Kidco Safeway ® Top of Stair Baby Safety Gate, White

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The KidCo Safeway is specifically designed for top-of-stairs use, but can also be used in hallways or as a room divider. Hardware-mounted, the Safeway gate provides maximum safety at the top of stairs and in high-traffic doorways..

  • Fits openings 24 3/4" - 43 1/2" and stands 30 1/2" high
  • Features easy one-hand adult operation and quick-release removal, a directional stop allows the gate to be mounted even on angled surfaces
  • Made from heavy duty steel w/ a white non-toxic coating
  • Although designed for top of staircase use, can also be used in hallways or as a room divider
  • UPC: 786441020028
  • Brand: KidCo
  • Installation Type: Hardware Mounted
  • Features: Expandable
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: White

Reviews (18)

  • Great baby gate -secure and looks nice!
    5 stars

    8/1/2018 by MCamp

    Secure for children of all ages and not an eye sore in the house.

  • Great for top of stairs
    5 stars

    4/6/2018 by Julelihur

    Great for the top of high stairs. Screws into the wall. Not super easy to open but I guess that's the point

  • So easy to use
    5 stars

    3/19/2018 by TorontoMommy83

    Love it. Easy install. Can open and close with one hand.

  • Easy to install
    5 stars

    12/4/2017 by Danne

    I bought these gates as a Xmas gift for my grandson.easy to install and great value for the price.

  • A great gate for the bottom of the stairs
    4 stars

    10/25/2017 by Ashleymf123

    Easy to install and easy to use. Needing a bit of space from the floor to the gate so we did not use it for the top of the stairs but it great for the bottom of the stairs!

  • Product defect
    1 stars

    10/23/2017 by Gina_M

    We had to return this gate as it did not match the My Review for KidCo® 9" Extension' we ordered. Wasted 2 hours trying to figure out why it wouldn't assemble - what a waste of time.

    5 stars

    10/16/2017 by CountryArtist

    This gate is keeping my puppy out of my workshop in the basement, yet swings open in one wide opening so that I can carry either supplies down, or finished products up easily.

  • Awesome!
    5 stars

    9/26/2017 by BobbiQ

    Fits perfectly on the door frame

  • So easy to use!
    5 stars

    9/17/2017 by westiespencer

    I installed this at the top of the stairs and it is well designed (I had a piece of trim sticking out and it sits out from the wall so I could accommodate that) sturdy and soooo easy to open and close. Love it. No babies here - just trying to keep customers in my shop from falling down the stairs - working great.

  • Minimalist & easy to use gate
    5 stars

    8/10/2017 by Interiordecoratingmomma

    Being in the interior decorating and home staging business I wanted a baby gate that flowed with the rest of our house. This gate is clean looking and easy to install and use. We love that it can swing one or both ways and is easy for guests to open and close. Everyone comments on how nice it is. We bought an additional one for our main floor as well. Be aware where the screws go in to the wall is higher on the one side of the gate that opens, so measure both sides first with the corresponding markers before installation.

  • What a piece of JUNK
    1 stars

    8/9/2017 by brookeo20

    Don't waste your money, this gate is horrible! Takes forever to install, the plastic pieces don't fit properly in between the gate to hold it and you cannot select certain sizes (ie a half bar increment.) This gate is a waste of money and time.

  • Functional & looks good
    5 stars

    7/25/2017 by Jess3486

    This baby gate seems very strong, looks great and is easy to operate.

  • Sturdy and elegant
    5 stars

    6/2/2017 by Aharb73

    This gate was sent to me by the WalMart Spark Review Program. This gate wasn't too hard to get together because the directions were clear and easy to read. The gate itself is sturdy metal but not too heavy. I put it at the bottom of the stairway in my home. I love the fact that it has not bottom bar to trip over! Easy latch to open and close as well.

