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The Medela Calma Breastmilk Feeding Baby Bottles Set, 8 oz includes one all-stage nipple, two 8-oz/250ml bottles, one cap, and two lids.. Use the Medela Calma Breastmilk Feeding Baby Bottles Set, 8 oz to switch your baby from breasts to bottles easily. These Medela bottles for breastmilk feeding allows milk to only flow when your baby creates a vacuum for the milk. It's similar to breastfeeding because your baby can feed, pause and breathe. The natural feeding behavior encourages easy transition from bottle to breast, too.

  • 2 - 8 oz (250 mL) breastmilk bottles
  • 1 - Calma Nipple & Protective Cap
  • 2 - Multilids
  • UPC: 020451680224
  • Brand: Medela
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Standard
  • Gender: @generated
  • Type: Bottles

Reviews (19)

  • Great bottle, great flow and great nipple
    5 stars

    4/21/2019 by Fede

    I use this bottle all the time the first 6 months, it helped me a lot the baby has to sucks in order to have the milk so recreate the mimic from breastfeeding he was definitely not confused with the nipple and not that desperate bc the flow was not fast enough. It is also great for the transition.

  • Best bottle we've tried so far
    5 stars

    4/10/2019 by Lacemama19

    I'm pretty pleased so far. I wanted to start introducing a bottle for when baby goes to daycare but any other bottle/nipple I've tried pours milk out way too fast and she chokes. She is still getting the hang of it but so far this Medela slow flow nipple works the best!

  • Waste of time & money
    2 stars

    3/11/2019 by BooBoo

    Only bought 2 bottles and opened one to try after the recommendation. The issue of excess milk coming out as nipple removed from baby's mouth. After trying a few days i decided this was not working. Trying another brand that is working perfectly. Need to return for refund as these are not cheap.

  • Only nipples we use
    4 stars

    12/21/2018 by coffeeandchocolate

    Due to a couple different hospital stays after my son was born and having trouble with my milk coming in, breastfeeding was pretty difficult so I started pumping and bottlefeeding exclusively when he was 2 weeks old. I still wanted him to possibly be able to breastfeed down the road so we tried these and have really liked them. He took to them right away. They don't seem to get clogged as often from thick hind milk like traditional nipples do. We tried a variety of traditional bottles/nipples and kept coming back to these. Plus they're compatible with the bottles and pump I'm using. The only downside is the maintenance and price - they're kind of a pain to take apart and wash and they're expensive but I consider these small "prices" to pay for my son to have the breastfeeding experience. The good thing though is that you can assemble the nipples and they're ready to pop on the bottle as opposed to other bottles with gas/colic systems that have inserts. At 2.5 months, he is still able to switch back to the breast on occasion although we do mostly bottlefeed anyways now. One word of caution - after steam sterilizing the first time, I would only rarely sterilize again as the soft rubber pieces seem fragile. I had the center of the middle piece tear on one so we could no longer use it and they're too expensive for that! I started only using warm soapy water to wash them after that and letting them air dry and they've held up well since then.

  • Amazing!!
    5 stars

    11/6/2018 by MoriahB

    I used these when my 2 year old was an infant and currently using them for my 7 week old. Both babies have had no issues going from this nipple and back to the breast and they still prefer breast over bottle. It is well worth the money!

  • Saved our breastfeeding relationship
    5 stars

    8/7/2018 by Juniperfj

    My son had a few complications out of the gate that made breastfeeding hard for him. While he loved to guzzle from his bottles, even those that were labeled breastfeeding-friendly, he resisted breastfeeding at every turn. In near desperation, I tried this nipple. He hated it!! We had finally found something that was HARDER than nursing (or at least not easier). For the first time, he turned away from a bottle and rooted against ME. Though our breastfeeding journey continued to be rocky for a while, this nipple was the start of things getting better. He did learn to use it, and once I returned to work, he switched happily between bottles and nursing. Due to severe reflex, his GI specialist recommended adding rice cereal to his bottles. We did notice the nipple occasionally became clogged and needed to be rinsed our mid-feeding, but it wasn't a huge issue. I didn't have any trouble with leaks or deterioration, either. One final note: the inside of the nipple looks like the frosting of a lemon sandwich cookie. In the exhaustion and delirium of the newborn days, that was oddly amusing and comforting.

  • Easy to use
    4 stars

    6/28/2018 by Gabchris

    Got it as a gift I never thought that my daughter would like it but she does.

