EZVIZ Mini O 720p HD Wi-Fi Smart Home Video Monitoring Security Surveillance Camera, Baby Monitor, Night Vision

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EZVIZ Mini O (EZMINO) surveillance camera have been designed for your entertainment, communication and security. With EZVIZ you can talk to your loved ones, watch your child when you are away, keep an eye on your home, interact with your pets, and much more.. When you install the EZVIZ APP on your smartphone, EZVIZ devices will connect to the cloud via their QR code. It allows a two-way audio, build-in microphone and speaker with viewing in HD 720p resolution and IR night vision.

  • Built-in Speaker and Microphone for two-way audio communication
  • Compatible with voice control Amazon Echo Alexa and Google Home using smart IFTTT
  • IR Night Vision
  • Cloud & Local Storage (up to 128 GB) Options Available
  • HD 720p resolution wifi security camera with 111 degree angle view
  • Extra secure multilayer encryption and privacy with unified app
  • UPC: 813908025255
  • Features: Night Vision, cloud storage, hd, motion detection, high definition, 2 way audio, 128G storage, two way talk, Wireless, wifi
  • Brand: EZVIZ
  • Model: EZMINO
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Color: White

Reviews (17)

  • SD Card view is nearly useless
    2 stars

    5/6/2019 by Fourscompany

    The SD card timeline view is difficult to navigate because all events are identified only with orange lines. The interface has no thumbnail views, which makes it nearly impossible to locate particular events. Virtually useless!

  • Fantastic Product!!!!
    5 stars

    5/6/2019 by Franco

    Just bought a Ezviz Mini O and I am truly satisfied with the product. It exceeded my expectations - easy to setup and the quality is perfect. The App is convenient and works perfectly! Just submitted my order for one more indoor Camera and two outdoor Ezviz wifi cameras!

  • Last device version update is extremely poor
    2 stars

    5/5/2019 by MsBlue

    We have had 2 Mini O's in our house for over a year. Loved them. Most recent device version update to v5.2.7 was a couple of weeks ago. Since then both of our Mini's have been notifying/alerting CONSTANTLY even when set in the LOWEST sensitivity. I wish there was a way to go back to the previous device version. EXTREMELY UNHAPPY!

  • No device wifi has been detected
    1 stars

    4/13/2019 by Vienne1983

    I tried to connect to wifi but no wifi under the device name appeared.

  • Doesn't connect to Wifi
    1 stars

    4/9/2019 by vyenny

    I have been trying to configure following all instructions but still unable to connect to device wifi. Wasted time.

  • Great Quality, but system should improve more
    4 stars

    3/13/2019 by kuroi

    The product does the job done. I like the Desktop and Mobile Applications. Only system should improve a little more. Example would be: 1.) Able to change network IP address to static 2.) Download Clips rather than Recording again the recorded video to export the file *Don't know if storage will save more recordings on the current setup. Though saves on bandwidth on the selected minutes that needs exporting. But what if you want to export 3 hours of the Recording?

  • WIFI connection
    1 stars

    3/5/2019 by Binkiebeau

    Tried multilple times to connect to WIFI but no success. Why make it so difficult. Given up now.

  • Good Camera but wants too many Permissions.
    3 stars

    2/27/2019 by mjmcq

    A good camera, clear picture etc but i'm not sure why its needs so many permissions to work. Why does it need access to my calls?

  • Great item
    5 stars

    2/10/2019 by Gena

    I have been researching for months. I purchased other brands but I wasn't happy. I came upon these and love that they have 3 mounting options, micro SD storage, ( I won't pay cloud fee for 4 cameras), they have micro positioning once mounted because they swivel, small and discreet, easy to set up, 2 way audio so I can tell the dog to get off the couch. The clarity of the video is great even for the 720 which I have 2 of as well as 2 of the 1080. The app is easy and shows all my cameras at once and I can tap each one for individual past and present viewing. I seriously can't think of anything negative to say. I love them which is why I purchased 2 more. You can't find a better security camera with all these features and at an affordable price. As you can see from my pictures the clarity is really clear. I don't see the bright light at night as it shows in the mirror. My one dog moved which alerted the camera to record. The room is about 20 feet then the hallway. Just so you can see how far it picks up items.

  • Mr
    4 stars

    2/7/2019 by Jerome

    I have no trouble doing the setup for the first time. Video is better(clearer). Design is better(I think). The power connector is intact behind the camera. My old cam power slot is in plainly located at the left side that cause to loose power when accidentally bump. WiFi capability is better too. It can connect to my router at home even it is beyond the street and a few houses. Used it day and a night continuously once and doesn't heat too much. Even I disable the encryption I can't still play the mp4 file save on the SD card so I can't review it in my pc using other mp4 player. EZVIZ Studio is a disappointment. It should function or better than the mobile app. The best part is I got it less than 37USD excluding the 128gb sdcard. My old cam is almost 50USD. I love the long USB power cable. It seems my network can't handle Ultra HD streaming but I can view the recordings in the gallery.

  • Great when it works
    2 stars

    2/5/2019 by Mel81723

    I used it for over a month to really ensure I was making the most of it but it just didn't work out and I returned it. The picture quality is amazing, both daytime and night time, and probably the best out of all the nany cams I've tried. It captured my entire bedroom (shared with baby), not like other cameras that can only capture up to a few feet. I could actually see my baby's face if she woke up, about 6ft away from the camera. But the cons outweighed the pros. If not in use, I always put the camera to sleep, and getting back into the screen in the app just to wake the camera up always took to long. It should not take more than a minute just to connect and wake the camera up. The motion sensitivity only worked once for me, so if my baby was moving around and I wasn't watching her on my screen, I wouldn't get any notifications. The main killer was the lack of connectivity. I couldn't tell if it was because the connection to my router was weak, but there were too many times when the screen would freeze due to disconnections which made it completely unreliable and thus useless. It's too bad it didn't work out because I was really pleased with the camera resolution.

  • MINO 0
    4 stars

    2/1/2019 by CHATT

    Works well, excellent tech support, AND THEY SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH. Print should be larger, hard to read

  • A Good Security Camera
    4 stars

    1/30/2019 by Johnny82

    I didn't get an SD Card with mine. That is my only complaint.

  • Works too good
    5 stars

    12/16/2018 by Ja

    It's way better than expected, no issues, works too good.

  • Camera continually disconnected from the internet
    1 stars

    12/16/2018 by Paris0908

    This camera worked for a day or so, and then it kept disconnecting from the internet. We tried every troubleshooting remedy we could find related to this product, but were not successful in getting it to work right. It also stopped sending alerts for no good reason. Had to return it. Too bad because the picture quality was good.

  • Horrible I will be returning
    1 stars

    11/28/2018 by Lizz

    Just got this camera and I've been trying to connect to WiFi for over an hour now. I followed instructions but it didn't work

  • Mini keeps sending me false alerts
    3 stars

    11/27/2018 by Dijah

    I just recently bought the mini so I could see what maintenance was doing in my apartment when I am not home, but I get false alerts from tree shadows every time the sun moves or the wind blows. I have set my sensitivity to 1 and I was still getting alerts so I had to put the camera in sleep mood just so I wouldn't get an alert every 5 seconds. I like the idea of having the Camera but I think it's a little too sensitive

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