allowing you to leave one at home and take one with you in a diaper bag, so you have a handy way to clean wherever you go.. They are hygienic, unscented, free of alcohol and bleach and proven safe for use on breastshields, valves and other components.

  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Hygienic wipes proven safe for cleaning breastpumps, breastshields and accessories
  • Great for use on changing tables, high chairs, cribs, countertops, toys and more
  • 1 wipe cleans breastshields, valves and membranes
  • Ideal for quick clean up while traveling, at work or on the road
  • Bundle includes 96 count of portable breast pump wipes
  • UPC: 020451870557
  • Brand: Medela
  • Color: Clear

Reviews (20)

  • Extremely Convenient
    5 stars

    3/12/2019 by Nicki Six

    These wipes are extremely convenient to use. I use them after I pump each side; then I wash the parts after each pump session.

  • Some to keep in your pumping bag for on the go!
    5 stars

    1/30/2019 by miriah200711

    These are a must have if you are pumping on the go!

  • AMAZING for on the road!
    5 stars

    10/28/2018 by tzs4

    These work great on my 16 hour car drives to visit family. I don't have to worry about washing or sanitizing pump parts, the quick wipes do it all.

  • Super helpful when baby is fussy
    5 stars

    8/18/2018 by MamaKaty

    These have really been a lifesaver when my baby won't let me leave her side to go wash stuff but it's time to pump! Also a big help if I'm really exhausted.

  • Couldn't have exclusively pumped without these!
    5 stars

    6/27/2018 by carly33

    I LOVE these wipes. It was so nice to pump in public and just clean the parts right then and there. The wipes cleaned so well and I was so happy to not have breast milk everywhere after I pumped. Don't know what I would'be done without them!

  • terrible
    1 stars

    6/21/2018 by Melinda

    I have needed to use these wipes a couple times, in a pinch when there is no water available. They might get the parts clean, but after use the accessories don't work until I was them again. Not convenient at all and very frustrating when you need to pump and the accessories don't work because you cleaned them with these. Don't waste your money.

  • Very convenient
    5 stars

    2/28/2018 by TMich

    I pump multiple times while at work, and these definitely come in handy to clean in between sessions!

  • Does the trick!
    3 stars

    12/27/2017 by DeeDee

    I've yet to really leave my house for more than a few hours. It does the trick when I pump and need to quickly clean up before my little one gets too fussy.

  • Unpleasant smell
    1 stars

    12/6/2017 by Lauren c

    The wipes I received have an unpleasant smell ???

  • Great for traveling
    5 stars

    8/24/2017 by Lauren

    I pumped in the car during a 19 hour road trip with a 3 month old using the medela car adaptor. I used these wipes when I'd finish so I could pump again in a few hours. I rinsed out the pump parts with bottled water to get rid of as much milk as possible and then used the wipes. They worked very well. Then when we'd get to a hotel I'd wash the parts with soapy water and used the steam bags to sterilize everything. The combination of these 3 accessories made traveling so much easier.

  • Great product & efficient
    4 stars

    8/21/2017 by Elaine

    It is a perfect tools for a breastfeeding mother who need pumping during work! Save time for cleansing , But if it can sell or delivery to Hong Kong will be excellent!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Awesome cleaning
    5 stars

    2/25/2017 by Mama

    Great for use after pumping at work- I don't have access to hot water to wash and rinse like at home. These remove the greasy breastmilk residue and clean well in between pumping sessions!

  • Handy
    5 stars

    2/21/2017 by PghGirl

    Keep these w breatpump. Pump at work 5 days a week. Great in a pinch. Don't always have a sink nearby

  • Great
    5 stars

    11/16/2016 by OregonMama

    I use these when pumping at work since I don't usually have access to running water to rinse pump parts, I wipe pump parts with these. They're spendy but worth it!

  • Great product annoying stickers
    3 stars

    11/2/2016 by OVLLML

    The product is fantastic for cleaning pump parts on the go and without water!! Love the great deals at Walmart too. But the product stickers or labels from Walmart are put on the resealable packaging so you have to take them off to use the product and they leave a really annoying sticky residue. Put the sticker on the back please?? Not on the resealable packaging!!!!

  • Great product
    5 stars

    10/19/2016 by 1111

    Great product

  • Would recommend them
    5 stars

    9/30/2016 by dbido76

    Perfect for my Medela Pump In Style Advance.

  • Love
    5 stars

    11/1/2015 by Newmom

    Makes pumping while at work so easy

  • Good product but pricey
    4 stars

    10/18/2015 by HappyConsumer468

    I like these bags but they are a little pricey especially because I still wash/boil my pumping equipment after using the wipes before I use them again.

  • Quick and convenient, multiple uses per wipe
    5 stars

    8/27/2015 by Bfworkinmama

    Wipes are large so cut in half to clean your pump parts. I also use these to clean bottles and pacifiers when traveling.

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