  • Not suitable for my needs
    2 stars

    6/1/2017 by mamislade

    The KidCo Safeway gate is not a good fit for my home. One reason is I have curved steps and there is no way to fit the gate onto the wall and rail at the bottom of the stairs because the steps protrude.There is nothing for the gate to attach onto. At the top of the stairs, the gate cannot attach to the rail because the gate is so heavy. Before attaching it to the rail, we would have to attached a wooden cylinder to the rail and then screw in the gate parts. We had to do that previously when we had a plastic gate, but the plastic gate was not so heavy. I feel that long-term, this heavy gate would damage my walls. I think with the opening and closing motions, it would work the screws out of the wood over time, because of the weight of the gate. We do have an entrance in the basement that does not have a rail, but the entrance is too wide for the gate. It might be good if the Kidco Safeway gate had another attachment such as a support rod/board to affix the gate to your wall (at an extra cost, of course).

  • Great Gate
    5 stars

    5/30/2017 by GeminiDiva77

    I received the Kidco Safeway Hardware Mount Gate from the Spark Reviewer program. I received the white gate. It also comes in black. I do not have any little ones; however, I do have a furchild that I have to keep from escaping from time to time. The gate was very easy to install. There were two metal pieces and there was a box that included all of the necessary screws that were needed to mount the gate. The gate is very light weight approximately 9 lbs. The installation took less than an hour. The instructions were easy to follow. The gate is very sturdy. It wasn't too heavy. Once the gate was installed, the gate was very easy to use. It is designed for easy removal as well. The gate has a directional feature that if installed over stairs will prevent the gate from swinging over stairs. It is tall enough to keep your little one from climbing over it unless you have a really active one. There were no issues with the gate. My furchild didn't too much care for it, but this will be used to prevent him escaping. He likes to periodically run out of the house when no one is looking.

  • Baby gate
    4 stars

    5/26/2017 by Sim07

    As a mom of two little boys, I know a little bit about messes. I also am no stranger to accidents. As we do our best to avoid them, sometimes we need a little extra help. That's where the KidCo SafeWay Hardware mount gate comes in. When correctly installed, which was pretty simple, the gate is very easy to use and keeps my kids out of places they do not need to be. I love the fact it doesn't have a bar on bottom like some gates do, so there's no tripping hazard. Occasionally, especially late at night, the last thing you'll remember is to step over something you forget is there. As a busy mom, I appreciate one less thing to chance tripping over. The gate also mounts safely and securely, which puts my mind at ease. Another thing to add to the late night half asleep life of a mother, I enjoy that it's easy to open and close and you can do it one handed. As far as the installment goes, the instructions were quite simple and easy to understand, and my husband got it mounted and secure in roughly thirty minutes. I would definitely recommended this gate to my friends and family.

  • strong and safe
    5 stars

    5/25/2017 by Roseboomgirl

    This is an excellent product much better than others I have tried. We use it for the pets and the children. It is easy to open for adults, is very secure and the only gate I have found that works well at the top of stairs.Don't have to worry about falls anymore from staircase.The kids and pets can not knock it down which makes me very happy.

  • This gate is great for pets add well as small chil
    4 stars

    5/25/2017 by Sessra

    When I had the opportunity to receive and review the KidCo Safeway Hardware Mount Gate, I thought that it would be ideal to use on my front porch to contain my two terriers. It does not state that it is for outdoor use, but, it doesn't say that it can't be used outdoors. My porch is covered, so, I thought it'd be ok. The gate is designed for children. But, can be used for smaller dogs, too. The gate part is made of steel and the hinges/closures are plastic with metal screws/hardware. I feel this gate is quite sturdy. I recommend the KidCo Safeway Hardware Mount Gate to contain small children and pets. However, there should be adult supervision, especially with children. If a child tried to climb the gate, I'm not sure how well the gate would hold up and if the child would be hurt. I gave the KidCo Safeway Hardware Mount Gate 4 stars instead of 5 because of the directions. When I tried to make sure I had all the parts, I found the parts lists did not tell you how many of each part was needed/included. Here's what I found. A-H, L-N, and P: you need one of each. I-J: 4 each. K: 8 each. “O": 2 each. Then, the pictures of the parts were not anywhere close to scale. So, when looking for part “O", the stop pin, I almost over looked it because, in reality, part “O" is very tiny. (See included picture). Finally, no where in the directions does it tell you to drill pilot holes. However, if you don't, you risk splitting wood. I do feel the KidCo Safeway Hardware Mount Gate is a sturdy and useful product and I recommend it. However, the directions need to be better.

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