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Parents who use the Smart Sock sleep better and worry less—it's simply a smarter way to keep a close eye on your baby.. You'll be notified with lights and sounds if something appears to be wrong. The Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor intelligently tracks your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. Using Owlet's app, you can view real-time wellness data and receive direct notifications on your phone.

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Reviews (20)

  • Piece of mind... priceless
    5 stars

    5/12/2019 by Mommom

    We bought the owlet for my grandson. Best piece of mind we ever invested in. We all get a good night sleep knowing we have the owlet to watch over him. Love this monitor!

  • Great idea poor execution
    2 stars

    5/11/2019 by Spayne

    We got this for our new born. We thought the owlet would give us piece of mind while our baby was sleeping. However, the camera is constantly loosing connection to the WiFi the sound constantly goes in and out. We really just spend more tome getting up and down to either refresh the app or go into our sons room. We are going to get a new monitor today. be weary when buying.

  • Second Pair of Watchful Eyes
    5 stars

    5/10/2019 by

    Omg the owlet foot monitor baby cam combo . Gives you so much piece of mind and is hands down worth every penny . The camera links to your phone , so you can see your baby anywhere anytime. When I had class at night , I could check my owlet cam and see live footage of him just snoozing away . The foot sock tracks oxygen saturation and heartbeat . My grandma lost a child to SIDS , so it had always been a huge fear of mine . It doesn't prevent SIDS but it will alarm you immediately if the oxygen levels drop below normal or the heart rate is below normal or too high meaning distress , which can give you the seconds you need for live saving actions . Basically I could sleep soundly because I had a second pair of eyes constantly watching . Here is my baby now on the owlet cam, he has since grown out of his owlet sock .

  • Must have
    5 stars

    5/9/2019 by Sophiag

    If you are debating whether or not it's worth the money, it is! Your baby needs it and you need it as a parent. I was hesitated at first because of the price, i didn't think it's necessary, but now we can't live without it. There has been many cases where baby stops breathing while they're sleeping, if you have the owlet, you don't have to worry about that issue at all. You can help them in time. This device is a life savor. My daughter who is now two still using it. She has a rare disease and it is critical that we know her heart rate and oxygen when she sleeps. The owlet gives us the peace of mind plus the easiness of picking her up when we have to. The hospital provide us something similar but it doesn't stay on as securely and it's not cordless which makes it very hard to walk around while holding her. Definitely definitely definitely purchase this product!

  • Not Compatible with 5G
    2 stars

    5/9/2019 by KDavis34

    I bought this unit one week ago. It is not compatible with 5G WIFI. I discovered this while trying to sync with my IPHONE. It is a great concept but it's not worth the the price I paid if I can't use it to its fullest extent. If they can't make compatible with constantly updating technology. They should provide a read out on the unit.

  • Peace of mind GUARANTEED
    5 stars

    5/7/2019 by Samantha

    My Dad purchased this for us because I put this on our registry. I've used it since day one and I couldn't recommend it more. My daughter has been able to “toddler roll” to her belly since day 1, it's how she prefers to sleep. With the sock I was able to sleep soundly the couple hours I did get in between nursing, and all parents know, that is EVERYTHING. We've only had two false alarms, and she's almost a year old in June. It's also a blessing when you run into your first fever - tracking vitals gives me peace of mind that her body is fighting it off correctly, the Tylenol is keeping the fever at bay, and she is safe and sleeping sound. This monitor just allows you to have one less anxiety with your new baby. Thank you owlet, I'm an overly anxious person, and having this monitor made being a first time mom just a tiny bit easier. I'll add then and now photos

  • Peace of mind!
    5 stars

    5/5/2019 by peachtree

    When I watched a video on (SIDS) I lost sleep (to be specific, all of the sleep) I would stare at my baby for hours, because she wasn't sleeping on her back and was rolling on her side. This sock let me get much needed sleep! I will be honest, it was hard to figure everything out at first, the WiFi connectivity and the tightness of the sock fitment. These things greatly affect the functionality of this product and the frustration from sleep deprived parents. On my first night I thought this thing was junk, but as I calmed down and readjusted everything, on my second night everything worked as it should and the sock wasn't coming off (which would constantly alert you through the night) Quick tip: put a regular sock on top of Smart Sock to have it secured even better! Highly recommend this product if you take your time to set it up during the day so it's ready for the night!

  • Works great!
    5 stars

    5/2/2019 by Brit02

    My parents bought me the owlet sock before my little one was born. She actually ended up being born 6 weeks early. She spent 2 and a half weeks in NICU before we could take her home. She was so small that the sock did not fit her at first. As soon as she grew into the sock I have been using it quite often! With a premature baby it gives me a peace of mind. And it also makes me feel better because she co sleeps (she refuses to sleep anywhere else) and I can be notified through the night if she cannot breathe. I've only ever had the yellow notification go off a couple times due to her being so small and wiggly. But it's rare. Worth the money I think. Works great.

  • Beyond Grateful
    5 stars

    5/1/2019 by Melanie

    I received the owlet sock as a baby gift and have been so grateful for it. My fourth baby was diagnosed with RSV when he was 2 weeks old. He was having a hard time breathing and holding his breath at times. I took him in and sure enough we were sent to the hospital. He spent four days at the hospital and was then sent home on oxygen. We were able to come home because I told the doctors I had an owlet sock and I would be keeping track of his oxygen levels at home. I am so grateful I had the owlet. It went off a few times and I was so worried something was wrong. I realized he wasn't getting enough oxygen due to his sister turning his oxygen off....I don't even want to think of what would have happened if I didn't have the owlet to alert me. He was even able to get off oxygen sooner because his readings were so good and I was able to inform my doctor what his levels were. My baby is 3 months now and is doing great!! I personally know Kurt and his family and I'm so beyond grateful for this amazing product he and his team created. Thank you!!

