Medela Freestyle Spare Parts Kit

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You can use them to replace the original parts when needed or as an extra set so you always have clean parts on hand. An extra set of breast shield connectors for exclusive use with the Freestyle breast pump. The Medela Freestyle Spare Parts Kit is an essential item for moms who are on the go. The Medela Freestyle Parts Kit includes two breast shield connector, back caps and membranes. Authentic Medela spare parts. All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are not made with BPA..

  • 2 Breastshield Bodies
  • 2 Membranes
  • 2 Back Caps
  • UPC: 020451670614
  • Brand: Medela
  • Model: 67061
  • Material: Plastic
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0.21 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.01 x 2.29 x 4.91 Inches

Reviews (20)

  • Should have ordered months ago
    5 stars

    4/25/2019 by GIS mama

    I'm glad I finally ordered the spare parts kit. I'm back to work and it is really handy having an extra set. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great pump when works
    2 stars

    4/19/2019 by Cra7doc5

    I bought this pump as was recommended and wanted the mobility. Did not like my advanced n go pump with previous baby. But in the beginning pump was great. Great suction, felt empty after each session, but now suction is inconsistent, and hardly ever feel empty. I pump 4-5times per day and not always does the pump work. Very stressful when at work and pump doesn't work. Ive replaced the parts bout 6times now and ive only had this since January. I dont want to buy a new pump but I keep replacung parts cuz they dont work, I will have spent the same money in parts as I could of to a new pump.

  • No regrets
    5 stars

    4/18/2019 by Sarah K

    I have been reading through a lot of reviews saying people were having issues with suction. When I first started using my pump I was having issues as well. But I soon realized it was always because of one of two things: 1. I didn't get the breast milk washed off well enough and it left an oily film on the rubber. Or 2. One of the rubber pieces was pinched when I put it back together. After I got used to these two things and was more tedious I have had ZERO issues. I love this pump and use it every day 3 times a day. I HIGHLY recommend even after having to pay a couple hundred dollars that insurance wouldn't cover.

  • Broken after less than two weeks
    1 stars

    4/5/2019 by Elliott

    I bought the freestyle pump about a month ago, i just started using it about 12 days ago and see no damage on any of the parts or tubing, yet i continue to have very little suction and i'm getting less than half the amount of milk as i did before this started. The suction is worse on one side and i'm positive it has something to do with the plastic pieces even though, like i said, there is no apparent damage or cracking. I don't understand how a product with such a high price can fail after less than two weeks.

  • Poor suction
    1 stars

    3/22/2019 by Mandy2019

    I exclusively pump using a freestyle that I love and used with my first baby and now using with my second one. Sadly I have to buy new spare parts often because at some point the suction gets really weak in one or both of the spare kit (mebrane or caps not sure where the problem come from) after a month of use.

  • Not cost effective
    2 stars

    3/21/2019 by PartTimeWorkingMom

    Only gave 2 stars based on the sheer fact that Medela does not make just the membranes available for purchase. I have to buy a new pair every 2-3 weeks (pumping 2x per day) because they lose their suction, taking me longer and longer to pump to get the same amount of milk, and sometimes not being able to feel that I've emptied each breast. I had the PISA with my first pregnancy, and those membranes and much smaller/cheaper and not costly to replace so frequently. Otherwise, I am very happy with the Freestyle pump. I have some freedom to move around, it's easier to pump & drive with, and it's gentler on my nipples. It's a crying shame that Medela CHOOSES to not make just the membranes available for such a great pump. The cost & inconvenience has me considering to stop breastfeeding & switching to formula!

  • Wear and tear.
    5 stars

    2/4/2019 by Beulogan

    What to do. Wear and tear. No biggie. Just replace parts. Constantly driving a car needs tune ups- sane as the pumps :)

  • Pump Parts
    2 stars

    11/1/2018 by TeeL

    The pump came highly recommended, but I feel as though I am constantly purchasing replacement parts because loss of suction. I pump two to three times a day (if I am away from baby) and I have purchased replacement parts at least 5 times since January 2018.

  • Convenient but some issues
    3 stars

    10/9/2018 by heidig

    I got this pump because it was recommended to me by a good friend. I love the convenience

  • Weak
    1 stars

    9/29/2018 by Bunny

    Bought this before Baby arrived. Got to use it soon after. The suction is awful. I found myself trying to fix the valves while I was “trying” to pump. Very stressful. I finally gave up. And now my Medela hospital grade breast pump is my backup pump....

  • Reduced milk supply
    1 stars

    9/28/2018 by Court

    I started exclusively pumping when my baby was 2 weeks old because he seemed to eat better that way. This pump has decreased my supply drastically because of the poor suction. Now I have to supplement because I'm only producing about half as much as my baby needs. Just like other reviewers I have to readjust the parts several times before getting proper suction. Sometimes on side will suck great and the other not at all. Sometimes suctions stops halfway through. I decided to breast feed for the health benefit and to save money. I have not ended up saving money because I am having to use formula because the pump is not as efficient as I would have hoped. I have also had to replace parts and baby is only 2 months old.

