Safety 1st Sure Glow Audio Monitor 2 Receivers, White

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The portable parent Safety 1st audio monitor features audio-sensitive lights and volume control as well as a belt clip and carry loop to make transportation simple. Rest easy knowing that you can hear your child, even if they are several rooms away, with this Safety 1st Sure Glow Audio Monitor 2 RX. The transportable unit also has an audio jack so that parents can listen with earphones. With a 48MHz frequency and four channels, clear crisp audio is delivered up to 600' away. The baby audio monitor that is placed in the nursery has a soft-glow tap on/off night-light and a convenient pager in case the parent unit is misplaced..

  • Audio jack for listening with earphones
  • Volume control
  • Sound lights
  • Power & low battery indicators
  • 4 channels to minimize interference
  • UPC: 884392559052
  • Features: Power & low battery indicators, 4 channels to minimize interference, AC adapter, Audio jack for listening with earphones, Tap-on/off nightlight, Pager button, Volume control, Sound lights
  • Brand: Safety 1st
  • Type: Audio
  • Model: MO0680093
  • Assembled Product Weight: 2.31 lbs

Reviews (18)

  • Terrible sound, constant static
    2 stars

    7/1/2018 by Ash

    I pirchaseed this unit because I wanted to avoid WiFi use and wanted to keep it simple. I sleep with co stand static next to me and can not make it stop. I often have a hard time hearing my baby cry over the static. The batteries also die fast so I always have to plug it in which is a added hassle.

  • So much better than a video one we had bought first
    5 stars

    6/23/2018 by Peter

    This does what you need reliably. No risk of frozen video feed like on 'smart' monitors. Audio quality is ok but perfect for the purpose- to know if you should go check on your kid! It is not like this is intended to be a walkie talkie or cell phone! Seriously could not be happier and it's priced well too.

  • Dangerous
    1 stars

    1/15/2018 by Chris

    Had this product for three nights and the batteries exploded in the parent unit. I contacted Safty 1st and never received a response. This product is dangerous.

  • No response from company on bad power adapter
    1 stars

    1/13/2018 by Travis

    On 2nd unit in 2.5 years. First unit was okay and lasted about two years. Second unit was purchased in August 2017 and already the power adapter on one of the receiving units has stopped working. I emailed the company several days ago with no response. I concur with others on the buzzing sound. While it is a basic unit and lower in the price range, it's my opinion that we still have not gotten what we paid for with this unit.

  • BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... Returning this!
    1 stars

    11/15/2017 by RMMFEM

    THIS IS TERRIBLE!!! It makes so much buzzing noise that I couldn't take it after a half hour and unplugged it! I made sure everything was all on the same channel so that wasn't the problem. It sounds like back in the 1980's and 90's when baby monitors were a new thing and they all made constant buzzing sounds. It's going back!

  • I would recommend this product
    5 stars

    3/28/2017 by Sharon+Stevens

    Can put Granddaughter down for nap and get some chores done without worrying.

  • Wonderful
    4 stars

    3/26/2017 by Jaimie+Gibson


  • Good
    5 stars

    11/28/2016 by Squish


  • Horrible
    1 stars

    11/28/2015 by mayrah

    Awful static. After a few days I had to jiggle cable to turn. I droped it and now there is a piece inside . You get what you paid for.

  • All you hear is static and constant hum/noise!
    1 stars

    9/4/2015 by MommysPower

    This baby monitor is a waste of money.... All you hear is static and constant noise! If you turn the volume very low not to hear the humming noise than you can't hear the baby! The power button in the middle is so hard to turn off, if you do it to hard it goes down and changes the channel and makes a loud noise, you have to be very careful and stop in the middle to turn it off. I replaced this baby monitor with summer brand, nothing fancy just couple more dollars than this one and it's perfect! No noise! So don't waste your money on this Safety 1st!!! Pay couple extra dollars and listen to your baby not the noise!

  • Not Happy
    1 stars

    7/31/2015 by kam2017

    This monitor has been awful from day one. Roaring is all I hear, not clear at all! I will be buying a new one and trashing this one.

  • You get what you pay for
    1 stars

    7/16/2015 by Steven

    Seems as though this cheaper monitor wasn't the way to go. At first, the monitor would come on when I put the batteries in it. But would not turn off at all. Hooked it up with the AC adaptor and removed the batteries (didn't want to have to replace batteries every couple of days) and it would not power on. I would not recommend this monitor.

  • I can't hear my baby!
    2 stars

    3/2/2015 by Ariana89

    Even with the volume turned all the way up it is very difficult to hear anything. The receiver is very close to him, 2 feet away and they are both on the same channels. I suppose if I plug headphones in, the audio quality may be better. The night light feature is nice.

  • monitor disaster
    2 stars

    1/16/2015 by fortheroad

    Taking back to the store. Have tried all 4 channels and makes a buzzing noise. Can't sleep with it so had to turn monitor off.

  • Great product for the price
    5 stars

    12/10/2014 by clearancequeen10

    I love it! Exactly what I was looking for at an affordable price. I really like that it has a soft light and the parent pager.

  • gets the job done.
    2 stars

    11/21/2014 by digirlqtpie7187

    These are very very light, which makes them easy to tip because the cord weighs more. They do work, so if you're in a budget like us they'll suffice. The pieces are made very cheap though, and receiver lights don't respond to noise as well as some brands. Also, the on and off switch for the night light is somewhat loud so I don't even use it in fear it will wake baby up. But it does work as far as the necessary functions.

  • Returned it
    1 stars

    10/18/2014 by cyndenn

    It was so loud and static-y I couldn't sleep. If I turned it down low enough to stop the static, I could barely hear the baby. I tried all 4 channel combinations but nothing worked. It was also really awkward to turn off and on. I should have know anything this cheap would not work. I returned it. Spend a few extra dollars if you can and get something better, this thing was lousy.

  • Poor product
    2 stars

    10/4/2014 by Walworldshopperintenn

    Picks up more of the background sounds, such as a/c, much better than picking up the sound of my daughter. I have a hand me down cheap monitor that works much better.

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