  • Helped this momma sleep better at night
    5 stars

    4/30/2019 by Cstout4568

    We have been using the owlet for 7 months and it has worked great. Our baby had a drop in heart rate and it immediately got it and anytime it has been kicked off it has immediately notified us but otherwise we have been able to use our phones to check oxygen level and heart rate at any time our baby has it on. It made me feel much better while she slept when having rsv.

  • Constant disconnects, base repeatedly turns off
    1 stars

    4/29/2019 by DenDangerously

    Extraordinarily disappointed in this expensive and useless purchase. It disconnects continually, can't find the base unit when it's 2 feet away, and the base unit turns itself off repeatedly and randomly.

  • Wish I had the smart sock with my first child
    5 stars

    4/25/2019 by Well rested Mama

    This smart sock is hands down one of the most valuable things you can invest in! My first child had a ton of respiratory issues (all viral) and I never slept because of them. I always found myself waking to check on him. So it was a no brained we purchased this once we found out about it. I love that I not only have the notifications (and trust me you will hear them if they go off) but also seeing their sleep habits help me make adjustments to help my new little gal get better sleep as she grows. I love this device over and over again! So worth it!

  • I love this!
    5 stars

    4/25/2019 by Roo's Momma

    We bought an owlet for our youngest son when he was about a week old and it's one of my favorite baby buys. It had been 5 years since our last child and we had tried for him for so long that I felt like we never slept. We were constantly scared he would stop breathing. This has helped so much. I feel likr I can sleep without panicking at every noise. We haven't had any issues with the sock coming off or false alarms. Though it does let me know when I forget to take his sock off in the morning and go too far from the base for the millionth time.

  • Amazing!!
    5 stars

    4/24/2019 by Cpadgett

    The sock was purchased by my sister and the 3rd night home my sons heart rate dropped to 80, the monitor alerted us at 5:04am this device possibly saved my sons life can't put a price on this. Thank you owlet

  • Peace of mind but glitchy
    3 stars

    4/22/2019 by KK90

    I love that the owlet gives you peace of mind when in use. But I've noticed that the sock and app do not always work however the base is still flashing green. It doesn't show my babies vitals every time I check and I have to unplug and restart it multiple times for it to sync properly. This worries me that of/when the time comes for an alarm I won't be notified because of the inconsistency. The camera is also great but I wish I could see it on my locked screen not just in app, like the sound.

  • Useless
    1 stars

    4/21/2019 by GinaB

    I bought this with my first baby and had nothing but false alarms and mini heart attacks. We stopped using it because it was never accurate. My husband suggested we give it a try on our new baby. We have the same WiFi that we did with my first, and now all of a sudden it won't connect?! I absolutely hate this product. It's way too expensive and doesn't even work. Please save yourself the expense and the anger and buy something else

  • Love the sock, hate the app.
    3 stars

    4/20/2019 by Richard

    Our daughter had breathing issues when she was first born and this gave us the peace of mind we needed to sleep. The sock and base station work flawlessly. However the app is another story. The app takes forever to connect, always “searching for base station”. I have to open and force close the app over and over again before I will get a reading. I contacted owlet and was just told due to how often apple updates their software it's hard to keep up on bug fixes, I find that to be a horrible excuse for something at this price point. Also my sister recently got one for her daughter and is having the same issues on Android. If they could fix the horrible app this would be a 5 star review.

  • Love the sock dislike the app
    4 stars

    4/20/2019 by Truejoeywheeler

    We love our sock its help us keep peace of mind after loosing our first child. My only complaint is the companion app i wish there was a version like the ios one for android so we can see all her statues not just the basic stuff. If you make a better android app then i will rate 5 star. But otherwise love the product.

  • Amazing features!
    5 stars

    4/19/2019 by Isblxdl

    I saw this online and thought it would be very helpful so I decided to purchase one. This is a little sock that goes on your baby's foot. It is designed to detect if your baby has any type of breathing, heart rate, or pulse that does not seem normal. If it detects something that is not normal, it alarms the base of the device as well as your phone. The main strengths of this product are the color indicators, the loud song that plays as an alarm, and the interchangeable sock sizes. If there is any type of reading on your baby that is not normal, the base where the sock charges will light up with a specific color depending on the concern. It will also play a song and will not turn off until you get up and turn the base off or go into the app on your phone to turn it off. The device also has 3 different sizes for the sock that are interchangeable. The main weaknesses of this product are the battery life is the sock and one of the reasons an alarm will go off. The lifespan of the sock battery does not last that long. I Make sure it is fully charged when I put it on my son in the evening for bedtime but by the time it hits around noon the next day, it is already dead and has to be charged for a couple more hours. Normally I wouldn't think too much of that but if your baby is sick and you worry a lot, you want it on your baby's foot 24/7 to make sure everything is alright! The only issue I have with the socks alarm going off is when you have a poor Wi-Fi connection. There have been many time where I have woken up startled and worried for my baby when all it turned out to be was just a second my connection was lost! I get the whole concept on why they added that, but I wish that the alarm went off after the connection was lost for more than a couple minutes. Overall, I love this product. I think it is an extremely helpful and stress releasing device. Now I won't have to stress about my baby not breathing while I'm asleep at night! I would definitely recommend this product to all the parents out there! I definitely give this product a thumbs up!

  • Peace of mind for a single twin mom!!
    5 stars

    4/17/2019 by twinmom

    Love the owlet socks. Bought them for my boy/girl twins. I've been using it for almost 6 months and have never had a false alarm/reading from it. The sock will, however, alarm if it's on the baby and the baby's pressed up against you (so the sock can't transmit the reading to the base station), but that's easily correctable.

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