  • Great bottle, one flaw
    4 stars

    6/12/2018 by Aarnott

    I bought two sets when we were expecting. I've been BF since birth and have been able to share the experience of feeding our baby boy with my husband and other caregivers for more rest for me during a difficult recovery and he has never had any trouble switching from breast to bottle and back again. The only flaw I have found is that the cap for the nipple doesn't secure down well. I've made bottles and put the cap over the nipple only for them to fall right off while packing. Please make the caps able to snap and lock onto the top of the bottle for easier transport.

  • Well worth the price
    5 stars

    5/15/2018 by Calma Mama

    I bought these for my son when he was a few months old and I was transitioning back to work. BEST DECISION EVER!!! When assembled correctly these nipples do not leak. The only time they started leaking was when my son had chewed up the nipples once he started getting teeth - but that is not the products fault considering that chewing any nipple would cause the same issue. It is the only nipple my son will take to this day (he turns three Sunday so no more bottle for him). Prior to finding Calma I bought a lot of different nipples only to have each one summarily rejected by my son. Once I found this I knew it was it. He loved it immediately. I have used these nipples from a few months to three...I have NO COMPLAINTS. I just recommended them to my boss and have recommended them to every Mama I know. If I have another child - which I am praying for - I will only use Calma again. All other nipples are a waste of money. I do think you can help mamas out by at least offering more bottles with the nipples, because they are pricey...but even with that being said, I have no regrets and will/would obviously purchase them again. Great product! Thanks Medela.

    5 stars

    4/21/2018 by Supermom

    This nipple 100% makes baby a better feeder! I have 1 inverted nipple and it was impossible to get my son to latch, even with a nipple sheild which i think was a bit confusing for him. But even after useing this bottle for a day he had such a fierce latch that there was no need for a sheild or anything to help him latch which made nursing much easier and made mama very happy

  • Poor design
    1 stars

    4/18/2018 by clk616

    I bought several calma bottles and nipples in the beginning thinking they would prevent nipple confusion while I worked on bringing in my breastmilk. Unfortunately no man made product will be exactly like a mother's nipple so after a while, my baby would only take the bottle. Then they started to leak. The collars seem to crack over time and the airlock breaks. I've tried several times to switch my baby to other bottles but he will only take these. So I'm stuck spending a ridiculous amount of money on bottles and nipples that I know will eventually spill milk all over the place. It's the most annoying feeling to be half awake in the middle of the night feeding your baby and as you take the bottle from his mouth and stand it upright, it soaks your hand and shirt in milk. Frustrating.

  • Can't get it to work for our newborn
    1 stars

    4/16/2018 by ShannonTO

    We bought these bottles with the goal of transitioning easily from breast to bottle and back. Our newborn cannot use it at all. We're so disappointed as we bought a few of them and also have the pump. This was very expensive and we hope to try to figure out how to make it work better. It is assembled correctly.

    5 stars

    3/22/2018 by MsLeeMamaof3

    Although I have not had a chance to use my pump yet( my baby is due in 2 wewks), I was amazed at how fast I received my accessories! They came within 48 hours! Now I have everything I need for my little ones arrival!

  • Unimpressed
    2 stars

    2/27/2018 by Snow3

    My daughter has taken every single nipple we've tried except this one. We thought it would help going from breast to bottle, and it was not successful. Luckily we have no issues now, but disappointed with this fancy bottle that costs quite a bit and just did not perform.

  • Nipple clogs easy
    1 stars

    2/11/2018 by FM2018

    I bought this a week ago, seemed to work great in the beginning and now it is clogging everytime we use it. I have washed after every use and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

  • Perfect for breastfeeding moms
    5 stars

    1/31/2018 by MommaB

    My son was born 2.5 weeks early and was too weak in the jaw to get enough milk from me when nursing. I purchased the calms bottle and started using it at a few days old and it has helped him gain the strength to nurse off of me 100% now that he is a month old. I would highly recommend it for nursing mommas as it makes the baby pull the milk out of the bottle the same was as it takes to nurse off of momma. No nipple confusion here!

  • Drips
    1 stars

    1/24/2018 by Lynz

    I assemble the teat as instructed and it leaks.

  • Gimicky
    1 stars

    1/24/2018 by Nick name

    Poor thread design of the cap made me think it was screwed on tightly when it was not. After that the milk was spilled all over my baby.

  • Eh
    2 stars

    1/24/2018 by Nana

    I bought these a month ago & my son did not like them. Such a shame

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