  • Great at first, then frustrating suction issues
    2 stars

    9/25/2018 by AmesC

    FTM exclusively breastfeeding. No supply issues. I have the Freestyle. At first pump was great. Now I'm experiencing same concerns as other reviewers. Whistling sound like air is getting through the clear back caps for the shield connector. Today's pump was horrible, almost no suction action. I pump while feeding the other breast to get the let downs so I rely heavily on the pump working as it should as I have a baby in my hands and not much ability to be messing around with faulty parts. Something is definitely off / not reliably functional with the membrane, back cap, and shield connector pieces. Now I feel forced to purchase replacements for these parts. Like another reviewer said, I will likely have to go batty trying to figure out which individual pieces are ok and match those with others to create a functional membrane/cap/connector set to pump. I have looked for cracks, tears, and holes. I personally think it's a warning issue of some kind. Subtle to the eye but a significant (negative) problem in action.

  • Portable but inconsistent
    3 stars

    8/14/2018 by sdix

    I have been overall happy with the freestyle but also have had issues with consistency with suction. Have purchased multiple sets of spare parts over the 6 months I've been pumping at work/evening (3-4 times daily). As others have said, seem to have difficulty maintaining suction, only once have I seen an actual crack/defect. But after a few weeks of use pump parts just don't work as well.

  • Requires constant troubleshooting
    2 stars

    8/6/2018 by Katherine

    I've been using the Freestyle at least once a day and on business travel for over 7 months now and it has been a constant battle. I like the portability, that the parts are fairly easy to clean, and that the battery life is excellent. But I have 4 part kits and it's a complete crapshoot with any of the parts whether I will get good suction at any time. Sometimes fiddling with them while pumping helps, sometimes it doesn't. Replacing the parts hasn't helped, they perform on and off from day 1.

  • Inconsistent poor suction
    2 stars

    7/19/2018 by Bnbkat22

    This is my second time ( 2nd child) to use the medela freestyle pump with. Between my kiddos I decided to get new spare parts. I'm so bummed these are made differently than they were say 3 years ago. There is totally a difference in the way these are made. I don't know if they are using a different factory or manufacturer or changed up the design but these do not work well at life. The life span of these things is 2-3 months. Super dissatisfied

  • Love it when the parts work properly...
    3 stars

    7/8/2018 by VBee

    This pump was gifted to me with an extra set of pump parts and in the beginning I loved it and recommended it often. I'm a first time mama and I power pump exclusively (20m on/ 10 off/ 10 on/ 10 off/ 10 on) 3 times per day. After a couple weeks... it drove me nuts because the parts don't always work properly. There are times when I will hear air whistling on one side, or feel less suction, or I will see the yellow membrane over- flexing on one side and I know something is off. It was starting to affect my milk supply so I purchased a new set of spare parts to cut down on dish washing (because of how often I pump) and to see if that made a difference, but it actually made more parts that have to go through trouble shooting which adds time to what should be a quick and easy set up to pump. I've held the parts together by hand during sessions and I've swapped parts back and forth during a session to get the proper suction back. After lots of trial and error, I've found that the issue is the clear backing pieces are not secure enough to retain suction. I own 3 sets of parts and only 1 set works. I'm going back to work soon and I would be toast if my last set goes out. Plus I'd be upset if I purchased another set and it was also faulty. Medela is known for quality and at the price, the expectation is high. I don't look forward to buying a new pump, but if I keep needing 1 part of the accessory kit to keep the pump working, I will have spent the cost of a new pump soon. When it does work properly, I'm able to be mobile and get alot done. But when it doesn't work... it makes for a stressful experience. For convenience, it would be recommended with a huge disclaimer about parts inconsistency and future cost of replacing parts.

  • Worst pump ever
    1 stars

    6/20/2018 by Kirawalk

    I regret ever buying this pump. Suction is horrible and hardly ever works

  • Freestyle
    2 stars

    6/20/2018 by Noel

    This pump is nice for travel and to wear while still being able to work around the house. However the parts are terrible. You constantly have to pop them in and out to try and get it to work. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but most of the time one will end up working and one won't, so you end up pumping one side at a time.

  • I don't recommend
    2 stars

    5/25/2018 by Rocky

    I've only been using my pump for a month and the suction is not strong anymore and doesn't empty milk

  • Same problems as others with suction
    1 stars

    5/19/2018 by SaraG

    Thank goodness I didn't have to pay full price for this pump and my insirance covered part. What a disappointment with the suction. Did a lot of reading and research online and here. Also have to take parts apart while oumping to try to get suction ti eork better. Bought spare parts thinking it would help. It hasn't. Not to mention each time I have to buy the entire piece and can't just buy the membrane. Also found out parts can be different the main plastic part the flanges fit into can have two or three holes in the bottom which affects siction - mine only has two and apparently causes less suction. Medela seems to not care, as the reviews date back 6 months and in that time they have done nothing to correct the problems people are having with parts and suction(which are often the same). Hoping they actually do something. I went out and got a hygeia pump. Has its own issues but way better suction in shorter time.

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